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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1236 - Nine Dragons Pulling a Coffin (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Suddenly there was a terrifying force that swept out, an ancient and vicarious air.

Of course.

There was also a terrifying and bizarre sound.

It rang through the void for a time.

Even the spaceship once launched by a certain country in search of alien creatures detected its arrival at once.

That was....

Nine dragons.

Suspended in the void, moving without force, pulling a coffin, coming from the depths of that galaxy.

Terrifying power swirled like a gale, forming a terrifying storm rolling towards the Earth.

At this moment.

Jiang Jiang was dumbfounded and amazed, "Is this the legendary Nine Dragons pulling the coffin?"

And what a shock.

It really is strong.

This is probably the legendary nine dragons pulling the coffin.

What a terrifying nine true dragons, but now they're dead.

It was probably slapped to death by that horrifyingly powerful big man, after all, she was also a great emperor.

"It's really here."

Jiang Qian was a little excited, "It's exactly as I imagined it would be, this is the rumored Nine Dragons Pulling Coffin.

In that case, this side of the world should be the legendary Heaven-Shattering World ah.

As expected, my guess was correct, that Ye Fan is really the protagonist, he really has the posture of a great emperor.

The Nine Dragons Pulling Coffin that is slowly moving forward in the void in front of me is the best proof of that."

You really did come to this side of the world, so something good will come next.

How nice.

He was looking forward to going to Firefly to meet Ezu, and to visit the forbidden land of Beidou.

Of course.

If he was fortunate enough to witness that magnificent and ruthless emperor, it would actually be possible.

"I just don't know, with my current cultivation, how would it be with her?"

Jiang Xiao didn't know which level his early Earth Immortal cultivation was considered to be in this side of the world.

A saint?

Or the Great One?

Or maybe it's an ancestor level?

Or is it the equivalent of the Red Dust Fairy?

He didn't know.

"It seems that I need to go to Firefly to talk to Ezu first before I can find out where he is."

Jiang Qiao thought so.

On the Firefly Ancient Star, there was E Ancestor sealed, and he was bound to go and check it out.

Even if it was only to go to compare strengths and realms.

As for being afraid or not?

There was no such thing in Jiang Guiao's dictionary.

He wasn't afraid at all, and had never worried that he wouldn't be able to beat Ezu.

Even if that old man was strong, its time had become a thing of the past.

"The Nine Dragons Pulling Coffin is really generous enough, perhaps only Ye Fan's sister who is a great emperor is capable of this."

Jiang Xiao lamented, he also knew at the same time that this Nine Dragons Pulling Coffin was actually aimed at Ye Fan.

And Ye Fan's words some of his classmates were actually just in Ye Fan's good fortune.

Just good luck.

And those who were unlucky would all die along the way.

Of course, Jiang Xiao also wanted to hitch a ride on this trip.

After all, by having those nine dragon corpses pulling him, he wouldn't even have to bother with flying.

It was too hard to fly.

What kind of cheap hitchhiker was better.

And right now.

Ye Fan and the others probably didn't know what was going on in the void yet, and while the countries were clear, they were all confused for a moment.


Even if it was just a dragon corpse.

That was a creature that only existed in legends, a creature that was unique to mythology.

How could it exist in reality, in the void of the Earth.

Many, many experts were unaware and did not understand this matter.


Even if they didn't understand it, they couldn't stop the nine dragon corpses from descending on Mount Tai.

This was because some countries had already tried to intercept it, but their weapons had been reduced to smithereens before they even touched those nine dragon corpses.

After this battle.

No more countries were willing to intercept it.

Mainly because they couldn't intercept it either, finding these things too terrifying.


Jiang Qiao gazed coldly and saw the nine dragon corpses battering the weapons of the various countries to smithereens.

He was genuinely horrified for a few moments, "What great strength, these dragon corpses still have this much power even if they are dead."

Although this kind of power he could also do, although he could also do this kind of act of destroying the weapons of various countries.

However, he was an Earth Immortal cultivator.

And those nine dragon corpses definitely didn't become immortal.

The Nine Dragons Pull Coffin.

This coffin was actually a treasure as well, and it contained some scriptures that Jiang Chi needed.

So, he was set to hitch a ride on this ride.

It had to be operated properly, otherwise it would be unpredictable.

Of course.

Jiang Liao was actually confident that neither Ye Fan nor his classmates could do any harm to him, Jiang Liao.

So he could carry out certain things with impunity, even if it was forcibly occupying the coffin, and I believe that no one dared to say anything else.


The nine dragons pulling the coffin in the void soon descended on the top of Mount Tai, after a flash of divine light.

Mt. Tai's summit.

At this time, those traveling people were already scared silly, fleeing and scared.

Except for Ye Fan's group of people, all of them had basically run away.

Jiang Xiao, on the other hand, appeared around the nine dragon pulling coffins at this moment and looked at the nine dragon corpses somewhat inexplicably.

"Although none of their scents are as strong as mine, I can feel the vicissitudes and terrors they have gone through."

It must have been a dragon corpse that had experienced countless years, must have gone through the river of time, and then been refined by being beaten and killed.

It was also self-evident who had refined it.

It must be her.

That existence that waited for Ye Fan's arrival in the red dust.

That unstoppable woman, the magnificent and ruthless Emperor.

Jiang Chi faintly saw that the coffin had already appeared on this altar of Mount Tai at the place where the Nine Dragons Pulled Coffin had descended.

That's right.

It was the altar.

It seemed to have been sealed previously, but now that the seal had been touched, the energy inside had erupted.

Jiang Ke could even sense that there was not much power left in the altar.

"Is this, is it charging this vehicle, the Nine Dragons Pulling Coffin?"

