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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1192 - Don't Be Afraid With Me (Seeking Subscription)

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The next day.

In the court of the Great Zhou Dynasty, morning court soon began.

The Queen of the Heavenly Sea sat high on the phoenix luan, majestically majestic, looking down upon the world.

The Pope stood at the side.


To the side.

By the side of the Holy Queen's Phoenix Luan, there was a man sitting on a chair with different golden patterns.

He was dressed in white robes, suave and handsome and extraordinary, looking like that banished immortal to the mortal world.

He looked like a banishment of immortality. He was truly different from mortals.

Many people looked at this young man curiously, seemingly feeling very interested.

After all, there weren't many people in the world who were on par with the Heavenly Sea Saint Queen, and there were only a handful of them.

But the young man sitting next to the Saint Queen now, they had never seen before.

It was as if he had appeared out of nowhere.

For a moment, no one's heart was prepared for it, but they were a bit startled and dismayed.

Feeling very weird and inscrutable.

But at this time, no one said anything more, because even that Lord Pope hadn't opened his mouth, so how could the rest of them have the nerve to open their mouths?

After all, no matter their status or position, they were far inferior to Pope Yin Xingdao.

He was the one who was the heartbeat of Empress Heavenly Sea.

It was precisely because of this that the entire courtroom seemed to be getting weirder and weirder.

Saint Empress Heavenly Sea hadn't said anything yet, and she was thinking of announcing it again at a critical moment, it would be more meaningful that way.

As for the imperial court, the thoughts of the Nagon dukes had little to do with her.

It's because those people can't stop her from making a decision.

The Pope knew it all too well.

He gave a slight jaw towards Jiang Ji to show his respect, which would probably make him appear more polite and courteous.

A slight nod from Jiang lacked, however, indicated his approval of the Pope.

At the same time, he also knew that this next pardon ceremony might not go so smoothly.

But that didn't matter.

Because he had the protection of strong strength, it didn't matter even if he encountered some irresistible things and opposition.

Just get used to it.


He, Jiang Xiao, was already used to it.

Just because he was used to it, he wasn't afraid at all, and then there was still a Heavenly Sea Holy Queen and the Pope.

They would never allow an unfavorable situation to happen.

Jiang Xiao swore.

Because, if he provoked him, Jiang Someone to be angry, and when the time came, he would be angry at the Pope, the Holy Queen, and even the entire Great Zhou Dynasty.

Then the consequences....

They absolutely can't afford it.

And didn't dare to gamble.

Other people might not know how powerful he was in Jiang Lack, but the Holy Queen and the Pope were well aware of it.


Either way, they would definitely do everything they could to ensure that no accidents would occur, otherwise the situation would become very bad.

At that time....


Jiang Xiao was looking forward to that kind of outcome anyway.

Too bad the Holy Queen and the Pope wouldn't necessarily let that happen, which kind of defeats the point of the fun.

Of course.

All of these things only passed in a flash in Jiang Liao's mind.

He didn't think much about the rest.

In fact.

The situations that Jiang Qiao was thinking about, the Holy Queen and the Pope had both thought of them.

It was just that both sides were in tune with each other.

The situation must be brought under control, or else Jiang Chi would have a very bad impression of their Great Zhou Dynasty, and there might be an accident in this ceremony to pardon the State Master.

After knowing how powerful Jiang Lack was.

Whether it was the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress or the Leaving Palace Patriarch, they were actually aware of these situations, although there were many people in the court who liked to jump around.

But in reality, those people were only a small portion.

The Holy Queen and the Pope felt that those people were actually still within their control.

Everything was still controllable.


The hour had come.

And so the court meeting began. It was the court meeting of the Great Zhou Dynasty, and a tyrannical announcement ceremony, where Jiang lacked the power to look down upon the world in a desperate and powerful manner.

And with the pull of the Holy Queen and the Pope, he succeeded in becoming the state master of the Great Zhou Dynasty.

The teacher of a nation.

How high is the position of respect?

