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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1214 - The Seat Wants Zhou Yuan (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Great Zhou Imperial Palace.

The Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress and Jiang Di were seated among the guests, falling into the surrounding area, and there was a banquet on display.

"Senior, please."

The saint queen smiled with full intent, and now there were no demons present in the entire Great Zhou.

No demons dared to mess up either.

And it was all thanks to Jiang Qian.

She had to be complimentary.

Plus, Jiang Chi was a big brother of the Immortal Dao itself, and the Holy Queen now had to suck up to him.

It would be tremendously beneficial to him to have such a big brother to continue to sit in the Great Zhou.

It definitely had unimaginable benefits.

At the same time.

She was also curious as to why Jiang Xiao had come over, according to her usual experience, Jiang Xiao would not meddle in idle affairs on a normal day.

He was the typical type of person who did not mind his own business.

Now coming to the palace, he must have something to say.

Therefore, she went to invite the Pope as well, and incidentally wanted Jiang Ji to give her advice on cultivation.

It would be good if she could get a few pointers from Jiang Chi.

On the Immortal Path, they were not very strong, and Jiang Chi was the only one of them who was truly enlightened.

Thus, the Holy Queen and the Pope then both respectfully invited Jiang Lack.

They looked excited.

It would be even better if they could obtain more Immortal Dao cultivation techniques from Jiang Liao.

After all, even if they did their best to find other cultivation methods to exchange, it seemed like they wouldn't be able to exchange much.

It was just too difficult.

Although, in a way, their strength had actually surpassed the Slave Realm.

But there was no guarantee that there were other people in this world who knew the Dao of Immortality.

And in fact, there really were.

That cheap master of Chen Changsheng's, Plan Daoist Shang Xingzhou, he too had turned to the Immortal Dao.

It was just that ever since Jiang Di had descended from the mountain, he had completely lost contact with the Plan Daoist.

That former head of the State Teaching Academy, because of his Jiang lack, didn't seem to have come to the capital either.

It was as if he had already dispelled his goal, the specifics of which were unclear to Jiang Chi, but as long as there was a day that he, Jiang Gu, was in the Divine Capital, then the Planter Shang Xingzhou should not come to the Divine Capital.

After all, he, Jiang Hou, was the State Master of the Great Zhou Dynasty, and he would never allow anyone to take action against the Great Zhou.

And that Plan Daoist, it was obvious that he was going to make a move against the Royal Family of Great Zhou, right?

Jiang Chi's gaze was faint, and he whirled around to say, "This seat is here to tell you something."

"Senior, please speak."

The Holy Queen and the Pope both looked at each other, their hearts unable to stop being happy.

Their hearts were also filled with excitement.

Since Jiang Chi was going to tell them this, it was enough to show that Jiang Chi was very capable of taking care of himself and the others' thoughts.

It showed that they were still somewhat valuable.

"You all know about Zhou Yuan, right?"

Jiang Qiao asked, "This seat is looking at the last week's garden, but I want to collect it for a while, I wonder what you guys think?"


The Holy Queen and the Pope were both slightly stunned that Jiang Jian was actually proposing such a thing.

Rather, they felt quite surprised, to charge the Zhou Garden?

Originally, they had only treated the Zhou Garden as a place to try out, and the new generation of younger generations went in for a trial.

If Jiang Chi wanted it, then give it to him.

Moreover, the Zhou Garden wasn't theirs, it was once owned by that world's first person, Zhou Difu.

Only such an existence could build the Zhou Garden, but that Zhou Dokufu was long dead and had already disappeared.

At this moment.

The Saint Empress said hesitantly, "Senior, it's natural for you to want the Zhou Garden, but that Zhou Garden is Zhou Doufu's and there are still some things about that Zhou Garden that we don't understand..."

"No harm."

Jiang Chi said indifferently, "Even if the Zhou Garden is his Zhou Difu so what, Zhou Difu is dead, his era is a thing of the past, it's over.

As for that Zhou Garden, this seat is fully confident that it will be collected, so you don't need to worry about that."

He wasn't worried about that at all.

It was just a weekly garden, there was no need to care at all.

