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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1206 - Heavenly Book Mausoleum (Seeking Subscriptions)

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What is a practice?

In terms of this world, it is about constantly completing the transformation and improvement of oneself.

Constantly practicing and perfecting oneself.

It is a kind of self-refining, enlightening the Way.

What is the Way?

It is said that all things are dao.

After the Great Pilgrimage is over, with the permission of the Sovereign Queen of the Heavenly Sea, anyone with a certain rank can enter the Tomb of Heavenly Books to view the Tablet of Heavenly Books.

In order to comprehend the Great Dao.

Of course, some of them were licensed to enter, such as that Qiu Shanjun, or that Xu Yourong.

They were truly the licensed generation, the kind that could enter without having to look at the rankings.

It's just that....

There was another person who was rather special, and that was Jiang Lack.

He was the State Teacher of the Great Zhou Dynasty, a supreme existence.

Now, he was also going to follow the crowd to the Heavenly Book Mausoleum, and his main purpose was to see just how bad he was.

By the way, to get a handful of origin power.

It might just be enough.

After thinking of these circumstances, Jiang Chi continued to step forward and looked calm, "There are numerous Heavenly Book Mausoleums, according to the original plot, that Demonic Black-robed State Master Zhou Duster, should be going to mess things up."

Now well.

It was hard to say whether that Zhou Duster would still go or not.

Anyway, Jiang Chi didn't think that Zhou Duster had the guts to do that, so she was afraid that she wouldn't dare to do that.

Of course.

It was also possible that people Zhou Duster held herself backed by the Demon Clan, so she was fearless, even if it was Jiang Kou.

It was also possible.

"But, I don't care about any of that." Jiang Chi smiled slightly, "Even if their Demon Clan pours out their nest, it doesn't matter to me, Jiang Someone."

That was all indifferent.


Next, Jiang Jiang said to Chen Changsheng and the others, "Changsheng, you and Fallout and Thirty-Six, you guys go up first and remember to comprehend the Heavenly Book Tablet."

As for his relationship with Xu You Rong, that was out of his Jiang Chi's control.

Chen Changsheng nodded at the words, "Brother Jiang, I will comprehend the Heavenly Book Stele properly."

He was still confident about that.

Although he was very deep in the theory of cultivation and had read as many as three thousand Dao Treasures, he didn't really have much in the way of real practice on cultivation.

Tang Thirty-Six and Bai Luoheng were different, since they had been practicing the Immortal Dao Technique taught by Jiang Xiao, and with the exercise of this Grand Court Trial, their entire strength had risen.

At the very least, they were now much stronger than Chen Changsheng.

"Brother Jiang, we will protect Chang Sheng, don't worry."

"Yeah, whoever engages in bullying my Master Chang Sheng, I will not let him get away with it."

"Our State Teaching Academy is resting as one, anyone who dares to bully Eternal Life is equal to bullying us."

Chen Changsheng: "........"

He was suddenly a little confused.

These friends around himself seemed to be even stronger, while he was still so weak.

Therefore, this trip to the Heavenly Book Mausoleum was an opportunity for him as well.

It was said that after comprehending the Heavenly Book Tablet, one would be able to comprehend the Great Dao in one go and thus cultivate quickly.

Chen Changsheng's heart was incomparably looking forward to this ah.

At this time.

Jiang Chi, however, was thinking that since Chen Changsheng was already confident, he should not go as well.

"Brother Jiang, what about you?"

Tang Thirty-Six suddenly asked, "Aren't you also going to the Heavenly Book Mausoleum, aren't you going up there with us?"

"Naturally, I'm going to the Heavenly Book Mausoleum, but I don't want to walk with you."

Jiang Qiao said, "What you guys represent is the State Teaching Academy, while what I represent is the entire Great Zhou."

The meaning was different.

He wanted to go to the Heavenly Book Mausoleum, but he wanted to go up there slowly by himself instead of following Chen Changsheng and the others.

