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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1229 - Early Earth Immortal Realm (Seeking Subscription)

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On Hao Ran Immortal Sect.

Jiang Mo looked happy and soothed ah.

Regardless of the process, he had broken through after all.

That's great.

That's enough.

After years of cultivating Immortality and asking questions, wasn't it that one day one would look forward to breaking through to the highest level?

Breaking through now had all sorts of benefits for Jiang Xiao.

It really felt painful to the heart.


He broke through the barrier.

The Hao Ran Immortal Sect's elders and disciples, who had been waiting for a long time, dispersed and went their own way to celebrate.

The self-sovereign's success had waved off the thunderstorm in the sky with one hand.

A time.

The heavens were clear.

The various dissatisfactions that had been suppressed in their hearts were also vented at this moment, and their Hao Ran Immortal Sect would definitely be even stronger in the future.

Even their previous discontent towards Jiang Xiao also vanished at this moment, all gone.

The disciples of the Hao Ran Immortal Sect were happy, and Jiang Xiao was representing them, in a way, as well.

Now that their own Sovereign was strong, it naturally meant that they all became strong in the Hao Ran Immortal Sect.

Of course.

There were still some people who looked incredibly complicated.

It was that group of proud people from the Central State Immortal Sacred Grounds who were incomparably shocked and astonished in a million ways.

Although, all this time, they had never denied Jiang Liao's strength.

However, when they personally experienced Jiang Lack's breakthrough, they realized that this person was even more powerful than they had imagined.

It was even beyond their imagination.

This person was not simple.

I don't know how exactly he cultivated.

Everyone else who cultivated immortality needed to use time to grind it out, either waiting for the chance to come nonstop.

That would be fine.

But now it looked like that wasn't the case.

It was actually a bit blindfolded.

"Everyone, the cultivation realm of the Jiang Sect Master has only long surpassed your imagination and mine, and I don't know what level he's broken through to this time."

"In fact, we should go take a look at him and congratulate Sect Master Jiang by the way."

"That's a fine suggestion, but we'd better prepare some gifts to go, as the saying goes, gifts are not strange."

"Yes, I agree."

That was the reason.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with giving a gift.

It was a custom that had been passed down and left behind from ancient times, and no matter if it was in Central or Eastern Land, it was quite practical to think about it.

After a round of discussion.

All of the Heaven's Gate's pride were more agreeable to this matter, and perhaps to them, Jiang Liao's cultivation realm was also more important.

If they could be clear about Jiang Liao's cultivation realm, it could be of great significance for them to gather Jiang Liao next.

It would also be able to administer the right medicine.

It might also have some sort of uncountable benefits.

It was still exciting to think about.

Of course.

They actually had another purpose.

That was to hug Jiang Lack's thigh, and as long as they managed to hitch a ride on Jiang Lack's boat, their future would be much easier.

"Let's go, I know you all have quite a collection in the Heaven's Gate over the years, now is not the time to be stingy."

The leading Celestial Pride said indifferently, "Everyone should know that the Jiang Sect Master's cultivation realm is very high, and this height is enough for us all to look up to, so you all understand what I'm saying, right?"

Naturally, some people understood.

After all, these Heaven's Gate Heavenly Pride weren't fools.

They felt the need to embrace such things as thighs when they could, after all, thighs still had to be embraced.

Of course.

They were just going to test it out now.

Sort of an autumnal breeze.

Whether it would work or not would be discussed separately.

Brushing up goodwill was something they felt they still had to do, and it was best to get through this matter.

After all, Jiang Xiao was considered a real big shot.

And although they were all heavenly pride, they needed more time to accumulate it, otherwise there was nothing they could do about it.

In the living room of the Hao Ran Immortal Sect.

At this moment, Jiang Jiang was calmly looking at the Heaven's Gate's Heavenly Pride, thinking, "These guys are really timely, it hasn't been long since this seat broke through, and they've actually come."

