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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1226 - In the Pit (Seeking Subscriptions)

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In fact, as soon as you want to hear the Word and break through, you've already fallen into the pit that Jiang lacked.


For Jiang Hou, he felt that he had indeed counted on the other side, after all, such things as preaching were good for those Heaven's Gate Immortals though.

But actually.

How good was the effect of preaching morality, Jiang lacked the certainty and guarantee at all.

Therefore, he felt that to a certain extent, he was considered to have screwed those Heavenly Gate's pride.

Of course.

For those people, it was just a matter of taking what each one needed, something that was good for everyone.

It was nothing more than that.

Those proud disciples of the heavenly gates were excited to continue trading with Jiang Xiao after all.

To be able to get a Human Immortal Great Perfection cultivation big brother to preach was a good thing for them to seek.

But now.

It was finally time to begin.

So, one by one, they began to contribute their own merit methods.

Some of the feats were naturally from Heaven's Gate, while others were ones they had encountered and collected over the years.

They had all figured out that as long as you don't say anything and I don't say anything about everyone, naturally no one would know that these merit methods were given to Jiang lacked.

Moreover, Jiang Lack had admitted that he wouldn't spread them around, and he had also discovered the Heavenly Oath.

So naturally, they believed it.

As for those companions, they were likewise trusting, after all, we were all grasshoppers on the same rope now.

Naturally, they wouldn't tell anyone.

Now well.

In the next period of time, those heavenly pride had one by one, and one by one, they had already accounted for all the feats that they each knew.

And also obtained Jiang Lack, a sermon for a few days.

Some gained and some didn't, but no one had any intention of blaming Jiang Lack.

After all, they all understood one thing, that chance relied on luck, even if they were all proud and extremely talented, they naturally believed in luck.

Sometimes when their own luck was bad, they naturally couldn't blame others.

Of course.

Those who were lucky had already passed through Jiang's sermon and had broken through their cultivation, so this trip would be absolutely infinitely beneficial to them.

When they returned, they would be able to bull up.

When they returned to the Heavenly Gate, the sacred place of immortal cultivation in Central China, they would also have something to brag about.

The Heavenly Pride is a competition, and they don't get along as well with each other as they say in the play.

Of course, at least they've gotten what they wanted, so they've done their best to be benevolent to Jiang Jian.

"As for whether or not they've really fallen into the pit, that's none of my business,"

Jiang mumbled, "They're all volunteering anyway."

So in the following time, all those pride of Heaven's Gate had gone out to their own to find new breakthrough opportunities and had already started a new round of cultivation.

Of course.

There was another thing, those of them who had heard the sermon of Jiang Xiao, were also in closed-door cultivation, preparing for further breakthroughs.

There was a great opportunity for them to come to the Eastern Land.

To cultivate immortality was to keep cultivating oneself, and it might be possible that one day there would be a chance to touch something of a higher level.

That kind of time.

That's nice.

Jiang Xiao muttered to himself, "They've already contributed quite a bit of origin power, and although it's not enough, it's still a little short of my breakthrough, but it's close."

Perhaps if he had one more chance, he would be able to break through.

Ah, Earth Immortal.

He really wanted it.

I would love to see the greatness of the Earth Immortal Realm.

Hao Ran Immortal Sect.

A certain courtyard.

"We must invite the Patriarch to go quietly to the Central State Immortal Holy Land, that's where the future is, that's where everything is."

"Yeah, I feel that a powerful existence like Patriarch Jiang, once he goes to the Central State Immortal Sanctuary, then it will definitely be possible for him to break through in the shortest amount of time."

"A mere invitation isn't enough, so we still need our efforts to make it."

During their free time for cultivation, they began to discuss.

It would be a good thing if Jiang lacked the ability to go to Central State with them, and the future of Central State would be blossoming with a hundred flowers.

Because invitations are just invitations.

If you want to say how much thought a big man like Jiang Lack would have on it, those Heavenly Gate pride are very negative.

Jiang Lack was a person who was sometimes very inscrutable, but at other times, he was very unpredictable.

They knew.

It was simply difficult to get Jiang Lack to go to Zhongzhou together, and this low-key big brother was already extraordinary.

"You guys say that an existence like Jiang Zongmu, which is reasonably a magnificent super existence in its own right, why is it still staying in this Eastern Land region that has been abandoned by the Immortal Gods?"

"I don't know, probably like it?"

"The ghost's like, in my opinion ah, the Jiang Sect Master should be interested in the wealth here, after all, this is the Eastern Land, do you know what that means?"

"Isn't Eastland just Eastland, and what else does it mean?"


"In the past, the Eastern Land hadn't been abandoned by the immortal gods, so at that time, the Eastern Land was the place with the densest aura in the world and where immortal cultivators gathered, equivalent to today's Central State Immortal Sacred Ground."

"No, it's said that ah, the Eastern Land at that time was ten thousand times more terrifying than the current Central State Immortal Sacred Land."

"I've also heard of this, many years ago, this place was once the center of the world as well, and it was once glorious, only to be embarrassed by a war that led to the current situation."

"So, the Eastern Land was once beneficial as well, and there were once endless opportunities and creations, but it's just that they all changed after times passed."

