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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1228 - Big Brother Breakthrough (Seeking Subscriptions)

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This day.

Jiang Qian was very happy, "Relying on the disciples of the sect, this seat has finally collected enough origin power, hahaha!"

That means he can break through.

That was great.

He had been waiting for a long time.

Finally, he could break through the Human Immortal Great Perfection and reach that legendary and incredible point.

One must know that the next realm was the Earth Immortal.

An existence detached from the Human Immortal.

Even Earth Immortals were countless times more terrifying than Human Immortals.

Even if Jiang Chi had never witnessed an Earth Immortal with his own eyes, he had heard only a few words from some ancient texts.

Therefore, he had been expecting Earth Immortals for a long time.

It was finally time to break through.

Now he had accumulated enough origin power.

These originals were enough to push him to the peak of all his cultivation.


Perhaps it couldn't be said to be the pinnacle either.

After all, the Earth Immortal Realm was powerful and considered to be an Immortal.

But it was still just a small realm on the path to Immortality, and was far from a true big brother.

How strong the strongest immortal cultivator in the Green Xuan Continent was, Jiang Xiao didn't know, but it must be an existence that surpassed Earth Immortals and Heaven Immortals.

He thought so.


No matter what, he couldn't hide the joy on his face at this moment, from the last world to the Qing Xuan Continent's Hao Ran Immortal Sect, he had used endless means and finally succeeded.

"The next step is to thoroughly refine those origin forces, so let's try to complete it in the shortest possible time."

Jiang Mo secretly mused, "Otherwise, the time for the next crossing will come, and I won't have many worlds left."

It was best to break through and cross again.

Otherwise the effect can't be maximized.

Because when going to the next world, there was no telling if he could break through to Earth Immortal.

Only, the visions he produced before his breakthrough were also extremely terrifying.

Thunder and lightning were in the sky.

It was as if a calamity had descended.

The heavenly gates on the Hao Ran Immortal Sect were all stunned.

"This is...?"

"There should be a breakthrough by a strong person, it's a calamity, the Heaven and Earth added calamity has descended."

"Wait, shouldn't the aura be so strong that it forms a vortex?"

"I've seen records about it, not everyone who breaks through has a robbery descend, some people are different."

"Who do you think it will be that breaks through?"

"Hehe, on this Hao Ran Immortal Sect, I can't think of anyone else other than that Jiang Sect Master who could cause such a breakthrough in the formation."

"I also think it's him."

"I don't know what realm Jiang Sect Master will break through to."


Jiang Lack's realm was not clear to them.

Naturally, they couldn't see through the realm that Jiang Lack was now trying to break through.

It only felt powerful, a true big brother, more powerful than many of the Heaven's Gate Elders they had seen.

A big brother was going to break through.

It was not necessarily a bad thing for those pride of the Heaven's Gate, however.

"At the very least, we can all observe it, and it's good for us to mess up and have an epiphany."

"That's right, the realm that Sovereign Jiang will break through this time must be terrifying, otherwise there wouldn't be any calamities coming."

"Do you guys think that Sovereign Jiang will he succeed?"

"I suppose he can, he's strong after all."


But none of them were sure.

Because Jiang Jian was much stronger than they thought.

But they didn't dare to be completely sure of Jiang lack's specific realm.

The calamity that was about to descend was supposed to be a thunderstorm.

It was not that easy to break through.

"There's actually a thunder tribulation."

Even Jiang Qian himself was appalled at the moment.

There was some inexplicable coming in his heart.

"No matter what, it won't stop me from breaking through."

Jiang Kou muttered to himself, "What about the thunder tribulation, when this seat breaks through to the Earth Immortal realm, it will naturally have a way to deal with it."

He was confident.

As time passed, the origin power that Jiang Kou had accumulated was gradually being refined by him.

Bit by bit.

Even if the rate of refinement was not fast, even if there was a lot of origin power that needed to be refined.

He was still persisting.

"After years of cultivation, isn't it just for today?"

To Jiang Xiao, this was a huge opportunity for him, and as long as he could break through that would be the best.

As for the consequences, he hadn't thought about it.

The Nine Pieces of Dao had already been elevated to the Earth Immortal realm long ago.

So there was no need to care so much about this breakthrough.

It was only necessary to hold on to it, after all, speeding through the gong was also a very dangerous thing, and one could go off the rails if one wasn't careful.

This was definitely considered a huge challenge for Jiang Xiao.

It was different from other people's breakthroughs.

It was because everyone else had a watery breakthrough, and they all quietly broke through in a short period of time, or after a single epiphany.

But he, Jiang Xiao, was different.

He himself relied on the powerful plasticity and overbearing nature of the World Origin Force, as well as its transcendent breakthrough.

Naturally, he was able to break through.

However, it was a forceful, brutal and unreasonable way to break through.

So it would require his body to take a huge impact, and if he wasn't careful, he might be broken through and then his flesh would collapse.

Of course, there was another possibility.

Countless amounts of origin force in his body, and he would directly explode and die.

Jiang Jian insisted on breaking through, so naturally, he would have to endure a huge risk and might collapse if he wasn't careful.

The flesh body was completely gone.


There might not even be a soul.

That would be miserable to the extreme.

It was terrifying to think about, but to him, this was the only way he, Jiang Someone, could break through.

It was also the only chance.

If he wasn't careful, he might be finished.

Jiang Ji sighed long and hard, "I can't help it, if I can break through peacefully and naturally, who wouldn't want that?"

No way.

He was also at the end of his rope.

Clenching his teeth, Jiang Chi was constantly moving those Immortal Origin mana in his body to refine those origins.

As long as he could completely refine them, he would be safe.

