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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1217 - One Night Golden Pill (Seeking Subscription)

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Inside the State Teaching Academy.

Chen Changsheng looked sad and miserable, bitterly saying, "Big Brother Jiang, do you think that for so many years, Master has he had me in his heart?"

He'd like to know.

Even just a little bit.

But that wasn't actually the case.

Jiang Ji shook his head, "I don't know if your master has you in mind or not, but you're definitely not as good as your Yu Ren brother, and if he were to choose one of them, he would definitely choose Yu Ren over you."


Chen Changsheng was silent.

He knew that Jiang Xiao was right.

If his own master had to choose between himself and the remaining senior brother, the master would definitely choose the senior brother over him.

This was incomparably clear to Chen Changsheng.


Even if he knew this very well, there was nothing he could do at the moment.

Go and kill the Plan Daoist and the remaining senior brother?

Chen Changsheng asked himself that he couldn't do it.

--Though the Counting Man had been scheming since his appearance, though it was all a plot by that cheap master.

However, after all, they had lived together for more than ten years ah.

Still, there was a bit of emotion.

"You don't need to worry, although this brat of yours is a bit angry at times, he's still able to get into the throne's eyes."

He patted Chen Changsheng's shoulder with a calm face, "Before this throne leaves this world, this throne will help you solve your physical problems, and you don't need to go through the pain of searching for a way to change your life against the heavens."

"Brother Jiang, I..."

He was tempted to say it didn't have to be this way, after all, he had done nothing but get help from Jiang lacking, it was too much.

Calling him unbearable.

Jiang Lack's kindness, he would never be able to repay it in his life.

What was to be done about this?

"This seat is helping you, not to ask you to repay anything, as long as you live out your life in the future and practice well."

It was just a simple promotion of the younger generation, there was no other calculations in it.

He slowly looked at Chen Changsheng and added, "You should think about it.

After I leave, that cheap master of yours will definitely come to the divine Capital and seek that position for your remaining senior brother.

You'd better think about how you should face him, once you can't handle it properly, all of that friendship between you will have to be fed to the dogs.

Everything will be ruined by then!"

"I'll think it over."

Chen Changsheng nodded and continued, "Brother Jiang, thank you for all these years, if not for you..."

Before he could finish, he was interrupted by Jiang Xiao.

"Alright, let's not say these words of thanks and incitement, just have the heart for it."

Jiang Gou said, "During these next few days, I will help you detach your body and guide you on your path to cultivate the Immortal Path."


This time, Chen Chang Sheng didn't refuse again.

He couldn't refuse either.

This time, Jiang Jiang also didn't allow him to refuse anything and directly dragged him into the secret room.

A few days of retreat began.

The Sacred Queen and the Pope, on the other hand, left to find out the whereabouts of the Planter Merchant Boat.

As soon as they left on the front foot, Jiang Hou had Tang Thirty-Six and Bai Luoheng set up the means to put the State Teaching Academy under martial law.

From then on, basically no one would be able to enter the State Teaching Academy without his permission.

Jiang Xiao was helping Chen Changsheng deal with the star power in his body, and he had majestic and vast star power in his body, as much as a cow's hair.

It was truly astonishing.

It was so enviable.

Jiang Jiang nodded for a while, "I was right before, if you had practiced the Immortal Dao earlier, you would have achieved a great deal, now you follow me to practice the Immortal Dao."

As he spoke, he clicked towards Chen Changsheng's eyebrow, and a magical light clicked from his hand into Chen Changsheng's sea of knowledge.

"This is a cultivation technique, feel it carefully, next I will suppress the star power in your body."

Jiang Jiang said, "In fact, as long as you start cultivating the Immortal Dao and gradually channel and refine the star power in your body into true essence, not only will you be able to take your cultivation to the next level, you will also be able to completely solve your problems."

There was no need to even go against the world.

The star power within the body was a resource in itself, and no one else could even beg for it.

Chen Changsheng was lucky.

