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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1200 - Black Robe Also Planted (Seeking Subscriptions)

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The black robe of the Demon Nationalist, he was looking forward to it.

He had also long heard about that Zhou Difu's sister, the wife of Wang Zhi Ce.

Back then.

Since the death of that world's first person, Zhou Difu, she disappeared, or went to the Snowy Old City to become the Demon Nation State Master, calculating the people of the world.

At one point, she had worked with that schemer, Shang Xingzhou, and they had sympathized with each other.

It was because of this that they had cooperated.

That was why Chen Changsheng was later reborn.

It could be said.

Chen Changsheng was created by them.

Without the Demon Race attacking the human race en masse back then, the Heavenly Sea Sacred Queen would not have been able to take her own bloodline to sacrifice the Astrolabe Formation, and it would not have been possible for Chen Changsheng to appear.

This black-robed State Master most likely knew more of the Demon Race's feats, or the feats of Zhou Doufu and Wang Zizhi back then.

And these were all things that he, Jiang Chi, wanted.

Only with more World Origin Power, he would have more chances.

And now.

That black-robed State Teacher had come.

"It's rare for the National Teaching Academy to still attract people." Jiang Xiao spoke faintly, as if he was talking to himself.

But in a dark corner, the black-robed State Master dressed in a black robe had appeared.

She was somewhat surprised to see Jiang Lack who was slowly withdrawing his power, this person gave him a very strange feeling.

By the looks of it, he seemed to already know that he had come to the State Teaching Academy.

"Alertness is quite high, but I don't know if your skills are the same as alertness."

The black-robed State Master murmured, and although she didn't know how Jiang Xiao had discovered her, she wasn't afraid.

Because she was confident in her own strength, she was also a strong person from the Saint realm.

Coupled with the strangeness and terrifyingness of her own body, she was confident that she could escape or possibly suppress the other party in Jiang Lack's hands.

"Your Excellency has come a long way, so you're just taking a look?"

Jiang Xiao suddenly said, and did not look back, he seemed as if nothing had happened.

The look was calm as hell.

He didn't feel strange about the arrival of this black-robed State Master, who was bound to come over sooner or later anyway.

It was nothing more than just earlier.

"It's just as well that this seat still needs more World Origin Power as a foundation for a breakthrough."

Jiang Chi secretly said, "It's nice to have someone to send pillows just as this seat is going to sleep."

This demonic black-robed state master must know more techniques that were of great benefit to him.

"You seem to know I'm coming over?"

The black-robed State Master looked strange and curious, "Are you even stronger than from the Saint Realm?"

She was curious.

At the same time, she also carefully sized up Jiang Gou.

Jiang Qiao shook his head and said, "Only just found out about it, but you're rather special, your scent is subtle and powerful."

"Aren't you curious as to why I'm here?" That black-robed State Master frowned and asked.

She was very surprised.

The current State Master of the Great Zhou Dynasty, surnamed Jiang, seemed to be very mysterious, "The scent on his body is so subtle that even I can't see through it."

Was he also a strong person from the Saint?

Just since when did this existence surnamed Jiang actually become a powerful person from the Saint realm?

She didn't even know it at all.

That's a bit weird.

Jiang Jian, on the other hand, smiled slightly, "It doesn't really matter if you're here for a purpose or not, this seat doesn't need to know or not."


The black-robed State Master was stunned and asked, "Then I wonder what you have in mind?"

"You want to know?"

"Actually, it's quite curious, but it's not necessary to know exactly, because I don't think it's necessary."

"Well, I do have to say that, because your arrival has given me the opportunity, or a certain benefit, but of course, you probably wouldn't understand if I told you that."


After speaking, Jiang Xiao slowly stood up and walked slowly towards that Demon Race's black-robed State Master.

He looked calm, as if nothing had happened.

Even if he was facing that unstoppable black-robed State Master of the Demon Race at the moment, he didn't feel afraid at the moment.

Even that Demonic Nation State Master was nothing more than an ant in his eyes.

So there was no need to be afraid.

Black-robed State Master: "......."

Instead, she looked at Jiang lacking with a strange face, "You're strange and special, and although I don't know what you're thinking, I think you're probably going to fall short."


Jiang Ji shook his head, "I don't think so, but it's fine that you don't come to the National Teaching Academy, because then I wouldn't even know if you've come to the God Capital.

However, since you've already come to the God Capital and have come to the National Teaching Academy, you can only blame yourself for your bad luck."

To this.

He felt very sorry.

Originally, this black-robed national teacher was not in his plans at all.

But now the situation was different.

"With the technique she contributed, the chances of me breaking through will greatly increase."

Jiang Xiao was not a person who was good at stubbornness.

On the contrary, he knew how to seize every opportunity and work hard to make himself stronger.

For example, right now.

He was going to use the Demon Clan as a national teacher as a way to gain more of the World Origin.

But now there was.

So he looked all a bit eager as he looked at the other side, "Black Robe, welcome."


Obviously, the other party didn't expect Jiang Xiao to greet her in this manner.

It was also quite special.

There seemed to be something wrong with Jiang Gou's expression, what did this person mean by a very welcoming look?

