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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1210 - Xu Family's Phoenix (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Celestial Book Mausoleum.

Disciples from various schools and sects were all watching the Celestial Tablet with great attention.

Even that Qiushan Jun was no exception.

But there was only one person who was different, and that was Chen Changsheng.

He continued to observe the dozen or so Heavenly Book Stele, looking for possible patterns, desiring to break through to the Tong You in one fell swoop.

Only by entering the Tong You would he be considered strong and have the power to defend himself.

Therefore, Chen Changsheng was still looking forward to it, if he could find out the patterns of the dozen or so Heavenly Book Stele, he might be able to read all the Heavenly Book Stele in one day.

To comprehend the patterns on them one by one.

It would be possible.

Chen Changsheng, who had read through the Three Thousand Dao Treasures, knew very well that the Celestial Tablet had been scattered to the earth since the first year of Tai Shi, and was enlightened by the ancestors.

That meant that it could be enlightened.

Perhaps, it was only a matter of chance.

If he was lucky, he might be able to enlighten it the first time, and if he was unlucky, he might not be able to enlighten it even after strolling through countless circles.

But he believed he should be able to enlighten it.

Thinking of this.

Chen Changsheng continued to spin, which would inevitably lead him to confront Qiushanjun, Xu Yourong and the others.

He instinctively frowned, somewhat rejecting the matter.

After all, the matter of the Divine General's residence was over, and the matter of the marriage contract was nothing more than a piece of paper to him.

Other than that, what else was there?

It seems to be...no more.

The marriage certificate doesn't bind anyone, nor does it make anyone happy.

Plus, he had to find a way to change his life against all odds, so the matter had been put on hold.

Until now.

He had heard about the white-clothed woman who was exquisitely beautiful, and she was the phoenix of the Xu Mansion, Xu You Rong.

At the same time, she should also be the one he had seen when he was a child.

But whether it was the same as when he was a child, Chen Changsheng did not know, nor did he dare to find out.

He was afraid to know the outcome.

--After all, Xu You Rong has grown up, and so has he... people change.

No matter who.

"Perversely, she's just as pretty as when she was young."

Chen Changsheng secretly thought that perhaps this was the only thing about Xu You Rong that hadn't changed.

He didn't go over to greet her because he wasn't sure if Xu You Rong still remembered him, and it would be awkward in case Xu You Rong didn't remember him.

So he didn't go.

Think again.

It was really quite nice to be two childhood sweethearts back then, but that was already in the past, a childhood thing.

He no longer dared to ask for anything.

That good memory was stored deep in his heart, just let it continue to be a memory to recall, there was no need to take it out to achieve.

People are different now.

Coupled with the difference in status nowadays, it was even more so that there was a huge, irreconcilable gulf between Chen Changsheng he and Xu Yourong.

To bridge this chasm, it might take a great price.

Life is so hard.

Chen Changsheng sighed grudgingly, "She is the proud phoenix of the Xu family, and also has the company of a true dragon brother like Qiushanjun, she has no shortage of company, ever.

And what am I, just a poor boy from the countryside and mountains.

My encounter with her was only because of that marriage paper, but that matter had already gone nowhere when I went to the Divine General's residence earlier.

Therefore, there is no point for me to meet her, or Brother Jiang is right, only one's own great strength is eternal, and true love may or may not exist.

But I definitely haven't met it."


A good cultivation is the great truth.

His Chen Changsheng's name had also long since spread out famously during the Great Pilgrimage Exam, and it was reasonable to say that even if Xu You Rong had returned, someone should have told her something about his Chen Changsheng.

But up until now, Xu You Rong had never taken the initiative to contact him or meet him.

This made it obvious.

At least, it was obvious to Chen Changsheng.

"There was never any hope, but I'm actually still harboring illusions, it's really not right." Chen Changsheng sighed inwardly.

He was still thinking too much after all.

Crossing over to Xu You Rong, he saw the Qiushan Jun who was sitting next to her comprehending the Heavenly Book Tablet, the fellow known as the True Dragon.