Quite timely.

Only that this timeliness might have carried some kind of special purpose.

Although Jiang Mo had guessed it.

But he didn't point it out because he didn't think it was necessary, and he had something to order anyway.

Moreover, manifesting his strength was actually a way to do so, otherwise, when he temporarily left the Green Xuan Continent, those Heavenly Gate Celestial Pride disciples might have other ideas.

So in order to avoid this from happening, it was actually quite good for these Heavenly Gate Heavenly Pride disciples to come over right now.

Rather, it would save him from having to notify them one by one.

And right now, those Heaven's Pride disciples didn't know Jiang Xiao's true thoughts.

If they knew, they didn't know if they would be shocked, after all, Jiang Qian's thoughts were really a bit different.

"The seats are already here, so please sit down, come on, look at the tea."

Jiang Lack was faintly rich, a powerful Earth Immortal cultivation aura that had been hidden from him.

But the more it was, the more it made those Heavenly Gate's pride feel unfathomable, it was an extremely mysterious aura.

It made them feel incredible.

The more they felt this way, the more they felt that Jiang Xiao was inscrutable.

Their previous guesses weren't wrong, Jiang Liao was an extremely powerful existence with an extremely powerful cultivation.

It was somewhat unknown as to how profound his cultivation was, and how different it actually was.

Now, these Heaven's Gate's pride were actually testing it out.

If Jiang Chi was truly amazing, then there was nothing wrong with hugging this thigh.

After all, people would go higher and water would flow lower, and that was the truth.

Putting aside the matter of the Immortal Alliance for the time being, there was one more thing that was in front of Jiang Ji right now.

That was to go to a new world and find the opportunity to continue to break through.

Of course.

These were all things to come later.

"Sect Master Jiang, first of all, congratulations on your successful breakthrough."

In the Heavenly Gate Celestial Pride, the one who headed it said with a slight arch of his hand towards Jiang Chi.

Of course.

The other Heavenly Gate Celestial Pride followed suit and arched their hands as well.

After all, Jiang Lack was powerful enough for them to respect and admire.

"There's no need to be polite."

Jiang Chi waved his hand and said, "But I don't know what you all are over here for, so called?"

Honestly, although he guessed a little, his guess wasn't complete.

On hearing this, the crowd of Heavenly Gate Celestial Pride were all shaken.

"Sect Master Jiang, it's like this, we all know that you've made a successful breakthrough, so we came to say good news first."

"Yes, this time, I'm sure you must have gained a lot, Jiang Sect Master?"

Speak to each other.

You said one thing and I said another, and it was true and reasonable.

It really sounded like that, kind of interesting, and it made Jiang Qian's heart all happy.

He couldn't help but think to himself, "These words do sound pleasant, but they're only just pleasant."

Honestly speaking, Jiang Jiang had actually heard their true purpose from the words of these Heaven's Gate Celestials.

It was nothing more than wanting to inquire about his Jiang Someone's true cultivation realm.

As for the purpose of prying into his cultivation realm, it was simple enough.

It should be for some other reason.

Or, wanting to recruit him, Jiang Someone, to pry so as to make a move only after prying.

It should be like this.

It sounded like that, and Jiang Mo secretly pondered, "But it's not really a big deal if you tell them."

With regards to his own cultivation realm, Jiang Zhaoge on the other hand had never wanted to hide anything.

It was just right to announce it and deter some curfew existences.

So just right.

After thinking of all this, Jiang Ji said indifferently, "All of you, you are all geniuses, all of you are proud of the Heaven's Gate, and this was originally an internal matter of my Hao Ran Immortal Sect.

However, seeing as you are all still good, this seat will reluctantly say something."

The words made those Heavenly Gate Heavenly Pride feel their old faces flush with shame, clearly feeling that Jiang Gou's words were a bit bad.

And it was greatly unpleasant.

This Jiang Sect Master's face seemed to be a little too thick, didn't it?

