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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1211 - Seeing the Heavenly Tablet in a Day (Seeking Subscriptions)

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In Chen Changsheng's eyes those celestial tablets changed and became different.

The strange patterns on them were extracted out of thin air with his imagination, each of them fusing again to form a new pattern.

It was slow going.

"Hey, this is..."

Chen Changsheng was suddenly shocked, "Is this a star map?"

The strange patterns on these heavenly books, after being abstracted by Chen Changsheng, he surprisingly found something wrong with them.

These patterns made up the most gorgeous and eye-catching star charts.

It continued to evolve and combine in Chen Changsheng's mind, eventually forming a gigantic star chart.

Or should it be called a star river.

Countless points of light were scattered everywhere, fused parts reorganized and eliminated, and the stars shone brightly.

This was only an ordinary attempt to start evolving in Chen Changsheng's mind, but a voice in the underworld seemed to be telling him that this was the correct way to interpret the Celestial Tablet.

The star map slowly hovered in Chen Changsheng's mind, and a vast star map had quietly appeared in Chen Changsheng's mind.

Mighty in eight directions, vastness non-stop.

It was a smaller version of the pattern, and all the mysteries contained within it were actually known to Chen Changsheng at this moment.

His divine sense was swimming in the star map, as if his entire body was in the map.

At the same time, his Divine Ten was also divided into more than a dozen parts, each wandering around the mysterious patterns between the dozen or so celestial tablets.

It looked extremely bizarre, and in fact, Chen Changsheng had already begun to comprehend these celestial book stele.

Everyone else was already at their limit if they comprehended one, two, or at most three or five Heavenly Book Stele.

Chen Changsheng was different, instead, he was taking a holistic approach, gathering the mysterious patterns of the entire Heavenly Book Tablet into a mysterious star chart.

In this way, he was equivalent to looking at a dozen Heavenly Book Stele at the same time.

This definitely counted as a miracle.

The commotion he made here soon attracted many people, and it turned out that this National Education Academy's Chen Changsheng was actually able to comprehend.

And still, he was able to comprehend more than a dozen Heavenly Book Stele at the same time.

This was a bit terrifying.

Many people were stunned with envy as they watched.

"Look, that's Chen Changsheng of the National Education Academy, the existence that topped the first rank of the Great Dynasty Examination."


"This person has actually started to comprehend as well, and I wonder how many Heavenly Tablet he has comprehended?"

"He didn't just comprehend a few celestial tablets, but all of them, it's truly a one-day observation of the celestial mausoleum."

"That powerful?"

"So, we were all looking the wrong way before?"


Probably so.

Although they were all reluctant to admit it, it was true.

That Chen Chang Sheng was really just watching all the celestial tablets, and even if they were envious, they knew that such things couldn't be envied.

For a while.

Those who were watching Chen Changsheng in the surrounding area were depressed, they never expected Chen Changsheng to have such a golden situation.

It was actually a bit too powerful.

It called for much envy.

Chen Changsheng had his eyes closed, he was using his divine sense to view the mysteries of those celestial tablets.

Unraveling the various secrets within them, once upon a time, these Heavenly Book Stele had descended from the sky, once upon a time, the Heavenly Book Stele was unstoppable.

But now, the secrets of those Heavenly Book Stele were so clear to him.

He could feel the tremendous secret hidden within that star map, it was an extremely terrifying secret ah.

It was exciting to think about.

"Next, I will be able to use this enlightenment to step into the strong ranks from sitting illumination into the Tong You."

Chen Changsheng's heart was like a mirror, observing the Heavenly Book Tablet in one day and comprehending all the incredible mysteries within it, this was genius.

Right now.

Even Qiu Shanjun and Xu Yourong had begun to be envious, or amazed.

They might not have thought that Chen Changsheng would actually use this method to view the dozen or so Heavenly Book Stele together.

The secrets within the Heavenly Book Tablet were now no longer considered secrets in front of Chen Changsheng.