From ancient times to the present, the people in the Great Zhou Dynasty who could have this treatment were absolutely not right.

And all made ancient.


Naturally, the Heavenly Sea Empress was incomparably satisfied as she looked at Jiang Chi with a relaxed mood, "As long as Senior Jiang becomes the State Master of my Great Zhou Dynasty, this world will be our human race's world.

I, on the other hand, will no longer need to rely on the Astrolabe Formation to also resist the Demon Race's attack, and I think the Great Zhou Dynasty should be able to be peaceful for countless years."

Peace, who wouldn't want it.

She also wanted it.

And Jiang Lack's existence was the perfect solution to this problem.


Jiang Lack, the State Master, must be pardoned and must not yet have accidents, otherwise what he did would lose its meaning and purpose.

After thinking of these circumstances.

Empress Heavenly Sea then said to the Imperial Mistress Mo Yu beside her, "Mo Yu, bring out the prepared decree, since all the dukes of the court are here, it's good to announce it in public."

This grand ceremony.

She would not allow anyone to disrupt it.

Therefore the surrounding soldiers and generals were majestic and powerful routed many people to the point where they couldn't breathe.

They even thought to themselves, "What is the Holy Queen doing?"

And some of the people who didn't have much to do with the queen pondered, "What does this old woman want to do, is there a change in the court with so many soldiers guarding it?"


I haven't heard of any changes.


All these years, even the Prime Minister and the King of Chen liu haven't heard of them thinking of starting a rebellion.

What's going on?

Before I had time to think about these circumstances, I heard Mo Yu already began to announce, "His Majesty has an edict, now that I have the virtue of senior Jiang Qian, the merit of the high ground, with the ability to penetrate the sky and the earth, all laws are invulnerable, this encounter is the emperor's fortune, is the fortune of the Great Zhou, so I want to be established as a state teacher, in order to suppress the country's throne, the external control of the demonic race, the internal suppression of the overnight, can pass through the Great Zhou any place, the words to follow the law is comparable to the golden words of the Empress...."

Lin Lin always said a whole lot.

It was nothing more than the previous promises that the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress had made to Jiang Lack, and he was dizzy from hearing it, feeling that these ancients were too biting. It was hard to hear.


The Nagaon dukes in the courtroom didn't think so, and they all heard it very clearly and understood it very well.

Just now.

Be as depressed as you want to be.

It was really a bit unsatisfying, and the mood was still a bit unhappy at the moment.


You're going to pardon the Imperial Master?

But you didn't even consult them about such a big deal, and then you decided on your own?


Today, these people are here to hear the results, not to attend the court proceedings.

Since you Tian Hai alone can decide these matters, what else do they need to do?


Most of the entire court was unhappy.

It would be just as well if it was an ordinary minor official.


The one you pardoned and sealed by Tian Hai is a national division, a division of a country, and according to the decree, this national division is still in a position of power above them.

The same as the Holy Queen.

Wouldn't this be another great figure above them.

Thinking about it made me feel bitter.

Such a thing wasn't half as beneficial to them.

So naturally, they did not want to accept it and naturally wanted to oppose it.

As for the imperial decree saying that Jiang lacked strength, was unfathomable, had a monstrous and thorough cultivation, could be invulnerable to all kinds of laws and so on.

Just listen to these words.

Make sure you don't take them seriously, or else you'll fall into a lower category.

Because after you take it seriously, you'll find that the truth is different from what you thought.

That's never okay.

So for these purposes, they were now busy talking about it.

Greatly, they were treating the entire Great Zhou Dynasty's place of court as if it was a vegetable market, but it was lively.

"Outrageous, his surname Jiang is young, what talents and skills does he have, has he set the star or is he sitting illuminated?"

"That's right, even if you want to pardon him as a national teacher, you should at least inform us, this situation is making it so awkward now."

"It's impossible in this lifetime to ask us people to recognize him as a national teacher, how can he, who is just a small child, be able to make us people respect him as a national teacher?"

"I see, it must be that the Holy Queen has been blinded by him, we people must oppose it, otherwise how can we show our loyalty to him?"

