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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1195 - Chen Changsheng Determined Star (Seeking Subscription)

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Divine Capital, within the State Teaching Academy.

Jiang Jiang was watching Chen Changsheng and the others discussing the matter of cultivation, he was completely unable to get a word in, he could only shake his head inwardly, "It really is the world of the young now, I'm already old."

Not useful anymore.


That Tang Thirty-Six had always wanted to worship Jiang Chi as his master, but he had never had the chance.

Ever since Jiang Gou had returned from the palace, it was as if his entire person had changed.

Never the same again.

Tang Thirty-Six wanted to mention the matter of worshipping his master once again, but he hadn't had the chance.

Now that Chen Changsheng was explaining some matters on the cultivation of the Destiny Star, neither Tang Thirty-Six nor that Demon Princess Bai Luoheng had actually listened carefully.

Instead, that demon tribe Xuanyuan Broken, who came in behind him, was acting like a good student, listening diligently and with great vigor.

It was as if he had gained a great treasure.

Hearing Jiang Ji secretly appalled, "Daring to be the only student listening attentively, Xuanyuan Broken, Chen Changsheng is quite a failure as a teacher."

But isn't that a failure.

Now Jiang Xiao could not care so much about him.

After lunch.

Jiang Chi took the initiative to teach Tang Thirty-Six some of the Immortal Dao Dharma and instructed him not to spread it out.

The methods were not to be passed on to Six Ears.

The preciousness of cultivation methods was already precious in the Eastern Lands, not to mention the Immortal Dao cultivation methods that he, Jiang Liao, provided.

The problem with Bai Luoheng's meridians was also completely solved by Jiang Lack's fingertips.

These were minor matters to him.

And likewise taught her the cultivation methods of the Immortal Dao, while asking her to find more techniques over here just like Tang Thirty-Six.

No matter if it was from the human race, or the demon race or the devil race, he wouldn't refuse them all.

They were all able to obtain the World Origin Force anyway.

Tang Thirty-Six and Bai Luoheng both agreed. One was the Wenshui Tang family, a rich and powerful family, but quite a capable one, so getting some power shouldn't be difficult.

Bai Lahang, on the other hand, was a princess of the demon race, so if he wanted to get some demon techniques, it wouldn't be a handy thing to do.

Naturally, it was easy too.


She was happy to oblige.

It was so unpleasant.

Although Bai Yu Heng wasn't clear on what the Immortal Dao was, that didn't affect her practice of it.

Just take your time to understand it.

There would be plenty of opportunities in the future anyway.

Bai Luoheng smiled, looking a bit excited, "Perhaps, you still have more chances."

Jiang lacked enough to give her confidence.

This time.

She asked Jin Yurui to send many demon techniques, ranging from the profound to the normal and ordinary, there was everything.

Naturally, Jin Yului didn't know Bai Yu Lu's purpose, but the White Emperor only had one daughter, and he didn't want the young ancestor to suffer.

So he moved everything he could.

The mood was also very cheerful.

Naturally when faced with Jiang Chi, this ordinary man was not in a happy mood, or even a little sad.

Jin Yurui thought to himself, "It's all because of this guy, who has tricked Her Highness and caused her to change all over now."

If the White Emperor were to see this scene of his daughter, Jin Yurui wouldn't know how to answer to the White Emperor.



These kinds of depressing thoughts were only in the back of Jin Yului's mind.

In reality.

He didn't dare to say them directly. Now that Jiang Xiao had become the State Master of the Great Zhou Dynasty and was so powerful that he had beheaded several people on the spot in the court, it had also really surprised many people.

There were those who were shocked, and those who were envious.

There was even more fear.

In short.

There were all kinds of people.

It was truly astonishing.

The mood was unbearable.


Jiang lacked a burning gaze and had its radiance, Jin Yului came over he naturally saw it.

Will it send all the merit methods under the hand, also will Tang Thirty-Six send the merit methods under the hand, so also can be considered a step closer to breakthrough.


Arrived on schedule.

Chen Changsheng was pondering whether he wanted to set the star or not, whether he wanted to draw the star into his body and wash the marrow, whether he wanted to sit on the light?

