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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1188 - God's Seclusion counts for nothing (Seeking Subscription)

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The living room.

Jiang Chi was calm and elegant, as if nothing had happened.

The Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen and Pope Yin Xingdao were sitting at the side, looking unperturbed and slightly nervous.


They found that they couldn't see through Jiang Qian's cultivation.

This person's strength and scent were so well hidden that they had no halfway way to deal with it.


That's horrifying.

The Holy Queen and the Pope quietly looked at each other, both seeing the strange look in their respective hearts.

Just one glance at Jiang Mo had the feeling of falling into an endless abyss of hell, a horror no less terrifying than falling into the devil's path.

It was truly extraordinary.

It was absolutely extraordinary.

The mere hint of that revealing breath was enough to make the Holy Queen and the Pope feel desperate.


A deep despair kind of despair.

Up until this moment, they had only truly discovered Jiang Liao's strength.

It was an existence that was impossible to defeat.

At the very least, the Holy Queen of the Heavenly Sea and the Pope Yin Xing Dao couldn't even join hands, and they still had that self-awareness.

Because the feeling of being about to suffocate was fleeting.

Even that world's number one person back then, Zhou Difu, was not any match for it, I guess.

This moment began.

In the eyes of the Holy Queen and the Pope and the two of them, Jiang Chi was the worthy World Champion.

The supreme.

No one could compare.

Even that State Master of the Demon Race could not be compared.

"Here we go."

Instead of being surprised, the two were happy that this was the person they were looking for.

If Jiang Lack wasn't strong, that was what they should be disappointed about, after all, a weak person wasn't worth bringing in.

The current Jiang Lack already met the conditions.

"Your Excellency is the Jiang Chiang Jiang Gongzi?"

The Pope was the first to speak up, "This time, the Holy Queen and I have come to nag you, Prince Jiang."

"There is no harm."

Jiang Jian, however, waved his hand slightly and said, "This throne knew you were coming and was prepared for it, so you needn't mind anything."

The fact that the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen and Pope Yin Xingdao were coming over, this had been predicted since the day he came to the God Capital.

This was not a coincidence, but an inevitability.

The Holy Queen also nodded slightly and said, "Mr. Jiang is right, we have come to not only pay our respects and get to know each other, but also to bring you some special products from the Eastern Lands."

They were all some rare objects.

Of course.


With a raised eyebrow, Jiang Ji couldn't help but say, "In that case, this seat is respectful, and I'll accept the goodwill of the Holy Queen and the Pope."

He was really halfway polite.

This person was really different.

Not according to common sense.

He was special.

It also seemed extraordinarily special.


Both the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen and Lord Pope thought that this fellow from outside the Eastern Lands shouldn't be very strong and shouldn't be well versed in the ways of the world.

Now it seemed.

They both thought wrong.

It wasn't that Jiang Jiang was not unversed, but rather tooversed.

At this moment, he was smilingly looking at the Holy Queen and that pontiff, "You and the others have come here, you shouldn't just want to get to know this seat, right?"

Two: "...and..."


But as the words came to their lips, they were at a loss as to how to say them, and they were surprised and appalled.

There was also a hint of embarrassment.

In the end.

It was still the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen who shamelessly said, "Mr. Jiang, to be honest, we do have other matters at our door this time, but..."

I just don't know if it's the right thing to ask.

Before talking about cooperation, they first had to determine some poetic sentiments.

And these poetic sentiments needed to be answered by Jiang lacking himself.


The Holy Queen and the Pope were afraid.

They were afraid that Jiang lacked anger, and that he would be unconventional and upset everyone instead.

That was bad.

Jiang Jiang waved his hand, while smiling slightly, "The throne has roughly guessed some of your intentions, but with what the two of you have done in the Eastern Land over the years, there is no harm in saying it."

Once this was said, it was tantamount to a direct affirmation of what the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen and Lord Pope had done over the years.


They were actually happy.

How could one not be happy about being affirmed.

What's more.

It was still an outsider like Jiang Chi, not to mention his profound cultivation, and he was not even an indigenous of the Eastern Land.

This was enough to show that they had done the right thing all these years, and they were naturally happy inside.

--Because of the recognition, coupled with Jiang Lack's attitude, the Holy Queen and the Pope became more and more certain that Jiang Lack did not actually reject them at heart.


They were secretly relieved.

In that case, what they had to do next would be much simpler.

The matter of drawing in would be much easier to talk about.

After all, Jiang Xiao was also human.

If they could get on good terms with such a strong man, if they could pull him into their camp in a favorable manner, it would be useful, whether it was to resolve internal conflicts or external problems.

A time.

The Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress and Lord Pope could not help but think a lot.

After a while.

Only after calming down did the Pope ask instead of the Holy Queen, "Prince Jiang, I wonder which continent you are from?"

"It is impossible to inform you of this, all you need to know is that this seat is not a person from the Eastern Land."

Jiang Jian explained indifferently, "At the same time, this throne is also a person."

Although the Holy Queen and the Pope weren't exactly satisfied with this answer, it was okay.

And so.

The Pope next began to inquire, "Mr. Jiang, is your current cultivation the legendary divine Hidden Realm?"

Although they felt that Jiang Lack's cultivation might be even stronger than God's Hidden, they had no idea which realm he was in.


They had no way of judging the exact strength with Jiang Lack.

This was bad.

Since they were going to work together, they naturally had to make a rough assessment of the strength of their co-partner.

And not just simply assume that they were strong.

That wouldn't do.

On hearing that.

Jiang Chi then said with a smile as if he had already anticipated such a situation, "I'm sure you already know that this seat practices the Immortal Dao, which is a cultivation method different from the Eastern Earth Continent's Destiny Star cultivation system.

