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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1187 - I Have Been Waiting for a Long Time (Seeking Subscriptions)

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The Holy Queen and the Pope each have their own ideas.

The Immortal Way.

It would be a brand new system that they were looking forward to.

If they could, they would have some contact with it next, and they would naturally know about it then.


If they could have the teachings of Jiang Xiao, as well as the Discourse, perhaps the situation would be different again.

The benefits they would have gained by then would definitely be enough.

So it seemed.

It would be worth it, too.

Thinking of this, the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress and Pope Yin Xing Dao looked at each other, each seeing those expectations in their respective eyes.


It would be up to that Jiang Chi's attitude.


Both the Saint Queen and the Pope were mentally prepared, and would have to rally Jiang Jian no matter what.

Only by pulling this person close could they have more benefits.

This was a matter of good for you, good for me, good for everyone.

Both the Holy Queen and the Pope firmly believed this.

After all, God couldn't afford to toss the Great Zhou Dynasty.


There were even more benefits to uniting with Jiang Lack.

That was for sure.

Huge benefits existed, and if they were able to befriend Jiang Lack, they would certainly have new insights and opportunities.

This was a game.

The Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress thought so in her heart.

It was somewhat condensed.

She knew that since Jiang Lack, a strong man, was exceedingly strong, he would definitely not be easy to pull in.


There must be a price to pay.

Otherwise she and Pope Yin Xing Dao might not have a chance.

"Thirty-six, tell me, but is there anything taboo about that big brother of yours, Jiang?"

That was what the Queen asked.

She had to prepare in advance, so that it wouldn't be bad if her hands were busy later.

Hearing that.

Tang Thirty-Six was slightly stunned and whirled around to say, "I don't know, I only know that he's a powerful existence, it's hard to say exactly how strong, but he's pretty low-key, I guess."


The corners of the Holy Queen's and the Pope's mouths twitched when they heard this.

If it was truly low key, there wouldn't have been the matter of the Heavenly Dao Academy and the Star Picking Academy.

Even less would it have alarmed the entire God Capital.

But nowadays, the divine Capital was already boisterous, and people had already known about all of it.

In summary.

Neither the Holy Queen nor the Pope felt that Jiang Lack was a low-key person.

At least not like that.

This guy was clearly a high-profile talent right, where was he low-profile.


To Tang Thirty-Six's words, both the Holy Queen and the Pope just laughed it off.

Perhaps that Jiang lacked treating the people around him with kindness and affability, but those didn't mean that he was a low-profile person, nor did they mean that he was a good person to be around.

Everything was still unknown.

And so.

Next, under Tang Thirty-Six's guidance, both the Holy Queen and the Pope slowly entered the National Church Academy.

The guards around them and so on, all remained at the entrance of the State Teaching Academy, which could be considered as a sign of respect for that Jiang lacking.

They were not here to find trouble, but to seek cooperation.

If they could, they would naturally want to cooperate with Jiang Liao for a while, perhaps with unexpected gains.

At the moment.

Qianming Butterfly Tea.

It was the kind of tea that Chen Changsheng went to the Divine General's residence to drink, and it was this tea that Madame Xu used to mock Chen Changsheng with in the first place.

Now that Jiang Xiao felt rich, he thought of making some butterfly tea to drink, so he wanted to see what was so good about this butterfly tea that Madame Xu was talking about.

Of course.

Chen Changsheng's heart was extraordinarily complicated.

He was familiar with this butterfly tea, but when he was in the Divine General's residence, that Lady Xu hadn't talked about butterfly tea much.

It was because of this that his feelings were extraordinarily complicated.

But once he thought that this matter was all in the past and he didn't have much to do with the Xu family, Chen Changsheng was just as gradually relieved.

And regularly brewed tea for Jiang Liao, the technique was something he had learned from his own master when he was on the mountain.

It seemed to be pretty good.

It was also deeply liked by Jiang Chi and appreciated by him, which Chen Changsheng was still very happy about.

Waiting by Jiang Xiao's side was enough to show that Jiang Xiao treated him well, otherwise he wouldn't even have the chance to stay on.


He was still quite happy in his heart.