He was also the Great Senior Brother of the Departure Mountain Sword Sect.

An existence that was revered and respected by countless people in the Departing Mountain Sword Sect, the Departing Mountain Sword Sect had a Gou Han Shi, but there was also this Qiushan Jun.

This person was even more perfect.

Not to mention being handsome, having good talent and bloodline, not to mention being humble and courteous, Qiushanjun was actually quite good if not for being led astray by Nanke later on.

But it was such an existence, but it was his Chen Changsheng's great enemy.

Or rather, a fierce enemy.

That was terrifying.

Of course, this was only under the premise of fighting for Xu You Rong.

Now Chen Changsheng already wanted to give up.

The divine maiden had no intention, so how could he, Xiang Wang, have any intention.

He was well versed in the Three Thousand Daoist Treasures, his mind opened early, and he also appeared to be a bit more precocious than his peers.

It was precisely for this reason that he was tempted to give up.

After all, continuing to persist could be fruitless, so why persist at all?

Sol doesn't insist.

Chen Changsheng saw it thoroughly.

"Qiu Shanjun, he is also a magnificent figure."

Chen Changsheng thought to himself, "Compared to him, I, Chen Changsheng, am just a small, unknown figure, while he is the great senior brother of the Departing Mountain Sword Sect, one of the future hopes of the entire Great Zhou Dynasty."

The True Dragon bloodline was no small feat.

He was favored by the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress together with Xu You Rong.

--at least, it had once been so.

This kind of favor made even Chen Changsheng envious, and it would have been nice if he had been able to obtain such favor.


Himself no.

"However, in comparison, I've gained Brother Jiang's favor, and although he doesn't like to see me sometimes, Brother Jiang is really good."

Also, Jiang lacked more strength than the Heavenly Sea Saint Queen.

This was something for Chen Changsheng to be happy about, as if there was finally a point where he could compare to Xu You Rong, Qiushan Jun and the others.

He wasn't the kind of person who was messing around either.

He looked at the bonafide elegance and nobility of Qiu Shanjun, like a wonderfully beautiful gentleman.

He was slightly envious.

But he quickly covered it up, "I, Chen Changsheng, am not bad at all, it's her loss if she, Xu You Rong, doesn't like me."

The Xu family's phoenix, that was just the Xu family.

Right now.

Xu You Rong also instinctively felt that someone was looking at her, and when she opened her eyes to take a look, she realized that it was Chen Changsheng.

She had already heard of this Chen Changsheng of the National Education Academy, but had never dared to be sure that he was the same Chen Changsheng who had gone to the Divine General's residence.

After all, there were quite a few people with heavy names in the world.

Right now, being watched by Chen Changsheng, she couldn't help but think to herself, "Could it be that he really is that Chen Changsheng?"

The one you were childhood sweethearts with?


But she didn't dare to be sure of anything.

At the same time, she also felt that this was not the moment to recognize each other, after all, this was the Heavenly Book Mausoleum, where time was precious and every second was needed to comprehend the Heavenly Book Tablet.

She did not want to waste it.

Thus, she always felt a little embarrassed when looking at Chen Changsheng, after all, she couldn't do anything right now.

The opportunity to comprehend the Heavenly Book Tablet was rare.

Moreover, she didn't know that the Chen Changsheng in front of her was the same Chen Changsheng she had seen when she was a child.

She wasn't sure.

Although maid Frosty had told her that Chen Changsheng had been to the Divine General's residence, it was said that there had been an unpleasant disturbance.

Of which she had roughly guessed.

Therefore, now she did not know what Chen Chang Sheng was thinking.

Also afraid of meeting him.

If it could be delayed, then it would be delayed as long as possible.

She was also afraid.

After all, she felt that the Chen Changsheng of her childhood and the Chen Changsheng of her upbringing would definitely be different.

Thus, it wasn't just Chen Changsheng who was afraid, she was also quite afraid.