Therefore, according to the cultivation of the Immortal Dao, this throne is now a late Human Immortal realm powerhouse.

As for converting it to the realm of the Eastern Lands Destiny Star cultivation system..."

When it came to this point, Jiang Xiao actually paused God, deliberately stopping.

The interest of both the Holy Queen and the Pope were naturally drawn to him, so they both looked at Jiang Xiao curiously, as if they were both thinking, "After converting to the calculation of the Eastern Land, how does it work?"

That's something they're looking forward to.

And they're also eager to see what the reasoning should be.

Of course.

Jiang Chi didn't sell them more.

Rather, he continued, "Translated into this Eastern Land's cultivation realm, this seat is invincible, the divine seclusion you speak of is nothing, even that so-called Great Freedom realm that is only in conjecture is nothing in this seat's eyes."

Holy Queen, Pope: "..."

For a moment.

Whether it was the Holy Queen or the Pope, they were all frightened by the language and tone of Jiang Xiao's voice.


What's the big deal?

Even that great realm of freedom that exists only in conjecture doesn't count as a ball?


What was he to that Zhou Dokufu who claimed to be the best in the world back then?

It is not anything.

For a moment.

The Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen and Lord Pope's heart was like a monstrous rolling river, and there were terrifying waves rising up.

They were somewhat jealous of the river.

Of course.

There wasn't much faith in their hearts.

If even the power of the Divine Concealment Realm and the Great Freedom Realm were nothing, was this so-called Immortal Dao really that terrifying?

Wouldn't the Fate Star System be completely powerless to fight back.

If it was really as Jiang Xiao said.


The Fate Star System was nothing in front of this Immortal Dao System, but it was nothing, and people had numerous means.

There was nothing they could do about it ah.

It was hard now.


The Holy Queen and the Pope both smiled bitterly, praying in their hearts that what Jiang Xiao said must not be true.


For them, this would be a terrible disaster.

No one could resist it.

Imagine if there were people from outside the Eastern Land who were all practicing the Immortal Dao like Jiang Chi, if a mass invasion came over.

It would be a terrible disaster for the Eastern Land, and there would definitely be strife and conflicts.

At that time....

Perhaps the problems between the human, demon, and devil tribes aren't even a problem anymore.

Jiang Ji seemed to have seen what the Holy Queen and the Pope were thinking, so he said, "You can rest assured, there are actually not many people who cultivate the Immortal Dao System, and those who have cultivated to the realm of this seat are even more rare, and no one wants to come out and fight for anything after they have truly reached this realm."

As Jiang Ji said, he released his own Qi, a Qi that belonged to the late stage of the Human Immortal Realm.

Just with this momentum alone, it was enough to convince both the Holy Queen and the Pope.

They were already convinced.

Jiang Qian was truly terrifying, and that what the late stage of the Human Immortal Realm was, when converted to the Destiny Star System, was truly too much beyond.

It was a brand new system, but at the same time, it was also a powerful system.


Both of them couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air.

The horror in their hearts was unstoppable.


By the time Jiang Hou released his Qi, the Holy Queen and the Pope had already been suppressed to death.


Or rather, routed and suppressed.

It should be that Jiang Xiao hadn't made a move at all, and that body of Qi wasn't directed towards the Holy Queen and the Pontiff and the others.

Therefore, the Holy Queen and the Pope were just being affected.

That was all.


Just by being affected, this mighty was actually not something they could counteract.

Now they couldn't even move the True Yuan in their bodies, couldn't even move their life stars, as if everything had lost contact with itself.

They had become mortal.

This moment.

Whether it was that Holy Queen or that Pope, they were all filled with endless jealousy towards Jiang Xiao.

To know.

They had actually guessed that Jiang Lack was strong.


But half of them hadn't thought that Jiang Liao was actually strong to such a terrifying extent.

It was simply beyond their reach.

Perhaps, this was the real strong one?

After thinking of this, both of them revealed deep bitterness in their hearts.

Now, they also finally understood what Jiang Xiao's words meant.

Divine Concealment was nothing.

Such a powerful existence was definitely not something that could be found in the Divine Concealment Realm ah.

"Even that Zhou Difu, who claimed to be the number one person in the world back then, he is already from the peak of the Saint and is already infinitely close to the Divine Concealment Realm, but even an existence like that can't make me get up from lying on the ground with his strength."

The Saint Empress thought thusly.

Although there was some reluctance in her heart, so what, she had no way to resist against a strong person like Jiang Xiao.

It could be said that if Jiang Chi wanted her life, it would be a simple matter.

On the side.

That Pope Yin Xing Dao was actually a bit more of a mess, where was the formerly high and mighty Pope's appearance now.

Nothing was left.

It was as if he was an ordinary person.

In front of Jiang Ji, he and the Heavenly Sea Holy Queen were both just like that three-year-old child, with no resistance to speak of.

Now that he believed Jiang Qian's words.

Naturally, they felt that he was right, and they wouldn't dare not to feel right in this situation.

Because Jiang Liao was just a bit too terrifying.

There was no way to deal with it, no way to resist it, and even with an existence like Jiang Lack, the Holy Queen and the Pope secretly swore in their hearts that they must not be enemies of such a person.

Just now, just because they didn't believe in it, they had such a downward spiral.

If they had revealed the slightest bit of hostility, would they have been reduced to ashes at the moment?

In the view of the Heavenly Sea Empress and Pope Yin Xing Dao, if they really came with hostile intent, it would be more than just lying on the ground and not getting up.

Rather, it would be a true death bar.

One had to know that they were powerful men from the Saint realm.


It still didn't seem like it was enough in front of this big brother, Jiang Jian.

Looking at each other, both of them had that bitterness in their eyes....


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