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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1199 - He's a Terrifying Nightmare (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Nanker was gone.

Took those men of hers with her.

Only, there was no emotion when she left, she was already in a terrible mood.

This time to come to God's Capital to assassinate Jiang Lack seemed like a mistake.

Assassination simply couldn't be done.

If that Jiang Lack could also be killed, the Great Zhou Dynasty would fall into eternal night.

After this incident.

Nan Ke would learn that ants could never shake the heavens, and that mayflies could only shake trees in jocular stories.

After this battle.

She understood that it was not by chance that Jiang Xiao became the State Counselor of the Great Zhou Dynasty.

It was inevitable.

With the storm clouds rising in the sky, the Eastern Land would be plagued with disasters in the future.

After returning to the landing point of the divine Capital, Nanke looked out the window at the streets where people were coming and going, and was out of breath, "Old Snow City however doesn't have this kind of scenery or prosperity, how can my Demon Race survive in the world?"

The only way to fight or not to fight.

"Nanker, you have failed."

An old, and hoarse voice came out from behind Nanker.

It rang out from far and near.

A figure wearing a black mask appeared at her side, this person was the black robe of the Demon Nationalist.

An existence that counted the world.

Its strength was extraordinary, able to compete with the Saint Queen from the Saint Realm, and able to use the power of the Frost Dragon to crush the Heavenly Sea.

This person was not weak to anyone.

Right now.

She was looking at the puzzled Nanke and asked, "Why did you fail?"

Nanke shook his head and said, "The other party is too strong and outrageous, it's no coincidence that he became the State Master of the Great Zhou Dynasty."


The black robe had rarely seen Nanker like this.

Then he was displeased.

"The other side is strong?"

The black robe was puzzled and asked, "Tell me more carefully, how strong is that surnamed Jiang?"

"I don't know."

Nanke continued to shake his head, "With my current cultivation and realm, I can't see through his realm at all, and the other party is much stronger than I thought."

This kind of statement was not just a reason to shirk.

Rather, it was the most direct judgment.

The black robe still did not understand and asked, "Is that person strong from the Saint realm?"

Is it really that strong?


How could a strong person from the Saint realm wade through this muddy water and go silent without a word?

In all these years, they had never seen it before.

Why is that?

At the very least, she then hadn't heard anything about Jiang Liao.

It was as if he appeared out of nowhere.

It was so scary to hear.

Nanke, on the other hand, continued to shake her head and said, "From the Saint Realm, it's probably nothing in that person's eyes."

She shook her head up.

Slave Saints were strong, and there were only five saints in total in the world.

At least for now.


After last night's battle, she had discovered that Jiang lacked the strength to be far above the Slave Saint, an invincible existence.


Nanke continued, "He should be a nightmare, a nightmare for our Demon Race, after such a powerful existence becomes a State Master, it will help the Great Zhou Dynasty a lot, but only an endless nightmare for our Demon Race."


She had thought it was simple.

At least she had a vacant bloodline and an excellent talent, only that Qiushan Jun could be able to match her.

Even that Xu You Rong couldn't compare to her.

Now, she didn't think so.

"That person is very powerful, so powerful that he can't be provoked or offended, almost we couldn't come back."

Nanke said, "Master, you probably don't know, we are more than a dozen Tong You realm, we can't even walk away from a single move in someone's hands.

No, it should be not even half a move.

After such an existence becomes the state master of the Great Zhou Dynasty, what else do you think we Demons can do?"

Black Robe: "..."


She asked, "If you said that man was strong, then how did you get back here, it's reasonable to say he won't let you go."

At least not to spare everyone.

It didn't make sense.

Nanke, on the other hand, laughed bitterly at the words, "He made a deal with us, asking us to use the Demon Race's techniques in exchange..."

As she spoke, Nanke had told Black Robe about her experience last night.

When recalling the events of last night, she all still felt that it could have been a horrible nightmare that she had.

If she could, she would rather it not be.


She felt horrible just thinking about it, her body trembling uncontrollably, just feeling like she was living under the shadow of Jiang Lack.

It was a terrifying thing.

"Is he... is he really that strong?"

The black robe's eyebrows rose, and the look tightened, "Not even from the Saint realm, is it a divine concealment?"


She was confused again.

Since the death of that world's best man, Zhou Doufu, who could claim to be the world's best?

No one could even truly make it from the pinnacle of the Saint Realm to become that existence that was close to God's Concealment, or achieve God's Concealment.

God Hidden wasn't that easy to become.

The black-robed State Master was even more aware of this, which was why she felt in her heart that all of Nanke's words were somewhat exaggerated and should all be unrealistic.

It was precisely for this reason that she found them unbelievable.

To know.

Nanke was a Demon Princess, and even more so, with her Peacock bloodline and talent, she had a lot of potential.

So, how powerful would it take to scare Nanke like this?

This was where the black-robed State Master felt weak and gloomy as she continued, "That Great Zhou Dynasty State Master, I'd like to take a look."

Whether or not Jiang Jian was a divine recluse she wasn't sure.

But she really wanted to get to know him.

But Nanke shook her head, "Master, you'd better not go, he's too powerful, definitely not something we can provoke."

"Are you that unsure?"

"It's not a matter of confidence, but he's terrifying in his own right, so what are we going to fight him with?"

"Don't think of him as a myth, he shouldn't be much more than that, but that's all."

"Have you ever experienced despair, Master?"

"What do you mean?"

"Literally, that person can make someone feel desperate, and I was lucky enough to experience that once last night."


Naturally, the Black-robed State Master could not understand what Nanke had said, and she felt that Nanke should have been frightened silly by last night's battle scene.

