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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1233 - Ye Fan (Seeking Subscriptions)

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This day.

Jiang Mo was still strolling around, and for a landowner like him, perhaps the only way to vent his unhappiness was to go for a stroll.


After being a local for a long time, and with nothing else to do, he was pretty bored.

It was fine for a short time, but after a long time, life was actually not good.

Mostly, it felt idle.

As if he was wasting his time, if he was in the Immortal World, Jiang Xiao would definitely work hard to cultivate, even if his own talent wasn't good.

But this was Earth.

Not to mention the thin aura of this place, there were countless attractions.

The world's variety, the countless things that could be played with, were actually possible.


There's nothing you can do about it yourself.


So, once again, Jiang Chi was out and about, loitering.

And beautifully named to look for clues to the world, or perhaps to discover the mysteries of the world according to his own plans?

Of course.

Jiang Lack's idea like this was just an idea.

It might be a bit difficult to realize this idea because according to his guess, he was actually coming to a point in time before the plot.

Therefore, with these limited things, there was no way for him to judge.

The situation seemed to be different from what he thought it was.

However, he had to go out and look for it, and God knows when the plot would appear.

Anyway, now he was quite looking forward to it, "Maybe I'll meet the main character once I go out."

Jiang Xiao secretly thought.

As for the situation.

It was hard to say.

Right now.

Inside a certain hotel.

A group of young men and women were gathering, they were in groups of three to five, and they didn't seem to be very old.

Naturally, the street didn't notice them, but when Jiang Qiao passed by the entrance of that hotel, the group of young people came out.

"Let's all go on a trip to Mount Tai and get in touch with each other."

"I think we can, Mount Tai is a place where all the ancient emperors liked to seal their meditation, it must have many many places to visit."

"Ye Fan, what do you think about it?"


This group of people carried their hiking bags and walked one by one towards the other side of the street.

Looking at Jiang missing a bit, "Ye Fan? What world is this from?"

Mostly because it was too common a name, and there were a lot of people with common heads taking that name.

So, for a while he couldn't judge.

Only the word Taishan made him shudder, and suddenly he was somewhat guessing, "Taishan, it always sounds familiar, but I can't catch that slight chance.

Wait, could it be..."

Suddenly, a flash of light flashed in Jiang Xiao's mind, as if he had thought of something.

He had indeed thought of it.

In some of the worlds that he was familiar with, there was indeed a world about the matter of Taishan, but this matter had a huge impact.

Plus, he didn't know some of the things that happened before the plot started and his memory was fuzzy after a long time.

So it led to Kang-chan not being sure now, "But what if it really is that world.

Now, everything seems to be able to mirror it.

If it really is that world, then in this world, the amount of techniques I can obtain, as well as the world origin power will be a terrifying amount ah."

It was terrifying to think about Jiang Xiao.

Of course, for him there was also joy, as well as like and anticipation.

"If it's really the world I'm guessing, then the future has infinite possibilities."

Jiang Gu mumbled to himself, "No, I have to follow them now and take a look, just in case it's really as I guessed.

I can't let it go either!"

This might be an opportunity.

After all, if it was the world he had imagined, then the results would definitely be pleasing.

Jiang Xiao believed that by then, with his own cultivation realm, he should be able to be invincible, right?

Even if you can't, you can survive for a while.

Then just be invincible again.

There are always innumerable benefits.

And so.

Jiang Xiao followed quietly.

Maybe these people were the key, the key to discovering the clues to the new world.

This was not to be missed.

Jiang Qiao pondered, "Whether what they say is true or not, I need to go to Mount Tai to take a look, what if I succeed?"

It's possible.

If so, he would be able to continue planning his future route.

"Thinking like this, I'll just drive myself to Mount Tai and wait for them."

Jiang Qiao suddenly thought, "It would be a waste to have a car and not use it anyway, these kids don't have any money right now, so I don't know how to get there by any means."

Of course.

This wasn't something he, Jiang Xiao, could care about.

He couldn't care about that either.


The next thing Ye Fan and the others saw was an afterimage roaring out, and that was the sound of a sports car.

There was only envy in their eyes.

I don't know when they will be able to drive a sports car.

Probably, it would never be possible in this lifetime.

Including those rich sons.

They also had no money.

As for the family, sorry, even if they took all of it out, they were afraid that they wouldn't dare to buy it.

Even more so, they wouldn't dare to drive as fast as Jiang Jiankou did.

Apart from envy.

They also quietly dripped a curse.

Maybe it would be better this way.

Jiang Chi went straight to the foot of Mount Tai and waited for Ye Fan and the others to pass by.

He had to be sure of one thing.

So that he could determine which world he had crossed into.


There was some anticipation in Jiang Xiao's heart now.

But at the same time, he was also worried, "In case it's not the world I guessed, it's a big loss."

This was the only clue, it must be ah.

He wasn't sure.

Only when the plot happened could he be sure, and the appearance of Ye Fan and the others gave him a glimpse of opportunity.


Jiang Qiao said, "In the silence, the plot had already begun, but no one noticed."

That's what he thought.

Perhaps there was an unexpected circumstance happening.

"I hope so."

At this moment, Jiang Xiao was praying in his heart, "Otherwise it will be difficult."

Who told him to come early.

"Tarzan, O Tarzan!"