Because that would mean that he, Jiang Liao, would be able to succeed, and the chance to break through was right in front of him, so he naturally wasn't willing to let it go.

For the next few days.

The visions didn't stop, and it was so hard to see those Heaven's Gate's pride laughing.

Compared to Jiang Liao, they were really far behind.

So people were big brothers, but they were not.

It was just that every day, looking at the thunder in the sky that could fall at any moment, some of their hearts felt their brains hurt.

It was really not something they wanted to face.

Those disciples and elders of the Hao Ran Immortal Sect became happy one by one.

It was nothing but because Jiang Xiao was about to break through.

When it broke through, their Hao Ran Immortal Sect's strength would rise another step, and I'm sure they would be able to gain great benefits as Hao Ran Immortal Sect disciples then.

Because of these various reasons, and their incomparable confidence in Jiang Xiao, the disciples of the Hao Ran Immortal Sect were cheering and jumping for joy.

As for failure.

That was impossible.

It was impossible for Jiang to fail, and neither could their Sovereign.

Three days.

Five days...ten days.

In a flash, half a month had passed.

The thunder was still flashing on this day, and it was even more ferocious.

But at the same time, the ones that were crumbling down on the crowd were even more terrifying and overbearing, and they could clearly feel the terrifying, terrifying momentum climbing steadily.

It was as if it was about to crush and burst at any moment.

For a while.

Many people on the Hao Ran Immortal Sect were horrified.

It only felt like chilling hairs stood on end.

If something really happened to Jiang Xiao, or if Jiang Xiao did not control his own momentum, wouldn't they all be in bad luck?


It's terrifying to think about.

The heart stirred.

"You guys said that if the momentum on Patriarch Jiang's body had been this terrifying all along, not to mention that we couldn't even mobilize the true essence in our bodies, we would only be crushed to death alive ah."

"Terrifying as it is, it's probably only now that it dawned on us that Sovereign Jiang is truly powerful, and he's also a true big man."

"Perhaps he's even more powerful than those realms we thought of in our minds, countless times."

"That's why we have to hope that Sovereign Jiang will make a breakthrough sooner, and smoothly, and easily pass through the thunderstorm, otherwise it won't be good for all of us."

"Yeah, although we gain some benefits by watching Jiang Zonglord's breakthrough, in reality, it won't be good for us if Jiang Zonglord fails."



In the end, that was all they could think about.

As long as Jiang Xiao was fine, and as long as Jiang Xiao could break through smoothly, that was the best.

Otherwise, once the unlucky thing happened, then probably everyone would be unlucky.

As for who was the most unlucky, it was hard to say.

At this moment.

Jiang Xiao's breakthrough had reached a very crucial moment.

If I'm not careful, I might be finished!"

The more this moment came, the clearer Jiang Xiao's heart became.

This was a critical moment, it couldn't be relaxed.

"Ninth-grade Dao power, give me a chance to circulate, refine it quickly ah!"

Only after I break through and feed my flesh body with my Earth Immortal cultivation can I be saved."

This time, he felt really dangerous.

If he wasn't careful, his life would probably, possibly, be in danger.

This was also the most dangerous time he had ever had in his life.

What seemed like a simple breakthrough actually contained a great danger.

It was dangerously dangerous.


As time passed by minute by minute, he could feel that huge energy fluctuation.

Only to feel a heavy mood.

Ten thousand degrees of bitterness.

It shouldn't be.

"No. Am I going to fail, Jiang Lack?"

It must not fail, this is absolutely how you can fail.

This must be an illusion!

Keep gritting your teeth and perhaps at some point, immortality is something that requires perseverance.

Only with relentless effort and persistence could one go further and wider.

Originally, Jiang lacked both talent and qualification, which had been verified many times.

Especially the further back one was, talent and qualification were important, but it was partial that he, Jiang lacked it.


There was then a way to force a breakthrough in the origin force.

For him, this was perhaps the most direct and effective method.

The cultivation continued.

As the momentum on Jiang Lack's body climbed steadily, it had already climbed to an extremely terrifying level in half a day's time.

This was a painful situation for the crowd on the Haoran Immortal Sect.

This included those from the Heavenly Gate, who were suffering greatly.

It was because Jiang Jian did not restrain his Qi.

It was allowed to crumble and press.

Some people with bad attitudes directly collapsed.

Of course, this posture lasted for a long enough time, and it was enough for them to truly experience what a mistake was.

This was what was called a mistake.

Perhaps, their hearts were in pain.

But at this time, Jiang Gao couldn't care less, his cold gaze was burning and divine.


After a loud bang, he knew that he had made a breakthrough.

This was a whole new realm and a whole new him, and from then on, he was a different person in Jiang.

This was only immortality.

Sweating profusely, endless pain, and a month of persistent and unremitting effort.

Fortunately, in the end, all these so-called efforts were actually effective.

The results were great.

The harvest was huge.

Now, he only felt relaxed and comfortable, and his flesh body, which was on the verge of collapsing, had also become solid at this moment.

It had already allowed the Immortal Yuan mana in his body to feed itself.

"So close, so close."

Jiang Chi was terrified after a while, "It was so close that I, Jiang Someone, was finished and collapsed."


And that was when.

Those immortal cultivators on the Hao Ran Immortal Sect secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

"It's finally broken through, and it's finally over."

It had been many hours of waiting.

This month's time had been incredibly torturous for them.

It almost didn't last.

Fortunately, everything had ended with Jiang Lack's breakthrough.

But then, they became more and more curious about Jiang Lack's realm, "Which level of cultivation has this Eastern Land Hao Ran Immortal Sect's Sect Master Jiang reached?"


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