So much so that he hadn't come back to his senses until now.


It would take some time to adjust, and she wasn't in a hurry.

It was just that the mood was still a bit low.


She patted Nanke's shoulder and said, "Nanke, you have the Peacock bloodline, your goal should be the starry sea, you should look towards the broader world to do so, instead of being in decline like now, a state master of the Great Zhou Dynasty only, I am also a state master."

Or the Demons.

She didn't feel that she didn't have a chance.

After all, such things as opportunities were also earned by herself, and she said that she would have to go and meet that unstoppable Great Zhou Dynasty State Master Jiang Xiao.

Go and see what kind of methods he had.

Was it really like what Nanke had said, or was it an exaggeration?

These were all going to have to be verified.

An existence like Jiang Lack should have no chance just by asking for information.

Now, she continued, "Alright, I can understand how you feel, but you can't go down too low, there's still a long road ahead."

Nanke: "........"

Self-Sensei's words were simple.

But it also made Nanke feel helpless, because Self-Sensei was probably thinking a little too simply.

How could that State Master, surnamed Jiang, be just from the Saint, or just a divine seclusion?

It didn't look like it.

At least, it didn't look like it to Nanke if he were to judge it.

Jiang Lack was too weird of a person.

She didn't want to come into contact with him at all, and if she wasn't careful, something could very well happen.


She wanted to persuade her own master, the black-robed State Master, not to go looking for Jiang Lack either.

Otherwise, the benefits might not be found, but there was a good chance that she would find a whole lot of trouble.

She didn't want her own master to run into trouble.

Jiang Lack wasn't something they could mess with, Nanke knew that very well, especially since last night's incident, she had become more and more determined in that opinion.

It was just that right now, they didn't have a good solution.

So it was difficult.

Where should the Demonic Clan go from here?

To be honest, Nanke actually had no bottom in her heart.

At this time, the black-robed State Master didn't think so, she secretly said, "No matter who that Great Zhou State Master surnamed Jiang is, she can't stand in my way, the Great Zhou must be annihilated, and the Holy Queen of the Heavenly Sea is even more damned."

This was also her obsession.

Otherwise, for so many years, she wouldn't have been able to hide as a black robe and serve as a State Master for the Demons in Snow Old City, it was also a matter of necessity.

So she had to go and meet Jiang Xiao and see what kind of existence that was.

Even if some unpleasant things would happen as a result, she admitted it.


She then said with a resolute attitude, "Nanker, you don't need to say anything more, I have my own opinion on this matter."

She didn't want to continue listening to Nanker's complaints.

From the black robe's point of view, Nanker was already scared silly, and her words didn't have much reference value.

So she didn't have to listen to it herself.

She was going.

And by the way, she would also witness whether that surnamed Jiang was really that powerful.


The black robe then said, "Next, just tonight, I will go to the State Teaching Academy, you can stay here."

The National Teaching Academy had many boundaries, but the black robe had its own way to get in, and that was not difficult for her.

"Master, I don't think you need to go, after all, that person is even more terrifying than we thought, he..."

"Don't say it, he may be terrifying, but at most, he's just a hidden practitioner from the Saint, not the same as a real God's Hidden Strength."

"It's different, he probably wouldn't even put a strong man of the Divine Hidden Realm in his sights."

"Nanke, you've been stunned, I think it's better for you to stay here and recover."


After speaking, the black-robed State Master's figure flashed, then she drove the true essence in her body and instantly disappeared.

Her speed was extremely fast.

It was as if she had disappeared in a single flash.

Nanke wasn't surprised, this was the most common tactic of this master of hers.

She was already used to it.


She was not optimistic about that master of hers, "She probably doesn't know yet that her trip to the State Teaching Academy might not end well."

At least that's what she thought.

That Great Zhou Dynasty State Teacher, surnamed Jiang, was not easy to mess with.

He was terrifying.

That was something Nanke had already experienced.

It was just that now, the black-robed State Master had already left, and even if she wanted to stop it, it would be impossible.

So, she could only pray that her master would be even more powerful than the one surnamed Jiang.

That would be enough.

Perhaps, this was the so-called Heaven does not bless the Demon Race.

Night was fast approaching.

The night in the City of God was also beautiful, astonishingly beautiful, and the lights were red and green, it was truly a downtown scene.

In the State Teaching Academy.

Jiang Xiao was organizing everything he had gained.

Through the techniques he had obtained from Nanke last night, he had once again gained quite a bit of origin power.

It was sufficient now.

The next thing he needed was to prepare for a breakthrough, but as for the terrifying effects that a breakthrough with classes could cause, he had no worries.

Whether there was an effect or not, it didn't matter to him.

Because it didn't matter.

In the arena.

Jiang Xiao was receiving starlight to cleanse his body.

But now....

A sudden, obscure scent came, so Jiang Di stopped his cultivation.

He knew that someone was coming.

And it was a big person, and that powerful and obscure breath he felt was terrifying.

Of course.

This so-called terrifying was only special, and to him, Jiang Someone, it was actually nothing.

Even if this Eastern Land's From Saint Realm powerhouse Oh Du came, he was not afraid of it.

The reason why he stopped was because of surprise, because the person who came over was not simple, and at the same time, it was also what he wanted to see.

"Originally, I wasn't ten percent sure, but after she came over, I'm ten percent sure that I'll break through."

And so.

Jiang Xiao also smiled.

That one had come just in time, literally sending him origin power.

How nice.

The number one good guy in the world.

It was best if he had to give someone a little quack, so he had to repay it at least, right?

Only, the visitor may not think so....


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