These are the questions he should be thinking about.

They were also the things he was worried about.

After all, his body wasn't like an ordinary person's and couldn't withstand too much torment.

In addition, even if he was able to cultivate, was even if he was lucky enough to step on the path of cultivation, it would be like a life reminder for himself ah.


On the other hand, it didn't seem possible without cultivation.

The next great court trial required force and true essence, and if he didn't cultivate, he naturally wouldn't have any true essence to use.

And naturally, it would be impossible to make it through the Great Pilgrimage Exam.

Right now.

Cultivation was equally important.

"If I can't even make it through the Great Pilgrimage Exam, how will I have the chance to find a way to change my life against the heavens?"

This was something Chen Changsheng knew all too well.


He began to cultivate. It had been determined.

It was going to be a matter of gazing at the star and determining the fateful star that belonged to him.

Jiang Mo knew that Chen Changsheng's life was destined to be unlucky, but he had worked really hard, so it was no wonder that he was able to make it through to the final of the Grand Dynasty Examination in one step.

"With his aptitude and talent, if he didn't have any physical problems, he would have succeeded in cleansing the marrow in one step right now and would be half a foot into the Sitting Illumination Realm."

He was well aware of the current situation.

It was just a pity.

Some things were not as he had imagined.

Chen Changsheng could only choose the Qualitative Star now, choose the Destiny Star, and then receive the star power of that Destiny Star down and into his body to wash the marrow.

Although his body was already filled with the power of many stars, those powers were not enough to allow him to successfully wash the marrow.

For Chen Changsheng, the star power contained within his own body had been destroying his body, and when his body was destroyed, it should be the time when his soul returned to his hometown.

Fate was harsh.

There was no longer any other possibility.

His mind was equally complex, "I must set the stars, and if I can set the stars, I can invoke the starlight to wash the marrow, and if I can wash the marrow, I can sit in illumination..."


It was indeed true according to common sense.

But it was a special case that he, Chen Changsheng, was a special being, so he was worried.

He didn't call for Jiang Lack's help, nor did he go begging for mercy or anything like that.

"This is my own choice, this is also the path that belongs to me, Chen Changsheng, I must walk it myself."

Although there was a good path there for Jiang Lack.

Although he had said that if Chen Changsheng was willing, he could always go back and cultivate the Immortal Dao to solve his physical problems.

--Although it was a bit more bitter, though it was possible that the price to pay at that time would be a bit more, but there was a path after all.

It was pretty good.

Right now.

Chen Changsheng clenched his teeth as he sat on a futon, "Concentrating and fixing the star, it must be successful, otherwise I'm afraid that my years of effort will be wasted."

It absolutely cannot be like that.

How could it be in vain.

He read through the Dao Tibetan, he was familiar with the three thousand classics, he had to set the star to succeed.

Not far away.

Jiang Chi was watching indifferently, surrounded by Tang Thirty-Six and the others, Bai Yu Heng and Xuanyuan Broken.

At the moment, they were all looking at Chen Changsheng's residence with worried faces.

Chen Changsheng's thoughts were clear to them, the situation had become complicated, so he had to cultivate.

Tang Thirty-Six and the others were precisely worried about this.

After all.

They knew something about Chen Changsheng's situation, it would be tragic if he didn't succeed.

"Big Brother Jiang, do you think Changsheng he can succeed?"

Tang Thirty-Six curiously asked, "You're strong, what would happen from your point of view?"

How did it end?

At this time.

Even Bai Yu Heng lowered her head, she was in a heavy mood, she was going to worship Chen Changsheng as her master, but now she didn't.

Although there was no master-disciple relationship, but still friends.

She was still worried about Chen Changsheng.

Would he be able to set the star successfully?

To know.

The fixing of the stars is also a very important thing in the practice of destiny, and if it fails it will be unpredictable.

Everything was terrifying.

Chen Changsheng's heart was looking forward to it.

It was also somewhat helpless.

He also knew very well that if he couldn't set the star, then there would be no way to cleanse the marrow, and the inability to cleanse the marrow would lead to the inability to sit on the illumination.

