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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1197 - Are you guys brain-dead? (subscription sought)

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In an instant, a terrifying momentum was created out of thin air, directly routing down towards the surroundings infinitely.

The rolling power spread out tyrannically towards the surroundings, as if it would instantly shake all those black-clothed people around.

In fact.

It was impossible for Jiang Hou to shake them off.

Because he would have to make the group of insects know the error of their ways, he couldn't let them leave in a biased manner.

Naturally, these people should all die.

But it wouldn't do to let them die quickly.

He had to make people suffer a little bit before he could do that, otherwise wouldn't he, Jiang Someone, have to suffer the assassination of these wretched guys for nothing.

That wouldn't do.

He, Jiang Hou, was a strong man, with the dignity and skills of a strong man.

In other words, he also wanted to save face.

"You guys better think it through, once you really do it, then there's no room for maneuvering."

Jiang Xiao smiled, "Once you guys die, I think the Demon Race should lose quite a bit, after all, more than a dozen Tong You realm powerhouses."

For either side, this wasn't a small number.

And so.

There were other thoughts.

He looked at these people with a smiling, strange look, "What exactly will your Demonic Clan choose?"

Will he scare them off, or will they insist on dying to continue their assassination attempt?

Those are hard to say.


Jiang Qiao had self confidence that with his strength, even if these demons jumped for days and nights, they wouldn't be able to jump.

So he wasn't in a hurry.

These people of the Demon Race were just a bunch of jumping clowns in his eyes, and couldn't be considered anything more powerful.

Even that unstoppable Demon Race State Master.

Jiang Xiao was in a calm mood.

He teasingly looked at this group of black-clothed people from the Demon Race, "Let's ask a question before we do it, do all of you people from the Demon Race have a hole in your brain?"

All Demons: "..."

There were no words to say.

Or maybe they simply couldn't find anything to say.

Jiang Gou's words were too poisonous.

What do you mean, a hole in the brain?

Look, does that sound like human speech?

The group of Demonic Practitioners were so gloomy that they were furious at Jiang Jian's words.

This wretched fellow, he was clearly doing it on purpose.


With their gloomy faces, they simply wanted to swallow Jiang Gou alive.

It was as if they were really angry.


He was in a calm mood.

It was also calm.

These demons couldn't turn over any waves anyway.

These people were just a bunch of insects in his eyes, nothing more than some bigger ants.

But in reality, it was easy for him to kill these people.

The reason why he didn't do it was to give these people a chance, a chance to continue living, or a chance worth using by Jiang Liao.

After all, for a strong man like him, a dozen Tong You Realm Demons was really not much good.

And if he could make use of them, perhaps he could get more Demonic cultivation techniques from these Demons.

Although for the cultivators of this side of the world, the devil race's cultivation techniques were not desirable.

But in reality, what Jiang Xiao was considering wasn't desirable or undesirable, but rather the matter of obtaining the world's original source power.

If he could obtain more origin power, then he would definitely need more techniques to do so.

Obviously, relying on the human race alone wasn't enough, so more techniques were needed, of which the Demon race was one of his best options.

After all, the fact that the Demon Race was able to contend with the human race meant that the Demon Race had a lot of potential, and there were definitely quite a few cultivation methods among them.

These things weren't of much use to ordinary humans, but they were much more useful to Jiang Xiao.

He originally wanted to fool around with some merit methods, even if it was just to obtain a handful of them from these demonic killers.

But to Jiang Xiao, this was just a beginning, a good start.

Or perhaps it wouldn't be long before the entire Demon Race's merit methods were available to him.

Of course, the prerequisite was to fool around in place.

But judging from the current situation, he wasn't actually fooling in place, as the dozen or so Demonic killers didn't stop or hesitate for anything.

For them, perhaps killing Jiang Xiao, the Great Zhou Dynasty State Master, was the first important thing.

Or perhaps it was that they had already been exposed to this aspect of their training and had realized that Jiang Lack might make threats or react otherwise.

Of course, it was possible that all of the current events were false and they just didn't show it inside.

"You're so full of crap." The leader of the demons among them said indifferently.

That calm and indifferent expression was as if Jiang Xiao, the state master of the Great Zhou Dynasty, was nothing in his eyes.

It sounded as if it was overbearing and disdainful.

However, Jiang Kang smiled slightly and said indifferently, "Nonsense?

I hope that later, you won't think this is bullshit too, and that you'll still be able to say such hard words."

He had wanted to give these demons a chance, but they didn't appreciate it.

It was hard to blame him for that.

"Do it."

The leader commanded the dozen or so Tong You Quiet Demon Slayers in the 4 weeks with a wave of his hand, "This man is the State Master of the Great Zhou Dynasty and the target of our trip, he must be killed."


All the Demonic Slayers nodded in unison, "Kill this man at all costs, and also break one of the Great Zhou Dynasty's arms."

This was their goal.

After all, for so many years, the human race and the demon race had been at odds for so long, and as long as they could weaken the human race, the demon race would do whatever it took to do so.

Even if the matter itself would be a painful price for them, they would do it.

At this moment.

Jiang Xiao, on the other hand, smiled faintly. "You all seem to have rejoiced too early, thinking that this seat is just stalling for time by rambling so much nonsense with you?

To this throne, you demons are no different from Gryphons, and the reason why you don't want to do it is simply because you don't want to do it.

So, don't think of yourselves as too terrifying, just you demons of the Tong You Realm won't be able to kill this throne."