How else can you explain this?

He was puzzled.

But there wasn't much else to think about, as long as he was able to hitch a ride.

As for the rest, there was no need to check.

Because there was no need ah.

He looked cold and his eyes burned, "Ye Fan is the protagonist, so naturally, he is qualified to get on this train, but the others, well."

Jiang Xiao's eyes couldn't help but become cold when he thought of this.

Perhaps, those people would all be just cannon fodder.

Only cannon fodder would have the right to chatter and be arrogant and domineering.

Otherwise, wouldn't people be arrogant for nothing.

At this time.

Naturally, Ye Fan and the others could see that this legendary dragon had actually appeared.

"Everyone, come look, it's a dragon, a legendary dragon."

"Wait, these dragons seem to have all died."

"My goodness, it's the Nine Dragons Pulling Coffins."

"Look everyone, this Tarzan actually has so many strange images, it must be related to these Nine Dragons Pulling Coffins."

"A miracle, this is a true miracle."

"Terrifying, this scene is truly a terrifying one."


Soon, Ye Fan and those students of his spoke one word at a time.

They were all shocked at the horror of the Nine Dragons Pulled Coffin, they were just ordinary earthlings.

Not having seen anything divine, if it wasn't for this divine appearance, if it wasn't for this Nine Dragons La Coffin coming to pick up Ye Fan, they would have never known in their lives that there were still divine existences in this world.

There still existed cultivation and the possibility of immortality and immortality.

As for the ordinary people on Earth, decades are going to go into the earth and turn into shovels of earth.

In the end, nothing is left.

It could be said that without Ye Fan, this group of people would simply be mortal lives.


Ever since they met Ye Fan, their fate became different again.

Following Ye Fan, they at least had a chance to change their fate.

Unlike Chen Changsheng's kind of life change, this kind of life change was just changing the trajectory of their lives.

It made life a little more exciting.

Jiang Qian was looking forward to it and cared about it, but at the same time he was also appalled.

"What does it have to do with me if other people live and die?"

He didn't understand.

And never imagined it.

"Next, I just need to follow Evan's lead and get in the car."

It would be too hard not to get on the train.

This trip to the Big Dipper Domain was still unknown.

So he needed to hitchhike and needed to go with Ye Fan.

Moreover, it was actually a good thing to deal with a future great emperor.

Ye Tian Emperor.

He wasn't a simple person.

The future was an existence that could lift the heavens and ascend, and although he didn't need to ascend, he needed countless amounts of origin power.

As well as the innumerable techniques, although he didn't know if the techniques of this world could allow his cultivation to break through to the middle, late, or even the Celestial Immortal Realm.

However, even if there was only a small chance, he would have to try it.

Trying might have a chance, not trying wouldn't even have a chance.

Not even half of it.

That would be miserable.

Suddenly, everyone's eyes were once again drawn to the divine altar on Mount Tai.

There were all kinds of light flowing on it, and it was bizarre.

It was as if it was about to burst open at any moment, and with the current strength of Ye Fan and the others, they couldn't see the mystery of the altar.

So they were just looking at it.

There were no other thoughts, not that they didn't want to, but they didn't dare.

The coffin of the Nine Dragons La, which had now fallen to the ground, was charging up.

According to Jiang Xiao it was charging up, what else could it be.

"Ye Fan, your boy's chance has come."

At this time, Jiang Xiao patted Ye Fan's shoulder and said, "This is your chance, it's your creation."

No one could steal it.

Even if he was going to take this ride, even if he actually wanted to deprive Ye Fan of his chance.


Ye Fan himself was a Desolate Ancient Saint Body, and such a physique could naturally soar to the sky once he had enough resources.

There was no need to offend.

Ye Fan: "........"

Regardless, Jiang Guiao's words made him a bit confused and puzzled.

What was meant by his Ye Fan's chance, could this Nine Dragons pulling the coffin still be a chance.

What a joke.

He felt that it wasn't, not at all.

"Don't believe it yet, this Nine Dragons Pulling Coffin is actually aimed at you."

Jiang Jiang continued, "Poverty Dao has told you before that you kid has the posture of a great emperor, and as for what a great emperor is, you'll understand when you step onto the path of cultivation.

Of course, it's a bit too early to tell you this, you just need to know that even these classmates of yours are going to follow you into glory."

"What about you?"

Ye Fan was surprised and asked.

Since it's chance, aren't you, a fortune-telling jianghu prodigy, impressed?

In any case, he didn't believe that Jiang lacked the intention of robbing him of his chance.

After all, Jiang Xiao himself had said that this was chance, this was creation, and that in itself was a rare thing.

Who wouldn't want it?

Presumably anyone would want to take them by force, they're all good after all.

Of course.

Ye Fan actually didn't believe Jiang Lack's words, what with this Nine Dragons pulling the coffin towards him.

It was simply a big joke, how was that possible.

What kind of person he was Ye Fan knew very well, it definitely wouldn't be what Jiang Xiao said.

He was just an ordinary person, just an ordinary person on Earth.

So, how could these dragons and coffins be coming for himself.


He didn't believe it anyway.

Because this was simply impossible, Ye Fan felt that he wasn't that charismatic yet.

Although over the years, he had studied some of the ancient Xuanhuang studies and was willing to believe that there was such a thing as cultivation in this world.

But in reality.

Cultivation or not, it seemed very far away from him.

And naturally, he didn't believe in Jiang Qiao's words and only felt that it was a prodigy.

If it wasn't for the fact that Jiang Xiao didn't have any malicious intent, he might have had to chase people away.

"A prodigy is a prodigy!"

At this time, Liu Yunzhi suddenly despised it coldly.


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