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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1198 - Demon Princess Nanke (Seeking Subscription)

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"Just now you asked who this throne is, and now this throne will tell you that this throne is the Great Zhou Dynasty's State Master, Jiang Chi, and also the strongest person in the world, the kind that you cannot understand."

Jiang Chi continued, "That's why this seat has been advising you not to do anything, because once you do, the meaning will be different."


The Demon Race crowd heard the words, but their faces didn't look good for a while, blue and purple.

It was as if they had been angered by Jiang Qiao's words.

"An existence like Zhou Dokufu?"

The leader of the group said, "No, you are definitely not Zhou Doufu, because Zhou Doufu is already dead."

Zhou Doufu was the former world's number 1 person, a remarkable existence.

The ability to become the 1st person in the world by virtue of one's own strength was not simple in itself, and if there hadn't been the existence of Jiang Xiao, he, Zhou Doufu, would probably have become a legend in this side of the world.

It was just that now.

With Jiang lacking, Zhou Dokufu was nothing.


He lightly smiled, "In the eyes of this throne, Zhou Dokufu will be just Zhou Dokufu, he is nothing great, much less powerful."

Demon Slayer: "......."

Jiang's words were pretentious, but he had to admit that his words were true.

This was awkward.

It was stronger than Zhou Dokufu, so what kind of existence was such an existence?

The once unstoppable Zhou Difu, who was claimed to be the number one person in the Eastern Land, was even more scorned by many demons.

Deeply feared and feared.

But now, Jiang Chi didn't even take Zhou Doufu seriously.

And from what they had just felt, looking at this Zhou Dynasty State Master surnamed Jiang, he really had a few brushes.

It was planted.

This time, he was probably really planted.

That was bitter, especially for this group of Demon Slayers.

The leader thought to himself, "Although I'm not afraid of him, I should be able to escape with my natural bloodline and my body and footwork.

But the other companions can't, they have no chance to escape."

After all.

Not everyone had the same natural bloodline, and people were different from each other.

Likewise, it was also different between demons and devils.

What to do?

"Huh? You still have the Peacock bloodline?" Jiang Ji was suddenly shocked and sighed, "This seat has never seen a strong bloodline like yours before, it's really good."

The leader: "........"

How could someone see through you like that?

Is this guy even human?

He must be a monster, how could he be capable of this if he was human?

That's scary.

The man is really somewhat powerful, and now it's kind of a real experience.

It's really frustrating.

It's a crying shame.

Had they known that this was the case, they would never have come to the State Teaching Academy ah.

But even regrets seemed useless now, there was no regret in this world, and there was no way Jiang Xiao would let them have any.

Before the demonic leader could speak, Jiang Jiang continued, "You should be that legendary Princess Nanke of the demonic tribe.

As expected, the Peacock bloodline is different, it is said to be able to possess the same natural speed as the Peacock, I wonder if it is true?"

"You can try."

Nan said coldly, "You guessed right, I am indeed that princess of the Demon Clan, who also possesses the Peacock bloodline."


Jiang Ji smiled slightly at the words, "In that case, how about we make a deal?"

"What kind of deal?"

Nanker instinctively felt something strange and frightening about the matter, and it made one feel frightened.

The look was a bit panicked.

She felt that Jiang Lack's proposal might not be a good one and there might be some problems.

After all, this person was too powerful and too terrifying.

She was a little unsure of herself after all.

What if he....

The thought of all these conditions that had the potential to distort the truth made her laugh and cry a little.

It was really bitter.

This was probably the second time she had encountered this kind of treatment.

The first time was when she went to assassinate that Qiu Shanjun, who was claimed to be the first person of the young generation of the human race and was said to possess the True Dragon bloodline.

Obviously, that time had failed as well.

And the end result was somewhat bad.

Jiang Xiao smiled slightly and said, "The deal is actually very simple, this seat can promise you not to kill these people of yours, or even release them.


"But what?"

Although Nanke thought there was probably a hole in it, she couldn't help but ask questions in the end.

She couldn't actually do it if she were to watch those men die like that.

After all, there was still a slim chance.

She had to grab it, what if she could complete the deal that Jiang lacked said.

Wouldn't she be able to save those men?

After thinking like that, she looked a little impatient.

If it worked, then the outcome for him would be different and the situation would be different.

"It's simple."

Jiang Qiao said, "All you need to do is to take out a certain number of Demonic Techniques and this seat will release your men and ensure that you walk out of the State Teaching Academy safely."

"Just want my Demon Race's merit methods?"

Nanke frowned at the news, looking probably a little weird.

She couldn't figure out how the deal that Jiang Xiao was asking for was actually this.

If it was the human race, such a deal might be detrimental to the human treasure, but for the demon race, there wasn't so much consideration.

After all....

The devil race's cultivation techniques were different for the human race, and the human race could not practice the devil race's techniques.

This had already been verified by many ancestors.

Nanke was confused and bewildered, yet he couldn't help but sputter, "But you've already killed a few of my men, though you didn't finish killing them."

