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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1194 - The Heavens Are in uproar (Seeking Subscriptions)

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That day.

The news of Jiang Chi becoming the State Teacher of the Great Zhou Dynasty spread by many people without a trace.

An unknown number of existences in the divine Capital knew about this figure of Jiang Liao.

It was new to them, especially since Jiang Lack had openly beaten and killed several courtiers in the court.

It was even more widely spread.

Because Jiang Chi had killed in front of that Holy Queen, the Pope and the others, directly killing the entire courtiers with blood stained red.

The strangest thing was that the Holy Queen and the Pope actually didn't say anything excessive, but instead felt that that newly appointed Jiang Guoji had done the right thing.

This way.

After word spread, there was an uproar in the entire divine Capital.

After all.

Jiang lacked the appearance of a young man, and such a young man had such great skills.


The matter itself was peculiar and attracted the attention of others.

And so.

In the divine Capital, there were rumors about how Jiang Lack, the State Master, was so powerful and terrifying to the extreme.

Even the Empress of the Heavenly Sea and Lord Pope could not compete with it, and Jiang Liao was even rumored to be divine.

It was like a powerful and mysterious existence.

And in fact, other than the Holy Queen and the Pope, everyone else was basically unaware of Jiang Lack's specific origin and circumstances.

His power had penetrated deep into the hearts of people.

It had already caused countless people's hearts and minds to tremble, only to feel terrified.

And secretly vowed that they must not provoke Jiang Lack, lest they would have no power to resist when people liquidated them.

As soon as such a thought emerged, countless people exclaimed, "As soon as that Jiang Guoji appeared, he was like a star, lighting up the entire sky."

Of course.

It also disturbed the entire divine Capital.

That's right, for many people, the Divine Capital was now in disarray.

But for the Holy Queen and the Pope, after Jiang lacked the ability to become the State Teacher of the Great Zhou Dynasty, the world was instead more peaceful.


To the Heavenly Sea Sacred Queen and Pope Yin Xing Dao, Jiang Xiao was like a needle that fixed the sea.

It stood there without falling.

Even if the world was in chaos, even if that demon race invaded, they wouldn't have to worry.

One Jiang Lack would be enough to calm everyone down, a guarantee of great strength and a manifestation of powerful cultivation.

For him, there were countless benefits, and the excitement and excitement naturally emerged one by one.

Especially the Holy Queen.

She had been hurting her head all these years because of the Demon Clan and hadn't been able to think of a good strategy to deal with it.

Now that Jiang Xiao had become the State Master of the Great Zhou Dynasty, the meaning was different.

The situation, too, was different up.

So she was happy.

As for the courtiers who died in the court, death was death.

It was no big deal.

They're just a bunch of mole crickets.

They're just a bunch of mole crickets. It's a delay to live, but they're dead.

And it would clear up many obstacles.

That day.

All those people in the court naturally died, killed by Jiang Xiao's own hands, but no one could see how he killed them.

Not even the speed at which he shot them could be seen.

And so.

Those courtiers in the imperial court were worshiping, or at least they were superficially worshiping.

This was the situation now.

It looked bizarre and extraordinary.


They didn't know what Jiang Liao was really capable of, nor did they know what other terrifying tricks Jiang Liao had up his sleeve.


After this incident, many people were obviously convinced, but it was unknown if they were truly convinced in their hearts.

Of course.

Whether they were convinced or not, this meant nothing to Jiang Lack.

He didn't care either.

As long as he was able to successfully become the State Master of the Great Zhou Dynasty, as long as he had the privilege, the speed at which he could obtain the World Origin Power would be much faster.

That's right.

It would merely serve as an acceleration.

In the beginning, Jiang Qian did not intend to do this, after all, there was too much involved, and he himself was lazy, so he did not intend to become any kind of State Master.

But then.

The situation changed.

He was too slow, so he needed to be even faster.

And after becoming a State Master of the Great Zhou Dynasty, its meaning was different, perhaps he could really finish collecting the World Origin in a very short period of time.

