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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1220 - Eternal Legend (Seeking Subscription)

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After the Heavenly Sea Sage abdicated, the Pope naturally followed suit, and if it wasn't for the fact that they had all cultivated the Immortal Dao and become immortal cultivators with strange methods, they might have been killed by Shang Xing Zhou.

But even if they hadn't died, they were now living a miserable life.

They were grounded in the National Education Academy and were not allowed to enter or leave.

Shang Xingzhou had personally laid down boundaries and formations to prevent the Holy Queen and the Pope from leaving.

Perhaps, when he had the strength, he would also send them to the Western Heaven himself.


After a series of bans and suppressions, the court had gradually stabilized.

But the divine Capital was already on tenterhooks.

Xu You Rong returned to his division to continue his cultivation, not wanting to get involved or talk about anything else.

In order to show his sincerity, Qiushan Jun went so far as to follow Xu You Rong, and this time with great vigor, he was bound to take Xu You Rong down.

And Nanke also gave up on Akiyama Jun, and with Zhou Duster's encouragement, he went with her to find a place of seclusion and lived a peaceful life.

Away from the Divine Capital, and away from Qiushanjun as well.

Those colleges in the divine Capital fell to the new emperor and bowed down, not daring to have any other thoughts, just like when the Holy Empress claimed the throne.

The State Teaching Academy existed in name only, only some of the older generation still knew and vaguely recalled that a remarkable existence had once lived there.

Jiang lacked Jiang Guoji.

And in order to weaken as much as possible the influence that Jiang Lack had on the Divine Capital, and even on the Great Zhou, Shang Xing Zhou only gradually cancelled his status as State Teacher in the tenth year after Jiang Lack had completely disappeared.

An imperial decree was issued, and with Jiang Lack also not appearing, the rest of the story was easy to follow.

It was a logical step to be taken down from the position of State Master.

It wasn't until this time that someone began to think of Jiang Hou, the once magnificent and suppressive State Master of an era, who had actually disappeared since an unknown time.

Never appearing again.

Such a situation was naturally what Shang Xingzhou and the rest of the people were willing to see.


The matter of banning their State Master's honorary position was done even more logically.

No one opposed it.

Or rather, the people who opposed it had all been killed by them and no longer existed.

That had become the past.

The legends about Jiang Lack only circulated among the people, but legends were just legends anymore.

Among the younger generation, who would still want to believe that these legends were true?

No one would believe it.

Who asked you not to come out?


For many people who had seen the power of Jiang Jian, Jiang Jian was indeed an eternal legend in their hearts.

Once Shang Xingzhou had experienced this, that's why he tried to minimize Jiang Xiao's influence on the Great Zhou.

Of course.

Sharing the same thoughts as her, there was also Nanke.

Even if it was just to take a look, it would be good.

A flash.

Several decades had passed.

But neither Jiang Xiao nor Chen Changsheng had returned, and their names only existed in legends.

No one in the younger generation was willing to believe it yet.

Of course.

In the hearts of Tang Thirty-Six and Bai Ruoheng, Jiang Xiao was an eternal legend.

It was the cultivation myth.

He had single-handedly passed on the Immortal Dao cultivation methods.

Now, the entire Immortal Dao cultivation had gradually taken root in the Eastern Land.

And gradually began to evolve better.

The Immortal Dao, serving him as an ancestor.

It was mainly thanks to Tang Thirty-Six and Bai Luoheng spreading it on that the entire Immortal Dao had been able to continue.

Shang Xingzhou thought that he was the only other Immortal Dao practitioner in the world besides Jiang Chi, but little did he know that there were many more.

Decades of time had passed, and even more countless cultivation methods had evolved.

Many people no longer studied the Celestial Tablet, nor did they only think about guiding the Destiny Star into their bodies, but instead practiced the methods of the Immortal Dao.

To comprehend the various incredible means and magical spells was really dazzling, but at the same time, it made many people look forward to it.


They all wanted to see the end of the Immortal Path.

Or perhaps, they wanted to learn from their mythical ancestor, Jiang Chi, who shattered the void and left this world to go to the legendary Immortal Realm.

Even Tang Thirty-Six and Bai Luoheng and the others only knew a little about the Immortal Realm.

Vaguely, they remembered that Jiang Chi had once said that there were even more advanced worlds in the world of immortal cultivation, called the Immortal Realm.

And those who could go to the Immortal Realm to cultivate were all immortals.

And so.

I don't know when Tang Thirty-Six and Bai Lahang and the others became convinced that Jiang Xiao had left this world back then and must have gone to the Immortal Realm.

Perhaps saying that he himself had come down from the Immortal Realm.

After all, Jiang Hou had made it clear more than once that he did not belong to the Eastern Land and came from a different world.

Presumably, this other world would be the legendary Immortal Realm.

Based on such a purpose and thought, the subsequent disciples who practiced the Immortal Dao worked even harder to condense the Golden Dan first.

After decades of cultivation and accumulation, Tang Thirty-Six and Bai Luoheng had both successfully condensed their Jindan and were now a serious Jindan cultivator.

It was just that they didn't usually show their true level and didn't do much.

This world.

With Jiang lacking to take action, the Tang family wasn't unlucky, which instead allowed Tang 36 to return to the Wenshui Tang family and use the Tang family's wealth to begin non-stop rehearsing the Immortal Dao cultivation methods and deducing the follow-up of the Immortal Dao.

Although it couldn't be 100% correct, it was close.

If Jiang Chi was still around, he would definitely give Tang Thirty-Six a compliment and quack and clap for him.

As for Bai Luoheng, she was able to deduce it even faster because of the White Emperor's assistance.

With regards to the YuanYing realm's cultivation methods, she had implicitly deduced them.

