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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1232 - Before the Plot (Seeking Subscriptions)

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New World.

Jiang Gou only felt a sense of dizziness coming on, and then he appeared in a remote corner.

It was only when Jiang Guiao slowly woke up that he suddenly lost consciousness, "I... I actually appeared under a tall building?"


The high-rise building made of that steel fine concrete mix was familiar to him, and the memory of that once familiar moment came flooding back to him.

That seemed to have been a long time ago.

So long that he was almost blurred.

It was still a past life, and he hadn't crossed over at that time.

"Could it be that I've come to an Earth-like world?"

The Earth he remembered was just an ordinary Earth.

No cultivators existed, no supernatural powers, and there was no stream of ancient warriors.

Everything was ordinary.

It looked normal, there was nothing special about it, and it was still a steel building complex, generally dozens of stories high.

This was a modern city.


And now Jiang Jian was crossing over again.

And it was still a world similar to Earth, although the realm where he was right now was also called Earth.

However, Jiang Kou knew that the Earth in front of him was not the same as the Earth he knew.

The two were not the same.

"Maybe it's only equivalent to parallel space?" Jiang Mo secretly thought.

The various memories of the Earth that had once been there also came flooding back.

That seemed to have been a long time ago.

Time was just a little too fast.

"That Earth of mine, I don't know if I'll have a chance to go back again."

Jiang Mo secretly chanted his gaze to come, looking strangely very strange.

Naturally, he was very clear about what needed to be done right now, and that should all be realistically present.


Some things were still fanciful to him, "After all, the Earth in my previous life has deep memories for me as well."

Now, seeing the Earth once again, seeing those high-rise buildings, he was excited.

Ten thousand times happier.

"Perhaps, I can experience this kind of day."

Jiang mumbled to himself, "I don't know which world I've crossed over to, so let's get to know it gradually first."

Of course.

Before getting to know it, he needed to do something else.

For example, to take a good stroll around this Earth, he didn't have any money, but back when he was traveling through the worlds, he had prepared the yellow and white things.

No matter which world it was in, it was a hard currency coin, and with his Earth Immortal cultivation, he even didn't feel that it was dangerous.

Although, he also felt that this world might not be ordinary and might have all sorts of miraculous features.

But in comparison, he still had a great sense of anticipation for this world, which was not ordinary in the first place.

Jiang Jiang looked on calmly, his appearance condensed, "The tall buildings, it's been many years since I've seen them."

Right now.

Yet he felt especially close, and if this continued in the future, it might be quite a good thing.

Of course.

He was actually apprehensive.

Mainly, he also felt that he was a stranger, so could he blend in with this world?

He didn't know.

"Never mind."

Jiang frowned and muttered to himself, "Anyway, this is all similar to places like Earth, so it's quite beneficial to me."

In his previous life, he himself had lived on Earth for many years, and was still very attached to this kind of reinforced concrete structure.

Go away!

As soon as the figure moved, modern clothing appeared on Jiang Liao's body, and his hair turned into a short inch.

At the same time, a casual outfit also looked very lean.

Quietly blending into the crowd, in this street where there were not a small number of people, the respective pedestrians hurriedly had their own rhythm and plan.

So, naturally, no one noticed Jiang Xiao's appearance.

Everything seemed to be ordinary.

On the street, those people would never have imagined that the suddenly appearing Jiang Lack was a powerful existence they didn't know about.

Of course.

Even if they knew, they probably wouldn't have said anything more.

After all, this was Earth.

It was a place where a modern city manifested itself extremely clearly, and the people here took a different path.

The path of science and technology.

They firmly believed in the rise of science and technology, and that technology could create everything.

Naturally, for them technology has become an increasing part of their lives.

For them, modernity is life, it's an experience.


Once upon a time, Jiang lacked the same opinion.

But now it was different.

He knew that he needed to have a lot of things to do, and now the Immortal Way was the most important.

"Take a look at this side of the Earth."

Jiang Jian looked around in satisfaction, then went into a shop that exchanged yellow and white things to get the gold and silver out of his hands.

In modern society, money was the most important thing.

Of course.

Cash might not even be popular anymore.

"That's why I'm going to order some cash first, to acquire some things, like identity and such, like a cell phone."

Without these things, he could only take trap.

No matter what kind of world this was on one side, Jiang lacked to enjoy it first.

To experience the modern life.

It hadn't been enjoyed enough before.

"Although this is the dirtiest and worst era, but at the same time it's also the best era."

This was what Jiang Xiao thought.

Only in this era could one live a life that was considered a day.

Perhaps, for ordinary commoners, this way of science and technology was the most correct path.

Of course.

At this moment, Jiang Xiao wasn't thinking that much.

He looked calm and extraordinarily indifferent.

Immediately afterwards, Jiang Ji said once again, "This seat has been cultivating for many years, now let's experience also this modern city life first."

It was interesting to think about.

A past life, that was just a past life.

For Jiang Kou, those memories were actually getting fuzzy.

He wanted to relive that life.

Before it was too late.

It was still unclear which side of the world he had come to, and there was just such an opportunity.

It wasn't available before.

It was also unthinkable.

No matter how you looked at it, Jiang Qiao hadn't found anything special about this world, perhaps because of certain taboos.

