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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1191 - There's Wine and Stories (Seeking Subscriptions)

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That night.

Inside the palace of the Great Zhou Dynasty.

It was already brightly lit up, and the ordinary palace staff had already begun to busily prepare.

This palace, which originally belonged to the Heavenly Sea Holy Queen alone, now welcomed a guest.

Jiang Chi.

A super invincible existence.

It was also a person who horrified the Holy Queen, the Pope and the others.

The reception banquet was definitely going to be held.

There were countless mountains and sea delicacies at the banquet, far more than a hundred and eight, and all kinds of them were not even duplicated.

This was admired by Jiang Ji.

It definitely took a lot of preparation to make those dishes, and it seemed that this Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen and the Pope had already ordered people to prepare them before they went to the State Teaching Academy.

Jiang Mo didn't doubt it either.

He just looked calm and indifferent, very sparingly, and ate and drank these mountain and sea delicacies to his heart's content.

Firstly, these things were really delicious.

Secondly, he also knew that if he didn't eat them, he was only afraid that the Holy Queen and the Pope would be afraid.

So he ate and drank with ease and boldness, but the Queen and the Pope were a bit unable to let go, probably because of Jiang lacked, so they didn't have much of an appetite.

It was probably because of Jiang Jiang that they didn't have much appetite. The table was full of good food and good wine, but Jiang Jiang was the only one who could afford it.

The Empress and the Pope were quite satisfied with this.

During the banquet.

They were the only two people who accompanied him, and there was no one else.

Perhaps it was because no one else was qualified.

As for the old man who was rumored in the divine Capital, he didn't seem to appear either, and Jiang Xiao didn't ask anything.

For him.

The situation was actually the same.

The Saint Empress looked at the hapless Jiang Lack somewhat strangely, and had no complaints, just pure amazement.

Of course.

Equally amazed was the Pope who was accompanying the wine on the side.

He was just as astonished.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Ji was able to eat and drink so well. He usually wanted to drink the imperial wine in the palace and thought he could drink it well.

But compared to Jiang Chi, it was instantly nothing.

Jiang Liao's drinking capacity was a bit more terrifying than he had imagined, "This is simply a monster like existence ah, the drinking capacity is actually all this good."

He was afraid that he would get drunk if he continued drinking.


If he got drunk himself, there would be no one to accompany him, so he couldn't ask the Holy Queen, she was a woman, to accompany the bar.


That would be too much of a nonsense.

So the Pope is still going on.

But how long he can keep going he doesn't know, probably a little while, probably a little while.

The Pope thought so in his heart.

There was really no choice, admitting that he was not as good at drinking was feasible, but to the unintoxicated Jiang Xiao, the Pope suddenly felt that his own drinking capacity really didn't seem enough.

He was miserable.

Feeling annoyed about this matter.

Instead, Jiang Jian looked at him with a smile on his face and a calm face, "After five tastes of food and three rounds of wine, let's call it a night."

If he continued to eat and drink, he was afraid that the Pope would get drunk.

Hearing this, the Pope and the Empress were both secretly relieved that it was good to be here.

To continue any further would be torment for them.


A great torment.

Especially knowing the powerful cultivation and strength of Jiang Lack, what they were facing was so terrifying.

It was so terrifying to think about.

This Senior Jiang was very strong, so even sitting next to him they felt uneasy.

It was as if something bad was about to happen at any moment.


For the Heavenly Sea Sacred Queen and the Pope, the best outcome for the moment might be to scatter.


That could only be done by Jiang Xiao.

They absolutely couldn't.

That would be disgusting and would provoke Jiang Lack, and that would be tragic.

The best way was to do nothing at all.

It might be better that way, and they were secretly relieved when Jiang lacked himself to bring it up.

Jiang Chi continued, "Alright, you guys can arrange a guest room for me in the palace, so if it's too late today, I won't go back to the National Teaching Academy."

Returning to the National Teaching Academy would be too miserable, and they wouldn't do that even if it was to show their respect for Jiang lacking.


The Pope nodded slightly to the Holy Queen and said, "Holy Queen, in order to facilitate tomorrow's pardon, it would be better for us to let senior live in the palace."

Although there might be gossip, it would probably be the best solution for them.

After thinking about it, the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress said, "Alright, then so be it, I will command it."

Although there had been no reason for men to stay in the palace since ancient times, but now this was the best way to do it.

That would seem immoral.

Jiang Jiang also had no intention of going back, as he knew that both the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen and that pontiff actually wanted to exchange some Immortal Dao Techniques with him.

Before it was too late.

As long as they could exchange some dao techniques, they could judge whether or not they were useful to them based on those techniques.

If they were useful, it might be a good thing.

Thinking of this.

The Pope and the Holy Queen looked at each other and said in succession, "Senior, I wonder if we can exchange some Immortal Dao techniques with you now?"

"It can be done."

Jiang Xiao nodded and said, "But before it's too late, it's not too early, so you guys hurry up, I don't want to be busy if it's too late."


Both of them nodded thus.

Naturally, they also knew that time was precious, and even more so, they knew the specifics of the current situation.


Even if they could exchange a little bit, they were actually willing to do so.

Because the next step for them from the Saint realm was nothing at all, the only thing that made sense was to be stronger.

And the Immortal Dharma Gate was their chance, a chance to become stronger.


After hearing Jiang Jian's promise, both the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen and the Pope were satisfied, and they went down to prepare with a single sin.

Since the techniques they had to prepare were a bit too much, they probably wouldn't be ready for a while and needed more time to prepare.

It was just as well that Jiang Xiao was led to the guest room.

After Jiang lacked left.

Only then did the two of them secretly let out a sigh of relief, "The next step is the creation of our respective fates, it's hard to say which step we can take."