Or rather, it was that planter Shang Xingzhou who had inadvertently accomplished him.

Immortal genius.

Chen Changsheng was somewhat touched that he no longer had a master, that he no longer had that Yu Ren brother.

One could say that he had become an orphan.


He still had Big Brother Jiang, the seemingly strong big brother, who was really good.

At least, he was good to himself.

And now he was going to let himself practice the Immortal Way, pass on his own cultivation methods, and embark on the path of cultivation.

Now it was finally here.

How could he not be moved?

"Brother Jiang, don't worry, I will definitely cultivate."

Chen Changsheng gritted his teeth and secretly said, "Although I also know that the Dao of Immortality may be easy for me, I will still try my best."

He definitely couldn't let down Jiang Chi's good intentions.

Thinking of this.

Chen Changsheng was busy remembering the Immortal Dao Technique that Jiang Chi had taught him and circulated his own true essence.

He began to turn his cultivation.

Only when he began to transform his cultivation would the true yuan in his body change, and the route of transporting his power would also change in some way.

Once the True Yuan in his body was completely transformed, he could then proceed to guide the star transformations in his body to move along with the True Yuan in his meridians.

And, gradually refine it away.

This would completely solve the problem of the body due to the star power.

"At the same time, it will also, as Brother Jiang said, allow me to speed up my cultivation a bit."

Compared to others, he was a deservedly strong natural talent.

So there was a certain benefit.

After thinking of these circumstances, Chen Changsheng couldn't help but be secretly pleased, "In the past, it was a bit inappropriate for me to keep rejecting Brother Jiang's good intentions, but if I had followed him to cultivate the Immortal Dao in the first place, I might have been invincible by now."

Of course.

These were just regrettable thoughts.

Although these thoughts had passed, it was enough to show what was in Chen Changsheng's heart.

He was actually quite regretful as well.

Into if he had known about this ending today, he would have just cultivated the Dao of Immortality.

Go against the heavens and change what fate.

On the contrary, the loss would not be worth the gain.

After searching for so many years, he hadn't been able to find a reason and almost died.

Luckily, I met Brother Jiang Xiao Jiang.

That's how I was able to live and not die.

Of course.

It was also close.

"It really is a good seedling."

Jiang Chi nodded slightly, "You were born to be able to cultivate immortality, once you cultivate immortality, the problem with the star power in your body will not be a problem."

What do you mean by an inborn talent?

It's called an exceptional talent, who can compare to Chen Changsheng?

Jiang Xiao felt that there was no one else.

After all, people's bodies contained a large amount of star power.

As long as they refined it away with gongfu, they could turn it into true essence the fastest without having to work hard to meditate and refine their Qi.

One would be able to obtain an inexhaustible amount of energy with which to cultivate the true essence.

The speed was extremely fast.

In this way, it was to refine the star power in Chen Changsheng's own body into true yuan, so that after the passage of time, the star power would gradually be consumed and reduced.

At that time.

Chen Changsheng's problem would no longer be a problem.

Instead, he would still feel that all the Star Power in his body would feel low.

It was actually too little.

At least, that was how Jiang Xiao saw it.

He looked satisfied and murmured, "If this looks like it, Chen Changsheng should be able to gain something in a short period of time, I just don't know what kind of realm he will be able to break through to."

This was a bit strange to Jiang Jian.

It also felt unexpected.

Although he had expected it and knew that Chen Changsheng must have something extraordinary about him, and his so-called star power wouldn't be a problem for anyone else at all.

How nice.

Jiang was satisfied.

Continuing, he said, "Continue to cultivate according to the operation of the technique, you now need to transform all the True Yuan in your body into Immortal Dao True Mana, and when the transformation is complete, you will be able to refine the Star Force in your body."


Chen Changsheng nodded and continued to circulate the technique and began to cultivate uninterruptedly.