The reason why he, Jiang Xiao, would look at the Weekly Garden was also because it had the World Origin Force within it.

It must have a terrifying origin, "If I can obtain the Zhou Garden's origin, that would naturally be good."


Because Jiang Xiao also knew that that Zhou Garden was actually the place where the younger generation of the Great Zhou tried out, so he didn't do it directly, but greeted the Holy Queen and the Pope.

At the very least, he should give someone some sort of explanation.

The Holy Queen and the Pope were naturally satisfied with Jiang Chi's attitude, and after a glance at each other, they naturally agreed.

Jiang lacked nothing more than wanting the Zhou Garden, and in the Empress' and the Pope's opinion, Jiang might have looked at the Zhou Garden as a small world.

Otherwise, he wouldn't have wanted the Zhou Garden.

The Zhou Garden.

That in itself was a small world, created by that unstoppable world leader, Zhou Difu, back then.

No one knew how he had created it, but in short, the Zhou Garden was powerful and useful in many ways.

If one could make good use of it, Zhou Yuan would actually be of good use, "Senior, you just go ahead."

The Saint Queen continued, "The Zhou Garden is located at..."

Immediately after.

She then told Jiang Ji about the Zhou Garden, thinking to herself, "I only hope that this Senior Jiang will know of my hard work and take care of it."

Jiang Ji nodded and continued, "Don't worry, after this seat collects that Zhou Yuan, it will teach you some YuanYing Immortal Dao cultivation techniques."

"Thank you, Senior."

The Holy Queen and the Pope all bowed in unison, YuanYing cultivators, they had been looking forward to this for many days.

Now, to actually have the opportunity to obtain it like this, it was really nice.

Using a Zhou Garden in exchange, it was worth it.

Most importantly, the Zhou Garden wasn't actually theirs, and using it to exchange with Jiang Chi was simply an unprofitable deal.

Naturally, they were happy, it was a rare and good thing, and anyway, for the Holy Queen and the Pope, the Zhou Garden was just put there.

There was no use for it at all.

And the Zhou Garden itself was just a small world, no matter how much it evolved.

Moreover, its former owner, Zhou Doufu, was already dead.

The kind that was dead beyond death.

With a sweep of his gaze, Jiang Ji continued, "In a short period of three to five days, or as many as ten days and a half months, this seat will be able to collect the Zhou Garden, and there will be no more Zhou Gardens in the Great Zhou in the future.

As for the situation on the Demon Race's side, you need not worry, with this seat sitting in the divine Capital, I believe that no Demon Race will dare to offend."


When the Holy Queen and the Pope heard this, they were both delighted, so to speak, with joy.

The joy was overwhelming.

From now on, the existence of the Demon Clan was only a symbolic significance.

No Demons dared to come to the criminal tribe anymore, even with Zhou Duster's immaculately calculated State Master, they would not dare.

This was the benefit of being powerful.

When it was strong enough to directly suppress the people of the world, it was possible to set rules for the people of the world to follow.

And Jiang Chi was such a strong man that could look down upon the world and turn his hand to the clouds.

Let the Demon Race be fierce and violent, and he, Jiang Hou, could only suppress it with one hand.

The strongest of them all, the Demon Clan's National Teacher Zhou Cheng'er, the Demon Princess Nanke, and the former Demon Prince Khan Qing, were all well aware of this.

They were all deeply aware that Jiang lack's strength was simply desperate.

Because of this, it was because of this, the Great Zhou was calm and peaceful, basically no one dared to come over and cause trouble.

Even those once unstoppable demons didn't dare to make trouble after knowing how powerful and terrifying Jiang Jian was.

Mostly, they were afraid too.

The Holy Queen and the Pope were just happy that their wish of many years had actually been fulfilled by Jiang Xiao.

Also being human, they felt that this was a great cause.

Back then, His Majesty the Great Zhou Tai Zong had made great achievements, had been unstoppable, expelled the demons and joined forces with the demon race, thus gaining a place for the human race to survive.

Now, a powerful existence like Jiang Chi had appeared in the Human Race, suppressing the entire Demon Race from making any reckless moves.