Jiang Jian's brows furrowed, slightly displeased.

The opposition of the courtiers was within his expectation, but these people who were opposed to it actually made their words sound so bad, he was a bit unable to listen to them.

If he didn't have regard for the scene, he would have wanted to just get those people killed right now.

Cold-eyed onlookers.

Cold light shone out in all sorts of glimmers.

At this time.

The Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen and the Pope saw that things were not right, and Jiang Gou had frowned.

This was still going on.

And so.

The Pope then said, "Gentlemen, this matter was decided by me and the Holy Queen together, and is an absolute affirmation of Senior Jiang's strength, as well as an absolute responsibility to our Great Zhou Dynasty.

This is a good thing, and both the Holy Queen and I hope that you will accept it, or else you will be making an enemy of me and the Holy Queen."

The meaning of the words.

You people should think carefully.

Once you embarrass Jiang Xiao, you are embarrassing him and the Holy Queen.

Everyone: "........"


When they heard these words, they burst into tears and laughter.

Their moods were a bit disheveled.

Making an enemy of the Holy Queen and the Pope?

They didn't have the heart to do that yet, they didn't dare to do that yet, but they were well aware of the power of the Holy Queen and the Pope.

If they really offended them, they might not have much to live for in this life.


They suddenly thought of one thing.

That was, why was Jiang lacking so highly esteemed by the Holy Queen and the Pope?

They were a bit puzzled.

"Lord Pope, what you said is a bit too arbitrary, isn't it."

"What makes this fellow surnamed Jiang able to sit on the position of State Master of the Great Zhou Dynasty, not only are we displeased, even the entire people in the Great Zhou Dynasty are displeased."

"That's right, this person might have learned the art of laughing at demons and devils, the Holy Queen and the Pope must not be deceived by them."


Soon, they were saying things left and right.


Originally this world was balanced.

But now.

This balance had been broken, completely shattered. Because of Jiang Liao's arrival, because he had become the State Master of the Great Zhou Dynasty, he would be above their heads.

And as noble people of the Great Zhou Dynasty, important courtiers of the court, how could they allow this to happen?

Never allow it.

It's enough to have a Holy Queen, even if the Pope is fine with it.


One more Jiang lacked meaning, it would be different.

They were also people who wanted face and power.

So absolutely no one else would be allowed to do that.

Cold voices.

One after the other.


Jiang Qian instead suddenly laughed.

But this smile of his was so creepy to the Holy Queen and the Pope. The Empress and the Pope both knew clearly that Jiang Jiankou should be angry with this appearance.

Where is this line.

It was absolutely necessary to set things right.

Otherwise, it would be easy to imagine the result of plainly provoking someone's anger at Senior Jiang.

Can't be like that ah.


After thinking of this.

The Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen immediately said, "You people, you have nothing to do with it on a normal day, so what, now that I'm going to set up a State Master, are you going to oppose it?

Don't you think the sword in my hand isn't sharp enough?"


The crowd was a bit baffled.

How could this Holy Queen's attitude change so quickly.

Where had they offended anyone?

How can I not think clearly, the mood was suddenly a bit awkward and inexplicably helpless.

Against the Holy Queen?

Against the Pope?

None of them had the heart to do so, nor did they dare to do so, it was really a bit of a distressing affair ah.

Although they wanted to oppose it, but after this matter heard the words of the Pope and the Holy Queen, it was clear that these two were going to protect this surnamed Jiang.


It would not be easy for them to oppose it openly.

Once they were recorded in the little black book by the Holy Queen and the Pope, their little lives wouldn't be easy in the future, they guaranteed.

This had already been deeply felt by someone.

Because of this, that was why so many people were scrupulous of the Holy Queen and the Pope.

At this time.

Jiang Chi said to the Holy Queen and the Pope, "Don't worry, there's no need to be afraid with me here, just a few ants, like jumping clowns, can be destroyed into ashes with the snap of a finger!"

The solution for him was simple, one word: kill!


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