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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1227 - Immortal Alliance (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Whether or not there was originally a pit in the invitation Jiang Xiao didn't know, but he sensed that there might be a pit in it.

Something was very wrong.


The Immortal Alliance, an organization that was very overbearing, but at the same time had a very bizarre nature to it.

There might just be a scope of business that involved certain dangers, and it didn't sound like a regular organization.

Seems like....

It was an organization that had some sort of untold secret.

Although the name Immortal Alliance was a bit lofty, from Jiang Xiao's many years of experience, this Immortal Alliance definitely had an ulterior secret.

It was a bit numbing.

Anyway, after seeing the contents of the invitation, Jiang Xiao's first reaction was confused, followed by shock.

Immortal Alliance.

This was definitely a vast organization, it was just that what exactly was the use of such an organization and what kind of purpose did it have, Jiang Kou wasn't clear yet.


In the underworld, he could feel that something seemed a bit off.

It made him feel awe-inspiring.

Thus, Jiang Xiao could not help but think, "If this is the case, things seem to be difficult."

Previously, the invitations sent by those Heaven's Gate Celestial Pride were just like this, which really made people suspicious.

It couldn't be said that there was something of interest at stake in it.

But to him, Jiang Xiao, none of these so-called interests had anything to do with him.

In other words, he had nothing to do with the Immortal Alliance or not.

Even if he were to follow up by joining that so-called Immortal Alliance, it wouldn't actually be of much benefit.

"After all, the cake has already been divided cleanly, and even if it gets bigger, there's only so little."

Jiang Xiao secretly thought, "In that case, why would I still go to this so-called Immortal Alliance Conference."

Boring would be the only reason to go.

But he wasn't bored, he had many, many more things to do.

Such as finding more techniques, more origin power, "Wait, the Immortal Alliance is an alliance of immortal cultivators over in the Central State's Immortal Sacred Land, there are people from all sorts of sects in it, it can be called a blossoming.

If I can take the opportunity of the Immortal Alliance's meeting to get some Immortal cultivation methods, it shouldn't be a problem.

Since the merit method isn't a problem, then the origin power I've obtained, as well as the upgraded grade of the Ninth Grade Dao Merit, won't be a problem."

It seemed....

There's no harm in it either.

Participating in that Immortal Alliance Assembly is actually fine.

"If I obtain the techniques of the vast majority of the immortal cultivators in that Immortal Alliance, I will be able to obtain an inexhaustible amount of origin power.

By then, not to mention an Earth Immortal, even a legendary Heaven Immortal can be expected."

Jiang Xiao was secretly excited, "It's just that I don't know when the next time I'll travel through other worlds will be, so I'll have to plan it out."

For some reason, Jiang Kou always felt that the next journey through the other worlds was getting closer and closer.

Time was getting closer.

Would it delay the trip to the Immortal Alliance?

Jiang Xiao didn't know, so he was also despondent.

"Fortunately, the Immortal Alliance Conference is two years away."

This somewhat gave Jiang Guiao some comfort, although this little bit of time wasn't much, but at least it was time that had some freedom to distribute.

With this much time, he could have traveled back through another world and went to the Central State Immortal Sacred Land again.

Although it was a bit far from the Eastern Land to Central State, as long as his Jiang Chi's strength increased, these distances would no longer be a problem.

After thinking it through, Jiang Xiao couldn't help but mutter to himself, "Since that's the case, I'll still have plenty of time."

He felt that there was.

When he was strong, then nothing would be a problem.

Across thousands of mountains and rivers, even if the Eastern Land was far away from that Central State, it could still be reached in a short time.

It must be possible.

"Just what kind of world is the next one?"

This was not clear to Jiang.

He was also vaguely worried and scared.

If he couldn't break through his cultivation then, wouldn't it be a waste of time.

That would be bad.

While Jiang Xiao was contemplating, a disciple came to report, "Enlightened Sect Master, the Heavenly Gate's pride wants to see you."

