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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1203 - The Grand Imperial Examination Begins (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Half a month later.

The God Capital had finally passed through the shadow of Jiang Xiao's breakthrough and slowly returned to its former bustle.

The tremendous impact caused by Jiang lacking's breakthrough was also gradually eradicated by the passage of time.

And now, another thing was rising, and the cultivation was bustling.

After this period of cultivation, the disciples of the various academies had all achieved something and were also rubbing their hands.

It would be good for many of them if they could get a good ranking, so they began to look forward to the next Great Zhou Dynasty's Great Pilgrimage Exam.

Once they could shine in the Great Pilgrimage Exam, they would be able to gain the favor of the Holy Queen and even become famous.

For many young people who dreamed of becoming famous overnight, such a thing was definitely worth looking forward to.

It also included Chen Changsheng and Tang Thirty-Six and the others, who had begun preparing for it a few days ago.


Tang Thirty-Six and Bai Luoheng were just more prepared, as both of them were practicing the Immortal Dao Technique that Jiang Xiao had personally taught them.

Strength was naturally strong.

Unlike Chen Changsheng, who was merely washing his marrow at the moment, he wasn't even in the Sitting Illumination Realm.

This was miserable.

If it was only the Sitting Illumination Realm, then even the first hurdle of the Great Pilgrimage Exam was feared to be sad, let alone the first place on the first list.

That's even sadder.

Therefore, Tang Thirty-Six and Bai Yu Heng kept comforting Chen Changsheng, even that Xuanyuan Break was comforting.

Feeling that Chen Changsheng was in a bad mood.

In need of comfort.

But the truth was, Chen Changsheng wasn't as fragile and vulnerable as they thought he was.

Even with only a marrow washing cultivation, he had never been disappointed, not at all.

Rather, he was full of hope and only looked forward to the day when he would be able to get the first place in the Grand Dynasty Examination.

This was his expectation, and something that he extremely desperately wanted to know.


He had been working very hard.

It was just that this effort of Chen Changsheng's might not bear fruit as far as Jiang Qian was concerned, after all, those geniuses in the Great Pilgrimage Exam were not fools.

No one was a true straw man.

Therefore, he felt that Chen Changsheng's path might be a bit difficult.

This day.

The Grand Court Exam was also officially about to begin.

Tang Thirty-Six and Bai Luoheng were both in high spirits, both wanting to try out their new Immortal Dao Dharma.

It was to try out those bizarre and unpredictable methods, and maybe they could get a ranking as well.

After all.

In the past, they had lingered behind and lagged behind, and their mood was naturally unpleasant, but now it was exactly the reverse.

Everything just seemed to be different.

"Everlasting, have you really already thought about it? Going to the Grand Court Exam is no joke."

Tang Thirty-Six persuaded.

According to his conception, if Chen Changsheng could admit his mistake and apologize in front of Jiang Liao, he thought that with Chen Changsheng's relationship with Jiang Liao, he should be able to successfully embark on the path of leisure.

And once he started cultivating immortality, the problems that had plagued Chen Changsheng for countless days and nights would not be a problem.

His star power was indeed a problem for practicing the Way of Destiny.

However, for cultivating the Way of Immortality, it was a supreme body of stars.

Cultivating Immortality definitely had unimaginable benefits, and wouldn't fate have changed by then?

Why be obsessed with finding a method to change one's life against the heavens on one's own.

Moreover, whether or not there was really a method to change one's fate against the heavens in the Eastern Land, Tang Thirty-Six was actually not sure.

"Even back then, Zhou Doufu, he was all-powerful and thorough, and was called the number one person in the Eastern Earth Continent.

Yet was he such a powerful existence, someone who was infinitely close to the divine Hidden Realm, didn't he ultimately fail to succeed in changing his fate against the heavens?

Otherwise he wouldn't have died.

There was also that once magnificent and magnificent Emperor Taizong, who looked down upon all beings in the world, who was said to have changed his fate against the heavens, but in the end, didn't he die as well.

So why are you so stubborn, Eternal Life?"

Tang Thirty-Six was puzzled.

He didn't know why Chen Changsheng had to reject Jiang Liao's good intentions, but he had to know that Jiang Liao was doing it for him.