Of course.

He didn't care about anything.

After exchanging some cash, Jiang Kou went to acquire a mobile phone and also got his identity through his skills as an immortal cultivator.

From then on, he was also a legitimate citizen.

With his identity, he naturally had to open a bank card, because for Jiang Ji to enjoy the life of this modern city, he still needed money.

It was just as well that he had brought a lot of yellow and white things with him inside his Qiankun Bag and Diamond Bracelets.

Money could make the devil move.

Money was the only way to live in this modern atmosphere of a modern city, whether it was to buy things or to enjoy life.

It's all possible.

As for the fear of being followed, or blackmailing, Jiang Kou had never wanted to be afraid.


He was actually quite looking forward to it.

Driving a luxury car and living in a mansion, this was the kind of life a big brother should live.

In the past, although he, Jiang Someone, was a big brother and was called a big brother, he wasn't really a big brother.

Modern life was very comfortable.

At least that's what Jiang Chi thought.

In the past, that was just the past, he was poor in his previous life, so he didn't have a good life either.

Things were different now.

He was rich.

And capable, how could he not enjoy this kind of life.

Otherwise wouldn't it be too wasteful to shuttle over for this trip.


He had to think about living for a while.

Who cares what world, who cares what techniques, who cares what kind of quest for immortality.

None of it mattered anymore.

With money, many things would be easier to do.

I've bought a handbag villa, bought a luxury car, and didn't encounter the kind of despised dog drama that many urban novels say.

It's a commonplace purchase of a home furnishings.

Probably because there were already a lot of rich people in this world, so no one was surprised after he purchased these belongings.

As for the places where he went to exchange the yellow and white items, he used some small spells to make those people temporarily forget about his existence.

This way, there was nothing to worry about.

The life without anyone bothering him was actually quite nice for Jiang lacking, this kind of life was very soothing.

Of course.

It was also inevitable to eat and drink indiscriminately.

So, this period of time was quite comfortable for Jiang Lack.

It was nice.

Not even thinking about cultivation anymore.

Is cultivation fun with games?

Does the practice ever lie comfortably?


Cultivation was never a very fortunate, dull, boring thing.

Anyway, he was probably, maybe, probably invincible in this world, and cultivation wasn't bad for a few days.

Most of all, Jiang Xiao felt that all of his cultivation was pushed up in a very brutal way, relying on the World Origin Force.

Plus, his own talent wasn't very good.

So, it was unlikely that he would be able to cultivate any ghosts.

Based on some of these circumstances, he felt that he might as well not cultivate, and anyway, if he meditated and practiced Qi, he probably wouldn't be able to refine anything.

So well.

It's a good day now.

He didn't like practicing, and he wasn't good at it anyway.

Let's just enjoy it for a while.

Wouldn't it be nice to live the life of a rich man.

And so.

Ten days and a half months passed.

When he stayed in the house for a while longer, a month had already passed.

In this way, the time brushed by.

There was no more.

Up until a month later, Jiang Guiao still hadn't found anything special about this world.

"Strange, did I, Jiang Someone, still come too early?"

He couldn't help but think, "Either I didn't see it coming, or I crossed over a little earlier and it should have been before the plot."

Otherwise it wouldn't have happened.

He swore.

During the past few days, while enjoying himself, Jiang Qiao still went out for a walk to see if there was anything strange in the way.

But alas.

There wasn't.

He didn't find anything special.

So still, he didn't see anything.

Without a clear picture of the situation, Jiang Xiao did not act rashly, but just be honest and quiet and be a local hero.

Although he didn't have to work, he didn't have to go into business, and he didn't have an endless amount of family wealth to inherit.


He actually had plenty of money, Jiang Sheng.

Not only the yellow and white things, but also the jewelry, ancient books, calligraphy and paintings and other collectibles that could be taken out and exchanged for money.

And there were quite a few that could be exchanged.

In this way, his little life would be more homely.

No one dared to ignore it.

Another month.

Time passed quietly, not leaving any traces behind.

Looking at Jiang missing, "Could it be that what I'm crossing is just an ordinary world?"

He was a little surprised.

Truth was that this whole thing was a bit....


But here's the question.

If it's just an ordinary world, then is this place too much of a sap for one's will.

There's no denying that you're having a good time, and there's no denying that you're having a comfortable, relaxing time.

But ah.

Still, a large part of it says that the situation is different.

This was awkward.

Jiang Gou couldn't smile bitterly and said under his breath, "Forget it, I, Jiang Someone, should just wait a bit, maybe I really did come too early."

Going back to before the episode happened, everything was naturally peaceful, just like the Earth he was on in his previous life.

Ordinary people were still just ordinary people.

To struggle in this flowery metropolis, it was actually quite difficult for the average person.

Why on earth should the efforts of several generations of others be lost to you after ten years of hard study?

It doesn't exist.

The moral is not like that.

Jiang Mo secretly sighed, "It's just that before the plot, let it be before the plot, according to past experience, every time I traverse a location, it should be not far around the main character.

In other words, it's very likely that the protagonist of the plot is also in this city.

It's just because the plot hasn't started yet, resulting in a very common and usual situation right now, and the main character isn't giving out."

Let's just wait.

Maybe this is a special world?


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