That would be meaningless.


Tang Thirty-Six and the rest of them nodded to each other, sort of understanding what Jiang lacked.

Simply going up first as well.

The main reason was that they also wanted to see the grandeur and magnificence of the Heavenly Book Mausoleum.

It was said.

In that ancient era, during the first year of Tai Shi, there were divine stones that flew from that space and scattered and fell into the earth, of which fell in the Eastern Land....

This divine stone would be the current Mausoleum of Heavenly Books.

Ever since they were acquired by the Great Zhou Dynasty, they had been built in the Heavenly Book Mausoleum for future generations to view.

It would be a great good thing if someone could see all the Heavenly Book Stones in one day.

It means that their future achievements are unlimited.

Of course.

There were also some people who could not understand the contents of the tablet for the rest of their lives.

The celestial book steles of the Mausoleum were all filled with strange and mysterious patterns with no pattern to speak of.

Whether or not they could comprehend them depended on their own thoughts, this was clear to Jiang Ji.

Likewise, Chen Changsheng and the others were also well aware that once they had a good fate, they might be able to, and luck would not be able to stop them.

Once they were unlucky, or their own qualifications were not so good, it was very likely that they would never have the chance to achieve enlightenment breakthroughs.

It was also possible.


Chen Changsheng and the others then each had their own thoughts and slowly headed towards it, while their hearts were a little strange.

Jiang Chi, on the other hand, looked calm, whether or not he could enlighten the Heavenly Book Tablet in the Mausoleum, Jiang Chi actually felt that it didn't matter.

What was important was another thing, and that was whether those Heavenly Book Stele in the Mausoleum could bring him enough World Origin Power.

That would be enough.

Jiang Chi's heart smiled deeply, "To think that even with that Chen Changsheng's talent and qualification to comprehend the Heavenly Book Tablet, then I, Jiang Someone, must be able to do so as well.

In other words, even if I can't, I can still do it in another way."

For example, if he exchanged the Heavenly Book Tombstone for some World Origin Power, he could continue his cultivation.

Continuing to rely on those incomparably powerful powers would directly push his cultivation to an incredible peak.

That thought made one feel excited, "The Heavenly Book Tablet in the Heavenly Book Mausoleum is already the strongest thing in this world, so they should be enough for me to harvest a large amount of World Origin Power."

Jiang Qian thought so.

The mood was strange.

After thinking of these circumstances, Jiang Chi smiled calmly, "Next, all those geniuses in the Great Pilgrimage Exam have gone to the Celestial Book Mausoleum, so it's time for me to go as well."

Whether or not he could see that black-robed State Master Zhou Duster again, Jiang Xiao didn't know, but he was just still looking forward to it.

It might not be bad if he could see it.

He rejoiced and slowly walked towards the place where the Heavenly Book Mausoleum was.

At this time, the Heavenly Book Mausoleum was already overcrowded, there were those who had come in for the Grand Imperial Examination, some who had been specially approved to come in, and even some guards.

They all came.

The Heavenly Book Mausoleum, which was already small, then looked a bit more crowded.


When everyone saw Jiang Jian coming over, they all backed away from a pathway, knowing that the one in front of them was this Great Zhou Dynasty's State Master Jiang Jian.

And no one dared to offend.

It was mainly because they were afraid.

In case of offending miserably, they were nothing but gaining more than they lost.

With a sweep of his gaze, Jiang Chi looked at all these geniuses, "Alright, let's each find a Heavenly Book Tablet to watch as soon as possible, so there's no need to take into account the existence of this seat."

He, in fact, had come to see the Heavenly Book Stele as well.

It was just that he hadn't done anything at the moment, and hadn't yet started viewing the Heavenly Book Stele carefully.

He was just observing the Heavenly Book Stele, and based on the vibrating vajra bracelets inside his body, he knew that these Heavenly Book Stele in front of him had brought him many contributions of origin power.

This was good.