The techniques that Jiang Chi had taught Chen Changsheng were all excellent Immortal Dao cultivation methods, the likes of which even the Heavenly Sea Sage Empress and Sectarian Yin Xing Dao had never obtained.

Now it was cheap to Chen Changsheng for nothing.

Of course.

It wasn't exactly cheap for nothing, after all, Jiang Qian was still more optimistic about Chen Changsheng.

The cultivation continued to begin.

The endless power still continued to operate.

Those True Yuan within the body, which was already not much for Chen Changsheng, had been completely transformed in almost an hour's time.

It had since turned into the true essence mana of the Immortal Dao.

It would be able to possess all sorts of incredible skills, all sorts of strange and unpredictable divine abilities.

The maneuvers were monstrous.

It looked extremely extraordinary.

At this moment.

Jiang Jiang continued, "Next, let's gradually refine the star power in your body, only by completely refining the star power can your problem be solved."


By that time, Chen Changsheng's cultivation should reach an incredible level.

It should startle many people.


At the very beginning, Jiang Xiao was indeed very angry because Chen Changsheng, the brat, had rejected his good intentions.

At that time, he really wanted Chen Changsheng to pay a painful price in order to cultivate the Immortal Dao, or else he wouldn't be able to do so.

But now well.

He felt that he should not be angry with Chen Changsheng anymore since he was already about to leave, so he should be a bit more atmospheric.

Thus, there was today's scene.

In fact.

He originally wanted to give an account of some things to the Heavenly Sea Sacred Queen, the Pope and the others, but then he thought of piercing that schemer Shang Xingzhou's schemes, the Heavenly Sea Sacred Queen shouldn't be able to hold that position for long anymore.

Sooner or later, that was all for the rest of the people.

Even without the help of the Plan Daoist, there was no one to compete with.

That was why Chen Changsheng was dangerous.

Not to mention that he only had the blood of the Heavenly Sea Saint Queen flowing through his body, she wanted to just kill him.

Not to mention that cheap master of Chen Changsheng's, Shang Xingzhou, would definitely clear all obstacles for the rest of the people.

Even if he wouldn't kill him Chen Changsheng would most likely drive him out.

Drive him out of the divine Capital, or even out of the Great Zhou, out of the Eastern Land.

It was also possible.

At this time.

Chen Changsheng was trying to cultivate, refining those star powers in his body, and with each point of refinement, he felt one point of relief.

It just felt like his body was all better and he could live for a few more years.

It was really good.

He was in a happy mood and secretly said, "What Brother Jiang said, it really is right, after refining the star power in my body, it really alleviates a lot."

That's really good.

This would make his future life easier for Chen Changsheng.

Whether he continued to stay in the divine Capital, or left the divine Capital to go somewhere else, it was quite good.

At this moment.

Jiang Jiang continued, "At your current speed, you should be able to refine it all in one night."

He roughly estimated.

It was enough for many things to happen.

For example, Chen Changsheng would completely refine the star power in his body and completely solve the problem of not being able to live long.

Another example was that he could completely break through from the very beginning of his cultivation to the higher realms behind him.

The cultivation was as powerful as a bamboo, as if it was going to break out of the sky.

A few hours later, it was dawn.

Jiang Ji nodded in satisfaction, "It's really good, in one night's work, you've actually transformed from a person who has just begun to practice the Immortal Dao into a Jindan cultivator."

Jindan realm, Jindan.

This was Chen Changsheng's current cultivation realm, what a nice realm.

And this was definitely not something that ordinary people could do.

Tang Thirty-Six couldn't do it, neither could Bai Luoheng, not even the Holy Queen or the Pope, and Shang Xingzhou couldn't even do it.

Only he, Chen Changsheng, could.

Jiang Jiang knew that the reason for this was probably because of those star powers within Chen Changsheng's body, otherwise he wouldn't have been able to be so powerful.

After all, those star powers were also energy, and after refining, they were also true mana.

Thus, that was why Chen Changsheng had made a Golden Pill overnight!


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