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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1189 - Senior, You're in Charge (Seeking Subscriptions)

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"Senior, I don't know what immortality is?"

At this moment.

The Holy Queen and that Pope have taken Jiang Chi as their senior.

High in cultivation, strong in strength, capable of great feats, and capable of descending to the bottom of the sea, isn't that senior?

And they called it willingly.

Jiang Jian was powerful they had already experienced, it was like a god-like existence.


Both the Holy Queen and the Pope felt that there was no way for them to reach a height like Jiang Jiankou's.

So there was only envy.

Endless looks of envy appeared from their eyes.

In the eyes of others, they were strong from the Saint realm, supreme, in charge of everything in the Great Zhou Dynasty.

It was reasonable to say.

Now that existences like the Holy Queen and the Pope existed, they should be at the very top of this world.

There should be countless people who envied them.

In fact that was exactly the case.

There were still many people who envied them.

But now.

The situation was different.

The appearance of Jiang Chi, the Great God, had made both the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen and the Pope see a mountain more than a mountain.

The Divine Hidden Realm was nothing.

In the eyes of others, even the Great Free Realm, which was only a guessing realm, was nothing.


How strong this was the Holy Queen and the Pope hadn't thought it through, and right now their feelings were extraordinarily complicated.

The method of Destiny Star that had been practiced for countless years seemed to have been beaten down in front of someone's Immortal Dao system.

It was miserable to the extreme.

It made them feel so depressed.

Of course.

Still, they had to face reality.

And the reality was so cruel that although the Holy Queen and the Pope and the others felt that they were each prepared for it, they still felt helpless when they actually faced it.

The Way of Immortality really had to be stronger than their Way of Destiny.


What was the point of all the years of painstaking cultivation by the people themselves?

Neither of them could think like this.

The thoughts were complicated.

Of course.

At this moment, when they faced Jiang Xiao, they also had to go from Jiang Gongzi, to now being a senior.

By all accounts, Jiang Liao was really considered a senior senior, his means were monstrous and thorough, and his power was endless.

It really wasn't something ordinary people could handle.


The Holy Queen and the Pope both didn't know what to say at the moment.

You are so strong, yet you have only entered the threshold?

Are you kidding me.

Could it be.

Is there another realm above this one?

Or maybe.

Is there a more terrifying existence?

Is there really such a thing?

Anyway, the Holy Queen and the Pope had been too frightened by Jiang's words to think further.

Because it was just too terrifying.

Whether or not it really existed, everything might still be unknown ah.

After thinking of these circumstances.

The Saint Empress then couldn't help but ask, "Senior, what's going on with your claim that your own Immortal Dao has only entered the threshold?"

It sounds a bit appalling.

It was heard.

But Jiang Ji explained, "The Dao of Immortality, it is a path that is constantly growing stronger, but at the same time, it is also a path that has no end.

To cultivate immortality, one cultivates self transformation and the virtue of the vast heaven and earth.

To survive in this world, one must cultivate both one's nature and one's life, and use one's body to overcome calamities, so that one can live for a long time.

Of course.

If one doesn't work hard to cultivate virtue, it will all come to an end only when that great calamity comes, so those who cultivate immortality should cultivate virtue..."


Jiang Hou was talking nonsense, as if he was bragging about the book of heaven.

There was truth and falsehood.

Naturally, it was a mixture of truth and falsehood, so one couldn't tell if it was true or not.

Anyway, it sounded like the Heavenly Sea Holy Empress and Pope Yin Xing Dao were the same thing again.

But there was always something odd about it.

Jiang Xiao smiled and continued, "You may not be aware that the path of the Immortal Dao is infinitely more difficult to follow than ascending to heaven."

It was really a bit regretful.

The Holy Queen and the Pope: "......."

Right now.

Both of them were so stunned and confused that they actually didn't know what to say to Jiang Xiao in the present.


They were not in a wonderful mood.

There was always something so unpleasant, so sad.

"Senior, we're also rather eager for the Immortal Dao you speak of, I wonder if Senior could let us see it?"

If they could, they would actually like to cultivate Immortality.

Turning to cultivate the Immortal Dao might be able to make them even stronger.

In this situation now, it seemed like there was only a way out if they turned to cultivate the Immortal Dao ah.


The path to the Divine Seclusion Realm was already blocked.

At best, this life would be from the top of the Saint Realm, and there would never be any better development.


They all wanted to turn to the Immortal Dao, and maybe there was still endless hope for them to break through on the Immortal Dao side.

Jiang Chi naturally knew this idea.

But he didn't take the initiative to say it, so the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen and that pontiff didn't feel comfortable saying it.

But they actually had that idea, after all, the Immortal Dao System was a brand new cultivation system for them, and they just happened to want to see it.

It seemed like a good idea if they could take the opportunity to practice this system themselves.

After thinking of all these circumstances, the thoughts of the Holy Queen and the Pope came alive.


The next opportunity that belonged to them came next as well.

Only that it all depended on what Jiang Xiao would say, and only if he permitted it, could the likes of them obtain the Immortal Dao cultivation method.

Otherwise, everything was empty talk.

Also, the Holy Queen and the Pope were aware that cultivation Dharma was a very precious thing in the cultivation world.

It wouldn't normally be taken out lightly, and that might be the case right now.

So they were a little worried.

In case....

After all, Jiang Xiao wasn't from the Eastern Land, he came from somewhere else, and this reality would most likely lead to him having some prejudice against them.