After a quiet glance at Chen Changsheng, she continued to comprehend her Heavenly Book Tablet, while in her heart, she thought, "After this trip to the Heavenly Book Mausoleum is over, I'll go and meet him, I can't delay any longer."

No matter what the outcome was, she needed a clear answer.

This was something that she had insisted on for so many years.

This was something that Chen Changsheng did not know.

Even her senior brother, Qiu Shanjun, didn't know either, only that this Phoenix bloodline sibling had been working hard on her cultivation and had spent almost all of her time on it.

In Qiushan Jun's opinion Xu Yourong just liked to cultivate.

He didn't think much of it.

After all, there weren't many people in the world who could compare to him, Qiushan Jun, basically, none.

Even his Gou Hanshi junior brother, who was also outstanding and brilliant, was much inferior to him.

And these were where his Qiushanjun's bottom line lay.

He was looking forward to it fully.

Now that he naturally knew that Chen Changsheng was looking at him, he couldn't help but think to himself, "Chen Changsheng, you're just a mere Sitting Illumination Realm cultivator, and you're far from me."

He didn't look up to Chen Changsheng either.

Even less had he ever considered him an opponent because he felt that Chen Changsheng was no good.

Even though he was a student of the State Teaching Academy, he was just that, not a powerful and powerful person.

He was calm and humble, but at the same time, he also held himself high and proud.

He, Qiushan Jun, was the phoenix flying high in the sky, the magnificent general existence of that high above, who could compare?

His Gou Hanshi junior brother couldn't compare, and neither could Chen Changsheng.

He was an arrogant existence, and even though he was being quietly sized up by Chen Changsheng right now, his face was calm and he did not immediately get up and do anything to Chen Changsheng.

"Sister You Rong won't be able to look at you."

Qiushan Jun thought darkly, "She has high vision, definitely not something you can imagine, and definitely not something you, Chen Changsheng, can covet."

This grasp Qiushan Jun felt that he still had it.

His heart was like water.

Unlike Chen Changsheng who was as complex as that, at this moment, Qiushan Jun felt that he occupied a high righteousness and an absolutely dominant position, and it was impossible for him to be defeated by Chen Changsheng's rival.

It was just that what he didn't know was that Xu You Rong had actually met Chen Changsheng many years ago.

And the relationship was still good.

If that childhood sweethearts and two small children relationship hadn't deteriorated back then, then his chances of Qiushan Jun actually weren't very good.

On the Tomb of Heavenly Books.

Chen Changsheng once again crossed over to Qiushanjun, and he had no interest in watching the existence of other heavenly pride generations, such as Gou Han shi and so on.

"Regardless of whether it's Xu Yourong or that Qiu Shanjun, I need a strong strength to support me."

This was also clear to Chen Changsheng, so he said, "I need to keep working hard and strive to comprehend the dozen or so celestial tablets sooner."

Entering the Penetrating Realm in one fell swoop.

That would be the best.

Otherwise, it's all just floating clouds ah.

The Heavenly Book Stele was a divine stone from earlier years, scattered down from beyond the heavens and finally gathered together.

Of course, the ones that could be gathered right now were only the ones that fell on the Eastern Land Continent.

And in this world, apart from the Eastern Earth Continent, there was also the Sacred Light Continent, which was an extraordinary place.

On top of these divine stones, various patterns were naturally formed.

However, no one had been able to comprehend for so many years what those patterns engraved on them actually meant.

Because each method was correct as long as it worked.

And it seems to them that those mysterious patterns are natural.

But the patterns engraved on them may not be truly natural, they may have been engraved by man.

"What if I could extract all the patterns and combine them into a new pattern, what kind of pattern would that be?"

Suddenly, Chen Changsheng thought so in his heart.

Perhaps it was Star River?

Or maybe it was something else?

After all, this method of enlightenment had not yet been tried, and perhaps this was the most correct and effective way of truly interpreting the Heavenly Tablet?


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