The leader, with a cold glance, waved his large hand, and also drew out two long swords.

It was as if they were going to cut down viciously towards Jiang Xiao's position, and in this instant, it was as if they were going to cut down Jiang Xiao directly and cleanly.

It was as if there really was a deep hatred that they didn't share, and their hatred seemed to be incredibly great.

But Jiang Ji sneered, "Even with you ants, you want to shake the heavens, you're simply mayflies shaking trees, you don't know what's good for you."

He released the Immortal Fate mana in his body directly, forming a transparent boundary around his body.

All of the demonic killers were helpless and were shaken away, while at the same time, they were constantly suppressed on the ground by Jiang Qian, that terrifying late stage of the Human Immortal Realm.

Their true essence couldn't run at all, and the demonic blood in their bodies seemed to be suppressed as well.

For a while, it actually made those demonic killers laugh and cry.

This person was so powerful that they hadn't even touched his corner, how could they assassinate him?

This was no way to assassinate ah.

All of a sudden, they were regretting a bit, if they had cleared up the situation with Jiang lacked from the start, maybe this awkward situation wouldn't have happened.

Yes, the current situation was indeed quite awkward for the Demons.

It was as if they were like a group of clowns performing all sorts of things in front of Jiang Liao.

But in reality, this performance of theirs was just that, a performance.

And these were of no use to Jiang Jiankou.

The reason why the Demon Race was a Demon Race was because often times they didn't consider anything else.

So they ended up in a miserable situation right now, being unable to get up from the ground by Jiang Kou, while at the same time unable to continue resisting.

Right after that, he killed them.


A few died.

Or rather, he had used secret methods to search their memories before killing these spells.

And the memories of the piece about the spell were then all acquired and quietly drew on the world's original power.

"My guess was correct, as expected, I was able to obtain the origin power of the not bandits, it seems that the demons in this side of the world are also the most important one among them, it should be beneficial to the world's projection and process evolution."

Jiang Xiao had already guessed such an outcome, but after truly verifying it, he then felt that things were not bad.

At the very least, it wasn't out of his expectation.

How could this group of Demon Slayers not have expected that with their dozen or so Tong You Realm cultivation powerhouses, they were all clear-cut top killers of the Demon Race and were the daredevil kind.

But now, it seemed that even this group of the top killers of the Demonic Clan were not enough to face Jiang Liao, after all, they were now deeply aware of Jiang Liao's strength.

An existence of this level simply couldn't be a match for them ah.

Had they known that this was the case, they would have investigated the situation anyway before coming back, or organized the best battle force within the Demon Clan.

For example, that mysterious black-robed State Master himself.

"You... who exactly are you? Why are you so strong?"

These Demon Slayers could never have imagined that Jiang Xiao was much more powerful than they had imagined.

And the strength of this realm of cultivation seemed to be beyond their knowledge.

Even from the Saint realm of cultivation strength, the legendary existence that had been crowned as a Saint, they dared to fight and were able to get through a few moves with him.

But now.

In a battle with Jiang Liao, they couldn't even break someone's defense, and they couldn't even survive a single move of it.

Or rather, Jiang Qiao hadn't even been able to perform a single move in a serious manner.

So they lost.

And defeated miserably.

And this miserable situation was something they could not understand or accept.

It was really a bit too miserable.

The mood was so depressed that it was hard to look in a good mood, with a blocked heart that was still unable to let out a breath.

The look was weird.

Immediately after.

Jiang Chi continued, "This seat has already told you guys not to act rashly, and told you to sit down and discuss, but you guys just didn't listen, and now this kind of result, you can't blame this seat."

Good and bad words he had already said all before.

But none of these Demonic assassins had listened, at any rate they were experts of the Tong You Realm, but this behaviour of theirs made Jiang Xiao feel ashamed and embarrassed.

The Demon Race seemed to be just like that.

At least the Demons he encountered at the moment weren't good, their brains seemed to have holes in them, they all seemed to be ill-advised, and they had to work in front of him, the Great God.

Now getting a very awkward result, he couldn't be blamed.

These situations, which this group of Demon Slayers naturally didn't think of at first, even the words Jiang Qiao had said earlier were a deep lesson in retrospect ah.

After all, what they said was the truth, but they took it as a whisper in their ears.

It would be a lie to say that you don't regret it.

After all, if they couldn't assassinate Jiang Xiao, it meant that their plan had failed, meaning that they couldn't possibly break one of the Great Zhou Dynasty's arms, let alone stop the matter of Jiang Xiao becoming the State Master of the Great Zhou Dynasty.

And so.

Right now what was in front of them was a very embarrassing matter, there was no way for them to continue, and it would be difficult for them to even survive.

"This time, we've been planted, so kill or dismember at your pleasure."

It was as if they were looking as if they were facing death.

That look looked as if Jiang Chi really wanted to kill them.

At this time.

Jiang Chi continued, "This seat said that you guys have holes in your brains, you didn't believe it before, but now you do, right?"

All Demons: "..."

If they had known that Jiang Jian was so powerful, they wouldn't have come to the State Teaching Academy to carry out this assassination.

So, it seemed that they could only admit that they had a hole in their brains now.


The leader was incomparably proud, "If you want to kill us, I'm afraid it's not enough!"

Jiang lacked: "........"

Are all young people today so arrogant and proud?

You can't stay from the holy realm, what about a stronger realm?

Or perhaps a being beyond the understanding of the world itself?


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