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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1207 - Am I also a genius? (subscription sought)

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Celestial Book Mausoleum.

The various genius disciples were each watching the Heavenly Book, some of them could understand it, but some of them couldn't understand it either.


The patterns on the celestial book tablet were basically the routes of transportation for many people.


Such a method had already been tried by previous ancestors, and it wasn't very effective now.

In order to completely comprehend the Heavenly Book Tablet, one must find another strange way to achieve comprehension.

Many people had changed piece after piece, but they still couldn't, and their comprehension was half-baked.

This was a bit annoying.

On the side.

Jiang Mo also looked on indifferently, looking strange, "Are these Heavenly Book Stele really so difficult to comprehend?"

He was startled and looked a bit skeptical, but the Heavenly Book Tablet was a divine stone, and according to the experience accumulated by his ancestors, it should not be difficult.

Probably not difficult?

Anyway, as he pondered so, he also turned his attention to those celestial tablets in the celestial mausoleum.

"I'll give it a try."

Although he didn't know if he could enlighten himself, he also understood that he had to go for enlightenment.

What if he succeeded?

It's hard to say, luck is not something to say.

Jiang Xiao believed that his luck should be quite good, this was only based on some experience.

Whether it was correct or not, he still needed to proceed with his next plan.

If he could succeed, it would be fine.

If he couldn't succeed, he didn't lose anything, "After all, I've already obtained a considerable amount of World Origin Power, and this coming to the Celestial Book Mausoleum is already considered a gain, even if I can't comprehend the Celestial Book Tablet, it's nothing."

He looked at it very openly.

It was also half-hearted.

It was just right that he could try out his natural aptitude once more.

He actually wanted to know if he was serious about comprehending the Dao, and wondered if he could succeed in comprehending it.

He was looking forward to it anyway.

Maybe he, Jiang Someone, was so strong that any of you would have to kneel when the time came, whether you were a supreme elder or one of those supreme generations.

The Human Immortal Great Perfection was already strong, but Jiang was still not satisfied with that, and right now, the Earth Immortal Realm was his goal.

And so.

Under the attention of many people, Jiang Chi looked calm as he gazed towards one celestial tablet after another.


"It didn't even work?"

Jiang was stunned, secretly saying, "Could it be that I, Jiang Someone, am really a useless person?"

No way.

You shouldn't be so bad yourself.

At any rate, I'm an immortal, and this will embarrass me ah.


Is there something wrong?

For a moment.

Jiang Gou involuntarily frowned, "If that's the case, I'm afraid that I'm not going to be able to survive in my old age."

With so many people watching, how could he put his old face on Jiang someone's shoulders.

This was a bit embarrassing.

Especially being watched by all those geniuses and guards around, Jiang Jian only felt that their eyes were actually on him.

It looked like they were all looking forward to it, as if they also wanted to see how far Jiang Gou could go.


In the current situation, Jiang lacked really didn't see what was wrong with it.

Why is it that you're the only one who can't feel anything?

It was awkward.

Especially with so many pairs of eyes, there's a good chance you'll be kneeling if you're not careful.


That's very frustrating.

How do you want him, Jiang someone, to explain to the people around him.

Are you going to say that you're actually no good, no talent, no qualifications, and no halfway decent?

He didn't even believe that.


After he read all of the dozen or so Heavenly Tablet in the Mausoleum, he didn't think so.

It seemed... it seemed like he really had to explain himself before he could.

Because many of them had looked surprised and even frowned, Jiang Lack's performance had greatly disappointed them.

What the hell was this?


Jiang was fiercely shocked, although cultivation was a personal issue, and any person outside of you could say that it had nothing to do with him, Jiang Da Xian.

But the fact was.

He still had to be affected to some extent, and was a bit embarrassed to be stared at at the moment.

It was as if he was a weak chicken and was greatly looked down upon.


That would be awkward.

Jiang Guiao's mouth fell open and muttered, "I'll go, this time it's a big game, I should have thought of this situation ah, then it wouldn't have been so awkward."


My own head was twitching, which led to not thinking so much and not thinking fully.

It was a bit embarrassing now.

He was in a depressed mood, so he laughed bitterly with a bit of a twitch, "I'm obviously just finding things for myself."


This is so frustrating.

How did things turn out like this?

If he could have avoided the problem, Jiang Xiao felt that he had mostly avoided it.

But now it seemed that he probably couldn't avoid it.

He looked over piece by piece, but he didn't find a pattern on the Heavenly Tablet that throbbed with himself in the slightest.

There was no sense of that spiritual connection.

It was as if it never existed, but looking at it piece by piece made Jiang Kang's heart jump in fear.

He secretly said, "Could it be that I, Jiang Guoxiang, am really just a useless person?"

I was prepared for it, but it was still a bit cryptic and a bit depressing when I actually faced it.

It was really kind of bad.

He suddenly felt in an unbeautiful mood.

All the happiness he had before coming to the Heavenly Book Mausoleum was now gone.

All extinguished.

What was even more embarrassing was that there were people watching beside him.

A number of people, who were not even trying to comprehend the Heavenly Book, were quietly watching him, as if they wanted to see what kind of skills he had that Jiang lacked.

It made him appalled.

Would this be okay?

He cried and laughed, secretly thinking, "This won't work, it definitely won't work."

After thinking about it, Jiang Qian felt that he still needed to explain, "If this seat says that my talent is no good, do you believe me?"

And no ambiguity.

Directly admitting it.

He, Jiang Chi, was indeed not gifted with the right qualifications.

The crowd beside him: "......."

Although everyone was confused and angry at Jiang Xiao for not comprehending the Heavenly Book Tablet, at the moment, Jiang Xiao's words sounded incredulous to them.