"Is Jiang Zonglord guarding this land, is he also guarding this ancient battlefield and the last glory of the Eastern Land people?"

"I think it should be, Patriarch Jiang he is a great man, his realm of thought is definitely not something they can imagine, nor can we compare."

"I hate that I couldn't be born in the same era as Sovereign Jiang."

"It's not too late to befriend him now, Lord Jiang himself is a magnanimous and righteous person, he would never do anything else that is meaningless to us."


The Heaven's Gate Heavenly Pride spoke one word at a time as they all knew that what was happening before them was true.

Sovereign Jiang Lacking Jiang, he was truly great.

Of course.

Jiang Chi didn't know what these people were thinking, and if he did, he didn't know if he would be laughing in anger.

What about guarding the ancient battlefield, what about guarding this land, what about guarding the last bit of dignity of the Eastern Earth People.

It was all fake.

He, Jiang Qian, had never thought of it and never felt that great.

He really wasn't great, and also really knowledgeable about wanting to try to improve his own strength only.

Simply wanting to live well, that was his Jiang someone's greatest wish and thought.

He had also never thought of doing anything for the human race in this land, after all, he, Jiang Chi, was not the kind of person who had a heart for justice.

He was just an immortal who wanted to try his best to cultivate to become an immortal and become a god, and was suffering to seek his way in all the worlds.

If he could succeed, he must be standing at a very high level in the future.

Of course, all of this was just Jiang Di's own fantasy at the moment.

In order to achieve something, one must pay a certain price.

Only this price was not what those Heavenly Gate Celestial Pride people thought, if Jiang Ciao knew what they were thinking, he would definitely tell them that they were thinking too much.

He really just wanted to keep a low-profile collection of feats and then gain enough origin power to then break through with a crazy trend would be fine.

As for making a name for himself, or making a name for himself, or becoming a king, these things were not attractive to him, Jiang Lack.

What he wanted, what he cared about, was not these either.

At this moment, those pride of Heaven's Gate were summarizing their cultivation gains, and Jiang Lack was actually not idle, he was gradually quantifying the origin power he had gained.

"There's already a lot of origin power that I've accumulated now, but this so-called amount is just not enough for me to break through to the Earth Immortal realm."

He could clearly sense that the amount of origin power needed for the Earth Immortal Realm was definitely a terrifying number.

And this number also called for a frightening amount.

It was because of this that Jiang Xiao was thinking of all sorts of ways to obtain the origin power.

Even if he let those Heaven's Gate Heavenly Pride people be the ones to enter the pit and become the pit, he didn't care at all.

Anyway, he, Jiang Someone, had already long ago embarked on a path of no return.

And now.

Those Heaven's Gate Celestial Pride didn't know that they and the others had actually fallen into Jiang Lack's pit.

Of course, they were even more unaware that Jiang Lack, the man, had actually counted them out.

Now in the Hao Ran Immortal Sect, those ordinary disciples no longer harbored resentment towards Jiang Chi, but were instead thankful.

Without Jiang Lack, they wouldn't be who they were now, and they wouldn't have the chance to hold a Cultivation Exchange Meeting with those Heavenly Gate Celestials.

"It's still the Patriarch, if it wasn't for him, where would we have the chance to have an exchange with the Heavenly Gate's pride."

"Actually, I've always supported the Sect Master, it's best for him to be the Sect Master of our Hao Ran Immortal Sect, and he's always thought of our ordinary disciples at the bottom."

"In the future, if anyone dares to say half a word about the Patriarch, I'll definitely tear his mouth off and will also make it impossible for him to live in the Hao Ran Immortal Sect."

"Me too."

"Let's add me to the list."


For a while, all sorts of people were stunned.

Looks were tense, after all, there were some people who had gained benefits, but there were also some who had not.

Hearing the words of those who had gained the benefits, they were actually a bit startled in their hearts.

They couldn't help but think, "Is that new Sect Master surnamed Jiang, is he really that good?"

Before making any jokes, he was suppressing many people with a tough attitude and suppressing them to the point of grumbling.

That guy surnamed Jiang was not a simple person, to say that he was seeking new breakthrough opportunities for those ordinary disciples of the Hao Ran Immortal Sect, many people wouldn't believe it.

At least those who hadn't gained the benefit wouldn't believe it.

Instead of calling him Sect Master Jiang, it would be better to call him Jiang Paipi.

Of course.

Whether it was Jiang Zongmasters or the Jiang Paipi in the mouths of those ordinary disciples, it was all the same to Jiang Chi anyway.

"Husband, what are you going to do next?

Huang Rong frowned and spoke up quite worriedly.

"There's no harm in it."

Of course, that's the next best thing."

For this, Jiang Chi was actually not worried at all.

And since they were smart people, they naturally had to do the things that smart people did.

What were the things that a smart person should do?

He was powerful, so it would be enough to take care of everything and make those Heavenly Gate Heavenly Pride not dare to think otherwise.


For the next few days, Jiang Liao had nothing to do, but he went to look through the invitations that those Heavenly Gate Celestial Pride had taken out before.

The contents inside suddenly shocked and horrified him, so much so that he was really a bit surprised.

This seems to be the pit ah.


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