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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1202 - Impact of Breakthrough (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Terrifying pressure and momentum swept through the entire God Capital.

It made all of those self-righteous strongmen in the divine Capital deeply feel what it was to be truly strong right now.

This was probably.

The kind of air that made them feel desperate was filling the entire God's Capital.

And, they had seen the heaven and earth vision.

It was a shuffle.

They had never seen such a terrifyingly strong person before, it was simply a taboo existence.

"Who exactly is it that can possess such a powerful skill, it's simply terrifying."

"It seems to be coming from the direction of the State Teaching Academy, has a remarkable existence appeared in that relaunched academy?"

"It seems to be like this."

"An existence that can cause such an impact and can oppress the entire divine Capital just by relying on momentum, this is the only time in all of history, ah."

"Yeah, even that once world's number one, Zhou Difu, didn't do it."

"Then who exactly is he?"

"It should be him, the new State Master of the Great Zhou Dynasty, Jiang Chi, can't think of anyone other than him who has the ability to compromise."

"Is he that powerful?"

"I don't know, but he's the only one who can do it, and no one else has that kind of skill at all."


Soon, those old and immortal guys in the entire God's Capital were talking to each other.

Jiang lacked the greatest possibility.

So they were guessing like this, the only way they could find some psychological comfort.


It's one of their own.

Jiang Lack was also considered one of their own.

After all, he was the State Master of the Great Zhou Dynasty, and many people in the Divine Capital were dependent on the Great Zhou Dynasty for their existence.

On that level, it was also considered one of their own.

In the Departure Palace.

Pope Yin Xingdao was cultivating his evergreen tree, which contained a small world within it.


The sudden appearance of a powerful momentum made him feel depressed, just as if he had been struck.

"He... he's actually this strong?"

Just the momentum alone completely suppressed him, knowing that he was also a strong man from the Saint Realm.

But now he was actually no match for Jiang Xiao.

All of his strength was suppressed, and he couldn't even mobilize a little bit of his true essence.

Like him, there were many others.

They were all frightened and afraid that Jiang Liao would come to trouble them.

The palace.

The Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress was meditating and cultivating, but suddenly she couldn't mobilize any True Yuan.


Just as she was puzzled, she felt an overbearing, domineering, ancient momentum rapidly crumbling over from the direction of the State Teaching Academy.

So much so that before the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress could even react, she was already calmed down.

Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress: "........"

She looked at the direction of the State Teaching Academy with a cryptic face, "Such a big scene, it looks like it should be Senior Jiang who made it, but I just don't know why he made such a big commotion, is it a breakthrough?"


Jiang lack was so strong, what level could he break through to if he continued to break through?

The Heavenly Sea Saint Queen was baffled.

In fact.

She could never have imagined that Jiang Liao was so powerful in any way, and the entire Divine Capital's powerful cultivators had stopped because of his momentum.

It was as if what they were cultivating was fake.

This made many people feel quite helpless, but there was nothing they could do about it.

Not to mention Jiang Lack's great strength, just because of the identity of the Great Zhou Dynasty State Master, it was not something they could deal with.

God Capital.

That black-robed State Master Zhou Duster also felt the same, "He actually started to break through, is this momentum still climbing steadily.


It creeped her out.

There was a creepiness to it.

Zhou Duster understood.

It turned out that all the things that Jiang Xiao had said earlier were actually true.

He alone could exterminate the entire Demon Race.

That was not false.

It also dawned on her.

Jiang Chi really had that kind of strength, "From the momentum he's showing, this should be his most complete strength, this kind of strength may have surpassed my brother back then, and also surpassed the divine Hidden Realm, I wonder if it's reached an unimaginable level?"

She had no idea about this.

However, Jiang Xiao must be a terrifying existence, the kind that must not be offended.

She suddenly cried and laughed, "I was actually so lucky to escape before."

Yes, she was lucky enough.

Otherwise it wouldn't have been possible for such a good thing to happen now, just by paying some feats.

It was really fortunate.

Because Jiang Xiao didn't kill her, nor did he strike out at her, merely asking for some merit methods.

Of course, it was also related to her cooperation.

If she didn't cooperate half the time, then she probably wouldn't be alive for a day.

Jiang lacked this person.

He was just a super terrifying existence ah.

Now Zhou Duster understood.

It also dawned on her.

It seemed that she was a bit on the wrong side of being the Demon Nation's National Master?

After all, Jiang Xiao was on the side of the Great Zhou Dynasty.

And between the Great Zhou Dynasty and the Demon Race, they were naturally hostile, so maybe one day in the future they would continue to confront each other.

As for her, Zhou Duster, as the state teacher of the Demon Race, wouldn't she also have to go up against Jiang Xiao?

She couldn't help but cringe at the thought of this situation, "No, absolutely not this, he's... he's too scary."

This time.

She also finally experienced that feeling of Nanke.

It was a feeling that felt terrifying and bizarre, and she didn't want to enter the National Teaching Academy again in this life.

That place had now become a forbidden place.

At least for Zhou Duster, who felt that this matter was terrifying.

Simply incredible.

So no matter what, she couldn't be an enemy again with Jiang Xiao, who was an invincible person.

Even if his once world's best brother, Zhou Difu, was resurrected, he probably wouldn't be able to handle it.

