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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1204 - Akiyama Jun (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Mo Yu heard the words and nodded hurriedly, "Back to the Holy Queen, earlier, news spread that both You Rong and Qiushan Jun were each on their way back to the divine Capital."

"That's good."

Tian Hai nodded, "Since they are coming, that is a good thing, when Qiu Shanjun arrives at the divine Capital, you have him come to see me at the first opportunity."


Mo Yu didn't ask why.

These were naturally not questions she should ask, such as why would the Heavenly Sea Sacred Queen want to see the Autumn Mountain King, I'm afraid that there were some secrets involved.

And as the imperial female official at the side of the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress, she naturally knew that there were some secrets that she was not privy to.

The Sovereign Empress nodded and continued, "By the way, if You Rong is here, ask her to come see me as well, it's been many days since I've seen her."

Oddly missed.

The Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress thought to herself, "If we can get the division behind You Rong to put in some merit as well, then..."

She would obtain a considerable amount of feats.

Even if she went to exchange with Jiang Chi, she thought that she would be able to exchange quite a few things.

At the thought that Jiang Mo might have more Immortal Dao merit methods in his hands, and even countless cultivation realms behind them, the Heavenly Sea Sacred Queen's heart grew fervent.

If she could exchange more Immortal Dao merit methods, did it mean that she could become stronger in a short period of time?

Not to say as powerful as Jiang Lack, but at least invincible in the world other than Jiang Lack.

And so.

After thinking of these circumstances, the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen began to plan by herself, what would she have to do to make the Autumn Mountain King accept it openly?

It seemed to be a difficult thing to do, but she had to do it.

Firstly, Jiang Lack had clearly stated to her that he needed more feats; secondly, she had to please Jiang Lack as a way to gain more benefits.


A few days later.

God Capital.

A man in a white robe slowly walked over, his face cold and proud.

As splendid as a smoke cloud.

He was a magnificent gentle gentleman, gentle and elegant, just like the Confucian scholar who was diligently reading the classics.

If it wasn't for the glinting of the fine mane in his eyes, if it wasn't for the endless light that appeared, probably bystanders would have thought that he was just a scholar.

Of course.

This man was not a scholar, but a man of cultivation.

Qiu Shanjun.

He was that famous True Dragon, Qiu Shanjun, who was also the most talented and qualified person in the history of the Li Shan Sword Sect.

He was known as the proud son of the heavens.

In the eyes of many of his fellow brothers and sisters in the Departing Mountain Sword Sect, he, Qiushan Jun, was that gentle big brother.

Always had been.

Now, he had come to the Divine Capital, wanting to see Xu Yourong's elegance.

None of those geniuses in the Great Pilgrimage Examinations, he couldn't look up to, "Therefore, it's enough to have my second junior brother Gou Hanshu, there's no need for me to take part."

Even if he, Qiushan Jun, didn't participate in the Grand Court Trial, even if he didn't make a move, no one would doubt his strength.

After all, his talent was there.


He could also go straight to the final round, or go straight to the Heavenly Book Mausoleum.

There was no need to cultivate like Chen Changsheng, that was simply meaningless to Qiushan Jun.

Therefore, his main purpose for coming to the Divine Capital was not for the Great Pilgrimage Examination, nor was it for that Chen Changsheng who had a paper marriage contract with the Xu family.

To a genius like Qiushan Jun, Chen Changsheng was just a poor boy struggling for his destiny.

Unlike those from famous families like him, "Although I had heard of his Chen Changsheng's great name before, it was only a great name, what is he Chen Changsheng?"


It was nothing at all.

Qiushan Jun didn't take him seriously at all, and had never felt that Chen Changsheng would be his competition.

Therefore, he didn't matter.

This came.

First, it was to pay his respects to the Heavenly Sea Sovereign, which was the proper courtesy for him, Qiushan Jun.

Secondly, it was for the sake of Xu You Rong, with whom he wanted to go further than just the love between brother and sister.

Thirdly, it was because he wanted to visit the Heavenly Book Mausoleum, perhaps that rumored Heavenly Book Mausoleum had a different place.

"It is said that all the cultivation techniques in the world were comprehended by the ancestors with supreme wisdom, if I can also go and comprehend them, I might be able to become stronger, and then I will be able to better guard the human race and protect You Rong."

