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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1218 - Leaving is Forgetting Each Other (Seeking Subscriptions)

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National Teaching Academy.

Chen Changsheng appeared in the arena in a white shirt, looking quite calm.

Making a Golden Pill in one night, it sounded somewhat appalling.

But on second thought, it was within reason, without those star power in his body, there wouldn't have been an overnight jindan formation.

When he refined all the star power in his body into the true essence he possessed, those star power would no longer be a problem.

It would also no longer affect his lifespan, and he would henceforth be transformed into a Golden Dan cultivator with a lifespan of thousands of years.

This was the benefit.

Changing the sky overnight, going against this fate.

"Brother Jiang, I have condensed into a Jindan." Chen Changsheng said to Jiang Qian.

He looked a bit excited, he had never thought that the Immortal Dao could still be like this, it was a thousand times stronger than the Destiny Star's cultivation.

He was touched that he finally didn't have to go foolishly against the heavens to change his fate.

It seemed that he couldn't change anything, nor had he found a proven method.


He felt that it was better to have another method.

In the beginning, it was him, Chen Changsheng, who was too stubborn, and he regretted this by a few points.

He shouldn't have done that.

He probably could not have imagined that the star power that had plagued him for countless years, the problem that was known as his life, would be solved in just one night.

It wasn't a disease, it was a life.

Because no one could cure it, this was what Chen Changsheng used to think.

Even if once Jiang Gokou had asked him to follow him to cultivate the Immortal Dao, at that time, Chen Changsheng didn't think that the so-called Immortal Dao in Jiang Gokou had that kind of ability to change his life against the sky.

So he had refused at first.

But now.

He felt the meaning was different again, "Only after experiencing it yourself will you truly know how difficult it is."

Chen Changsheng muttered, "If I had practiced the Immortal Dao earlier, perhaps my cultivation would have condensed into a Jindan long ago."

Congealing a Golden Dan in one night.

It sounded a bit mysterious and false.

Even when Tang Thirty-Six and Bai Yu Heng saw it, they felt deeply unbelievable.

At the same time, the corners of their mouths twitched fiercely, so depressed that they were really depressed.

Yesterday, Chen Changsheng's cultivation had been inferior to theirs.

But today, Chen Changsheng had surpassed them, becoming the most powerful existence after Jiang Lack.

Even that Holy Queen and the Pope had failed to condense the Jindan and still had much time to accumulate.

Such a situation really made Tang Thirty-Six and Bai Luoheng both envious and in a strange mood.

Just now well.

Envy aside, they were also happy for Chen Changsheng.

After all, this kind of thing couldn't come from envy, and Chen Changsheng was only here today because of all the blame and pain he had suffered.

The good fortune of being able to have an overnight jindan now was just a result of the countless years of paving that had been done before.

In other words, these were actually what Chen Changsheng deserved.

How could there be a time for the fragrance of plum blossoms without enduring trials and tribulations?

So even though they were all envious, they were also very clear that this was something that they could not envy.

It was because the tribulations they had endured in the beginning were not as great as Chen Changsheng's.

Coupled with the fact that their talent wasn't as good as others, it was only natural that they wouldn't be able to make the Golden Pill one day.

As for Chen Changsheng, this should be the result of a number of factors.

At the moment.

Chen Changsheng respectfully bowed to Jiang Chi, "Brother Jiang, what did you mean when you said earlier that you wanted to leave the Eastern Land and leave this world?"

He was a little curious.

Now that there was nothing left for him in this Eastern Land, he might as well leave this Eastern Land with Jiang Xiao and go to the more vast and boundless worlds to find a place to settle down.

No matter where he went, as long as he could leave the Eastern Earth Continent it was good.

Anyway, he didn't want to stay here any longer, it was a sad place.

He didn't want to stay any longer.

Nor did he want to face that cheap master of his, Ji Daoist, and that senior brother of his who had been quite good to him.

Mostly, he didn't know how to face them either.

He had no idea in his heart.

"Yes and no."

Jiang Qiao smiled, "It's to leave the Eastern Land and this world, but not to the legendary Sacred Light Continent that this world is about."


Jiang Jiang's words made Chen Changsheng a little confused, could it be that there were other continents in this world besides the Eastern Land and the Sacred Light Continent?

If there are other continents, then why hasn't just a word been passed down?

He had read through the Daoist treasures, yet he had never seen the relevant records either.

Was there anything in this world that he did not know?

After thinking of these circumstances, Chen Changsheng could not help but continue to ask, "Brother Jiang, what do you think I should do?"

Jiang lacked: "........"

He was slightly stunned, but said, "What should be done is done, now that you have made a Golden Dan overnight, even though you are only an early Golden Dan practitioner, you are not weak.

What's more, it's even easier for you without the matter of fate to resist.

As for these matters in the Eastern Land, you can take care of them yourself, and I can't make decisions for you."

Chen Changsheng nodded his head, naturally knowing that what Jiang Xiao had said was true, but he just felt unbalanced, just a little unhappy.

Why on earth was he just a creation of his Shang Xingzhou?

"Perhaps, you can go to the Sacred Light Continent to take a look, perhaps your descent is not just because of his merchant boat's calculations, he could be just an obvious introduction."

Jiang Ji said, "Of course, these are just my guesses, questioning what exactly it is still requires you to explore on your own, the Sacred Light Continent is far away from the Eastern Earth Continent, and there is also the Great Western Continent that is far away from the Eastern Earth Continent, you can instead go and check your own specific origins, after all, I don't know much about it."

Chen Changsheng heard, but he nodded, and for a moment, he had begun to agree with what Jiang Xiao had said.

