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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1212 - The Affair of the Wedding Contract (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Chen Changsheng was already a strong man at the peak of the Tongxuan realm.

A body strength Tongxuan, not something that could be compared to ordinary people.

Thoroughly secluded.

That is the Heart Tongxuan, the creation of tomorrow's earth.

The way of the future.

The future is already clear in one's mind, controlled within, and can be turned into clouds and rain with a turn of the hand.

In the nine heavens.

The star map changes, and the four seas are stirring.

More than a month had passed since Chen Changsheng's one-day observation of the Heavenly Book Tablet.

So far.

Chen Changsheng returned to the State Teaching Academy, while Jiang Chi likewise lived at the State Teaching Academy.

For a while.

The reputation of the State Teaching Academy was great.

Last time, Chen Changsheng's actions in the Heavenly Book Mausoleum had shocked the entire Great Zhou.

Naturally, he also gained the favor of the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress, pardoning him to his official position and also giving him various rewards.

Many of them were given in the name of Jiang Qian's face.

But Chen Changsheng also had the capital to have the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress give it to him.

This day.

The wind and sun were gorgeous, and the bright sun hung in the depths of the void.

Hot rays of light were pouring down from the sky and falling into the earth, nourishing thousands of living creatures.

When Chen Changsheng looked at the star map, it was as if he had a sense of overlooking all living beings, a sense of pouring into the sky, a sense of creepiness.

The mood shook.

It was hard to stop being horrified.

Truly amazed up a few points.

However, today, it made Chen Changsheng throb a little, as if something was about to happen.

This made him feel dissatisfied.

Was there something terrifying going to happen to him as well?

He couldn't believe it.

But it was true.

And so.

Chen Changsheng was sitting alone in the courtyard of the State Teaching Academy early in the morning.

Jiang Xiao had entered the palace.

Bai Yu Heng and Tang Thirty-Six had their own things to do, and the rest of Xuanyuan Broken was still practicing.

So Chen Changsheng was considered rather lonely, and he was full of depression.

In his mind, he also seemed to be thinking, "Today, there shouldn't be something big happening."

He always felt unsettled.

There was a bad feeling, as if something big was about to happen.

But he didn't know.

Didn't know what the big thing was at all.

It's a bit like touching a cat in the night.

Not good.

Just as Chen Changsheng was feeling anxious and uneasy, a guard suddenly reported that it was the Divine General's Phoenix Xu Yourong visiting.



Seo Yoo Yung?

Chen Changsheng is a bit confused, "Why is she here?"

It shouldn't be.

By all rights, shouldn't Xu You Rong be well enough to stay at the Divine General's residence.

What was she doing here?

He didn't seem to have much to say to her, mainly because he didn't cross paths with her.

At least, he didn't cross paths with the Xu You Rong that he grew up with.

Chen Changsheng felt that the matter that he had gone to the Divine General's residence to prepare for his withdrawal was actually all in the past and had long since become a thing of the past.

It shouldn't be enough to be brought up again by Xu You Rong to say something.

"Go and invite the people to the living room."

Since we're all here, it's natural for people to meet.

This was considered the first official meeting between him and Xu You Rong, but it counted as a sort of grown up meeting between them.

It didn't count when they were kids.

After all, they were all too young at that time.

So there was no reference value.

Chen Changsheng felt that all the past, that were the best memories.

And now that they were all grown up, they would naturally have a different outlook on life, values and so on.

"Perhaps, in her heart, she has already forgotten about me."

Chen Changsheng secretly sighed, "I didn't go to the Divine General's residence to look for her again because of this, after all, her parents are like that..."

Naturally, he couldn't accept that Lady Xu's attitude.


Perhaps, it would be laughed off.

But Chen Changsheng would never forget how gloomy Madame Xu's face was when she looked at him.

That scene, he was so embarrassed again.

These were all deeply engraved in his memory, and he did not erase them.

Right now Xu You Rong was actually here.

This was out of Chen Changsheng's expectation, in his opinion, it should be impossible for a heavenly beauty like Xu You Rong to come.