"That's just killing the chicken as a warning to others."

"So, am I the monkey?"

"Obviously, you are, and now you need to make your choice to come, and if you make the wrong one, the rest of your men will die."

"Are you threatening me?"

"As much as this seat hates to admit it, you are allowed to think so, because it's right."


After the conversation was over.

Nanke then glared at Jiang Lack, this person really annoyed him, but at the same time, it also really made her angry.

It was annoying.

It was a pity that she was facing Jiang Lack, but then again there was nothing she could do about it, nothing at all.

Very indignant.

And this deal that Jiang Lack had just said seemed to have nothing to lose for her.

--Although she didn't know what Jiang Liao wanted the Demon Race's merit to do.

Because the Demonic Technique, the human race had no way to practice it, and even if it were to go, it would only be a mere display.

Because it was useless.

It might be possible to study it, but there were too many Demonic Techniques, and even if they were to be studied, it would be impossible to study them all at once.

Then the question arises.

"Why does this person want to make this deal with me?"

Nanke was very confused, "By all accounts, this person has unimaginable skills, he could have used another tough method to obtain these feats.

He's definitely not a merciful person either."

Although Nanke had her own natural bloodline as a guarantee, in reality, this guarantee was only temporary and there was no ten percent certainty.

What if she didn't succeed?

After all, it's not easy to say such things.

It might fail.

Then how could it be? You'd have to die after all.

So no.

She did think of another way, "Why don't I promise him first, after all, it's useless if he wants to go for my Demon Clan's technique, so it's fine to give it to him.

The most important thing right now is to live and take those men of mine alive, I can't let them follow me to hell."

That would chill the heart.

--Although those men were originally cultivated dead men.

But for Nanke, the act of sending someone to their death for no reason was a bit too unsympathetic.

Although she was a Demon Princess, she was also someone who loved her men.

In her eyes, these men were equally important, so she wanted to make this deal with Jiang Lack.

Thinking of this.

She then said, "Fine, I'll agree to your terms, and I'll do what you say, I'll bring out some Demonic Techniques, and you'll release these men of mine, whether they're alive or already dead."

That's a promise?

Jiang Qiao was a little surprised, though, and thought to himself, "If you had agreed earlier, a dozen or so of your party's Tong You companions wouldn't have died."

What a pity this is now.

What a shame.

Wouldn't it have been better if you had agreed earlier?

It's only now that I've agreed to it, and the results and implications are obviously different.


For Nanke, it was best for her as long as the few remaining people were brought safely away from the State Teaching Academy.


According to Nanke's thinking, once Jiang Xiao really just wanted to make a deal with her, then this so-called deal would be much simpler.

Because for her, there were indeed many cultivation techniques of the Demon Race, but this so-called much for her could be squandered at will.


Even if it meant granting Jiang lacked some benefits, as long as they could leave, it would be fine.

Count them as failures this time.

No matter what, they had to leave first so that they could have more chances.

Otherwise, it would be hard for Nanke to imagine that he could get in with the Peacock's talented bloodline.

That would be really hard.

Jiang Lack's strength made her feel frightened and confused.

Perhaps only that mysterious black-robed master of hers would know the specifics of Jiang Lack.

Nanke thought so in her heart.

But she didn't know the specifics.

Jiang Chi's face was calm and composed, "Since you want to make a deal, show some sincerity, and this seat won't deceive you, you can take these men of yours, including the dead ones.

I'm only sorry that those dead ones this seat can't return you alive."

That was realistic and cruel.

But Nanke had to accept it, unless she was willing to give up those men, unless she herself didn't want to leave.


She didn't dare to have a situation like that yet.

Jiang Lack was just a little too terrifying, and too weird and unbelievable.

She also didn't dare to gamble with her Peacock Talent bloodline, what if this person had a way to deal with it, wouldn't she be out of luck.

It was scary to think about.


Nanke thought to herself that it would be best if she followed the terms that Jiang lacked.

Even if it was a deal.

But to her, this deal wasn't necessarily a bad one, and she might even get away with picking up a small life.

"Okay, you wait."

Naturally, she wouldn't let Jiang Lack off the hook, and after some preparations, she gave Jiang Lack all of that one dense book.

There were dozens of books.

"That's all I know, you take it." There was nothing she could do about it.

Jiang Lack wanted these densities, she couldn't possibly not give them to him.

It was also the only way to live if she gave it to him.

This person was domineering, but at the same time, he was also terrifying, and Nanke felt that it was better not to offend him.

There was no need to lose her life for such a person.

She thought of herself as a princess of the Demon Race, and although there were many such princesses, she was unique.

Must live.

Because there was hope in living, there were countless possibilities.

In Snow Old City, she was not considered high ranking, even her Han Qing, who was rescued by the Human Tai Zong back then, was much higher than her.

She had to live.

Only then would she have more chances.

After thinking of these circumstances, Nanke said, "Now that the technique has been given to you, you can go, right?"

She actually had some disbelief in Jiang Liao, this man was a human after all, he had his heart set on the human race after all....


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