They even felt a little confused, a little silly, and a little stunned.

It really didn't feel good.


It was disgraceful to his identity as Jiang Zonglord.

This was actually different from what they had imagined.

Immediately after.

Jiang Chi continued, "Since everyone is rather curious about this seat's cultivation realm, this seat will reluctantly tell you all about it."

He laughed.

And deliberately whetted the appetite of those Heaven's Gate Celestials.

It seemed... it was more interesting that way.

That group of Heaven's Gate Heavenly Pride didn't actually know this, that Jiang Lack was a much more terrifying person than they had imagined.

"Sect Master Jiang, don't try to whet our appetite, just say something."

"Ahem, Sect Master Jiang, we can actually come down and talk about the other words, let's get to the point now."

"Sect Master Jiang, we all have very little time, so..."

He was worried.

Was actually really worried.

It wasn't so great to be hung up all the time.

So then something else came to mind.

If they could, they might want to punch someone.

Of course.

They also knew that it wasn't possible to beat up someone.

Because even if they put it into action, they probably wouldn't be a match for Jiang lacking.

It was really a bit....

It's too distressing.

Immediately afterwards, Jiang Ji continued, "Alright, since everyone is so anxious, this seat won't whet everyone's appetite.

In fact, this throne is now....

The early Earth Immortal cultivation realm, with your Heaven's Gate Heavenly Pride status, you must have heard of the Earth Immortal realm already, right?"

All Heaven's Gate Heavenly Pride: "..."

What the hell?

Early Earth Realm?


For a moment, the crowd couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air.

They really felt a bit unbelievably horrified.

Earth Immortal Realm.

This Hao Ran Immortal Sect's Patriarch, Jiang Xiao, was actually an Earth Immortal Realm.

No wonder it was so strong, and no wonder it was a big brother, but it turned out that people had already become immortal.

It was not something they could compare to long ago.

"It's different."

Those Heaven's Gate Celestial Pride sighed, things seemed to be different from what they had imagined.

Originally, he had thought that Jiang Jiang was at most about to become an Immortal, and even with this breakthrough, he was only in the early stages of the Human Immortal Realm.

Who would have thought that this guy was actually at the early stage of the Earth Immortal Realm, a realm that was even more powerful and terrifying than him.

It was really a bit depressing, as the same person, also an immortal cultivator, also young in age, Jiang Chi's cultivation realm was actually countless levels higher than theirs.

There's no way to compare this.

It's really a bit different ah.

Could it be that this was the difference between people?

For a while.

Quite a few people thought so, especially those guys who had once been a bit self-righteous.

In the Hao Ran Immortal Sect.

The crowds of heavenly pride who sucked in a breath of cold air were dazed at the moment, the Immortal Way that they and the others were so painstakingly pursuing seemed to have been accomplished without a second thought here in Jiang Di.

People had been different.


It should be a different level.


These Heaven's Gate Heavenly Pride suddenly remembered that once this guy Jiang Xiao really went to the Central State Immortal Sacred Land.

Then, he might be a remarkable existence in the Immortal Alliance as well ah.

It was truly astonishing.

It was also really astonishing and horrifying ah.

What to do?

They thought of one thing, after Jiang Lack went to the Immortal Alliance Conference, this person might have a huge impact on the Immortal Alliance.

After all, Jiang Lack wasn't a weak person himself, he was a powerful being.

Thinking like this, these Heaven's Gate Celestial Pride suddenly felt that it might not actually be a good thing for Jiang Xiao to go to the Central State Immortal Sacred Ground.

If he didn't go, it was possible that it would still be good for the Immortal Alliance.

Being powerful meant that it was not easy to control, which meant that certain uncontrollable accidents might occur.

Of course.

None of this had anything to do with them, the Heaven's Gate Heavenly Pride.

They were just informing people.

Nowadays well.

Perhaps there were other things to do as well, such as....


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