She was stunned.

"It's simple, I need you to hand over all the feats you know."

Jiang Gou said flatly, "You can refuse, but the refusal is invalid."

"With what?"

The black-robed State Master was slightly startled, "Is it because of your powerful cultivation strength?"

"That's one aspect."

Jiang Jiang said, "On the other hand, well, I think you, as the sister of Zhou Difu, you, Zhou Duster, should know more, right?"

Black-robed State Master: "......."

This time, she was even more shocked.

Jiang Gou actually knew her true identity, and it was also clear that she was Zhou Doufu's sister and knew her real name.


Apart from that National Education Academy's Shang Xing Zhou, there was no one else, right?

Now this person even knew.

"How the hell did he know?"

It's so hard to look like a weekly duster.

It was tantamount to saying.

The identity she had hidden for many years had been revealed, and it had been revealed by this unknown fellow Jiang Lack.


Her mood was complicated.

It was so gloomy.

"Who the hell are you?"

She suddenly asked coldly, "And how do you know my true identity?"

"I am who I am, the State Master of the Great Zhou Dynasty, you can also think of me as the first person in the Eastern Land."

Jiang Xiao said slowly, "Of course, this is just the surface, but I actually know more, if you want to know I can tell you too."

"Even if you know this, so what?"

Zhou Duster said sternly, "I can kill you and that's it, besides, I won't give you any techniques, so just die of that."

"You will."

Jiang Qiao smiled, "You should know that this is the National Teaching Academy, and you have no choice because this seat is stronger than you."

"I don't believe it."

"Won't you believe it if you try?"

"You want to try?"

"Or what, empty words to make you believe me?"


The reasoning seems to be this.


The weekly duster always felt like something was wrong.

Himself was probably different?

She frowned and looked a bit strange.

This matter was different from what she had imagined, and right after that, before she had a chance to regain her senses, she saw the terrifying momentum of Jiang Lack's body.

It was sweeping over crazily.


That terrifying momentum suppressed her at once, leaving her without the slightest bit of resistance at all.

It was as if all of her previously confident strength had lost its effect.

It was completely suppressed by Jiang Hou.

Just by virtue of his all-consuming strength.

Zhou Duster: "........"

She was a little confused and puzzled.

Her heart was even more horrified.

This guy surnamed Jiang, he actually knew his own details.

That was just fine.

With a little bit of care, some careful research, and some speculation, he could also know.


In other words, she was now equivalent to a mortal.

This was even more bizarre.

She was in a heavy mood.

Instantly becoming a little fearful, "Who is he? Is it really a strong man of the God Hidden Realm?"

She was a strong person from the Saint realm.

Right now there was actually no resistance at all.


And couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air.

She really didn't understand a bit why Jiang Lack was so strong.

"How exactly did he do that?"

Its tactics are simply unheard of, unheard of ah.

It was horrifying.

She was a little regretful now.

And willing to believe Nanke's words.

"So, what she said was correct, this fellow surnamed Jiang is truly terrifying, and his means all in one piece is even more powerful than he imagined."

It was really bizarre.

Now, she was like a mortal.

It sounded a bit unimaginable.

But it was true.

Jiang Xiao was indeed more powerful, even more terrifying, than she had imagined.

What was to be done?

Not being able to mobilize her true essence meant that she had no class to escape.

It was terrifying.

"Do you believe it now?"

Jiang Xiao smiled and said, "I said that you can refuse, but the refusal is invalid and you don't have much choice."

"Who the hell are you?"

Zhou Duster coldly said, "A powerful existence like you shouldn't be able to care about the various things in the human world, so how can you be the State Master of the Great Zhou Dynasty?"

"There's no need for you to be concerned about that."

Jiang Ji shrugged his shoulders and said, "This seat naturally has its own thoughts, and what you should be concerned with now should be your own matters, such as how to save your life or preserve your entire cultivation.

You should know that you are now only as a mortal, not much different from an ordinary person.

For this throne, it's also extremely easy to kill you, you should be very clear about that."


Man is a chopping block and he is a fish.

Zhou Duster was very clear.

This time, she was probably planted.

And it was planted in Jiang Lack's hands, it was she he confident and too arrogant.

Naturally, it was inevitable to be bitter.

The mood was ugly.

"Falling into your hands, is that I am not as skilled as others, to kill or dismember it is at your disposal."

Zhou Duster said coldly, "Wanting me to beg for mercy, it's absolutely impossible."

"Is that so?"

Jiang Ji nodded and continued, "Well then, this seat will scrap your entire cultivation and perform a soul search to get out all your memories about the technique, I believe it's possible.

In addition, this throne will also be able to announce your true identity to the public without killing you, and I believe that many people will hate you to the bone.

By then..."

"You're shameless. . shameless!"

As expected.

What Jiang Qiao had said made her a little frightened, if it was really as Jiang Qiao had said, what was the point of living.

It would be worse than death.


The current her couldn't kill herself even if she wanted to.

And that led to the current awkward situation.

It made her feel helpless.

Like venting anger and so on!

Simply unimaginable....


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