In order to raise his own strength to the Human Immortal Great Perfection.

"Soon, I'm about to break through."

While everyone in the entire Divine Capital was talking about Jiang Qian becoming the State Master of the Great Zhou Dynasty, Jiang Qian began to organize all his gains.

He really was about to break through.

There was quite a bit of origin power collected and also gradually started refining a lot of it, so as long as he came back again, there might be enough origin power to break through.

That's great.

Seeing that he was about to break through, it would definitely be a lie for Jiang Qian to say that he was not nervous at all.

Human Immortal Realm Great Perfection.

This was a realm that anyone wanted to obtain, and likewise he, Jiang Xiao, also wanted to become such a strong person.


For a moment.

Gang was caught up in his own imagination.

This imagination made him feel good, and everything seemed to be going well.

Merit methods.

As long as he obtained some merits once more, he could use those merits to obtain more of the world's origin, thus breaking through the existing cultivation realm.

That was good.

And so.

He had another thought in mind. That was to go to the Heavenly Book Mausoleum soon and see what that so-called Heavenly Book in the Mausoleum was.

In the first year of Tai Shi, the Divine Stone fell from space.

It was scattered into the earth.

These Jiang Chi did not forget.

The so-called Heavenly Book inscription in the Mausoleum should be the divine stone that had fallen in the first year of Tai Shi, only to later become the divine tablet in the Mausoleum of Heavenly Books.

People had comprehended the Dao due to viewing the divine stone totem, so there were countless techniques derived from it to create the current situation.

It was exceptionally unsettling.

Also pondering so much that Jiang Ji was secretly surprised, he thought, "If that's the case, then where did those divine stones fall during the first year of Tai Shi?"

This was something Jiang Xiao was actually quite curious about.


He thought it was just an ordinary coincidence, but now it seemed that the reason why cultivation existed in the Eastern Land might not be a coincidence.

How could it be a coincidence if those divine stones fell down.

It was categorically impossible that it was a so-called chance.

It must be inevitable.


This inevitability Jiang Xiao did not know the secret of it.

And those in the Eastern Land, they were equally unclear, including the Holy Queen and the Pope and the others.

Because in this vast land, humans had survived for countless years, and various academies and sects had been spawned.

Based on this situation, the events of that year had probably been too long ago.

So it was simply impossible for anyone to know.

Jiang Yao sighed quietly.

He simply didn't know what the outside world thought of him, nor did he know what those people were thinking.


He was going to the Heavenly Book Mausoleum.

To obtain more World Origin Power. But.

Not right now.

He needed to nurse himself to his best, and as for that so-called Great Pilgrimage Exam, it might still be something for those young people.

But to Jiang Xiao, it was nothing.

Because the Great Court Exam was just the Great Zhou Dynasty's Great Court Exam, something that was only set up to select some outstanding young people.

But not within the scope of his Jiang Liao.

To know.

His goal hadn't been the Great Pilgrimage Exam.

Only someone like Chen Changsheng would have chosen to pass the Great Pilgrimage Exam and get the first chance to go to the Celestial Tomb, right?

You look at that Xu You Rong, you look at that Qiushan Jun, and then you can look at so many people from the Departure Mountain Sword Sect, and even those various disciples from the Heavenly Dao Academy and the Star Picking Academy.

In the end, how many of them passed the Grand Imperial Examination to enter the Tomb of Heavenly Books?

People's quotas had already been determined.

Only, because he, Chen Changsheng, had no backstage or the strength to ask for a quota, there was no way to talk about directly entering the Heavenly Book Mausoleum.

The outside world.

It wasn't just God's Capital or the rest of the Eastern Land.

Basically, after hearing about Jiang Liao's deeds, they were all stunned to the point of starkness.

Jiang Giao.

Where did this kid come from, becoming the State Master of the Great Zhou Dynasty at such a young age?


Many people thought that the Queen of Heavenly Sea and the Pope had been compelled to do so.