At this moment.

After Tang Thirty-Six had finished speaking, Bai Yu Heng also hurriedly said, "Master Changsheng, just listen to what Tang Thirty-Six has to say.

To get the first place on the first list of the Grand Dynasty Examination, although you can enter the Heavenly Book Mausoleum.

However, it is not that simple to get the first place on the first list, and you need a stronger cultivation as support.

And you're just now..."

Marrow Washing Realm.

That's right.

Now Chen Changsheng was only at the Marrow Washing Realm, not even at the Sitting Illumination Realm, so how could he talk about getting the top spot in the Grand Dynasty Examination?

It was simply delusional.

Although Xuanyuan Broken at the side didn't say anything, it was already clear from his expression that he agreed with Bai Yu Heng's words.

Jiang Jiang also slowly walked over to Chen Changsheng, "I respect your choice, whether it's to follow this seat to cultivate the Immortal Dao or to go to the Grand Dynasty Examination to take the first place on the top of the list, this is all your own idea.

So you have to make your own decision and pay for what you decide in the future."

"I understand."

Chen Changsheng nodded and said, "Thank you, Brother Jiang, and also thank you, Thirty-Six and Fallout."

These were all people worthy of his deep friendship and companions in his cultivation.

Whether or not Chen Changsheng really understood, Jiang Chi didn't know, but anyway, the Great Pilgrimage Exam had now begun.

The next few hurdles, it was assumed that with Chen Changsheng's special circumstances, he should be able to get through them.

He didn't care anyway.

With the identity of the State Teacher of the Great Zhou Dynasty and its special status, he could naturally go anywhere.

Even the Heavenly Book Mausoleum, which was known as the holy land of the continent.

As for Tang Thirty-Six and Bai Luoheng, they had gone to the Great Pilgrimage Examinations simply to practice their combat abilities and also to test the results of their cultivation over the past few days.

That was why their goal was different from Chen Changsheng from the start, they didn't care about the ranking they received in the Great Pilgrimage Examinations.

The Empress of the Heavenly Sea and the Pope had instead informed Jiang Ji to attend the opening ceremony of the Great Pilgrimage Exam, but Jiang Ji found it meaningless and simply didn't go.

And as people who were going to participate in the Great Pilgrimage Exam, Chen Changsheng, Tang Thirty-Six and the others had to go.

On this day, the wind was gorgeous.

Chen Changsheng, Tang Thirty-Six, Bai Luoheng, and Xuanyuan Broken went to the first Great Pilgrimage Exam together with a few others.

And at the beginning, it was only a collision between colleges and academies, so Jiang Xiao was not worried about this hurdle at all.

Apart from Chen Changsheng, the State Teaching Academy....


It should be that all of them were strong except for Xuanyuan Break.

Tang Thirty-Six and Bai Feiheng would not be introduced, but ever since the two of them had been practicing the Immortal Dao Technique taught by Jiang Xiao, their entire strength had become different.

As for Chen Changsheng, his cultivation realm was not high, but his knowledge of various moves, body techniques, steps, and so on could be said to be unmatched.

So relying on his proficiency with the Three Thousand Daoist Treasures, he could easily pass the barrier as well.

Probably the worst overall strength would be Xuanyuan Break, although he could transform as well as be infinitely powerful, but in some ways, this was actually just as restricted.

However, with these few people from the State Teaching Academy helping each other out, they should also be able to make it to the end.

As for the cultural exam, it was never difficult for Chen Changsheng, and there was no need to worry at all.

The martial test, well.

Regardless of whether it was that Boiling Time Forest, or any other test, Chen Changsheng should be able to complete it as well.

So Jiang Chi was not worried.

He was now consolidating his realm and also having the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen and Pope Yin Xing Dao prepare more cultivation techniques to come over.

The Great Pilgrimage was an opportunity.

After his cultivation had successfully broken through to the Human Immortal Great Perfection, Jiang Qian's mindset was different.

He still wanted to continue to break through and become a strong Earth Immortal.

And to break through to the Earth Immortal realm, he would need more cultivation techniques to do so.

