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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1230 - Hugging a Big Leg (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Like hugging a big leg.

Since Jiang lacked a big man, since people were a real immortal.

So why not hug the thigh?

Although they were heavenly pride, it didn't seem like it was a shame to hug an Earth Immortal's thigh.

Embracing a thigh.

It wasn't like they hadn't done it before.

Now it was just a matter of regaining their old jobs, but doing something meaningful.

It's really not bad.


These Heaven's Gate Heavenly Pride weren't fools, they all knew very well that once Jiang Xiao went to the Central China Immortal Sacred Land, his cultivation realm would definitely be valued by the Immortal Alliance.

Therefore, there was no time to delay.

After all, there weren't many strong people like Jiang Xiao, with an Earth Immortal cultivation, even in the Central State Immortal Sacred Land.

With such an existence, they had to hold the thigh.

"Patriarch Jiang, you are a peerless senior and a superior person, you will definitely be even stronger in the future."

"From now on, Sovereign Jiang will be our boss, if anyone dares to disobey him, I will fight him to the death!"

"Count me in too, if you have anything to do in the future, just tell us, we'll make sure it's done properly."


This moment.

In the eyes of these Heaven's Gate Heavenly Pride, Jiang Lack was their boss and was addressed with increasing respect.

It seemed like it was the only way.

It didn't matter if Jiang Jiang would end up going with them to the Central State Immortal Holy Land.

Nor did it matter what kind of brilliant performance Jiang Xiao had in the Immortal Alliance Conference, or how many achievements he had in the future.

Even in the current situation, Jiang Xiao was worthy of them recruiting and even befriending him.

As long as they could embrace this thigh, it would be good.

So their goal was also very simple, as long as they could hitch a ride on Jiang Lack's line, their future would definitely be rewarding.

And the potential was enormous.

This was also considered finding a way for themselves in disguise.

It was good to count it.

Jiang lacked a straight face, enjoying the compliments and flattery of these Heaven's Gate Heavenly Pride.

After all, he hadn't heard such compliments for many years, and it was nice to hear them occasionally.

Originally, he had planned to do so, and it would be nice to accept the Heavenly Pride people as his younger brothers, or horses.

If he went to the Central State Immortal Sacred Land alone, he would have no one to use or trust in the future.

But now that these Heaven's Gate pride had taken the initiative to come to his door, there was a possibility that he could be subdued.


Now there was no need for him to even take the initiative to subdue them, these people had already fallen over and they had willingly become Jiang Lack's little brothers.

This would save him a lot of effort, which was really nice.


Jiang Chi nodded slightly and said, "Ahem, since all of you have already acknowledged me as your boss, let's make sure of it in the future."

He also recognized these little brothers.

Anyway, they were all Heaven's Gate Celestial Pride and were all from the Central State Cultivation Holy Land side.

Accepting these heavenly pride as junior brothers was inseparable to his next plan.

Perhaps the next step to the Central State Immortal Sacred Land would be something that could even be useful to them.

Regardless of what purpose it was based on, it was necessary for Jiang Chi to subdue these people.

Otherwise, when he left the Haoran Immortal Sect and went to the next world, he probably wouldn't be able to trust them ah.

Only deterrence was the most important thing.

And right now.

Jiang Jiang nodded his head slightly, he had also discovered that these Heavenly Gate's pride had been suppressed by his early Earth Immortal cultivation.

This was a good good thing.

"Old... Boss?"

"Sovereign Jiang, you promised us?"


Originally, they were only trying to give it a try originally.

After all, it was hard to tell if a strong man like Jiang Lack really wanted to take them as his junior brother.

After all, he was the most advanced and strongest, and was definitely an existence that they all needed to look up to.

But now, it seemed that Jiang Xiao had actually agreed, which made them a little surprised and amazed instead.

Of course, after returning to their senses was a deep pleasure.

"Boss, from now on, you will be our boss."

"Yes, if there is anything you need to command us, Boss, we will definitely not refuse."

"No matter what, and no matter what, we must coalesce around the organization with the boss at its core."

"That's right, although all of us are said to be proud of the Heaven's Gate, we're actually no match for the many connections in the sect."

"It's still the boss who treats us well, he treats them like human beings throughout."


For a time.

These heavenly pride began to tell of their various previous grievances, and their moods were heavy and strange.

So helpless, so painful.

Although the Heavenly Gate was large, it was also because the sect was larger that there were many disciples and even more geniuses.

Where there are people, there are rivers and lakes, and where there are rivers and lakes, there are strife and all sorts of contradictions.

If they were able to recognize Jiang Lack as their boss, their status would rise even if they returned to the Central State Immortal Holy Land.

"Boss, you probably don't know that we used to have a really miserable time in Heaven's Gate."

"Yes, otherwise we wouldn't have been sent to a place like the Eastern Land, although the Eastern Land was once the land of the Immortal Gods, now the Eastern Land has already been abandoned by the Immortal Gods."

"Boss, from now on, if you tell us to go east never go west, you will never go east if you tell us to go west."

Soon, this one individual all began to show their loyalty.

To them, the most important thing now was to draw the sympathy, or trust, of Jiang lacked.

Because most of the beginning of trust started with sympathy.

Things like hugging a big leg, one must do the basic work well, or else they would be miserable if they provoked Jiang Lack's displeasure or displeasure.

Likewise Jiang Liao wasn't as bad as they thought he would be, he was instead very amiable.

Especially after breaking through to the Earth Immortal Realm, he was like a brilliant scholar.

There was absolutely nothing that could be seen to be overbearing.

This was clearly a scholar, the magnificent kind of scholar, unrestrained and free, free and easy.

