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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1219 - Disappointment is the Beginning of Hope (Seeking Subscriptions)

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The world was big.

The Eastern Land was even more vast, and the land area was also incredibly large.

Before Jiang Jiang left, he went to patronize the Demon Clan and scavenged all of their collections without leaving a single bit.

Whether it was the Vajra Bracelets or the Qiankun Bags, they were all filled to the brim.

This caused those people of the Demon Race to be terrified, looking at the treasure trove that could run away from rats in frustration.

There was a great urge to curse their mother.

That Khan, who had become the new Demon Monarch of the Demon Race with the help of Jiang Xiao, was also roaring.

He had already hiddenly guessed that it was Jiang Liao who had done it, but knowing was knowing and not knowing was not knowing.

No matter what, he didn't dare to go directly to Jiang Liao and take out this anger on him.

He had to know that he had the means laid out by Jiang Liao, how could he have a chance against Jiang Liao with his strength.

Therefore, Khan Qing felt bitter in his heart, he was too miserable.

The current Demon Race was simply a blood transfusion tool for the human race ah.

Really miserable.

Too miserable to be in a bitter mood, it wasn't beautiful at all.

However, even if he was bitter and tired, he could only survive on his own, not for any other reason, mainly because he was afraid.

As long as Jiang lacked for a day, even if the demons died cleanly, he wouldn't dare to say another word.

The main reason was that that person was too terrifying, too desperate.

It was definitely not something an ordinary person could handle.

Based on these circumstances after that, Khan could only angrily smash things on his acre of land.

Probably that was the only way to express his inner rage.

Other than that, he had no other way, he had experienced the terror of Jiang Liao, it was an impossibly powerful existence that was impossible to defeat.


Jiang Lack didn't kill anyone from the Demon Race.

Naturally, he was given enough opportunities, and Khan also secretly vowed to find a way to save himself in the future, if it ever came to that.

Of course.

It could take a long time.

Nor was it something that could be done in a short period of time.

He was a bit depressed and cryptic in his heart.

It was just that he was probably unaware that Jiang Xiao was about to leave this side of the world, and that he was about to leave completely.

There would be a way to solve his problem, but he just didn't know it Khan.


After patronizing the demons, Jiang Khan went to travel the world and look at all kinds of wonders by himself.

Experience that kind of life joy.

By the way... to collect more fun things.

One year later.

Jiang lacked left.

Completely left this side of the world, no one knew, and no visions were created.

Quietly he came and quietly he left.

He waved his hand and took many things with him .


Meanwhile, while Jiang Xiao was traveling, Chen Changsheng was calm, and he first returned to the green mountain where he had lived as a child.

The cheap master, Shang Xingzhou, and the Yu Ren brother who had once treated him quite well were no longer on the mountain.

Now, he had heard that his cheap master and elder brother had entered the divine Capital, which was what Tang Thirty-Six had told him.

But he didn't go to meet them, nor did he wait at the State Teaching Academy, but deliberately staggered the encounter.

He really kind of didn't want to see his master who was plotting and scheming without showing his face again.

For so many years, I guess there were only calculations in his mind, endless calculations.

After all, his Chen Changsheng's appearance was a calculation in itself, a calculation beyond the pale.

I don't know what method that master of his had used to achieve such a result today.


Chen Changsheng secretly thought, "Today's me is also different from the previous me, I am stronger and more terrifying in my skills, I can go anywhere under the heavens.

However, I don't want to see them again, not even once.

From the moment they deceived me, it was already doomed, and besides, by the time I return to the capital, my cheap senior brother might already be sitting on the emperor's throne.

Even if they don't kill me and scruple my strength, they'll definitely exile and banish me directly from the God Capital, right?"


He knew that that master and senior brother of his own would absolutely not allow himself to live a good life.

Even if it was just a simple seclusion, probably not.

This was reality.

It was also a cruel thing.