Jiang Mo suddenly closed his eyes and his divine sense naturally swept out.

He wanted to take a look at what was special about this Mount Tai.

Perhaps he could discover something special.

But such a thought was just a thought, and when his divine sense swept past, he didn't even find anything.


Jiang Ji was directly confused, "What's going on, there's not even the slightest difference, is it because the plot hasn't started yet?

Or perhaps, I, Jiang, guessed wrong?"

It's not what you think it is?


When you think about it like that, things seem a bit bad.

What I'm worried about is probably going to happen?

"What if it's really just a coincidence?"

Jiang Xiao suddenly thought, "Then wouldn't I have to cry to death, after all, there aren't a thousand or eight hundred people named Ye Fan in this world."

The brain hurt.

Suddenly, he felt that the sports car didn't smell good either.

The main purpose of his own arrival in this world, he hadn't forgotten.


If there was a delay in waiting for the plot to appear, or if there was nothing good to be gained, he wanted to go back.

This world was nice though, with tall buildings and all sorts of modern technology.

It could be said that living a life like this was most comfortable.

But it couldn't be said to be very comfortable.

Because he always felt that something wasn't right.

"Let's just hope that everything goes smoothly."

Jiang Gou chanted, his eyes somewhat complicated, "The hardest thing now is to determine which world this belongs to."

If it couldn't determine this world it wouldn't be able to proceed with its next plan, and it wouldn't be able to acquire more techniques, or world origin power.

And right now, the only way to be sure was to wait for Ye Fan to come over and for the one thing he was looking forward to in his heart to happen.

Of course, it was also possible to wait in vain.

So even if it was Jiang Lack, he didn't have much strength in his heart.

After all, this matter was too mysterious.

Truly terrifying.

In case....

"No, it can't be just in case."

Jiang Xiao shook his head, "He must be the protagonist, too, or I'll really have waited for nothing."

That wouldn't work.

How could he wait in vain?

Jiang Chi was not going to do it no matter what.

When he thought of this, he carefully observed Mount Tai, and although this was only the foot of Mount Tai, he could still feel its majestic majesty.

It was so overwhelming and tyrannical.

Perhaps, thanks to the ancient imperial court, that generation of emperors had feuded over Mount Tai.

The result was that Mount Tai now had a great majesty that seemed a bit unusual.

Of course.

If it was really as Jiang Xiao guessed, perhaps the Mount Tai that he saw in front of him was only its surface phenomenon.

There was no telling how many terrifying secrets were behind it.


All of this was actually just imagination that would go away.

Even when his divine sense swept over, he didn't find anything suspicious.

It was as if this Taishan was just an ordinary and normal Taishan.

There was nothing different, as if, Mt. Tai was just Mt. Tai.

Except for the fact that because of those ancient emperors, it looked a bit more majestic.

However, other than that, there didn't seem to be anything special about this Mount Tai.

This caused Jiang Xiao to feel a bit embarrassed, and he was startled.

And so.

At the same time, he also secretly thought, "Could it be that I, Jiang Someone, have thought wrongly?"

However, if that was really the case, then the situation was a bit special ah.

Frowning, Jiang Qiao was somewhat appalled, "If this Mount Tai is really just an ordinary and normal mountain, then it's not good."

For a moment.

Jiang Qiao couldn't help but contemplate that the situation wasn't quite what he had imagined.

It was because the person he had waited for for half a day, Ye Fan and the others, didn't seem to appear.

It was as if this person didn't exist anymore.

Jiang Qiao's eyes moved, "If it's really just my imagination, if everything is actually just a lie, then I....

What's the point of coming into the world?"

Just to have a good time?

It wasn't like he hadn't enjoyed the modern city before, but it wasn't even necessary.

It was embarrassing.

For a while, Jiang Qiao suddenly felt quite foolish, things probably wouldn't go as he had thought.

That would be difficult.

In the late afternoon, when Jiang Qiao was about to go back, he suddenly realized that something was wrong with the situation.


He was stunned, "Are these people actually here?"

What's this about?

He suddenly didn't see or understand, "Wait a minute, the one leading the group seems to be the same Ye Fan they were talking about before?"

But what have they been doing for most of the day.

Made such a mess of themselves, they almost had to hit the road, but luckily not.

Otherwise, you might have missed something, "I don't know if he's the Ye Fan I'm looking for, but he really looks like that at this moment."

The Ye Fan at this time was not intentional or magnificent, and compared to those of his classmates, he was actually quite ordinary.

However, Jiang Gou could see at a glance that he was extraordinary, he was much stronger than all those classmates of his.

This was a strong man.

A super strong person.

It was hard to say exactly how strong it was.

But it must be stronger than what you thought it was, that's all.

Of course, not now.

"When he becomes a Heavenly Emperor, the time of his brutal and tyrannical rampage will be the time."

Jiang Xiao secretly thought, "Of course, only if everything that happens next is the same as what I imagined, or else everything will be at rest."

Jiang Lack saw Ye Fan and the others, and Ye Fan and the others naturally saw the car beside Jiang Lack.

A limited edition sports car.

They didn't know how much it was worth, but they all knew it was just expensive.

"Let's go."

"As expected, the rich man's world is not something we can imagine."

"Why do I feel like he's waiting for us on purpose?"



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