Perhaps, his own history was not simply the calculations of Shang Xingzhou.

After all, back then, Shang Xing Zhou wasn't very strong, and even if he was a saint from the Saint realm, he wouldn't want to simply create a person.

Not to mention, with Shang Xingzhou's strength, it should still be difficult for him to create an intelligent person out of thin air.

Therefore, there should be some sort of coincidence in this.

It was just that no one knew.

Perhaps it was because the people from the other continents were too strong and their methods were too strange to be discovered by the people in the Eastern Land.

But according to what Jiang Xiao had just said, it was very likely that he, Chen Changsheng, was from another continent.

In that case, he really had nothing to do with the Heavenly Sea Sacred Queen, merely having some of her blood flowing through his body.

But compared to the rest of the world, his Chen Changsheng's status in the hearts of others, the Heavenly Sea Holy Queen, naturally stood judged.

It was clear at a glance.

"Brother Jiang, I understand."

Chen Changsheng suddenly said, "I will go to the Sacred Light Continent and the Great Western Continent, and I will find out where I really came from."

Now that he already had a Jindan realm cultivation, even crossing the sea and traversing that dangerous place, he could still do it.

Coupled with the extended lifespan, he even had enough time and opportunity.

After thinking of these circumstances, Chen Changsheng made up his mind to leave the State Teaching Academy, the Divine Capital, and even the Eastern Land.

Jiang Ji nodded and continued, "Since you're already fine, go and call Tang Thirty-Six and Bai Luoheng and the others over, this seat wants to say goodbye to everyone."

"Brother Jiang, are you leaving?"

"Yes, this is something that was decided long ago, and now I have broken through to the Human Immortal Great Perfection in all my cultivation, only that Earth Immortal Realm has been slow to feel."

"Big Brother Jiang, will we ever meet again?"

"I'll see you if it's meant to be."

"What if it's not meant to be?"

"Naturally, we won't see each other again, so I'm going to teach you the techniques of the YuanYing realm, and you'll be the most powerful existence in this world from now on."


Regardless, Chen Changsheng had ultimately accepted Jiang Xiao's good intentions.

As for the virtues after YuanYing, that was not something he could teach, nor was he obligated to make this side of the world the same as that of the DouDou and the Great Tang.

It wasn't something he could consider, and it shouldn't be possible to gain so-called merit by preaching in this world.

It was because of all these reasons that Jiang Chi had chosen to leave at the right moment right now.

The human race had some of the means he had laid out, so naturally, there was no need to worry about that demonic invasion.

As for the matter between that Shang Xing Zhou and the Heavenly Sea Sacred Queen, it was also none of his business.

After he left, then it didn't matter if the floods were raging and pouring.

It had nothing to do with him anyway.

At this time.

Chen Changsheng also said, "It's just as well that I have to say goodbye to them, in this great Eastern Land, I only have a few of their friends."

The matters that should be resolved had also been resolved.

Therefore, it was also time to leave.

Not long after.

Tang Thirty-Six and White Fallen Hen arrived at the arena, and when Jiang Jian saw the people coming, he immediately spoke, "Since everyone is here, this seat will just say it.

This seat is leaving the divine Capital, the Great Zhou, and even the Eastern Land and this world.

From now on, I'm afraid we won't be able to see each other again, so I'll say goodbye to you all, so go ahead and cherish it.

There is no feast that does not end in this world, so let's go our separate ways.

The starry seas are boundless and the worlds are many, we will meet again if we are destined to."

"Brother Jiang, could you please not leave?"

"Yes, Brother Jiang, isn't this fine, why are you leaving?"

"If there's something we're not doing right, you just bring it up, and we'll change it, right?"


They wanted to keep Jiang lacking so badly, even if it was just as long as they could see that Jiang was still there, that would be good too.

But now, Jiang Lack was leaving.

What should they do?

They were helpless as well.

Only to laugh deeply and bitterly, it looked like they couldn't keep Jiang Lack.

Because Jiang Lack's gaze was firm and simply could not be changed.

This made Tang Thirty-Six and Bai Luoheng both feel a bit helpless, even though they had known before that there was simply no feast that would not end.

But it would still be bitter and depressing when this kind of thing actually happened in front of them.

For a while.

Grief from the heart, their hearts were a million times more helpless.

It was truly a bit cryptic.

After Jiang Xiao finished speaking, it was Chen Changsheng's turn.

He also said grudgingly, "Thirty-six, and Fallout, I likewise have something to tell you guys."

"Changsheng, you're not going to learn from Big Brother Jiang as well, are you?"

Tang Thirty-Six said somewhat speculatively, "We're good friends, and we know something about you, but even so, there's no need to leave the Eastern Land ah."

Even Bai Luoheng hurriedly said, "That's right, Master Chang Sheng, I still want you to instruct me in my cultivation, after all, you are a powerful existence who made a Golden Dan overnight."

Chen Changsheng heard, but still shook his head, he said, "Thirty-six, Fallout, the reason I'm leaving is not just because of those things, my goal is the starry sea, I should have stronger and greater pursuits.

And just being in the divine Capital, staying in the Eastern Land will only make me fail to pursue those goals, and will also only make me weaker and weaker.

So, no matter what, I'm leaving, and maybe one day in the future, I'll come back to see you guys as well.

After all, I only have a few friends like you in this world."

"That's right, leaving is actually for a better meeting, and for the next time we meet."

But in reality, leaving was actually the best way to forget each other.

After he left, who would remember this again?


No one else, either.

Here, too, was just a world that he had forgotten about.

At the very least, there were countless worlds in the future waiting for him, Jiang Man, to develop and explore.

Of course, it was possible to be a passerby with a higher status and more legends!


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