After all, she already had Qiu Shanjun, that genius who was known as the Great Zhou True Dragon.

In comparison, he, Chen Changsheng, was merely a one-day view of the reputation of the Heavenly Book Tablet.

Far from it.

At the entrance of the State Teaching Academy.

Xu You Rong's feelings were equally complicated.

Ever since that day in the Celestial Book Mausoleum, Chen Changsheng had made a great show of observing all the Heavenly Book Stele in one day.

Since that time, she knew that the Chen Changsheng in front of her must be the one she had met as a child, the one she had grown up with as a childhood sweetheart and two young children.


There were so many people at the Heavenly Book Mausoleum that she didn't go to recognize each other.

She felt that the timing was premature.

It wasn't a good idea, and it wasn't a good plan.

So she had another idea, which was that after the Heavenly Book Mausoleum was over, perhaps she would have a chance to meet Chen Changsheng.

Who knew that since the end of the Tianshu mausoleum, Chen Changsheng had gone straight back to the State Teaching Academy and never went out again.

This made her lose her chance.

A chance encounter was impossible because the chance wouldn't come.

And she even learned from her maid, Frosty, about the unpleasantness that Chen Changsheng had caused the last time he went to the Divine General's residence.


She knew one thing.

Wanting Chen Changsheng to visit their God Admiral's Residence again was probably impossible.

Not to mention whether or not he could afford to think about it or not, even if he could, it was not something he could think about.

Some things, a rift was a rift.

Time rushed past.

And yet.

For Xu You Rong, Chen Changsheng would always be a hurdle in her heart, a hurdle that she couldn't get over.

No matter what, she needed to see Jiang Jian once again.

And by the way, to ask if he was doing well all these years, she was not doing well anyway.

And of course, apologize for her parents in passing.

After all, she knew all too well what had happened to Chen Changsheng at the Divine General's residence, and those who had a heart to laugh were already laughing their heads off.

The God Admiral's residence is really picking up a stone and smashing its own feet, and it's making a mess of a good chess game.

Can't see the reason.

Anyway, Xu You Rong was all quite appalled by a few points.

At the moment, she is about to see Chen Changsheng, but she is a little hesitant, a little worried.

What if Chen Changsheng didn't treat her well?

After all, it's been more than a decade since we were childhood sweethearts and two little ones.

This was too long.

Long enough for many things to have changed.

Perhaps things will change too.

The sea has changed.

Walking on the path of the National Teaching Academy, following the guards sent by the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen to take orders from Jiang lacked, they walked into the National Teaching Academy.

In a living room.

Someone had already prepared tea.

Chen Changsheng hadn't come yet, but Xu Yourong was restless, like an ant on a needle.

She was worried and scared.

At this moment some regretted coming to the State Teaching Academy.

"If he doesn't recognize me, or if he deliberately doesn't recognize me, what should he do?"

In Xu You Rong's heart, there was such concern.

She was also afraid that Chen Changsheng would misunderstand that it was indeed her parents' fault for the original trip to the God's General's residence.

No matter how much people she tried to explain, this would not explain it.

She was already prepared for the outcome of being reprimanded by Chen Changsheng, and for the situation where Chen Changsheng scolded her angrily and slammed the cup and left.

Back then....

It doesn't seem possible to talk about the year anymore.

After all, that was a long time ago.

A long time in the past.

It was truly a bit frustrating.

Compared to Xu You Rong's worries and fears, Chen Changsheng was even more apprehensive at the moment.

He was afraid of meeting the Xu You Rong of the past and the Xu You Rong of the present.

More so, he hadn't even thought about what kind of face he should meet her with and wasn't ready yet.

In the end, Xu You Rong himself had come.

He wouldn't be going back to the Divine General's residence, and as for that paper marriage contract....

Chen Changsheng hadn't thought it through.

He wanted to return it to Xu Yourong and let her find another good son-in-law, but he was afraid that if something like that happened to Lady Xu, his good intentions would be fed to the dogs.

