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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1209 - The Yearly Coming of Age (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Khan had no choice.

He knew this in his heart, and there was no way Jiang lacked a third option for him.

Either cooperate or die.

It seemed simple.

But miserable.

He had to cooperate, and although Jiang would place a ban, just don't harm his life.

As for the years to come, let's talk about it after he unifies the demon race, it's a bit too early to talk about it.

He could agree to it, but whether or not he would be able to deliver in the end, it would depend on the circumstances.

As for the rest.

Khan Qing felt that he could promise, after all, there didn't seem to be any other way if he didn't.

So this was all he could do.

Although there was a chance that it wasn't too good, although it wasn't as free as he thought it would be.

But as long as he could return to the Demon Clan and become the new Demon Monarch, he was confident that he could lift the restriction that Jiang lacked to break into his body.

And this was one of the reasons why Khan dared to agree.

And it was not wrong that he had indeed become dissident, as Jiang Qiao had said, he felt that His Imperial Majesty's kindness had been returned.

Next he needed to live for himself, not for the Great Zhou, nor for the Holy Queen.

Right now, facing Jiang lacked him no other choice.

He had to promise.

"Okay, I can promise you."

Khan continued, "However, I need your help, and I also have a small request."

Jiang Qiao: "........"

He didn't seem to think of that.

Instinctively frowning, he said, "What other conditions do you have?"

"I want to fight you."

Khan suddenly lifted his head to look at Jiang Liao, battle intent and awe-inspiring domineering outlook.


Jiang Gou was choked up.

He said calmly, "After leaving the Great Zhou, your cultivation will reach the From Saint realm, and as for fighting me, you'd better get rid of that idea before it's too late."


Khan frowned in puzzlement, was this condition not accepted either?

Jiang Ji shook his head, but said, "Nothing else, because you are not a match for this seat."

Khan: "........"

Jiang Chi's words, however, he didn't believe in them.

Coldly, he said, "Whether it's a rival or not, we won't know until we've fought, it's a little too early to make a conclusion."

In any case, he didn't believe that Jiang Liao was that strong, and the legends out there should only be legends.

After all, it was easy to go off the rails with blackmail.

"You don't believe it?"


"Then you'll regret it."

"I've never regretted it, not before, and certainly not now."


Jiang Mo coldly glanced at the other party, and a cold light flickered for a moment.

Killing intent scrolled like a windflower.

Even if he couldn't kill Jiang Liao, he could still fight for a few hundred rounds, and that would be enough.

In fact, Khan Qing just wanted to know Jiang Chi's specific strength, and so on, so he could decide on all kinds of future plans.

He didn't want to be led by Jiang Chi's nose.

He, Khan Qing, was not an ordinary person, he was once the prince of that demon tribe.

If he hadn't been saved by His Majesty that Taizong, if he hadn't been the first godly general of this Great Zhou to guard the Tomb of the Heavenly Book, he might have started an even bigger storm in the Demon Clan.

So this was also a ruthless man.

It was just that he wasn't as fierce as Jiang Chi or his siblings.

He was confident and felt that he could win.

But in Jiang Chi's opinion, this confidence of Khan Qing was just a kind of arrogance, or self-deception.

Nowadays, on the entire Eastern Land, who didn't know how powerful he was, Jiang Qian.

Even if he, Khan Qing, was sitting in the Heavenly Tomb, he should have heard of his Jiang's great name.

Or, one should have also felt the imposing pressure of his Jiang Lack.


It should not be possible to confront it.

This was what Khan Qing should be thinking about, but now this various situations looked a bit appalling.

Jiang Ke felt that this First Great Zhou God General, was he out of his mind, didn't he know how many pounds he had?

If he wasn't even a cultivator from the Saint realm, what could he fight him with?

What a joke.


Jiang Qiao said, "Khan Qing, with your current cultivation strength, you're no match for this seat, and you've actually lost this battle before it even started."

Khan Qing: "........"

He, however, didn't believe Jiang Xiao's bullshit.

He only felt that Jiang Chi should have lied to him, and he knew in his heart that there were several strong practitioners from the Saint Realm in the world, and there was no Jiang Chi among them.

Therefore, Khan concluded that Jiang Lack was definitely not a practitioner from the Saint Realm.

"Don't lie to me."

Khan Qing continued, "Although your breath is hidden, it's impossible for anyone in the world, even from the Saint Realm, to completely suppress me, so..."

He wanted to try it.


Jiang Chi no longer persuaded, but said coldly, "If that's the case, then you should prepare yourself."

"What do I need to prepare for?"

"Prepare for the storm, prepare for despair."

"It doesn't exist."


Khan was so confident that he didn't put Jiang lacking in his eyes at all.

To him, Jiang Kou was just a Great Zhou Dynasty State Master whose cultivation wasn't profound.

And that was all.

The future.

He would return to the Demon Clan and resume his position as the first chair.

Becoming the new Demon Monarch was appealing to think about.

At least Khan was attracted to it.


With a single thought, Jiang Xiao crumbled his own terrifying Qi onto Khan.

It was only directed at him alone, "Now you're feeling the storm, though? But feel the desperation?"


Khan Qing fell to his knees on the ground, not moving, trying to get up but not having any strength.

The True Yuan in his body had been suppressed by Jiang Qian and couldn't be mobilized in the slightest, so miserable.


Khan stared up with incredulity, "How can you be so strong?"

He actually wanted to ask Jiang lacking, how the hell did you do that?

