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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1201 - Human Immortal Great Perfection (Seeking Subscription)

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In fact.

Jiang Xiao would not be angry.

Because of this black-robed national teacher, Zhou Duster, she was able to bring even more benefits to herself.

The Demon Race's countless cultivation techniques, as well as the techniques left behind by Zhou Difu and Wang Zhizhi back then.

After all, that Zhou Doufu claimed to be the number one person in the Eastern Land, and must have many cultivation techniques.

And that Wang Zhizhe was similarly a magnificent and powerful man.


This black-robed State Master must know more.

And now, this Zhou Difu's sister, Zhou Duster, she had no room to resist.

Jiang Mo wouldn't give her the extra chance to search her soul without voluntarily handing it over to him.

I believe the effect is quite good.

Jiang Mo's cold gaze gazed at Zhou Duster, different from his indifferent appearance at the beginning.

The current him had become even more indifferent.

One would feel scared at the sight of him.

"You... what do you want?"

Zhou Duster was a little panicked, after all her strength was suppressed, she was like an ordinary mortal, without half of the supernatural power she could use.

And a mortal in front of Jiang Xiao had absolutely no chance to resist, and could possibly be suppressed in a flip of a hand.

This was simply a little too terrifying.

Zhou Duster had been in a high position for a long time, and this time when she was beaten down to mortality by Jiang Lack, the gap was like a chasm, so large that she was a little uncomfortable.

"The current you have no qualifications to bargain with this seat, now this seat is asking you one last time, do you want to hand over or not hand over those cultivation techniques that you are familiar with?"

Jiang Chi inquired coldly, he said, "If you hand it over, this seat will be able to spare your life and let you go in peace, I'm sure that disciple of yours has already made it clear to you."

And if you don't hand it over, then the end may be worse than death.

It was quite something to think about.

He wanted to see it all.

But Jiang Chi was equally clear that Zhou Duster shouldn't dare to gamble.

She didn't want to die yet.


She shouldn't be afraid of death.

But she was afraid that life would be worse than death.

And an existence of Jiang Lack's level had a thousand ways for her to live worse than death.

Such an outcome, not to mention that Zhou Duster was afraid, but actually anyone would be afraid, after all, I wonder what kind of methods existed for Jiang Lack.

In case it was that kind of....

It's horrible to think about.


Her eyes flickered, and although she was suffocating at the moment, and had become mortal-like due to Jiang's lack, she was at least alive.

That was the reason.

A moment later, it was possible that the decision she made wouldn't even have a chance of being alive.

That would be tragic.

Thus, Zhou Duster's mood was a bit complicated at the moment, and she could not help but murmur, "This person is so terrifying and strange, it seems like I should not be a match."

Although she was reluctant to admit it.

But that was the truth.

"Fine, I can agree to your terms, but you can't do it again."

Zhou Duster frowned, "I hope you can keep your promise, otherwise I won't make you feel better even if I have to fight to self-destruct."

Jiang Ji: "........"

He said indifferently, "As a strong man, this seat is naturally a man of nine promises, and will never do anything like that to break a promise.

Of course, the prerequisite is that you have to give up all the techniques you know about, otherwise this throne will not be merciful."


Jiang Xiao made it clear.

She understood it too.

Her face was gloomy for a moment, but because she was wearing a mask, no one could see her face either.


Even if Jiang Gou didn't know.

He didn't want to look either.

It was useless to look anyway, and in the end, he would have to take out the merit method, and if he didn't take it out, he would be sorry.

He, Jiang Someone, would also be angry.

Upon hearing that, Zhou Duster naturally nodded, "The merit method is fine, but there's nothing more to it. Although I'm also a human, there's another thing I have to persuade you, the Demon Race is different from what you think, they're not simple.

Now that you have become the State Master of the Great Zhou Dynasty, it means that you have taken sides and are already an enemy of them, the Demons."

"So what?"

Jiang Qiao smiled and said, "Even though you are the Demon Nation Master, these things are not something you should be concerned about."

"Because I'm afraid of your death."

Zhou Duster said coldly, "At any rate, you are considered a member of the human race, and once you die it won't be beneficial to the entire human race."

"So, it's because I'm too self-centered?"

Jiang Ji smiled awkwardly, "However, you may not be aware that even if the entire Demon Race is the enemy of this seat, what harm would it do?

Perhaps the cultivators from the Saint Realm will be afraid, and perhaps the powerful people of that God Hidden Realm will be afraid as well, but only this seat will not be afraid."

"You're too arrogant."

"This one is arrogant, but confident, strength is the source of all underpinnings, and it is I, Jiang Someone, who has such strength."


"You should be very fortunate that if it weren't for the kindness and mercy of this seat, you, the Demon National Teacher, as well as the human traitor, should have gone to hell earlier."

"I that was just..."

"I don't care how good a reason you have, or how worthy of sympathy your graveyard is, but you've betrayed the entire human race after all, and helped the Demon Race in the brutal killing of your compatriots, that's a fact, if it wasn't for the fact that this seat happens to need some Demon Race techniques for research, this seat would never have left you behind."

"You will regret it, someday."

"That day may probably come, as you say, but you may not actually see it back."


Even if he didn't kill Zhou Duster today, but happy for such a time.

It was really fast.

As long as Zhou Duster would Great Zhou, and even still held hatred for the human race, he would make his move, and then this sister of the world's number one, Zhou Difu, might not be able to escape.

The hatred between her and the Holy Queen, and the personal grudges between her and the Chen Clan's royal family, he could ignore, but matters that concerned the entire human race, or the entire Great Zhou Dynasty in turmoil, he had to take care of.

The Demon Clan must not be allowed to succeed.

He knew.