Nowadays, Jiang Kou had a high reputation in the Haoran Immortal Sect.

"Heaven's Gate Celestial Pride?"

Jiang Mo said after being stunned, "Since they want to come over, let them come over, it just so happens that this seat also has some things to ask them."

Regarding the matter of the Immortal Alliance, those heavenly beings definitely knew the specifics.

Thus, Jiang Hou wanted to know about it first.

It might be possible to know more answers from those Heavenly Gate Celestial Pride.

"Meet Sovereign Jiang."

After those previous events, those Heaven's Gate Heavenly Pride were respectful towards Jiang Xiao, fully expressing their attitude.

At the very least, they were somewhat fearful in their hearts when it came to treating a strong man and a big man like Jiang Liao.

"Well, all of you are here?"

Jiang Ji smiled, "Come today, you all are having a pretty good time on my Hao Ran Immortal Sect, right?"

One is red hot and really good.

All of them had gains.

"Sect Master Jiang, this time we came to see you, mainly because we want to tell you something."

The leading Heavenly Gate Celestial Pride said extremely politely, "I hope that you will not blame us, Sect Master Jiang."


Jiang Ji was stunned at the words, "I wonder what it is that is actually worthy of such an uproar from all of you."

He was also quite curious.

Could it be that there was still something he didn't know about?

was pondering.

The leading Heavenly Gate Celestial Pride, on the other hand, continued, "Ahem, Sect Master Jiang, the thing is, all of us are from the Heavenly Gate, you must be clear on that."


Jiang Chi nodded and agreed.

The man, on the other hand, continued, "Previously, we had already delivered the invitation to you, I'm sure you've already seen it, Sect Master Jiang.

I wonder what your thoughts are on this?"

This time.

They just wanted to find out what Jiang Xiao's specific thoughts were.

Are you going to this Immortal Alliance Conference, or not?

"There's no rush."

Jiang Chi smiled slightly, "Speaking of which, why don't you all first give the seat a little science on what the Immortal Alliance is."

After all, the Hao Ran Immortal Sect was located in the Eastern Land region, and he had never heard of the various deeds of the Immortal Alliance, so it was a good idea to listen to what those Heavenly Gate Celestial Pride people had to say.

He knew that these people must be clear.

All the heavenly pride: "........"

At the news, they were all startled.

Apparently, they had always thought that Jiang Qian was aware of the Immortal Alliance.

Who would have thought that people didn't know at all.

This was awkward.

After a group of Heaven's Gate Heavenly Pride looked at each other for a few moments, they spoke up one by one.

"Sect Master Jiang, it wouldn't hurt to tell you what we know about the Immortal Alliance."

"That's right, it's not like it's a hidden matter, but the fact that Sect Master Jiang doesn't even know about the existence of the Immortal Alliance makes us all appalled."

"It's unknown how many years the Immortal Alliance has existed, we just know that it's terrifying, it's an extremely large organization, joining as an individual, and the vetting is also very strict."

"I've also heard that people whose strength doesn't reach a certain level don't have a chance to pass the vetting even if they apply to join on their own initiative, the Immortal Alliance won't accept people indiscriminately at this point."

"For sure, the Immortal Alliance actually represents the interests of all immortal cultivators."


Immediately after.

About the Immortal Alliance, these people said a lot.

In a word.

The Immortal Alliance was an organization that every immortal cultivator wanted to join, and joined willingly.

It had existed for countless years.

It had also carried endless years.

Accompanying generation after generation of powerful people on that long road of immortal cultivation.

It was said that even the strongest of the Earth Immortal Realm and even the Heavenly Immortal Realm were there and could often be seen.

As for the more powerful ones, they were rarely heard of.

Jiang Chi, being at the Great Perfection of the Human Immortal Realm, was somehow known to the people above.

Adhering to the need to absorb fresh blood, so the Immortal Alliance had sent someone this time.

The initial task naturally didn't fall on the Heaven's Gate, it all fell on those strong people within the Immortal Alliance.