And then God knows what would happen.

"It has to work."

Chen Changsheng secretly prayed, "I've been learned and versatile since I was young, I'm familiar with the Three Thousand Dao Treasures, and I'm already familiar with condensing and fixing the star.

Now, the only thing I have to do is to wait and keep waiting for the final result, otherwise it won't work either."

Fatal Star.

In regards to this cultivation method, everyone should have their own fate star, this fate star is the source of power and the source of true essence.

It had a pivotal role to play.

At least.

This was true for those who cultivated with a fate star.

There were many stars in the sky, and the starlight emitted from them was power, and once this power could be harnessed by humans.


The benefits for the human race are numerous.

"Although, cultivation is like a life reminder for me, but I must obtain the first place in the Great Dynasty Test Species."

Where else would he have the chance to obtain a method to change his life against the sky.

Jiang Mo secretly sighed, "Maybe he can succeed, but with his physical condition, it's not necessarily good if he succeeds."


It may not be good.

At the same time.

Jiang Qiao also muttered in his heart, "Chen Changsheng probably doesn't know that his birth itself was a conspiracy, a collaboration between that master of his, Plan Daoist, the former head of the State Teaching Academy, Shang Xingzhou, and that Demonic National Teacher, Duster, who himself was the key lock that prompted all the plans in.

It's a pity that he doesn't know it yet."

He did want to tell Chen Changsheng, but Chen Changsheng chose not to cultivate immortality with him.

Otherwise, what was the harm in telling him these things?

Right now.

He also didn't tell the surrounding Tang Thirty-Six and White Fallen Hen and the others.

"Eternal Life, you must succeed."

Bai Luo Heng side prayed up.

Xuanyuan Broken beside her, on the other hand, clenched his fists and looked up into the starry sky, also hoping that Chen Changsheng would succeed in setting the star.

As long as he was able to set the star, the next step would be to wash the marrow, and from then on, he would be immune to all diseases.

The next step was to sit on the illumination.

I believe that if Chen Changsheng can cleanse the marrow, he should be able to sit on the illumination.

This is a common sense.

It shouldn't be a problem.

Immediately after.

Jiang Ji continued, "Fixing the star is not difficult for Changsheng, the only thing that is difficult is that he needs to resist the star power in his body, and that power has been destroying him."

"Brother Jiang, you have this method to solve it, right?"

Thirty-six Tang suddenly asked.

"Indeed there is."

Jiang Ji nodded and continued, "But it would require Eternal Life to cultivate immortality with me, but as you know, Eternal Life he won't cultivate immortality with me, he wants to find a way to change his life against the heavens himself."

This kind of perseverance talent was admired even by Jiang Qian.

Thus he also left a way out for Chen Changsheng.

It was up to Chen Changsheng himself to catch it or not, as that was all for later.

Jiang Qian was pondering faintly in his heart, looking strangely, light flickering everywhere.


The stars in the sky were even more dazzling at this time.

Because Chen Changsheng was trying to set the stars, it caused the stars in the sky to be very bright, as if any one of them could be his life star.

Although he did not know what kind of fate star Chen Changsheng was going to set a star to, he was also clear that it should be very extraordinary.

Otherwise, that fate star wouldn't be able to have so many benefits.

Jiang Qian's heart was in awe.

So unexcited.


Two hours later.

Chen Changsheng had finally identified a star and had managed to establish contact with this fateful star.

Of course.

This method of determining the fate star was just a simple method.


It was such a simple method, yet to Chen Changsheng it was as if he had already poured out all his strength.

He was already so tired that he was sweating profusely.

His face was even as pale as paper, as if he was about to be blown down by the wind at any moment.

That feeling was really a bit unpleasant.


Thinking about it terrifies him.

The gloom was hard to dispel.

And so.

Chen Changsheng was to stay there recovering for a good half day before it ended.

After that, Tang Thirty-Six and Bai Lahang and the others dispersed separately, as they all knew that Chen Changsheng was fine.

But after that.

Jiang Xiao was not relieved because he felt an unexpected guest coming.


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