After all, it meant that Jiang Lack had truly approved of him.

It was definitely good to be able to let him go around, so his heart was happy.

"Brother Jiang, how are these Maiming Butterfly teas?"

Chen Changsheng asked, "This is the excellent tea I bought, it's fragrant and delicious, it should be pretty good."

"It is quite good."

Jiang Jiang nodded and said, "The excellent butterfly tea tastes great, you can make two more cups, there will be customers coming over later."


After hearing this, Chen Changsheng was instinctively stunned, "Brother Jiang, I wonder who else will come over?"

Who else would want to come over to the National Education Academy, where bystanders feel like the plague?

Even Bai Luoheng, who was on the side, was very confused.

Because the reputation of the State Teaching Academy was already notorious, but there were still people coming over?

To be a guest or for evil.

She couldn't help but think of it this way, and also worriedly urged, "Brother Jiang, could it be that someone is trying to make trouble?"


Jiang Qiao shook his head slightly, "It's hard to say if it's an evil person messing with the world, but don't jump to conclusions so early, maybe if you can't be an evil person, you can become a partner."

He was actually quite optimistic.

The Holy Queen and the Pope were definitely not looking for trouble, if they were looking for trouble, it might have been an army besieging the State Teaching Academy at the moment.


It could only be cooperation.

From the first moment that the Heavenly Sea Holy Queen and the Pope entered the State Teaching Academy, his divine sense had sensed it.

These two were just two people who had come in alone.

This was enough to show that they had come to seek cooperation, that they were friends rather than enemies.

This kind of signal had already been received by Jiang Chi, but whether or not they would cooperate with the Holy Queen and the others would require further investigation to know.

For now, it wasn't the right time yet.

After all, he didn't even know what people were thinking, so another method was needed.

To verify.

Right now.

Tang Thirty-Six brought the Holy Queen and the Pope, but he had slowly arrived at the courtyard where Jiang lacked, "This is where Brother Jiang lives, please wait a little bit for the Holy Queen and the Pope, and allow me to go in and inform."

Although this was very disgraceful.

It was also very impolite.

But Tang Thirty-Six knew that he had to do this, "This should be Brother Jiang's test for me, I cannot fail him."

Big Brother Jiang was strong.

So strong that he had no friends, but Tang Thirty-Six felt that he could be his first disciple.

After all.

Not even Chen Changsheng was his apprentice.

Then, he would have a chance ah, a great opportunity.

If that was the case, there seemed to be nothing wrong with it, at least for Tang Thirty-Six, it was a good thing.


According to his understanding, this possibility was very high.

The Holy Queen and the Pope wanted to seek that Immortal Dao Dharma Gate, so what did he, Tang Thirty-Six, have to lose.

As long as he was able to obtain Jiang Chi's approval, then it didn't matter at this moment even if it was possible to offend the Heavenly Sea Holy Queen and the Pontiff.

Anyway, in his opinion, Jiang Jiankou's strength should be above that of the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen and the Pope Lord.

Otherwise, these two existences in charge of the Great Zhou Dynasty would definitely not be so fearful and intimidating.

Although neither the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen nor the Pontiff showed it, Tang Thirty-Six was able to catch some traces of it in their eyes.

And this was his chance.

A chance to stand in line, a chance to cling to Jiang Lack's thigh.

Because he couldn't find any other thighs to hug other than Jiang Lack.

"You go."

The Holy Queen and the Pope didn't think much of it, but it was fine for Tang Thirty-Six to report on his own anyway.

That Jiang Chi was very powerful, if they went in rashly, wouldn't they be pissing people off.

If they didn't cooperate, it would be bad to provoke hatred instead, so Tang Thirty-Six's proposal was a good match for their needs.

After Tang Thirty-Six went to report inside the house.

Only then did the Pope quietly say to the Holy Queen beside him, "This place has many boundaries and restrictions and there are many I can't understand, it seems that this one surnamed Jiang is really powerful, the Immortal Dao Dharma he is practicing should still be above the Destiny Star Cultivation Dharma."

This was his judgment.

The Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress also had to nod her head, believing that His Holiness was correct, and she did feel the boundaries and restrictions around her as well.