At the very least, it kept him from making a trip for nothing, and the Heavenly Book Stele's contribution was positive.

"The origin power I can easily obtain." Jiang Kou muttered, "Then the next step is to carefully comprehend it."

According to Jiang Kou's thoughts, since he had come all this way, he couldn't return empty-handed.


He still had to go and comprehend it, or to experience the peculiarities of this Heavenly Book Tablet.

Back then, during that first year of Taiji, these Heavenly Book Stele were the ones that transformed into divine stones that flew from the depths of the starry sky and scattered into the earth.

To say that there was no cause and effect relationship at all, Jiang Chi absolutely did not believe that there were some unknown secrets in it as well.

And these secrets were unknown to him.

At this moment, Jiang Chi's heart was somewhat looking forward to it, "If I, Jiang Someone, can, might I be able to comprehend certain different things?"

It was also possible ah.

Jiang Qian had a million expectations in his heart, so he also slowly walked towards one of the Heavenly Book Stele under the astonished gazes of those other people.

"The State Master actually came to comprehend the Heavenly Book Stele as well?"

"How rare, has he never comprehended the Celestial Tablet?"

"It looks a bit strange, this person is very different, I just don't know what this Jiang Guoji is able to enlighten."

"Probably, it's the same as most of us, right?"

Jiang Qian was unaware of it anyway.

He shrugged his shoulders, but he looked indifferent.

It was just a few Heavenly Book Stele.

Even if he couldn't comprehend, so what if he couldn't, he had already gained enough World Origin Power through these Heavenly Book Stele anyway.

Although this origin power wasn't enough for him to break through to the Earth Immortal realm, he was able to accumulate the opportunity to break through to a certain extent.

The chances for the future were great.

His goal of breaking through to the Earth Immortal Realm was much closer.

Many of the people who were observing Jiang Lack couldn't be patient and also started to watch the Heavenly Tablet.

No matter what, it was only true if one's own strength was strong.

And how strong Jiang Lack's strength was, it had little to do with them at this moment anyway.

"The existence of these Heavenly Book Steles in the Heavenly Book Mausoleum, the strange totems engraved on them are dazzling, but..."

Jiang Jiang suddenly felt the magic of this as well, the strange totems and symbols seemed to have some sort of uncanny pattern to them.

Whether it was according to the line of action or the method of operating the consciousness, it seemed to work.

However, it was all a bit plausible.

This was a bit surprising.

"Could it be that these so-called celestial tablets are actually from another world?"

Jiang Gu guessed darkly, "Or maybe their origins are actually deeply connected to this world?"

It was possible, and that possibility was high.

"However, now that these Heavenly Book Stele have fallen into this world, they are subject to the constraints of this world.

The fact that I was able to obtain world origin power through these Heavenly Book Stele is enough to show how precious these Heavenly Book Stele are and their great connection to this world.

Otherwise, it would not be possible to contribute origin power, nor would it be possible for people to enlighten and cultivate."

Jiang Chi secretly pondered, "It's fine, I don't have anything more to do anyway, since the origin power has been obtained, then I can just comprehend these Heavenly Book Stele next.

Maybe once my Jiang someone's luck comes in, I'll be able to comprehend more of them as well."

That Chen Changsheng could read all the Heavenly Book Stele in a day, and Jiang Ji felt that he probably could as well.

He was, at any rate, a strong man.


There were still many people quietly checking out Jiang Liao.

"This State Master surnamed Jiang, can he really comprehend the Heavenly Book Tablet?"

"Why do I feel a bit hung up on this matter, as if it's impossible for him to enlighten it."

"Coincidentally, that's what I think too, this Jiang Guoji is strong, but I don't actually think he has a chance to enlighten."

"Yeah, it's not like there's one or two people who have fallen to their knees in front of the Celestial Tablet throughout the ages, there are quite a few geniuses."



It was unfortunate that these people's words were biased to have been heard by Jiang Xiao.

And it was still heard very clearly.


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