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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1235 - Fortune Telling (Seeking Subscriptions)

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It couldn't be helped, Jiang Gao also wanted to keep a low profile, but he couldn't keep a low profile.

After all, strength wouldn't allow it.

He couldn't do anything about it.

Jiang Guiao's heart was beating a bit, and he secretly thought, "Let's wait for the bus to arrive next."


Judging from the current situation, it should take a certain amount of time for it to arrive.

By then, he would have hope.

The future well.

There should be infinite possibilities.

"What a look forward to it."

Jiang Chi secretly said, "Ye Fan, in the future, Ye Hei Zi, Ye Tian Di, might even cross paths."


Intersections were intersections.

Now all he had to do was wait.

Ye Fan and the others didn't know this, so they were still hanging out on Mount Tai.


Jiang lacked a bright idea, "Perhaps, I can find a way to get to know them actively first."

Sooner or later, they would have to get to know each other anyway.

Might as well get to know them earlier.

Thought about it.

With a shake in Jiang Mo's hand, a simple small sail appeared in his hand.

On it was written a few big words, "Fortune-telling, a hundred calculations."

"Although it's a bit like a Jianghu liar, it's the best way."

Jiang pondered, he didn't have any other way, nor did he want to do it any other way.

And so.

Like a prodigy, Jiang lacked, he slowly walked towards Ye Fan and the others.

He walked slowly, his appearance calm as usual, "I hope that Ye Fan and the others don't judge people by their appearance."

Of course.

He would also be able to do real fortune telling, but he wouldn't actually do it.

After all, fortune-telling was actually considered a letdown.

But it was different for him to tell Ye Fan and the others' fortunes, he was already familiar with their future.

So, everything was in control.

Things that were already known, there was no need to waste the mind and energy to deduce and calculate.

"Counting the fortunes."

Jiang lacked shouted and leaned over to Ye Fan and asked, "Brother, are you telling fortunes?"

Evan: "........"

He had seen many charlatans in the underworld.

He's a little unconvinced.


Not at all.

If fortune telling was even accurate, this world would have been a fortune teller's world long ago.

But he was a university graduate, and he was a man of high moral character, so he humbly replied, "No, sir, you'd better go ask someone else."

Jiang Jian shook his head slightly, "The poor dao has counted the world, but today I must tell your fortune once.

In the poor dao's opinion ah, you..."

"Sir, no, O Daoist, you wait a moment."

Ye Fan even stopped him, "I don't do fortune telling, if you want to do it, go find someone else."

Fortune-telling or something.

He didn't believe in it half the time.

Plus didn't want to offend Jiang Lack, that's why he warmly stopped him.


Jiang Chi ignored all that and still said, "Your name is Ye Fan, right? the poor dao looks quite pleasant to you, so let me inform you of something."

Maybe Ye Fan would believe it.

But it was clear that it was going to be a disappointment for Jiang.

Ye Fan didn't mean to believe it, he continued, "Daoist, you don't need to say more, fate is determined by the heavens, won't I be able to change my fate after you say it?"

"If it's that easy to change, then it's not a life."

Jiang Chi shook his head, "Ye Fan, you originally came from an extraordinary background, after today, you will soar to great heights, it will be different, you have the posture of a great emperor."


The Great One?

What the hell is that?

Ye Fan couldn't understand a word of it.

Feeling that Jiang lack of speaking was very strange, he also heard him very confused.

However, Ye Fan's heart was laughing bitterly, "If I were truly extraordinary, how would I have lived such a miserable life?"

Of all the students, he was the only one who was worse off.

So, it couldn't be taken seriously.

He didn't think he had any great emperor posture anyway.

What a joke.

It was impossible, and there was no such possibility.

At this time, Jiang Xiao continued, "You're lucky, you came from a great place in your last life, so you can only enjoy happiness in this life.

But those classmates of yours are not necessarily the same, most of them have had bloody disasters, and the poor Tao feels that you should persuade them to leave Mount Tai as soon as possible.

Otherwise, it's really a matter of unpredictable misfortune and good fortune, it definitely won't end well again, believe me."

Everyone: "........"

Jiang lacked words that not only appalled Ye Fan, but also those of Ye Fan's classmates.

Of course.

And angry.

Daring to say that they had a bloodbath.

Truly calling people angry.

Thus, a group of people began to spray furiously at Jiang Xiao.

"Stinky Daoist, how dare you say that we all have the bloodlight disaster?"

"I think he's an authentic Jianghu liar, it's better that we don't trust him, lest we get cheated."

"That's right, I've seen a lot of people like him."

"Just a liar."

"Not enough to be feared, drive him away, don't interfere with our viewing of Mount Tai."

"A madman, chase him away, we're at a class reunion, not a fortune telling party."


A lot of nasty words were spoken.

It was said by these students of Evan's.

It was hard to hear.

But Jiang Guiao didn't mind at all.

A bunch of mole crickets were just a bunch of ants, and sooner or later, they would have to fall into bad blood.

So, it wasn't enough for Jiang Xiao.

It was just a few people.

Not to mention those ordinary existences, even if it was a rich existence like Liu Yunzhi, he didn't care.


Jiang Liao simply didn't care anymore.

Of course, the reason why he was approaching Ye Fan, they only wanted to enter that coffin so they could contact each other after.

Nor did he have any other thoughts.

For Jiang Chi, he just wanted to get to know Ye Fan, everyone else was just incidental.

Like what Liu Yunzhi, he didn't care at all and didn't take it to heart at all.

"Hehe, all of you have had bloodshed, and now you're actually talking so reasonably, I don't know where you got your confidence from?"