Many Heavenly Gate pride were envious of him, if only they could be like Jiang Ji.

Unfortunately, although they were geniuses, their cultivation was far inferior to that of Jiang Chi.

Naturally, they wouldn't be able to be as unrestrained and comfortable as him.

"Alright, since this seat has already agreed, then you all should get up first, and there's no need to be polite."

With a hollow lift of his hand, Jiang Ji gently lifted up towards the crowd.

Sort of a statement to everyone, see, I, Jiang someone, am still very good to you.

So, as long as you keep following me, Jiang someone, and as long as you have no other thoughts in your hearts, I will definitely treat you all well.

Of course.

Betraying such things, he believed that these people still wouldn't dare.

After all, he was an Earth Immortal.

This was deterrence, the existence of a supremely powerful bottom, and if you were not careful, if you offended him, you wouldn't be able to have a good life.

"From now on, everyone is in the Hao Ran Immortal Sect, treat this place as your home."

Jiang Chi continued, "Five months later, we are setting off for the Central State Immortal Holy Land.

During these five months, the throne has some personal matters to deal with, so I won't be able to accompany you all."


Everyone nodded up in unison, and they didn't say much else about the personal matters that Jiang Xiao said.

After all, everyone had their own personal matters, and it was normal for Jiang to take five months to complete his personal matters.

In their stead, it would probably take longer.

So five months to depart would be five months to depart.

It was just as well that they could make good use of this period of time to consolidate their cultivation.

After all, the scene of watching Jiang Lack's breakthrough earlier could also be quite rewarding.

"Go ahead, boss, we'll keep an eye on this Hao Ran Immortal Sect for you, absolutely no one will dare to mess with it."

This was something they could still do.

Even if the Hao Ran Immortal Sect had made too many enemies, there were many sects that existed in this region of the Eastern Lands and did not deal with the Hao Ran Immortal Sect.

However, with the strength of those heavenly sects, they should be able to deal with it, or crush it.

Therefore, Jiang Xiao was not worried about the Hao Ran Immortal Sect at all.

Even without those Heavenly Gate Celestial Pride, with the Hao Ran Immortal Sect's powerful formations as well as boundaries, he would be able to block the incoming enemies very well.

Five months was enough time for him to travel to another world and perhaps gain more benefits to come.

It was possible that he, Jiang Someone, would be able to take the opportunity to break through to the middle or even late stage of the Earth Immortal Realm.

As for that so-called private matter, it was actually just an excuse for him, Jiang Hou, to give those Heavenly Gate Celestial Pride.

"Boss, we will definitely not let you down, don't worry."

It seemed that it wasn't difficult for those Heavenly Gate Heavenly Pride to guard the Hao Ran Immortal Sect.

As long as they were able to teach Jiang Lack, an Earth Immortal Realm big brother, any effort would be worth it, and no matter how hard it was, it would still be rewarding.

In a word, as long as one could help, as long as one could make Jiang Lack owe them a favor, that was all that mattered.

So if you want to gain benefits, just do a good job for Jiang Lack.

Perhaps, it would still be that unexpected benefit.

At the thought of this, the minds of this group of Heaven's Gate Celestial Pride began to come alive.

"No matter what, we must let the boss him see our usefulness and sincerity."

Otherwise, if they didn't have any value at all, why would Jiang Chi want them.

There was no reason.

And after they manifested their value, when Jiang Chi saw that they were actually quite useful, he wouldn't disapprove of them as little old brothers.

At that time, they would be able to appear in front of the world righteously as Jiang Qian's youngest disciples.

Now well.

Although Jiang Chi had already recognized their status as junior brothers.

But because they hadn't made certain achievements, they naturally didn't have self-identification in their hearts.

Jiang Xiao was quite happy to see this, it just so happened that his Hao Ran Immortal Sect needed these Heaven's Gate Heavenly Pride to watch over it.

After all, relying on the strength of the Hao Ran Immortal Sect itself was not enough to compete with the other sects and sects in the Eastern Lands.

If those sects and sects got a brainwave and all united to fight against the Hao Ran Immortal Sect, that would not be what he wanted.

If these heavenly sects could help him and manifest their values, it would naturally be a good thing for Jiang Mo to seek.

In the next period of time, he would naturally leave this world and rely on the Vajra Bracelets to travel through the worlds.

Just like a world, although it was about to arrive, Jiang Hou didn't know what kind of world it was.

So it was necessary to gather these Heavenly Gate Heavenly Pride to work for him.

No matter what people said, they were all geniuses, and they were malleable in terms of cultivation, mind and strength.

After thinking of all this, Jiang Ji said, "Since all of you are so straightforward and sincere, it would not be a good thing if this seat refused, and next, this Hao Ran Immortal Sect of mine will depend on you."

Upon hearing this, the group of Heavenly Gate Heavenly Pride immediately began to state their position.

"Don't worry, boss, as long as we're in the sect, it'll be absolutely fine."

"It's only a mere five months, and during that time, we can still help you, Boss, sweep away the enemies of the Haoran Immortal Sect."

"That's right, lest when we leave the Eastern Land to go to the Central State Immortal Sacred Land in five months, those hostile sects and sects will jump out and cause trouble, so it's better to defeat them completely, of course we can just leave this kind of thing to us, none of it needs your personal help, Boss."

"That's a great plan, we must do something for Boss."


For a while, even Jiang Xiao was appalled, was he that good?

These people were actually so optimistic about themselves, you know, he wasn't even optimistic about himself ah.

As expected, strength was the true king!

"Just, are they holding it up too much?"

Jiang Xiao's mouth twitched in thought.


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