After all, Jiang Xiao was considered to be a strong person.

Later, because there were people from the Immortal Alliance in the Heaven's Gate, they knew that the Haoran Immortal Sect where Jiang lacked belonged to the affiliated forces of the Heaven's Gate.


They fought this task over, intending to gather Jiang Lack first, which could be considered as an ally for their Heaven's Gate to pull in the Immortal Alliance.

After all, it wasn't like they were ironclad within the Immortal Alliance.

There were rivers and lakes, as well as interests and naturally strife.

It was necessary to pull together strong people as allies, and it might work at a critical moment.

That was why the bigwigs of that Heaven's Gate would send some of the heavenly pride disciples under their disciples over.

By the way, they also had the intention of training those heavenly pride.

As it turned out, their decision was correct, and those heavenly pride disciples did not disappoint them.

Nowadays, weren't they in a good relationship with Jiang Lack?

"So that's how it is."

After those heavenly pride told Jiang lacked each and every one of these situations, they were in a much more rousing mood.

It turned out that it could still be like this.

"So, that Immortal Alliance isn't a piece of iron, then why are there still so many immortal cultivators who want to join?"

Jiang Qiao curiously asked, "If that's the case, how much better to just not join and be free?

Or is there actually any tangible benefit to joining that Immortal Alliance?"


All the heavenly pride were shocked, it was unbelievable that Jiang Di could even guess this.

"In fact, after joining the Immortal Alliance, one can obtain many, many benefits, and these benefits cannot be explained in a few words, and there are some that we are not sure about."

The leading heavenly pride said indifferently, "If you want to know more about the Immortal Alliance, you need to go to Central China to find out for yourself,"

"I've looked at the invitation, there's still about two more years before that Immortal Alliance Conference, let's set off again in half a year."

Jiang Ji said, "Or, if you all have urgent matters, you can leave first if you are in a hurry, and after half a year, this seat will go to the Central State Immortal Sacred Ground on its own."

Go on your own?

God knows if what you say is true or not.

Their mission here was to invite Jiang Chi to Central China, so naturally they didn't dare to slack off in the slightest.

After glancing at each other, the leader of the heavenly pride continued, "It just so happens that none of us have anything to do, so let's accompany you, Sect Master Jiang.

However, isn't it a bit too late to leave after half a year?

After all, as you know, Sect Master Jiang, the Eastern Land is very far away from Central State, so I'm afraid it's too late for us to depart after half a year."

"It's in time."

Jiang Zong said, "Don't worry about that, you all don't need to worry about that, this seat naturally has plans, and will definitely not be late for that Immortal Alliance Conference, it's just as well that I want to go and see it."

Immortal Alliance.

He really wanted to go now, but he knew that he might not be able to stay in this Qing Xuan Continent for a long time.

So he needed to plan well.

Experiencing another world was also a sure thing, as the diamond bracelets had just moved differently.

This indicated that the next world was about to open.

But he was looking forward to it.

There was no telling what kind of world the next world would be, but no matter what it was, it should allow him to obtain a considerable amount of origin power.

Of course, there was also the advancement of the Ninth Dao Grade.

That was also very certain.

To this.

Jiang Jiang was looking forward to it with great anticipation, "It's settled, in these next half a year, the heavenly gates can take a stroll around the Eastern Land.

As for this seat, it will be closed for a period of time, and may not have the opportunity to continue to modernize you all.

Of course, if you continue to stay in the Hao Ran Immortal Sect and wait for half a year for this seat, it's also fine, after all, you can hold some immortal exchange meetings.

It's just that our Hao Ran Immortal Sect doesn't provide immortal cultivation resources."

The resources of the Eastern Land were already scarce, so naturally, it was impossible to give them to these outsiders from the Heavenly Gate Celestial Pride.

All Heaven's Pride: "........"

They suddenly felt that this Jiang Sect Master was inevitably too realistic and even a little too direct.


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