"Senior, the Immortal Dao is very important to us."

At this time, even that pontiff spoke up along with him.

They absolutely couldn't let things go awry, because that would be bad for him.


They had other ideas in mind.

Jiang Chi naturally understood this as well, and he said indifferently, "It's not impossible for you to obtain the Immortal Dao's cultivation methods, but..."

This is about bargaining.

The Holy Queen and the Pope were both secretly relieved, but were lifted up again.

Jiang Gou's words were clear, but at the same time realistic, while they had no idea what he needed.

Since it was a negotiation, then there must be a price to pay for it.


The Heavenly Sea Sacred Queen asked, "Senior, but what?"

"The Immortal Dao Technique is only available here, and it's incredibly precious, so if you want it, you must take out something precious in exchange."

Jiang Chi said indifferently, "For example, the merit methods of that Destiny Star cultivation, such as those things that have a special influence on the world.

In addition, you shouldn't take out any of the merit methods from the Heavenly Dao Academy and the Star Picking Academy, or even the State Teaching Academy."


Although the Holy Queen and the Pope understood, they never expected Jiang lacked such a request.


It was difficult for others, but for the Holy Queen and the Pope, it was still doable.

After all, they had a lot of power.

It was still easy to gather some techniques, and although there were a few less academies all of a sudden, it wasn't too difficult.

It was still acceptable.

This was of the same nature as the deal between Jiang Xiao and the Counting Daoist.

It was just a deal.

He didn't bother to walk around the palace, and it might be better to have the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen and the Pope personally deliver it to him.

"Senior, we have agreed to this matter, it's all up to you to decide."

The Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen said respectfully, "Afterwards, we will do our best to search for the relevant techniques for Destiny Star cultivation and personally send them to you, Senior."

Jiang Ji nodded his head, but he was somewhat indifferent, "Suit yourselves, it's just a trade anyway."

That's right, it was indeed just a deal for Jiang Kou.

It was just that, because he was too lazy to run, he had this deal.

It would relieve a lot of burden for him, and he could leave more time behind to comprehend what the cultivation path was along the way.

Although he had the Vajra Bracelets there, he could draw on the origin power of all worlds.

Cultivation could also be used in a direct and brutal way to push one's cultivation realm to an incredible level.

However, Jiang Ji thought about it later, this method still had some undesirable aspects.

If one could comprehend the Great Dao on their own, it might be possible.

Although his own qualifications were not very good, and although he was poor, he could still comprehend it more or less.

Thus, after thinking clearly about these circumstances, Jiang Xiao's heart had an idea.

Perhaps, he could walk a different path as a result.

At this time.

The Heavenly Sea Sacred Queen said once again, "Senior, I wonder if there is anything you need our help with when you come to the divine Capital?"


Jiang Xiao shook his head, what the Heavenly Sea Sacred Queen and the Pope could help him with, he could actually do himself.

But there was no need to do everything himself.

In fact.

After taking care of the matter of the Immortal Dao, the Holy Queen and the Pontiff were going to proceed to pull Jiang Gou together.

After all, they also wanted to rally a super existence like Jiang Lack, and internally, they would have to deal with all kinds of existences that didn't submit to their rule.

And externally, they would have to deal with existences like the Demons.

The Holy Queen and the Pope had also been very tired over the years, and if they were able to pull in Jiang Lack, it might be incredibly beneficial to their various plans in the future ah.

"Senior, I'll be honest with you, apart from the deal we just made, we actually want to have some other cooperation with you back then."

The Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen said respectfully, "There are times when we feel weak, and although the Great Zhou has been building a nation for countless years, for so many years, it has actually only been supported by the Astral Disk Formation.

Once there is no astrolabe formation to support us, then it is very likely that the demons will seize this opportunity and attack the human race en masse.

We don't dare to ask for Senior's help to do something, we only ask for Senior's help at a critical moment and that's it.

I wonder what you think, Senior?"

She very much hoped that Jiang Qiao would agree to it, after all, it was a matter of life and death for the entire human race.

Jiang Gou: "........"

He didn't say anything, but watched with an extraordinarily calm demeanor.


He said, "Although I'm also a human, you should also know that when the cultivation realm reaches a level like mine, in fact, whether it's the human race or the demon race, they're all just beings of the rue.

Therefore, there isn't really much difference for me."

The Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress was suddenly delighted, "Senior says there isn't much difference, but there is actually some difference, is that the message revealed in his words?"

It had to be said that the Heavenly Sea Sacred Queen's sensitivity was strong, so strong that it was at an outrageous level.

It was good that he had captured this bit of information.

Jiang Ji continued, "You're right in thinking that this seat does have some affection for the human race because it's part of the human race, so it also intends to give you a chance to cooperate."

"Senior, don't worry, in the future, whenever there are important matters in the Great Zhou Dynasty, I will definitely seek your opinion."

The Heavenly Sea Sage was delighted, the implication of these words had actually been made clear, in the future, Jiang Xiao was in charge in the Great Zhou Dynasty.

This was also his way of returning the favor, but of course, it also meant that he was trying to draw Jiang Liao in and tie him to a chariot.

Because only then would Jiang Chi be more willing to help out.

Otherwise, a favor was just a favor.

Only by turning Jiang Lack into one of his own would he have no complaints, even if he was strong.

But Jiang Chi shook his head slightly, "It seems that the Holy Queen's sincerity is not enough for you."

Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress: "......."

How is that not enough?


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