If she could bring someone like Jiang Xiao into her camp, it would actually be very helpful, whether it was dealing with the internal problems of the Departure Mountain Sword Sect and other human clans, or solving the problems of the Demon Clan externally.

Inside the house.

Jiang Jiang was tasting the butterfly tea made by Chen Changsheng, waiting in silence.

The arrival of the Heavenly Sea Holy Queen and Pope Yin Xing Dao.

After the Heavenly Dao Academy and Star Picking Academy had made such a big commotion, he knew that Heavenly Sea would definitely think that he had done it.

And that pontiff wasn't a bad person either, he would definitely be able to associate himself with it as well.


It was also certain that the two of them had come together.

After seeing Tang Thirty-Six come in, the thoughts in his mind became even stronger.

Jiang Qian then asked, "Those two have already come over."


Tang Thirty-Six was a little startled.

And looked at Jiang lacking with a shocked face and thought to himself, "Do you know so much about it?"

But then, he nodded and said, "Brother Jiang, they are all here and waiting outside the house, do you want to meet them?"

Seeing was definitely in order, and this was very clear to Jiang.


He then said, "Then bring the people here, it's just as well that Chang Sheng has made two cups of butterfly tea, it's just right to serve the guests."

Jiang Chi's meaning, he understood.


He then continued, "Then I'll go and call them in."

At this time, Chen Changsheng and Bai Luoheng beside him were slightly shocked.

This Big Brother Jiang had actually invited people in, so who exactly were they?

They were inevitably curious.

Because Jiang Xiao was not from the Eastern Lands.

Naturally, he couldn't recognize anyone he knew inside the God Capital.

So the question was, who was the person who was going to come in?

Chen Changsheng was unexpected.

Bai Luoheng didn't think much about it, and whoever came in anyway couldn't affect her entry into the National Education Academy.

To her, the State Teaching Academy was just the State Teaching Academy.

And she was still a princess of the demon race.


This was the sound of the door being opened.

When Tang Thirty-Six took the Holy Queen and the Pope in, Jiang Qian still looked calm and indifferent.

It was as if he had already guessed that this would be the outcome.

While Chen Changsheng and Bai Yu Heng were slightly stunned, they had been fortunate enough to have seen the faces of the Heavenly Sea Holy Queen and the Pope.

It was just that now that they were seeing a real person for the first time, they were unavoidably a little scared and frightened.

Or maybe even a little surprised.

It was actually the Hallowed Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen and Lord Pope who had come.

Did Big Brother Jiang really have such great abilities?

To be able to summon both of these two powerful existences and wait outside the house for a while, or to come in only through Tang Thirty-Six's notification, wasn't he afraid of offending these two saints?

But Chen Changsheng knew that both the Heavenly Sea Holy Queen and that Lord Pope were actually strong from the Saint Life realm, while also being called saints.

No one would dare to offend such a powerful existence, at least not in the past.

But now, it seemed that Jiang Jian didn't give any face at all, which led to a very awkward ending now.

They were actually afraid that Jiang Hou would offend the Holy Queen and the Pope.

But, looking at the current appearance, the Holy Queen and the Pope didn't seem to care about that.

And Jiang Jiankou was calm as if nothing had happened.

It was also as if seeing the Holy Queen of Heavenly Sea and the Lord Pope, they were two irrelevant people.

What was going on here?

Neither of them seemed to have figured it out.

And at this time.

The Heavenly Sea Sacred Queen, a pontiff, had naturally discovered Chen Changsheng and Bai Luoheng.

But today, they weren't here to get to know Chen Changsheng, but to find Jiang Chi.

So after a little introduction from Jiang Chi, he sent Chen Changsheng and Bai Luoheng, and even Tang Thirty-Six and the others down.

And next, only the three of them were left in the entire house.

Jiang Jiang then said, "It is a great honor for the Holy Queen to come with the Pope, but this seat has been waiting here for a long time."


But his words caused both the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen and the Pope to be slightly surprised, and in his heart, he said, "As expected, this man knew we were coming."


How did Jiang Chi know that they were coming over?

Both the Heavenly Sea Empress and Pope Yin Xing Dao were baffled by this!


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