Jiang Liao's strength had exceeded their expectations, and after feeling Jiang Liao's strength this time, Zhou Duster's heart actually had no other thoughts.

As for the strife between the demons and the humans, that was left to the fate of the gods.

She couldn't care less anyway.

The situation within the Demon Clan was becoming increasingly chaotic now, and she was in a bad mood as her position could be threatened at any moment.

At the moment.

Jiang Xiao was breaking through.

He was completely unaware of the effects caused by releasing his full momentum out.

Or rather, he didn't care at all about those effects that were caused.

Even if the entire divine Capital was affected by his momentum, so what, wouldn't it be nice to let everyone else know how powerful he was, Jiang Lack.

It was also a way to show strength, and in the future, that Holy Queen and the Pope would be honest when they worked with him.

There was also that planter, Shang Xingzhou, who had been engaging in small actions previously, and Jiang Liao didn't take care of him, but that didn't mean he didn't know.

Now with the help of the breakthrough, it's a good time to tell others that he, Jiang Liao, is very powerful, so don't think of using him or having other ideas.

Otherwise you'll still end up in a miserable situation.

Jiang Lack had such thoughts in the beginning, but he was just using the opportunity of his cultivation breakthrough to show them all together.

Now, his cultivation had also reached a critical moment.

The Nine Pillars of Dao had been running wildly, and the World Origin Energy that he had originally collected had been refined.

But these energies were just too much and too terrifying.

His body was flowing like a rushing river, and it was flowing wildly.

The Immortal Yuan mana was also hiddenly out of control, but the situation was much better as Jiang Jian continued to operate the Nine-Pin Daoist Perfection of the Human Immortal Realm.

"Is it finally breaking through?"

Jiang Chi smiled slightly, "This is so good, I'm about to break through, this time I can use those world origin forces to directly rush up to the Human Immortal Great Perfection, hehehe!"

It seemed that the trip to this side of the world was greatly beneficial, and it was the right place to be.

"Although this world's cultivation system seems weird and monstrous, and even the cultivation level is not high, the level of this side of the world itself is high."

Jiang Ji secretly mused, "This gives me the opportunity, a chance to obtain a large amount of origin power, and only with countless world origin power will I have the chance to become an even more powerful existence."


For example, his current Human Immortal Great Perfection, an imaginary realm.

The next moment.

Jiang Chi had broken through.

Water to water.

Or, it couldn't be described with this word, after all, Jiang Lack wasn't cultivating like this in a serious way.

He was mainly relying on enough World Origin Force to keep pushing him to the peak.

Jiang lack was prepared for this, and he was well aware of the continuous visions in the sky.

"Just right, it can deter quite a few people." Jiang Ji muttered, "Previously, when this seat became the State Master of the Great Zhou Dynasty, many people were not convinced in their hearts, but now it seems that they have to be convinced as well."

Jiang Chi was naturally very clear about the issue of the momentum he emitted, but clear was clear, and he didn't put it away in the first place.

"And let this Human Immortal Great Perfection momentum continue to envelop for a while, let these people in the divine Capital feel it carefully, I am not a vegetarian."

Jiang Jiang thought to himself.

Just in time to take care of some of the people, I can crush them with my qi.

Of course.

Right now, Jiang Jiang's heart was still calm, after all, his Immortal Perfection cultivation was invincible in this side of the world.

However, because this side of the world was bearing okay, it didn't encounter any rejection.

At this moment in the divine Capital.

Many people's hearts were suffering that much.

They couldn't cultivate, nor could they run their techniques or mobilize their true essence, but they couldn't do anything that had anything to do with cultivation.

Also, they had to bear that terrifying pressure and shut up when it came to Jiang Lack.

It was as if that person had become a very taboo subject.

It was in fact the same.

The terrifying aura coming out of Jiang Lack and the great imposing pressure was like a slap on them, giving them a deep and unforgettable lesson.

This was a true big brother.

The kind of big man that even the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen and the Pope had to cling to.

How many people in the entire Divine Capital wouldn't want to hug a thigh like that?

Basically all want to.

Unfortunately, many of them had no access to the door and were very ignorant of the brain that had suddenly appeared out of nowhere, Jiang Lack.

It was as if Jiang Lack had appeared out of thin air, his previous information was completely blank.

No one could find out where he came from, and why he had such a high cultivation?

Perhaps the Divine Queen of the Sea and the Pope should know.

Jiang Xiao might have really come from another place, right?

Because that was the only way to explain it, otherwise many things wouldn't be explained at all.

Of course.

At this moment, they weren't in any more of a mood to understand Jiang Lack.

Because Jiang Lack was already a taboo existence for many of them, and it was best not to offend, and not to, mention it.

Lest any situation arise.

Jiang Lack slowly withdrew his power and put away the momentum he was giving off.


The terrifying aura and pressure that had enveloped countless people in the divine Capital also disappeared in an instant.

It was as if it had never existed before, and if it wasn't for that palpable feeling still in their hearts, many of them might have felt like it was just a dream.

Perhaps feeling that what they had just experienced was just a dream for them.

But those palpitations in their hearts deeply indicated that it was not a dream, but a reality.

That Jiang Guoji, he was truly terrifying!


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