His heart was like water, and now that his cultivation strength had reached the early Jindan stage, he naturally didn't fear anyone.

However, neither did he want to see anyone.

"The Daoist Temple here has been dilapidated for a long time, and it looks like it hasn't been inhabited for a long time."

Chen Changsheng looked at the old Daoist Temple on the green hill and couldn't help but puff his heart out.

Back then, he had grown up in such an environment.

But that era was far gone.

It was also no longer the era he was in.

Of course.

The things from his childhood were the best memories.

Just like Little Rong'er.

Master and senior brother had been nice to him when he was young, so he wanted to remember all those nice things deeply.

So as to have good memories.

Lest there be no memories afterwards.

Therefore, this visit to Chen Changsheng was just to reminisce about the past, just to find some different feelings.

The past was too long ago after all.

Those days were in the past, it was already the twilight of the past.

Jiang Xiao had already left.

Chen Changsheng had also said his goodbyes to Tang Thirty-Six, Bai Luoheng and the others, so it had little to do with anyone or anything else in this Eastern Land.

The Daoist Temple on the Green Mountain, where he once lived by himself, held some fond memories.

But now.

These so-called fond memories were all in the past.

That was disappointment.

A few days later.

Chen Changsheng lived on this green mountain for some time before he came down and headed to the town.


As soon as he arrived at the town, he realized that something was wrong.

It was nothing else, it was because, as Jiang Xiao and he had guessed, the Heavenly Sea Saint Queen had voluntarily abdicated her position to make way for the good.

And the one in power today was none other than his cheap senior brother, Yu Ren.

However, because Chen Changsheng knew the temperament of that senior brother of his, it must not be possible for him to do much, after all, he had been well-trained by that cheap senior brother of his.

Without bothering to find out Chen Changsheng probably knew that that master of his was definitely in power.

And it was a replacement for the Pope.

It was expected that the days of the Holy Queen of the Heavenly Sea and the Pope's Yin Xing Dao would be very sad now.

However, none of this mattered to Chen Changsheng.

He hadn't cared about that position.

Nor did he ever think about those.

Now, he wanted to simply reminisce about the past, that was all.

It was just that what Chen Changsheng had never expected was that he could not even take a good stroll through the world in peace.

That master and senior brother of his own, after taking power, the first thing he did was actually expel him.

And put up the notices brazenly.

To expel him, Chen Changsheng, from the country.

Not even out of the Great Zhou, they even sent notices to both the demon and devil races in the name of the Great Zhou, not allowing these two races to shelter Chen Changsheng.

In other words, he was now a person that the human, demon and devil tribes did not like.

He had become an orphan.

Everyone shouted for a fight.

This was even more pitiful.


Looking at the contents of the notice, Chen Chang was so angry that he almost spat out a mouthful of old blood.

"It seems that they really can't tolerate me anymore, Brother Jiang is right, if it's a choice between Master Yu Ren and me, no matter if it's Master or that Saint Queen, they will choose Master Yu Ren."

He sighed.

It turned out that he was the redundant one.

The matter regarding Jiang Lack was kept quiet, and was dealt with cold by not responding directly.

I'm sure that when time passes, someone will know the situation.

But now.

Chen Changsheng was all a bit unworthy of Jiang Lack, and it was evident how much he had done for the entire Great Zhou.

Although he hadn't been deposed from his position of State Master, but with Chen Changsheng's knowledge of his own master, he should be deposed soon.

Jiang Chi was strong.

But as long as there was a reason, that cheap master of his own would be taken down.

No one could be a stumbling block to Yu Ren's senior brother.

It was because he himself was too strong, and because he was once close to Yu Ren's senior brother, that he was expelled, right?

It was very likely that after this notice was given, that remaining senior brother of his own only knew about it.

This was clearly the work of that cheap master of his.

Just why he did it, that was unknown, and anyway, Chen Changsheng seemed very baffled.

It was important to know that he had never wanted to take that position, and it was not considered to be a threat.