This kind of chance and fortune called for envy ah.

If they could, they actually wanted to try it, perhaps they could succeed themselves?


None of them really dared to ask Chen Changsheng, after all, it was his own chance, so it was not a good idea to ask.

Just like a woman's age, don't ask under normal circumstances.

"Is he the Chen Changsheng? It is truly a talent, and also truly a dragon and phoenix among men, it looks like Qiu Shanjun, Xu Yourong and the others can't compare."

"It is said that the world's number one person, Zhou Doufu, who was famous in the Eastern Land, also viewed all the Heavenly Book Stele in one day, I wonder if Chen Changsheng has the chance to grow to a level like Zhou Doufu."

"Chen Changsheng might not become the world's number one person in the Eastern Land, he should only become the world's number two."


"I wonder if that first is..."

"First? That belongs to the Jiang Guoji."

"That's a good point."


Zhou Doufu had become a thing of the past, a new generation of strong cultivators had emerged, and Chen Changsheng was the representative of this new generation.

Right now.

In many people's hearts it was already like this.

"He's so powerful, observing all the Heavenly Book Stele in one day, his future is boundless from now on."

"No matter what, Chen Changsheng can also step directly from Sitting Illumination into the Tong You, while also gaining the favor of Jiang Guoji and the Holy Queen and the others."

"I'm really envious."

"This kind of thing can't be envied, each of us has our own opinions, so naturally, we have our own destiny, which is different."

"Right, right, it's better for us people to honestly comprehend a piece of the Celestial Tablet, as long as we can comprehend a piece, it will be beneficial to us as well."

This was true.

Not to mention the dozen or so Heavenly Book Stele, but that one Heavenly Book Stele, comprehending it would also be able to call these people to benefit for the rest of their lives and cease to be mediocre.

Thus they were also looking forward to it.


Everyone wanted each person's method of destiny, and at the same time, each person was different.

Therefore each person's thoughts were different, and the results they produced were also different.

They did have the intention to enlighten themselves, but in reality it was not that easy to enlighten.

They weren't Chen Changsheng, nor were they Qiushanjun or Xu Yourong, so they had really tried their best with regards to this matter of enlightening the Heavenly Book Stele.

Viewing all the Heavenly Book Stele in one day.

Only Zhou Doufu and Chen Changsheng have been able to do so for so many years.

Throughout the ages, such a lack of scarcity was enough to explain everything.

At this moment.

Chen Changsheng was looking excited, "So the things in these star charts are actually so mysterious."

He was considered to have seen the power of the Heavenly Book Tablet, "No wonder that year's Zhou Difu became the number one person in the world in a very short period of time after viewing the Heavenly Book Tablet in one day."

This was not unreasonable.

Everything had already been predetermined.


The fact that Chen Changsheng was viewing all the Heavenly Book Stele had not only spread throughout the Heavenly Book Mausoleum.

Even the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen, as well as Pope Yin Xingdao, knew about it.

They were all shocked with sideways glances.

If the person who was viewing all of the Heavenly Book Stele in one day was Qiushan Jun and Xu Yourong, then they were not surprised at all.

It would be a bit surprising if this person was Chen Changsheng.

They all knew who Chen Changsheng was in their hearts, even though he was valued by Jiang Chi and resided within the State Teaching Academy.

He also got the first place in the first rank of the Grand Imperial Examination because of Jiang Chi.

But these didn't mean that Chen Changsheng was the existence of that stunning generation.

In the eyes of Empress Celestial Sea and Lord Pope, Qiushan Jun and Xu Yourong were the true geniuses.

A true dragon and a true phoenix, they possessed the power of the bloodline and were incredibly talented.

According to their imagination, it should be these two who would observe all the Heavenly Book Stele in a day.

However, reality had slapped them hard.

The matter of the Heavenly Book Mausoleum had nothing to do with Qiu Shanjun and Xu Yourong at all.

Both of them were rather moderate and had nothing to criticize, but at the same time, they also had nothing to praise and approve of.