Although Jiang Liao was an outsider, he was also a human race, and that was an unchangeable reality.

"Senior, when you go to collect the Zhou Garden, you must be careful."

The Saint Empress instructed, she was aware that that place in the Zhou Garden was not simple.

It was the place where Zhou Difu's heart and soul had been condensed back then, and it was also the evolution of all the Dao of that Zhou Difu.

It could be said that Zhou Doufu had poured all of his heart's blood into the Zhou Garden.

So there must be something terrifying in that Zhou Garden, and if Jiang Xiao was not careful, it was very likely that he would fall into Zhou Doufu's scheme.

So the Holy Queen was advising.

Even the Pope agreed, "That's right, Senior you must be more careful, after all, that Zhou Doufu was the number one person in the world back then, and there's a certain reason for that."

It was impossible to become the number one person in the world without any skills.

The Dokufu Zhou from back then naturally had his greatness as well.

Jiang Chi said, "No harm, this seat has its own plans, although Zhou Doufu is powerful, his Zhou Garden is now just a dead object."

Thus, he felt that the Zhou Garden was nothing.

It was just a small world.

The owner of the Zhou Garden was already dead, so what else could Zhou Yuan be capable of, daring to overturn these?

The Holy Queen, the Pope and the others looked stunned and appalled by a few, "No harm, these are all small matters, this seat will go and come."

Absorbing the Zhou Yuan was simple enough, though.

Because of the Vajra Bracelets, he was able to easily absorb Zhou Yuan's World Origin Power.

The reason why he could was because Zhou Doufu's Zhou Garden was only a small world, its not enough to resist the attraction of the vajra bracelet.

So the big world wouldn't work.

But small worlds could, because small worlds were just small worlds, and now the Zhou Garden was still a small world without a master.

Naturally, it should be held.

That's why Jiang Chi had absolute confidence that that Zhou Dokufu's Zhou Garden shouldn't be able to escape.

Poor that Zhou Doufu is dead, and the once unstoppable world's best man is gone.

So the Zhou Garden he left behind was owned by him and obtained for him.

The Zhou Garden also had origin power ah.

Otherwise, the Zhou Garden could not have become a small world, and since it had become a small world, it must have an origin.

Regardless of where Zhou Dokufu had gotten it from back then, Zhou Garden was always one of Jiang Lack's targets as well.

According to Jiang Hou's plan, he was leaving this world, so before he left, he had to prepare something in advance.

The origin that supported the entire Zhou Garden was then seen by him, "Anyway, it's pointless to keep the Zhou Garden, so it might as well be used by me, Jiang."

He thought so, and with a flash of his body he had gone to where the Zhou Garden was, so he used the Vajra Bangle to collect the World Origin Power.

In his heart, he said, "Vajra Bracelets, begin."

The Vajra Bracelets within his body had begun to function, and the light flickered, followed by endless power sweeping out.

It tossed and changed.

It was truly astonishing, "As expected, I guessed right, there is really a world origin in this Zhou Garden, if I can absorb all the origin here and get some origin from somewhere else, I think I should be able to break through to the Earth Immortal realm."

Anyway, he felt that he had a great chance, he never thought that there was such good stuff in this small world.

That's nice.

Jiang Xiao was happy, "When the time is right, it's fine to give some benefits to the Heavenly Sea Holy Queen and the Pope."

After all, people had given the Zhou Garden to themselves, if they didn't give them some benefits, they would be sorry.

After thinking of these circumstances, Jiang Qian earnestly began to draw on Zhou Yuan's World Origin Power.

If Zhou Difu was still alive, he would have been so angry that he would have blown his beard and would have looked terrified.

Because Jiang Chi had actually taken his Zhou Garden, it was actually decreasing at a rate that was visible to the naked eye.


At one point, it actually looked like a lot of people were in a state of shock.

Of course.

Those who were able to see Jiang Liao collect the Zhou Garden were only some big shots.

However, right now in front of Jiang Di at this moment, they were all just some tiny insects.

They could only be stunned.

So, watching the Zhou Yuan has been lost.


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