It only felt that the truth of the matter should not be like this.


How is that possible?

Jiang Chi was already the State Teacher of the Great Zhou Dynasty, and a few days ago was even a powerful existence that overwhelmed the entire Divine Capital.

How could his talent be bad?

That's cheating, right.

But it's not like this to cheat.

So, they all thought that it was Jiang Lack who was fooling people and cheating them out of their benefits, and this guy must want to wait for people to mock.

Then so that he could hit back in the face.



After thinking of these circumstances, those onlookers around felt their faces change greatly, and looked scrupulously at Jiang Xiao.

Originally, they felt that this State Master was not easy to provoke, and now they felt that way even more, where was this an existence that could be provoked.

Can't afford to provoke.

None of them could afford to provoke it anyway.

"Once we go and mock him foolishly, he will definitely come out and punish us."

"I can't imagine that big brothers have a penchant for playing pig and tiger?"

"The culture of this world has been messed up."

"Come to think of it, Jiang Guoji is already the State Master of the Great Zhou Dynasty, and his cultivation realm is even more profound, so how could his talent not work?"

"That's right, if talent doesn't work, he would never be this powerful, so it must be Jiang Guoji testing us."

"It's just that it's better to honestly comprehend the Heavenly Book Tablet, don't continue to pay attention to the National Master, an existence like him isn't something we can pay attention to either."

"We originally just wanted to take a glimpse of the National Master's enlightenment of the Heavenly Book Tablet, but we never expected that this would also be a matter of suspicion and calculation."



Many people were feeling this way now, it was really depressing.

Moreover, they couldn't offend Jiang Lack, and if they offended a powerful existence like that, they wouldn't have any good fruit to eat.

And so.

After thinking of these circumstances, they dispersed separately.

No longer did they continue to pay attention to Jiang Lack, the big brother.

The big brother's temper was all very odd, and many people knew this, so they felt that they couldn't afford to provoke him.

So it was best not to provoke him.

If you get into trouble, you'll only be the one to suffer in the end.

They had always understood such reasoning.


They all went to comprehend the Heavenly Book Tablet.

That included geniuses like Xu Yourong, Qiushan Jun and the others.

Chen Changsheng wasn't interested in comprehending yet, but he was observing carefully, looking for patterns.

He had read through the Dao Collection, so he naturally knew that someone had once looked at the Heavenly Book Tablet in one day and comprehended the Great Dao from it.

So he also wanted to.

If he was able to look at the Heavenly Tablet in one day, did it not mean that he was extraordinary as well?

Today, Chen Changsheng has broken the marrow cleansing into the sitting illumination.

But he wasn't satisfied yet.

Tongyou was only considered strong, "Wouldn't it be better if I could enter Tongyou from Sitting Illumination, then it would be easier for me in my next search to change my fate against the heavens."

Thinking of this.

Chen Changsheng then carefully observed each Heavenly Tablet, striving to present the patterns that appeared on each of them in his mind.

Then look for their patterns.

If it could be found, then was it....

This time.

Jiang Qiao was also looking for patterns, but he didn't see any of them or even remember any of them after looking at them for half a day.

That was a bit of a hole.

Fortunately, there was no one else who knew this point other than him.

So there was no need to be embarrassed.

Otherwise it would really be quite embarrassing.

"Patterns, what exactly are the patterns?"

Jiang lacked a depressed face and frowned as he carefully searched to find the same thing.

But he couldn't see it even after looking for half a day.



Jiang Gou laughed somewhat bitterly, "The book tablet shouldn't be playing with me these days, is it?"

It was too hard.

In his eyes, the celestial tablet was still a celestial tablet.

Other than the mysterious and weird point of the breath, there was nothing special about it.


There were already people in the surrounding area who had entered a state of enlightenment, apparently due to comprehending the Heavenly Book Tablet, causing them to have an epiphany.

"Is this the legendary human being who is infuriating?"

Jiang lacked a depressed face, "From the looks of it, Chen Changsheng should be close to finding the doorway, just me not."


He's a big man of the Human Immortal Realm himself.

He was the State Master of the Great Zhou Dynasty.

With such status and position, he also wanted to save face.

But now there was no face to speak of, not even half of it, which made it even more embarrassing.

For a while.

Jiang Mo was a little anxious.

If this matter could be resolved earlier, if it could be....

But there are no ifs.

If you can't relate, you can't relate.

If it doesn't resonate, it doesn't resonate.

It can't be helped.

It makes him feel so tired, so bitter.

Look at the others, one by one, they've already entered the state of enlightenment, or they've already achieved something, at least touched the threshold.

But now.

And then look at yourself.

Nothing is left, not to mention touching the threshold, not even the slightest bit of the doorway ah.

This was a bit speechless.

Jiang Ji sighed grudgingly, "It seems that I, Jiang Someone, am destined to be a person whose natural qualifications are not good enough."


But those beside them who heard this, one by one, their facial skin began to twitch.

In their hearts, they couldn't help but think, "What, you're not good at Jiang's talent?"

You've got to be kidding me.

If you're not gifted, who is?

Guess no one can.


One by one, they all got depressed and couldn't rest.

Someone who was sober immediately spoke up.

"State Master, you are a genius, a great genius, don't belittle yourself."

"That's right, if anyone dares to say anything wrong about the State Master, I'll be the first to not let him off, that's obviously opening my eyes."

"State Master Jiang is not only the first person in my Great Zhou Dynasty, but also the first person in the entire Eastern Land, who can compare."

"National Master's great talent, no one can match him!"


What the hell?

"I, Jiang Someone, am also a genius?"

The corner of Jiang's mouth twitched, secretly saying, "Why didn't I know I was a genius?"


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