Whether it was from the human race, the demon race, or that devil race, he needed all of them, and he could not refuse them.

The Great Court Trial was a great event of the Great Zhou Dynasty.

And such a great event, over the years, no matter if it was human, demon, or devil, there would be some degree of participation, as well as the various sects of cultivation in the south and so on.

That was why Jiang Chang hoped that the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen and the Sect would seize this opportunity to obtain more cultivation techniques.

Even if they would then bring it to exchange Immortal Dao cultivation methods with him, it would be fine ah.

He would be happy to do so.

For the next few days.

Chen Changsheng and the others became happy, as they were victorious, though not with first place, though there was still a long way to go before the final first place in the Great Dynasty Examination.

However, Chen Changsheng had seen hope.

It was a different kind of firework.

It had a different meaning.

Jiang was also happy, and after he had passed on his thoughts to the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen, the Pope and the others, these two were extremely happy.

They were also very cooperative.

If they were able to obtain more Immortal Dao cultivation methods, then it was possible for them to become an existence as powerful as Jiang lacked.

They had to know that they had personally experienced Jiang Lack's strength.

It was an existence that was impossible to defeat.

And the mystery and subtlety of the Immortal Dao Technique, which they also had a deep understanding of, was a brand new cultivation system.

It was also a way of cultivating both lives and gaining supreme benefits.

That's why the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen and the Pope were looking forward to it, it would be great if they could become a powerful existence like that.

But now it seemed that they were not without a chance, as long as they could obtain more Immortal Dao techniques from Jiang Xiao, they could continue their cultivation.

They had previously exchanged some Immortal Dao merit methods from Jiang Chi, and the results of their cultivation were so good that they had already felt the opportunity to break through to the pinnacle of the Saint Realm.

Therefore, the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen and the Pope were convinced of Jiang Lack's words.

Very much looking forward to it.

In the divine Capital's academy, the merit was basically beaten by Jiang Xiaoqiu, so it should be impossible for them to gain the benefit.

However, in that southern cultivation sects, there were many that Jiang hadn't visited yet.

For example, that Mountain Departure Sword Sect, that Southern Cultivation Sacred Ground and so on.

These were now targets of the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen and the Sect, and they had no other choice in order to cultivate the Immortal Dao Technique.

Unless they didn't want to become stronger, they wouldn't be able to, so the most important thing right now was to collect merit methods.

As for that Great Pilgrimage, they had already explained it, so naturally there were others who would organize it and complete the plan they had set.

"I don't know how many merit methods are needed for that State Master?"

The Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress sighed somewhat, "The only place that can work now that the techniques in the divine Capital don't work is elsewhere, so..."

She should have some chance of winning.

"After all, that Departure Mountain Sword Sect's Qiu Shanjun is still considered to be within my grasp, and it might not be realistic for him to take out all of the Departure Mountain Sword Sect's cultivation techniques.

But if I use You Rong's bride-price as blackmail, their Departure Mountain Sword Sect should be able to take out a portion of it, and this is my chance to do so.

Although it would be somewhat detrimental to Yurong's interests, but afterwards I explained it to her carefully and I think Yurong would be willing to do so.

Besides, maybe she likes Qiushan-kun as well."

The Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress thought so, her appearance could not help but look wry, and in a split second, she thought of calculating Xu You Rong and Qiu Shanjun.

Or even the entire Departure Mountain Sword Sect.

The Departure Mountain Sword Sect was also a cultivation sect of the Southern People's Clan, and the methods they practiced were powerful and knowledgeable, and it was unknown how many good techniques were contained within them.

It would actually be a good thing if one could obtain it.

Thinking about it made people excited.

As for the rest, one could only take it one step at a time.

And, Empress Heavenly Sea believed that even if that Departure Mountain Sword Sect turned back in the end, with an existence like Jiang Xiao sitting in the Great Zhou Dynasty, I'm sure the Departure Mountain Sword Sect wouldn't say anything.

It should also not dare to say anything.

After all, Jiang Jiang was no ordinary person, his cultivation was inscrutable.

How could he be compared to an ordinary person?


"It's settled."

With that in mind, the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen said, "Mo Yu, has Qiu Shanjun come to the divine Capital ah?"


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