This was depressing.


After discussing the matter with the Pope, Empress Celestial Sea and the Pope sent people in advance to prepare a congratulatory gift, and also sent people to protect Chen Changsheng.

Even if he didn't look at the monk's face or the Buddha's face, Chen Changsheng was an existence who had hung out with Jiang Lack.

Such a person, who was now showing such a strong talent, would be worthy of being brought in.

Of course.

The people who knew that Chen Changsheng had observed the Heavenly Book Tablet in one day were not just the Heavenly Sea Sacred Queen and the Pope and the others.

There was also that Demonic Clan's Zhou Duster, who also received the message, "Unfortunately, he is not from our Demonic Clan, and Nanke is fond of Qiu Shanjun, plus that Chen Changsheng is already from that person, so he can't be moved even more, otherwise..."

She really wanted to try out Chen Changsheng's catty skills.

However, ever since her last trip to the State Teaching Academy, she had realized that she was far inferior to Jiang Liao.

Therefore, she did not dare to have any unnecessary thoughts about Chen Changsheng at this moment, after all, she had asked about his relationship with Jiang Lack.

That was excellent.

She did not dare to take any risks after all, nor did she dare to make an enemy of Jiang Lack again.

After all, that existence was an impossible one to defeat ah.

It was really helpless.

Although she was the Demon Clan's State Master, nowadays, she could only do some small actions, but she didn't dare to do anything against Jiang Liao, or those around him yet.

This was miserable.

Her mood was somewhat unbeautiful.

It just felt like the Great Zhou was full of talents, and if this stall hadn't happened, perhaps the situation would have been different.

She thought so.


Jiang Xiao was ultimately a hurdle that she couldn't get over.

She didn't even bother to look for Khan Khan, just in case she was afraid that she would anger Jiang Gou and then she wouldn't even know how she would die.

That would be tragic.


"Master, that person who viewed the Heavenly Book Tablet in one day, will he... will he become our Demon Race's greatest enemy in the future?"

Nanke was a bit curious at the side.

She was equally worried, if Chen Changsheng grew up, where would there be room for them Demons to survive ah.

There should be half of it left.

Thinking about it made it bitter, and there were a few inexplicable colors.

At the moment.

Chen Changsheng was indifferent, "This star map, I... I seem to have seen it somewhere before, the cultivation method contained within it is indeed not something that ordinary people can comprehend."

If it wasn't for his high strength, the many Dao Collections he had familiarized himself with, and the strength of his consciousness, I'm afraid that he wouldn't have the opportunity to familiarize himself with the three thousand Dao Collections at this moment.

He thought so in his heart.

Only, Chen Changsheng was still somewhat astonished that the star map formed by the dozen or so celestial tablets was also familiar to him.

It seemed like he had seen it somewhere before.

But for a moment, he couldn't recall it.

So where was this?

He was puzzled.

Nor was he able to know.

Regardless, Chen Changsheng was, after all, incredibly talented, and viewing the Heavenly Book Tablet in one day had added a great aura to him.

And this aura was very useful.

It made Chen Changsheng extremely comfortable as well, especially with the gazes of those people around him.

It was a mixture of envy, surprise, and even expectation and greed.


Chen Changsheng didn't even say anything, how could he say anything about such a thing as observing the Heavenly Book Tablet in one day.

It didn't exist.

And so.

For the next long period of time, Chen Changsheng was surrounded by all sorts of people.

There were those who were pleasing, those who were threatening, and even those who were outspoken.

They all wanted Chen Changsheng to tell them the method of viewing the Heavenly Book Tablet in one day, and it seemed like it would be nice if they could replicate Chen Changsheng's path to success.

They were very happy.

The looks were weirdly strange, and there was some inexplicable anticipation.


Did Chen Changsheng look like a fool?

He's definitely not an idiot.


How would it be possible for him to tell the method of observing all the Heavenly Book Stele in one day!

In January....


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