The reason why the Demonic Clan was arrogant was because of all the calculations of Zhou Duster, the Demonic Clan's black-robed state master, over the years, she was simply calculating. Basically, no one could know how she did it.


Jiang Mo's face was cold and gloomy, "Alright, now start your actions, I hope the technique you provided is useful."

Zhou Duster: "........"

"It's probably useless to the human race, so you'll regret it."

She spoke coldly, just like Nanke before, he knew one thing, even though he knew that Jiang Xiao wanted the techniques, she also knew that these so-called techniques were of little use to the human race.

So didn't mind at all.

All of them were given in one go.

Including those merit methods left to her by Zhou Doufu back then and so on, and of course, the ones left behind by Wang Zhizhi.

It was no longer useful to her.

So it didn't matter if she gave those things to Jiang Xiao.

According to her guesses, Jiang Xiao couldn't use them anyway, and was unable to use them.

Wanting to study them, maybe it was possible.

But it was hard to say what kind of research could be done.

Although Jiang Liao was strong, and outrageously so, Jiang Liao might not be a match when facing the thousands and thousands of Demons.

After all, the Demonic Clan held a huge advantage in numbers.

And such an advantage was a great strength for the Demonic Race, and an insurmountable mountain for Jiang Lack.

At least that was what Zhou Duster thought.

If it wasn't for that, she wouldn't have been able to go to Snow Old City in the first place, and she wouldn't have been the Demon Race's State Master.


Jiang Liao's quiet appearance had instead disrupted her plans.

Or rather, many plans were disrupted because of Jiang Xiao's appearance, so she could only come to Jiang Xiao.


Jiang Lack was much more terrifyingly powerful than he had imagined.

It was because of this that it was so terrifying, and after this, she had fully understood that it was impossible for the State Teaching Academy to come.


Or rather, it would be best for Godou not to come in the future, because there were great terrors and taboos here, and if Jiang Xiao hadn't spared her, she might have died.

So absolutely nothing could happen.

Now she could only accept Jiang Lack and respectfully serve the technique.

In fact.

This situation didn't last long. Jiang Lack had obtained the merit method he wanted, and this time the origin power withdrawn was even more than what Nanke had offered last night.

The next breakthrough should be a perfect ten.

He then waved his hand at Zhou Duster, "Alright, you can go now, as long as you don't actively come to provoke this seat next, basically this seat won't do anything to you, but this seat also has to remind you of something, once you continue to come to provoke this seat, there's no saying that this seat will have to make a move on you again."

Zhou Duster: "........"

Even if Jiang Xiao didn't bring it up, she wouldn't be able to mess with Jiang Xiao anymore.

It was an existence that couldn't be defeated.

So she was afraid.

In front of Jiang Lack, she felt the scent of death, a scent that was even stronger than that invincible brother of hers back then, Zhou Difu.

She hadn't started to do it properly yet, but she had already felt Jiang Lack's terror.

It was definitely not something that an ordinary person could do to suppress her just by relying on his Qi alone.

So this was definitely an existence that couldn't be offended.

"I will."

Zhou Duster nodded his head, feeling the pressure momentum on her body lessen before the true essence in her body could operate and mobilize a little bit.

But she didn't dare to continue to do so.

Even if she were to mobilize her True Yuan for a sneak attack in front of Jiang Xiao, she felt that she probably wouldn't be able to do it.

Therefore, she slowly walked out of the State Teaching Academy.

Jiang Xiao also opened an opening very sincerely because he knew that Zhou Duster probably wouldn't be able to go out with her True Yuan.

Because she didn't dare.

"Have a good journey, and welcome to see you again next time."

Jiang Xiao said slowly.

Zhou Duster: "........"

Ghosts will meet next time.

It's better not to see each other at all, because that doesn't make any sense.

It would be better to never see each other again.

After thinking of these circumstances, she left without looking back.

It was really because she didn't want to see Jiang Lack again, "This person is simply too terrifying, it's simply a taboo like existence, I must not be caught by him again."


What would you take to live next time?

She didn't know.

Because all the feats she should have taken had already been taken, and there were no more points left.

In other words, they wouldn't have any chance next time, and that would be death.


What Jiang Chi needed to do was to practice, non-stop, and prepare for a breakthrough.

Human Immortal Great Perfection.

He had been looking forward to this for a long time, and it was time to break through next.

He hadn't been ten percent sure before, but now that he had, the origin contributed by the black-robed Zhou Duster was enough for him to break through to the Human Immortal Great Perfection.

He had already accumulated enough origin, so he could cultivate next.


He sat on the ground and began to cultivate non-stop.

The Nine Pieces Dao Power was rapidly moving.

He began to enjoy the feeling of a breakthrough, the Great Perfection of the Human Immortal Realm might really be starting, and his breath was slowly getting stronger.

Now he understood.

And understood.

The Human Immortal Perfection wasn't just a transformation of a person from Immortal, but also a huge transformation, a super beginning.

The next step was Earth Immortal.

But the true Earth Immortal realm then would be immortal altogether.


Immortal was still partly human.

In a trance, Jiang Guiao had understood that it was as if a door to the Great Dao was opening up and he saw a prosperous road.

The cultivation continued once more.

Terrifying power was gathering within Jiang Xiao's body, as if it was again endless, wildly surging and terrifying.

It was frantically sweeping through Jiang Ji's surrounding meridians, and for a time, all of his limbs were already running, and his entire body was even higher.

For a moment.

All of his qi rose to a terrifying level.


In the divine Capital, countless different colored lights appeared in the void, and an outrageously strong momentum actually tyrannically crushed out, routing towards the surroundings.

At that moment, everyone in the divine Capital felt it.


Or despair!


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