A body was actually this strong, and just relying on this to calm him down, there was no need to fight.

This moment.

Like being in an ice cave, like being in danger, cold sweat dripped out, as if his entire body was in some incredible situation.

That was despair!

Khan felt it.

Even his body began to tremble, "National Master, I was wrong, please forgive my ignorance, I..."

When he wanted to continue to say something, he was interrupted by Jiang missing.

"Wait a moment."

Jiang Chi waved his hand indifferently, "Since you want to fight, then this seat will do it for you, okay?

How do you feel now?"

"I've felt the might of the Eight Directions, and I've been asked to treat me like a fart."

Khan Qing hurriedly spoke.

He was now truly afraid that Jiang Chi would kill himself in a fit of rage.

That would be tragic.

After all, Jiang Kou was already the State Master of the Great Zhou Dynasty and had such a strong cultivation strength.

And he, Khan Qing, was just a former Demon Prince, even if he had a name of being the first divine general of the Great Zhou Dynasty, without His Majesty the Great Emperor, that had become a thing of the past.

Moreover, it should be impossible for the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress to be towards him.

Wouldn't it be good for people to hug a thigh like Jiang Chi?


He Khan is just a mole.

Was, and still is.


Jiang Xiao smiled, "Since you've already known your mistake, it would be unreasonable for this seat to go any further.


When he said that, he paused involuntarily.

It was as if there was something deliberately left unsaid.

"But what?"

Khan Qing hurriedly asked, "As long as you command me, I'll do it even if I have to break my bones."

The current situation was different from just now, it was now him as the fish and the flesh, and Jiang lacked the knife.

It was because of this that he was afraid.

After all, Jiang Lack was a magnificent and powerful person, and such a powerful existence must not be a good stubble.

There was no reason for people to leave him behind, after all, he Khan Qing was not obedient either.

According to Khan Qing's guess, with Jiang Lack being so powerful, he could definitely find another Demonic disciple to enter into a so-called cooperation.

"But well."

Jiang Hou said, "The death penalty can be forgiven, but the living crime can't be escaped, so this seat will search your soul first, and we'll talk about the cooperation later."

Khan Khan: "........"

His cold sweat dripped one by one, and he couldn't help but ask, "State Master, can we not search the soul?"

He had heard before that soul searching would turn the person being searched into a fool, and he didn't want to turn into a fool.

So didn't want to be soul searched at all.

That was definitely a terrifying punishment, it might as well be crippled.

"Don't worry, you won't turn into a fool." Jiang Qiao said, "This seat's soul search will definitely make you unaware, and if you don't even feel anything, it should be over."

Khan Qing was now able to experience the great terror of Jiang Gou, this was simply not a good person.

This man was too terrifying and too weird.

He really deserved to die!

Khan thought so in his heart, but immediately snapped such thoughts off, he was afraid that Jiang lacked the ability to really search his soul and see.

Right now.

The fact that Jiang was searching his soul and making the Demon Age come to court was just a whim of his.

The real purpose, however, was really just him wanting to take a look at the Demonic Technique that Khan possessed.

Although it might not be much, it was better than nothing.

It was better than nothing.

Khan would never have imagined that this was actually the purpose of Jiang Xiao, who actually had such an unimaginable idea.

It was probably something that he had never thought of in a million years.

It was just that right now, it was already offended even if he wasn't offended.

So Khan Qing was just praying that Jiang Xiao would be able to forgive him this time, even for the sake of the fact that he was the first god general of the Great Zhou, and even for the sake of the countless sweat and merits he had made for the Great Zhou.

Otherwise, he would only have a very miserable fate.

Khan Qing's heart was bitter, "Why did I just have a brainwave and mess with such a terrifying existence!"

So angry.

What if....?

This was tragic.

Jiang Lack was definitely not something he could deal with, and even Khan could imagine how terrifyingly strong Jiang Lack was.

"This should be countless times more powerful than the Heavenly Sea Saint Queen."

Khan Qing's heart thought so, but he just didn't have any bottom in his heart.

"If we honestly agreed to cooperate with him in the beginning, wouldn't we not have so many worries?"


How had he gotten in trouble with this person Jiang Lack?

"I should have known better, why would I be confident and arrogant?"

At this moment, Khan Khan wanted to slap himself furiously, it was all his own fault.

Jiang Kou soon finished searching his soul, and Khan Qing didn't even feel anything at all.

It was true that this former prince of the Demon Clan possessed quite a few techniques, and as a result, Jiang lacked a small profit and was a bit happy.

Because of his pleasure, Khan wasn't punished in any great way.


Jiang Mo let him go after laying down a restriction, "You are now a strong man from the Saint Realm, and the Demon Race will be coming to court year after year in the future, do you understand?"


Khan said evenly, "It's all clear."

Although he also knew that the so-called strong man from the Saint Realm in Jiang Notch was actually just a name.

It was probably so.

Anyway, from Khan Khan's point of view, the From Saint Realm cultivation, which was his current strength, was not any opponent of Jiang Notch at all.

This person was much stronger than he had imagined, "He's probably an existence that transcends the Slave Saint realm."

To be able to raise his cultivation strength in an instant, this was definitely not something that an ordinary strong person could do.

Therefore, Khan felt that Jiang Xiao should be a transcendent existence.

And carefully warned himself, "In the future, no matter what happens, you must not offend this person, or else the ends of the earth will be inescapable."

All that had just been experienced was still fresh in his mind.

That was true despair!


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