She was looking for Tang Thirty-Six to corroborate it with each other a bit more, so perhaps she would be able to determine it.

Although Jiang Qiao hadn't inherited the YuanYing realm's techniques, they had heard of the relevant theories, and according to what Jiang Qiao had said, they would naturally be able to easily deduce some of them.

The speed was a bit long, though.

But the effect was also obvious, and although there was no follow-up method, they were still trying hard enough.

Naturally, Chen Changsheng had the YuanYing Realm Dharma Gate, but since he hadn't gotten Jiang Xiao's approval in the first place, he didn't dare to teach the subsequent techniques without permission.

Therefore, Tang Thirty-Six and Bai Luoheng didn't have any post-JieDan Realm techniques in their hands.

The methods of the YuanYing realm were simply not available.

It was also really trepidatious to cross the river by feeling the stones over the years.

The slightest carelessness would most likely all go down the drain.


Their cultivation had also reached some critical moments, but the more they reached this point, the more they would miss having Jiang Xiao in their lives.

If Jiang Xiao hadn't forgotten them, they might have countless techniques on them now, and it wouldn't be impossible for them to cultivate to YuanYing.


Such a possibility probably wouldn't be possible.

Jiang Gao had already disappeared.

Tang Thirty-Six and Bai Luoheng were clear though that Jiang Liao had actually left.

But this so-called departure was actually a permanent departure, and that was how it felt to them anyway.

The mood became more and more complicated.

It also became sadder and sadder, and they missed the days when Jiang Xiao was here.


No matter how much they missed it, it was impossible for the already departed Jiang Xiao to come back.

In other words, he couldn't come back anymore.

That was the reality.

The cultivation was still going on.

The people in the Eastern Land, only some of the older generation, probably still remembered that transgressive Jiang Da Guoji from back then.

With his own strength, he had forcefully suppressed the entire Demon Race.

So much so that for now, the reason why that Demon Race didn't attack the human race en masse was not because they couldn't, but because they didn't dare.

They were afraid that that State Master surnamed Jiang would appear once again.

Although the things that Shang Xingzhou and the rest of the people had made after coming to power were quite infuriating to the Demonic Khan, after all, Jiang lacked even the position of State Master.

However, he still didn't dare to gamble.

In his eyes, it was impossible for an existence like Jiang Xiao to be killed.

As for disappearing, it should only be a temporary shutdown, maybe at some point people would wake up and still rule the king at that time.

Clearing up would be a disaster for him.

That's why Khan didn't dare to make any changes.

Like that Zhou Duster, now he was ten thousand times more afraid of Jiang Xiao appearing once again in his heart.

After all, that mighty and once unstoppable existence that oppressed the heavens and earth was really frightening to him.

That was a devil.

Khan felt that Jiang Lack should be a bit more devilish than himself.

He wasn't able to handle it himself anyway.

It was brutal.

"I'm still a little scared,"

Khan thought silently, "With the strength of the demons, it shouldn't be realistic to completely defeat the entire Great Zhou, but if you rip a piece of flesh from the human race, it should be possible, but I'm still afraid to try."

He got scared.

This thing was far more terrifying than he had imagined.

It was horrifying.

Of course, in the eyes of people like them, Jiang Xiao had already become an eternal legend.

It was a god-like existence.

It definitely wasn't something that could be fought down by a single edict from Shang Xingzhou, but without the restraint that Jiang had placed inside Khan's body, he would have already made his move against the human race.

The friendship of His Majesty Taizong back then had also been used up long ago, and now it was just fear.

This day.

Bai Luoheng came to the Wenshui Tang family.

Discussing with Tang Thirty-Six about the YuanYing Realm cultivation method, for them, the subsequent method was entirely a matter of touching a stone and deducing it.

Exactly how feasible it was would need to be explored, or tried out personally for that matter.

"Thirty-six, how many methods have you worked out over the years?"

Bai Luoheng said, "Take them all out for me to see, the two of us should be able to gain something by combining and jointly deducing them."

One person deducing, after all, had limitations.

Even if each of us told our respective family and friends about the Immortal Dao and taught them to cultivate.

But it wasn't as good as practicing together.

After all.

Tang Thirty-Six was the one who had witnessed Jiang Lack with her, and they knew by ear what Jiang Lack had once taught them about the Yuan Infant realm.

At the same time, Bai Luoheng also knew that Tang Thirty-Six had also deduced many dao over the years.

There should be considerable gains.

Then, would it not be better to combine what he had deduced over the years?

This was something that Bai Luoheng had been looking forward to.

Tang Thirty-Six nodded and said, "That's what I thought too, even if you don't come over, after some time, I'll still come over to you."

Naturally, he wouldn't refuse, it was a win-win situation for both sides.

After all, they didn't know about the YuanYing realm's techniques, the only thing they could do was to push harder to become stronger.

You know, the path to the Destiny Star was already broken.

For people like them, the Immortal Dao cultivation had infinite possibilities, while the Destiny Star's cultivation was basically gone when they reached the From Saint realm.

Divine Seclusion and Great Freedom were both in the past.

Realms that couldn't possibly exist.

It was appalling to think about.

And so.

In the next world, Tang Thirty-Six spent the rest of his life pushing the YuanYing Technique together with Bai Luoheng in order to expect success.

For Jiang Xiao, he had become a mythical legend in the Eastern Land, and had been for a long time too.

Since his departure from the Eastern Earth Continent, he had cut through the void by the Vajra Bracelets, passing through all sorts of space-time barriers and starry sea currents before returning to the Green Xuan Continent.

Now, there was a sense that things had changed.

Only that the Hao Ran Immortal Sect was still under his control, or rather, under Huang Rong's control, turning it into their power!


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