Qiushan Jun was very clear about what his goal was.

He also understood what he should do.

It was just that he probably didn't expect his tragic end in the future.

---Without Jiang Xiao's help, he would only be a Qiushan Jun who was being used and calculated.

And it couldn't be otherwise.

As soon as Qiu Shanjun entered the divine Capital, Mo Yu had already received the news, so he personally brought Qiu Shanjun to the palace.

Qiu Shanjun had no doubts about this, because he knew that the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen appreciated him.

So he wasn't afraid at all.

Frankly, he went.

Entered the palace and then faced the saint.

"Qiushan pays his respects to the Holy Empress..."

He was respectful and courteous, but if it wasn't for the Demon Nanke's subsequent bad luck, Akiyama-san was actually a very good human seedling.

Unfortunately, it grew crooked later on.

Naturally, the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress didn't know about these circumstances, and she was more appreciative of Qiushanjun at the moment, otherwise she wouldn't have let him directly enter the Heavenly Book Mausoleum.

Of course.

Appreciation was still appreciation.

There were some things that had to be counted before they could be counted.

Qiu Shanjun was also just Qiu Shanjun, he could sometimes represent the Departure Mountain Sword Sect, but sometimes he couldn't represent the Departure Mountain Sword Sect.

So it was very contradictory.

The Empress was complicated and somewhat sympathetic to Qiushanjun.

For one, she knew that Xu You Rong probably didn't think much of Qiu Shanjun, at most he was just a brother and sister.

Secondly, Qiushanjun's opponent was Chen Changsheng, the one from the State Teaching Academy who was only at the Marrow Washing Realm.

Originally, a mere Chen Changsheng was nothing at all.

But Chen Changsheng was different now, because Jiang Lack was in the State Teaching Academy, so the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress instinctively linked the two together.

"Behind Qiu Shanjun stands the entire Departure Mountain Sword Sect, while behind Chen Changsheng stands that Senior Jiang ah."

The two were definitely not on the same level of existence.

At least that's what Jiang Kang thought.

Her gaze burned, cold yet divine, "Qiushan, Qiushan, it's not that I didn't help you, nor did I have to calculate you, it's just a matter of necessity."

There was nothing she could do about it.

If Jiang lacked the merit method, she had to go find it, whether it was for her own good or for something else.

And the Departure Mountain Sword Sect where Qiu Shanjun was located was clearly a target.

As long as she could fiddle with all the merit methods of the Departure Mountain Sword Sect, she supposed that she should be able to go to Jiang Chi's place and exchange quite a few Immortal Dao merit methods.

Once she thought of these circumstances, the Heavenly Sea Sovereign asked Qiu Shanjun to sit down and talk, and waved her hand for Mo Yu and the others to go down.

For a moment.

Only she and Qiushanjun were left in the entire palace.

Qiushan Jun instinctively felt that something might be wrong, but couldn't say anything about it.

Plus, the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress was already the owner of the Great Zhou Dynasty, so it was to be expected that she should have something confidential to say to herself.


Qiushan Jun reassured himself more than once, "The Holy Empress she must need me to work for the country, maybe after I make a contribution, she will personally preside over the matter between me and You Rong..."

Thinking about it, Akiyama-kun's heart had some unknown thoughts come to him.


You can do better on your own.

After all, the Holy Queen was also a human being, and she was also the Holy Queen of the entire Great Zhou and the entire human race at the same time.

And so.

The next thing that happened was that Qiu Shanjun and the Heavenly Sea Saint Queen talked in this palace for several hours, from noon until the moonlight was thin.

Since the palace had been surrounded by martial law, no one knew what they had discussed in there.

To everyone else, it was unknown.

Even to Mo Yu.

All that was known was that there was some excitement and thrill when Akiyama-sama came out of the palace about something.

As for what things were agreed to in one happy moment, it was worth pondering.

Perhaps, it was also possible to speculate.

After Akiyama-sama left, Sovereign Queen Tianhai began to summon Pope Yin Xingdao, and they likewise discussed for a long time.

The reason why Tian Hai was looking for the Pope to cooperate was that the Pope had once been her most unwavering follower, and secondly, now Yin Xing Dao was also an existence that Jiang lacked a personal name.