Because everyone's destiny creation was different, the Holy Queen and the Pope knew this.

So they were always prepared.

After about an incense stick of time, both the Heavenly Sea Saint Queen and the Pope had prepared a certain number of feats that ordinary people had never seen before.

to exchange with Jiang Chi.

Because they knew very well that this exchange would most likely mean many things.

Their fate would be changed.

Immortal Dao!

Of course when they got the Dharma Gate from before the Foundation Establishment, it finally dawned on them that this was the Immortal Dao.

It was just that this Immortal Dao was so bizarre and terrifying, it was really much stronger than the Destiny Star Cultivation Way.

This kind of strength was definitely not something ordinary people could compare to.

And Jiang Qiao also told them that the current cultivation method couldn't be compared to the past, so they needed to change.

Benefits would only appear if they kept changing.

After thinking of these circumstances, both the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen and the Pope secretly vowed that they would go in search of more techniques to come over in the future.

Even if it was a place like the Departing Mountain Sword Sect.

The Holy Queen firmly believed that.

Only then would they be able to possess more Immortal Dao merit methods, such as the foundation building method in Jiang Notch, such as the Golden Dao, and so on.

Once these things were possessed, the Holy Queen and the Pope might become different.

This was something they knew very well.

And thus, the first time they got the Immortal Dao Dharma Gate, they began to cultivate it.

The results seemed to be good.

In one night, they had learned a few little tricks.

Of course.

It was only small means.

And these means were like children playing house for Jiang Xiao.

Simple and easy.

He looked calmly at the Holy Queen and the Pope, and after finally waving his hand to send them away, he began to prepare for the harvest this time.

"Nowadays, I have already obtained quite a bit of origin power, and before that, there was the National Teaching Academy and the Heavenly Dao Academy, as well as such books as the Star Picking Academy and the Thirteen Divisions of Green Dazzle, thus obtaining the origin power.

And then, there was tonight's contribution from the Heavenly Sea Sacred Queen and Lord Pope.

It's all a lot, but I feel like I can't continue to break through yet, and it should take enough time for me to break through."

Jiang Mo secretly mused, "That's a bit annoying, the origin power is still too little ah, now quite a few of the techniques in the hands of the Holy Queen and the Pontiff have all been brought over, but at least most of them have been brought over.

In other words, for a long time to come, I probably won't be able to obtain the World Source Force.


After becoming the State Teacher of this Great Zhou Dynasty, I might be able to search for the merit method myself through another method.

For example, entering the Heavenly Book Mausoleum and so on!"

For a moment.

Jiang Xiao actually thought about it a lot.

He still had a chance.

Just waiting for another chance to arrive, he would harvest another wave of origin power, and he should be able to break through to the Human Immortal Great Perfection.

"Finally, it's going to be complete."

Jiang Qian was filled with anticipation, the Human Immortal Great Perfection was the last small realm of the Human Immortal Realm.

And the next realm.

Jiang Gou already knew, "Earth Immortal, I'm looking forward to it, I wonder what kind of shape I'll transform into after becoming an Earth Immortal?"

He wanted it badly anyway.

Perhaps such an idea should be made on Heavenly Shu Ling, after all, there was still some time before those from the Mountain Sword Sect would participate in the Great Pilgrimage.

Even if the Holy Queen and the Pope were to devote all of their efforts to finding the world's greatest feats, it would take some time.


Jiang Chi he couldn't wait any longer.

Only now would be the best way, right?

For example, after becoming the State Teacher of the Great Zhou Dynasty, he would be the same as having a privileged status, the kind that he could walk across the entire Great Zhou Dynasty.

In the future.

There would be no one who could stop them, and even if there was, it wouldn't pose much of a threat to him.

Good idea.

So Jiang Xiao began to quietly refine his origin power, striving to refine it earlier in the future.

The situation would be much better that way.


It would be possible to succeed.

His origin power didn't come easily, and now was the best chance.

And after the Holy Queen and the Pope went down with the exchanged techniques, they went to study them, each without mentioning it.

This Eastern Land.

Probably only the Counting Daoist had already cultivated it.


There weren't many merit methods he had acquired.

The ones he could find were finished.

In comparison, it was probably much easier to find more merit methods under the power position of the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen and the Lord Pope.

Jiang was confident that they would do it.

"So, I'm now looking forward to the pardon of the State Master's honor that will begin tomorrow."

State Master of the Great Zhou Dynasty.


He didn't take Chen Changsheng's rebellion seriously.

As for that Plan Daoist and that remaining senior brother of Chen Changsheng's, perhaps they would be hostile because of their own becoming the State Master of the Great Zhou Dynasty.


These so-called hostilities were nothing to Jiang Xiao, and he didn't take them seriously.

"Anyway, becoming the Great Zhou Dynasty's State Master has enormous benefits for me."

In the end, the benefits outweighed the disadvantages.

That would be enough.

After the advantages outweighed the disadvantages, he would have the opportunity to break through to the Earth Immortal Realm.

That night.

Both the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen and the Pope felt the power of the Immortal Dharma Gate, which reinforced what they would do next.

That was to keep on continuously collecting more and more techniques, no matter if they were from the human race, or the demon race, or that demon race.

Because Jiang Xiao had already said that all three races' merit methods were beneficial to him.


Or there was the dragon race.

Because in the Eastern Land, there were dragons, and once when that Demon Nation attacked God's Capital, there was a Xuan Frost Dragon that appeared.

To this day it was still locked up under the God Capital by Tian Hai Sheng Hou, and in Jiang Xiao's opinion that Xuan Frost Dragon was actually a big idiot.

And in fact it was.

It didn't even know that it was being used by someone, and it was a typical case of being sold and helping to count money.

No matter what the reason was.

The other day.

It was bound to be an uneventful day.



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