It must be so.

Otherwise, how could Jiang Xiao become the State Teacher of the Great Zhou Dynasty.

It was a bit too unbelievable.

He didn't understand.

Nor could he know the secret of it.

It was actually a bit too weird.

Somewhere on a green hill, Ji Daoist, dressed in old Daoist clothes, became bitter when he heard the news about Jiang Xiao, "It's over, it's not going to be easy this time.

His Jiang Chi's strength isn't something the Eastern Lands can handle.

I've been jealous of him from the beginning and have been constantly worried that he would get mixed up with that woman from Tianhai and hinder my goal.

Now it seems that he's still getting mixed up in it and has become the State Master of the Great Zhou Dynasty, a major obstacle on my way to completing my big plan.

What can I do about this?"

After all.

His goal for the Counting Daoist was to overthrow the reign of the Holy Queen of Tian Hai, and he wanted to kill Tian Hai in order to achieve his goal.

---Pushing Chen's descendant, Yu Ren, up to become emperor.

As for whether or not Yu Ren had the ability to do that, it was not something that Ji Daoist could consider.

Think about it.

With that Yu Ren's heart and his years of knowledge, he would be more than enough to be an emperor who kept his word.

In the beginning, that was indeed what Ji Daoist had thought.

But now well.

After having Jiang Chi mixed in and started to stir the pot, his mind changed and changed.

It might not be as he wanted.

After all, Jiang Chi was very strong, and once he sat on the throne of State Master, he might not allow anyone to stir up the Great Zhou Mountains.

He was afraid.

Ji Daoist was afraid ah.

So, he sighed deeply for a while.

The situation was dangerous.

He seemed to be getting farther and farther away from his goal.


"Why would it be him?"

Ji Daoist's calm and indifferent Daoist heart was almost going crazy right now, "Why would it be him ah?"

It was him.

It put him in a depressing mood that was hard to rest.

The eyes were so gloomy. If he could change to another person, he would rather face any other person, and he wouldn't be willing to face Jiang Lack.

There was just something too scary about this person.

He didn't want to face him.

Even now that the planter had cultivated immortality and stepped onto the path of immortality, he was still afraid.


It was precisely because of this that he was terrified.

After all....

Jiang Lack was really strong.

It also really frightened him.

This is an impossible person to defeat, the countenance thought so, "What should I do next?"


After hearing the information about Jiang Xiao.

The black-robed State Master, however, was stunned, and it was clear that she hadn't thought that the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen and the Pope would play this game.

What's more, she didn't think about who Jiang Lack was.

In her impression.

Or in her memory, there was no such person as Jiang Liao.

It was as if he had appeared out of thin air.

"Go check out the details of this Jiang Lack."

After thinking about it, the black robe still commanded.


Someone since led the order down.

At this time.

Demon Princess Nanke slowly came over, "Master, why don't I bring someone over to kill the man and take the opportunity to assassinate him and break an arm of the Great Zhou Dynasty."

"What if it's a fake?"

The State Master said indifferently, "It's very likely that this is the plotting and scheming of that woman from Tian Hai, you must not be careless."

But Nanke said, "Master, don't worry, there will be absolutely no problem.

Whether this news is true or not, we'll just have to eliminate this person."

Black-robed State Master: "......."

After she thought about it, it seemed to be the same reason.

Regardless of whether the matter of the Great Zhou Dynasty State Master was or wasn't the plotting and scheming of the Heavenly Sea Holy Queen, it didn't matter to the Demons.

Just kill them one by one anyway.

There was no need to bother with the rest, true or not, they were all going to die.


The black-robed State Master whirled around and nodded, saying, "Nanke, I'll give you more men, you must succeed this time, but you can't be like the Autumn Mountain King again.

You have the Peacock bloodline and talent, your future achievements are unlimited, you must protect yourself well, don't get hurt.

Also I will secretly pressurize you, so you don't have to worry about anything else."

"Thank you, Master!"

"No, you are already my disciple."


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