So to cooperate.

The specific implementation plan would then need to be carried out and completed by the Pope.

The merits obtained would naturally have to be distributed evenly.

As for Qiushan Jun, who had already left the palace, he was unaware of some of the calculations of Empress Heavenly Sea and Lord Pope.

He was still complacent, thinking that the Heavenly Sea Holy Queen was on his side, and as long as he could help him catch up with Xu You Rong, then nothing would be a problem.

To this.

Qiushan Jun was still confident, after all, the identity of the Heavenly Sea Sacred Queen was different, "If she goes out of her way to help herself, I don't think You Rong will refuse."

A true dragon matched a true phoenix.

He, Qiushan, was the true dragon, while Xu Yourong was the true phoenix.

Dragons and phoenixes could only present auspiciousness together.

He believed that this truth was very clear to Empress Heavenly Sea, and that he, Qiu Shan, was an irreplaceable existence.

It was precisely because of this confidence that Qiushanjun dared to discuss the situation in so much detail with the Empress of the Heavenly Sea.

He had probably been overwhelmed by happiness.

At least.

This was what the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress thought.

"If there hadn't been the appearance of Senior Jiang Lacking Jiang, perhaps he, Qiushan Jun, would really be considered a person."

The Heavenly Sea Sage Empress continued to think, "But now, after having a powerful existence like Jiang Lack, he, Qiu Shanjun, is nothing."

One Jiang Chi could suppress the entire God Capital, and by the same token, he could also suppress the entire Demon Race.

And what about Qiushan Jun?

Even if he was given ten years, or a hundred years, he might not be able to be as strong as Jiang Lack, the Autumn Mountain King.

So this was a trade-off that the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress understood.

The reason why she wanted to calculate the Qiu Shanjun and the Departure Mountain Sword Sect was actually just a matter of necessity.

It was because the feats in the divine Capital had already been obtained by Jiang Xiao, and she couldn't obtain them from the Demon Clan there.

So she could only turn her attention to the southern sects, with that Mountain Departure Sword Sect bearing the brunt of it.

There was no way around it, she too wanted to become stronger, the Heavenly Sea Saint Queen.

As the saying goes: if one does not do it for oneself, the heavens will punish the earth.

This was the truth.

The current Qiushan Jun was naturally unaware of these thoughts of the Heavenly Sea Empress, and even less aware that the Pope had gone behind her.

Under the previous Heavenly Sea Sacred Queen's bluff, Qiushan Jun had actually sold the Departure Mountain Sword Sect without knowing it.

It was just that he didn't know it yet.

He could care less about the Great Pilgrimage, and the Demon Clan could care less about it, but Xu You Rong he had to care.

It was because of such a weakness that the Heavenly Sea Sacred Queen seized the opportunity and took advantage of it to fool around.

On the contrary, she succeeded.

Jiang Jiang might not even have imagined that the actions of the Heavenly Sea Sacred Queen and the Sect would be so quick and direct.

The hallowed Qiu Shanjun, a great disciple of the Departing Mountain Sword Sect, was actually crippled by the Heavenly Sea Empress' bluff.

When Jiang Jiang was aware of the situation, it made him laugh and cry a little, "Surely the natives have their own ways, this should be the so-called counteracting barbarism with barbarism."

The plan was pretty good, but I just didn't know how effective it would be, but Jiang Gou was somewhat looking forward to it anyway.

Maybe that Qiushan-kun had already been sold and was helping to count the money.

Justifiably speaking, Qiushanjun was actually not stupid at all, on the contrary, a genius like him was still smart.

It was only because he had his heart set on Xu Yourong that he was able to get away with it by the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen.

Exactly how it was carried out and performed, Jiang Xiao didn't know, he only heard about it by chance when they were exchanging Immortal Dao techniques with the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen.

So he didn't ask much.

Anyway, all he wanted was the World Origin Power.

As long as he had the origin power, he could continue to push his own technique and push himself to an unprecedented pinnacle.

And so.

Jiang Xiao was unaware of the progress of the Great Dynasty Trial.

This day.

The Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress sent someone to pick up Jiang Chi from the National Teaching Academy to go to the palace, saying that she had important matters to discuss.


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