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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1186 - A Little Trouble in My Heart (Seeking Subscriptions)

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The Saint Empress was a strong living saint from the Saint realm.

This was something Tang Thirty-Six was certain of, after all, the Saint Queen's cultivation was no secret long ago.

It was something that everyone knew.

As for that pontiff, although his cultivation wasn't as well known as that of the Heavenly Sea Saint Queen, there were quite a few people who knew about it.

But there was one more thing about Jiang Liao's cultivation that Tang Thirty-Six didn't know.

In other words, how strong Jiang Lack was, Tang Thirty-Six actually didn't know.

After putting aside these unrealistic thoughts, Tang Thirty-Six hurriedly said to the Pope and the Holy Queen, "Greetings to the Holy Queen, Greetings to the Pope, please come inside."

Someone coming to open the door, whether it was the Holy Queen or the Pope, no one was actually surprised.

After all, the two of them were aware of Tang Thirty-Six's entry into the State Teaching Academy.

It was just that they were a bit surprised that Jiang Xiao actually knew that they were coming, and that it was at this point.

That was a bit powerful.

As expected, this was a strong person beyond ordinary people's imagination, and seemed to be rather friendly by the looks of it.

At the very least, the matter of having Tang Thirty-Six come to greet them was enough to illustrate Jiang Lack's attitude.

Although he himself didn't come, in the eyes of the Pope and the Holy Queen, Tang Thirty-Six represented Jiang Lack.


They thought that Jiang Lack was actually quite respectful to them.

After all.

They had just tested it.

After receiving the Holy Queen and the Pope, Tang Thirty-Six was busy saying, "You two wait a moment, Brother Jiang will want you to go in."

Although Tang Thirty-Six didn't know why Jiang lacked knowledge of the Holy Queen and the Pope's arrival, he had already found out.

That's why these circumstances existed.

Vaguely, as if he had thought of something, "Brother Jiang should not have known that the Holy Queen and the Pope were coming, that's why he deliberately asked me to come, right?"


Tang Thirty-Six got a little bitter in his heart, "But by now, I should have fallen in the eyes of the Holy Queen and the Pope."

Got to.

I've become Jiang Xiao's person.

Tang Thirty-Six suddenly reacted, unable to laugh or cry for a moment.

He was originally very happy, but now it seemed that this happiness was most likely based on being missed by the Holy Queen, the Pope and the others.

"When the time comes..."

Thinking about being missed by a strong person from the Saint Realm, he felt bad.

It was really a bit helpless.

If he had known earlier, he would have kept a low profile.

Presumably, this wouldn't have happened, and now these various situations were really a bit unbelievable.

Of course.

It also made Tang Thirty-Six feel quite depressed.

He quickly said to the Holy Queen and the Pope, "Holy Queen and Pope, you two should come with me, Brother Jiang has been waiting for you for a long time."

"He knows we're coming?"

Pope Torah asked curiously, "How did he know when we hadn't previously revealed the idea of coming?"

Tang Thirty-Six: "..."

Where he knows this.


He could only shake his head, "I don't know, but since the morning, Brother Jiang has asked me to wait for you two here, so he must have known you were coming."

He could only guess so.

Jiang Lack's power wasn't something he could see through, so certain things about Jiang Lack weren't too clear to him.

All he knew was that it was a super big man, an extinct powerhouse, and following him must have endless benefits.

So he was happy to do so.

Right now.

Tang Thirty-Six's mind was strange, "I don't know what Brother Jiang was thinking, but he was able to predict someone coming, if he could predict the Holy Queen and Lord Pope coming over, it would be even more terrifying."

At the thought of this, Tang Thirty-Six felt a numbness in his scalp.

He suddenly realized that Jiang Xiao was much more terrifying than he had imagined, and this person absolutely must not be offended in any way.


I'm afraid that no one can handle it.

If the Pope couldn't, the Holy Queen probably couldn't either.

Even with the aid of the Astrolabe Formation, it probably won't be able to stop Jiang Liao.