Anyway, Jiang Xiao was unaware of it.

Perhaps their so-called confidence was all just based on being on Earth.

Or maybe.

Because they had a few bucks, they considered themselves arrogant and cocky, and also considered themselves to be unique.

So then they became fierce and vicious towards Jiang Lack, or perhaps to Liu Yunzhi and the others, Jiang Lack was just Jiang Lack.

It was also just a mere diva.

Perhaps he had a few points of skill, but that was all.

For a moment.

Their gazes towards Jiang Lack were cold and flickering, and if they could, they wanted to drive Jiang Lack away now.

Of course.

It was impossible for them to chase Jiang Lack away.

Because of what Jiang Lack said, but they looked a bit ugly, especially Liu Yunzhi and the others.

And so.

One of his little brothers just went along and walked in front of Jiang Lack, so he had the intention to make a move immediately.

This was Earth, this was Taishan.

Although it was a legal society, but again, in this kind of wilderness, even though there were many people watching, they could still do it for a minor fight.

Thus, those little brothers were going to come up and beat up Jiang Lack.

It seemed that, in their eyes, Jiang Liao was just an ordinary prodigy, probably not even a true Dao Master.

After all, a Taoist Master was required to register with the Taoist Association.

Obviously, they felt that Jiang Lack didn't register any status with the Daoist Association, so this was just an ordinary liar.

None of them.

At this time, Liu Yunzhi continued, "Drag this prodigy away, don't let anyone ruin our class reunion."


"Don't worry, Boss."

"It's just a prodigy, we've seen a lot of people like this, there's actually no need to worry."


They walked up to Jiang Xiao and clenched their fists.

"Kid, seeing that you're actually going to be a prodigy at a young age, we advise you to be sensible and just leave, otherwise you won't get any good results."

"That's right, how dare you disturb our class reunion, you're looking for death."

"Get lost, before we do anything."

It seemed that in their eyes, Jiang Xiao was just a young man in the garb of a prodigy.

Other than that, there was nothing special about him.

So even if they wanted to drive Jiang Lack away, it should be easy and comfortable for them to do so, and they could still get some goodwill in front of their own boss.

Why not?

Jiang lacked: "........"

With a sweep of his gaze, he ended up on those few little brothers of Liu Yunzhi.

It was stunned, "You guys have a lot of guts, if it was normal, the poor dao might have let you suffer bloodshed right now.

But now well.

Poverty Dao feels that there is still the best thing to do, so I won't bother to pay attention to you guys."

Jiang Chi said indifferently.

He knew that the legendary Nine Dragons La Pavilion should be descending soon.

So at this time, he absolutely couldn't make anything else happen, and although it had no effect, it was definitely uncomfortable.

He felt no need for it.

Just a few Gryphons, he would naturally kill them when it was time to kill them, only now wasn't the time.

With a light flick of his hand, those people were already immobilized by Jiang Hou, unable to move at all.

Perhaps for them, this moment was the most terrifying thing.

Unable to move.

It was a truly terrifying thing.


They were trying to speak, but they found that they couldn't open their mouths either.


And so.

The situation became awkward for a while, and those little brothers of Liu Yunzhi were suddenly immobile.

And at this moment, Liu Yunzhi was waiting for those juniors to finish off Jiang Lack, as a way to show off in front of his classmates.

But now, the situation suddenly became different.

He waited left and right for half a day actually had no effect, those little brothers stood still, actually did not open their mouths to speak.

Liu Yunzhi: "........"

For a moment, he was a little confused as to what it was all about.


He was really stunned.

Everything was too dreamy, and before he could say anything, he heard Jiang Xiao continue, "You guys didn't even listen to a word of the poor man's words, do you think you're really capable?"

What a joke.

It doesn't exist.

Jiang Xiao shook his head, "Of all of you present, other than Ye Fan, all of you are just scum."

Really, he wasn't lying at all.

In fact, other than Ye Fan, the rest of them were really just ordinary people.

It was only because they were lucky that they ended up with some luck.

But that didn't change the fact that they were already very rookie in nature.

It wasn't that he, Jiang Lacking Jiang Someone despised anyone, it was really that these people were actually already very ordinary and average.

It was also simply not enough to be feared.

Among these people, it was only Ye Fan who could still be in his Jiang someone's eyes.


At this moment, but Ye Fan was very confused, "Daoist, are you saying this wrong?"

Where's his greatness and where's the bull in him?

Anyway, he himself was not aware of it, not at all, from before until now, he was just an ordinary person.

No matter from the family background, or from his own intelligence, he Ye Fan was ordinary ordinary ah.

Just like it was his name.

It was already ordinary, and had never been extraordinary.

He felt that Jiang Missing must have lied, just like so many fortune-tellers, all of them were deceiving people.

If he, Ye Fan, was extraordinary, he wouldn't be ordinary even now.

Beside Ye Fan, Pang Bo suddenly said, "Ye Fan, do you think this Daoist is right, you kid has actually been extraordinary all along, think about it..."

Right after that, Pang Bo began to speak.

According to him, this magical Daoist, Jiang Lack, should not be lying, after all, those little brothers of Liu Yunzhi hadn't moved a single muscle or said another word up to now.

If there wasn't anything fishy at all in this, to death he Pang Bo wouldn't believe it.

"You believe it?"

Ye Fan was appalled and asked towards Pang Bo, "Tell me carefully why you believe that?"

"I can't tell for a while, but I just believe it anyway."

Pang Bo: "Ye Fan, you just have to believe it too."

Ye Fan: "........"

At this moment, a terrifying sound rang out from the depths of the void!


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