But he was afraid that if he encountered something like Lady Xu, his good intentions would be fed to the dogs and he would become a donkey's liver and lungs in people's eyes.

That would not be beautiful.

"It's just that it's better to go and meet her first."

Chen Changsheng secretly thought, "No matter what, I'm going to see her after all, it's impossible not to see her."

Even though they had once had an extremely beautiful past, having been childhood sweethearts and two small children, that was all in the past.

He needed to go and end it.

To end that kind of connection with Xu You Rong once and for all.

Entering the living room door.

Chen Changsheng immediately saw that the white-clothed woman he had seen in the Heavenly Book Mausoleum was precisely Xu You Rong, the thousand phoenix of the Xu family.


They looked at each other and saw each other once more.

But neither of them opened their mouths, silently speaking to each other.

Both seemed to be at a loss as to how to open their mouths, leaving Chen Changsheng and Xu Yourong each a little surprised.

Things seemed to be a bit beyond their expectations.

This was not a good idea to rectify.

"I came because I wanted to apologize to you before we talk about what happened between us..."

Xu Yourong spoke up.

Chen Changsheng understood.

He said in his heart, "So she's already recognized me, that's great, but it's to ask me to withdraw, it looks like she's really forgotten what happened when she was a child, or understands everything that happened when she was a child, as a kind of childishness."


Chen Changsheng felt that he had understood.

Forget it.

Why are you so stubborn.

After all, everyone was still young and couldn't take things seriously when it came to childhood.

Even if there was a marriage contract written in Old Master Xu's handwriting, if people didn't recognize it, it would just be a paper annulment.

No matter how useful it is.

Then again, even if it was useful, it was meaningless.

The past is the past.

And so.

Chen Changsheng nodded his head and said, "Good, it so happens that I also have a matter to tell you about the marriage contract."

Xu You Rong: "........"

She was instinctively stunned, thinking that when Chen Changsheng said something about the marriage contract, he should be trying to make himself fulfill it.

That was fine.

She didn't like Qiushan Jun anyway, but she did have some feelings for Chen Changsheng, though she didn't know if the Chen Changsheng had changed when she grew up.

However, the Chen Changsheng from her childhood was still quite good, at least he could get into her Xu You Rong's eyes.

However, from the recent understanding of Chen Changsheng, Chen Changsheng was still quite good, there shouldn't be much difference compared to when he was a child.

Xu You Rong thought so.


She would never have imagined that Chen Changsheng would be even weirder than she had imagined, right?

This person was really too sensitive.

At least with regards to Xu You Rong's affairs, Chen Changsheng was more sensitive.


Next, without waiting for Xu You Rong to speak, Chen Changsheng was the first to say, "Little Rong'er, allow me to call you this once again, first of all, bless you for awakening the True Phoenix bloodline, from now on, your potential is unlimited, and great success is only in the present.

The other thing I want to talk to you about is the matter of the marriage contract, I hope you don't mind.

At first, I went to the Divine General's residence, and was indeed prepared to withdraw the marriage, because at that time I already knew that your status was noble and definitely not something that I, Chen Changsheng, could climb up to.

However, I'm sure you've heard that the process was unpleasant, and your mother was really impressive.

So that time there was no result.

Originally, I was about to forget about this matter, but seeing you again that day at the Heavenly Book Mausoleum made me think about it once again..."

When he said this, he involuntarily paused.

Xu You Rong couldn't help but inquire, "So, what are your thoughts now, Everlasting?"

Chen Changsheng did not reply to Xu Yourong's words, but said to himself, "Little Rong'er, thank you for leaving me a beautiful and worthy childhood to remember and recall.

As for now, I still stand by my initial decision, I want to withdraw from the marriage.

It's not like I'm going to be able to do anything about it, but I'm going to be able to do something about it.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the actual shoes you've been wearing for a while.

I also can't achieve the goal of changing my life's destiny by climbing into the Divine General's residence."

Xu You Rong: "........"

Did you mishear or mishear yourself?


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