At most, it was a gas merchant's boat.

Only now, he was already feeling desperate, "I'll never think of them in any small way again."

He knew that neither his cheap master Shang Xingzhou nor that remaining senior brother actually treated him well, and probably didn't want to see him again either.

"If I'm still at God's Capital, maybe they're already preparing to kill me."

Chen Changsheng secretly thought, "Fortunately, I was smart enough to come out early, perhaps for the sake of that little bit of affection in the past, they changed the killing to expulsion, and expulsion from the entire Eastern Land."

But that was a bit too heartless and unjust.

At any rate, back then, the three of them were on Qingshan, cultivating together, reading and memorizing together.

Living so unhappily.

It was unrestrained and at the same time extremely relaxed and comfortable.

Even though at that time Chen Changsheng's death was caused by the star power that caused him to die soon, he was still living a very happy life.

Not knowing the schemes and calculations of his own cheap master, he naturally felt that he was still amiable, just like the previous Chen Changsheng.

There was that magical feeling.


After knowing its calculations, the thoughts in his heart were different again.

For a while, it only felt so undesperate.

It was truly a bit unworthy.

"However, only after despair is hope, and despair is also the beginning of hope."

Chen Changsheng secretly thought that perhaps the meaning would be different, "Anyway, for me, the Eastern Land has nothing to hold onto or linger over anymore, so it's simply a good choice to follow the example of Big Brother Jiang and leave this place, as the saying goes, "Out of sight, out of mind."


The moment he saw the notice, Chen Changsheng, who thought of all sorts of reasons, turned around and left the town, but left.

To leave the Eastern Land, he still needed to go to the sea, and anyway, with his Jindan cultivation, he wouldn't dare to attempt the move of crossing the sea easily.

At most, he would find a sturdy ship and go.

With his early Jindan realm cultivation, after setting up some arrangements, it would probably have a chance to cross the boundless ocean.

Chen Changsheng thought so.

He was going to prepare to leave the Eastern Earth Continent and take a look at the Great Western Continent, as well as the Sacred Light Continent.

As for which continent he would go to then, he had no bottom in his heart and no goal.

Not because of anything else, but simply because he really had no experience in sailing, nor did he have a sailing map.

So he couldn't find a direction.

It was just by the way the sun rose in the east and set in the west to determine the approximate southeast and northwest, as long as it was away from the Eastern Land Continent.

There was nothing worth keeping in the Eastern Land anymore, and he naturally wouldn't keep anything, neither his master nor his elder brother wanted to see him, and even counted on him, so he was sad in his heart.

Nor did he want to see them.

That was instead bad.

Three months later.

Chen Changsheng, who had prepared the vessel, left, completely gone.

He was a little timid in his heart, "I don't know how long it will take to return from this trip, alas."

So he was a bit lamented and helpless, and if he could, he didn't want to go over now.

Because the homeland is hard to leave.

But there was no way out, disappointment was the beginning of hope, and he felt that this trip to another continent should be a good start.


After Chen Changsheng left, the State Teaching Academy was left empty, and Tang Thirty-Six took Mo Yu back to the Wenshui Tang family to live a secluded life regardless of world affairs.

In reality, he was indeed painstakingly concentrating on the subsequent cultivation methods of the Immortal Dao.

Because Jiang lacked the ability to teach them the YuanYing realm, they would at most reach Jindan.

The same goes for the Holy Queen and the Pope, who also only received these previous merit methods.

Of course.

Because Tang Thirty-Six had retired early, the new emperor didn't purge him after he ascended the throne.

Instead, Bai Yu Heng brought Xuanyuan Broken back to the demon race to propagate the Immortal Dao, thus solving the problem of the demon meridians.

As for the subsequent cultivation techniques, she likewise didn't have any, and likewise closed the door to concentrate on them, perhaps she could study something after she got out.


The next Great Zhou Dynasty entered the era where Yu Ren and Shang Xingzhou were in power....


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