Tang Thirty-Six trusted Jiang Lack incomparably, and he felt that this was an opportunity, a chance to hold his thigh tight.

"You're the famous Tang Family Tang Thirty-Six on that Green Cloud Ranking, right?"

Pope Yin Xing Dao suddenly asked again, "I heard that you've always been ranked thirty-six on the Green Cloud List, and also got a gag for that, I don't know if that's right?"

These weren't secrets, just a little check and someone would serve up this information.

So Tang Thirty-Six didn't doubt that the Pope knew about his business.

Come to think of it, he had also done his homework.

Otherwise, he wouldn't know in such detail, Tang Thirty-Six's heart thought so.

He looked exceptionally excited.

Thinking to himself that Jiang Lack was already on the same level as the Holy Empress, the Pope and the others, "No, judging from the current situation, Brother Jiang is still above their level ah."

Of course.

These were just Tang Thirty-Six's own thoughts, which were actually useless.

He didn't know this, but in fact, where was the strength of Jiang lacking that could be compared to the Saint Queen and the Pope ah.

Even ten Saint Queens and a hundred Popes were not enough.

The reason why Jiang Chi wanted to meet them was simply to uphold the idea of doing nothing at the moment, after all, he was also human.

And he actually agreed with the Holy Queen's act of giving up her son to save the lives of ten thousand people back then.

That kind of sacrifice and forgetting of death was definitely not something that ordinary people could do, so the Holy Queen was definitely a human power.

At least that's what Jiang Xiao thought.

Regardless of the outcome of what happened back then, the Holy Queen had always done a good thing for the human race.

He also wanted to see her mainly because of that.

As for that Pope Yin Xingdao, it was just to see the difference between him and the Planter Shang Xingzhou.


In comparison, Jiang Qiao felt that Pope Yin Xingdao was probably even better than Plan Daoist Shang Xingzhou.

This was also a man of the same temperament, who had also done many things for the human race.

Whereas, the Plan Daoist Shang Xing Zhou was bent on restoring the Chen Clan's royal family, and was determined to take revenge by killing the Heavenly Sea Holy Queen.

That was nothing more than selfish desires.

Compared to the entire human race, those of his were just small dao.

They simply couldn't be compared to the same day.

"Tang Thirty-Six, do you ever know anything about that Jiang Qian?"

While on the road, His Holiness couldn't help but continue to ask Tang Thirty-Six, "Who is he, where does he come from, and what is his purpose?"


After hearing the words.

But Tang Thirty-Six directly shook his head, "I'm not sure, I don't know much about Big Brother Jiang, I only know that he is not from the Eastern Land, and practices a system called the Immortal Dao, I wonder if the Pope and the Holy Queen have ever heard of it?"

Not from the Eastern Lands?

After hearing all this, both the Holy Queen and Pope Torajido were secretly appalled.

Very surprised.

Also very horrified at the same time.

Secretly, "As expected, just as we guessed, that person is not from the Eastern Lands at all."

The specifics might be unknown.

Immortal Dao?

That was unheard of, it should be the cultivation system practiced by the continent where Jiang lacked.

The two of them thought so.

They had thought that they would need to use some tactics to get Tang Thirty-Six to say it, but now they were just asking a little bit.

Rather surprisingly.


This information had been allowed by Jiang lacking, so he dared to say it, otherwise he wouldn't have dared to say it even if he gave Tang Thirty-Six eighteen guts.

Now, he was proud.

Feeling glorious on his face, as if he was showing off to the Heavenly Sea Holy Queen and Pope Yin Xingdao.

It was an instinctive expression.

It was special.

In his mind, he said that it was true that the fellow named Jiang was not an ordinary generation of existence, his power was no small feat.

He was a ruthless person.


It was because he was from the outside continent though that the Holy Queen and the Pope felt like they had a chance to pull him in.

In the rebellion many years ago.

The Daoist reverend of the continent, the former head of the State Teaching Academy, Shang Xingzhou, betrayed the Holy Queen of the Heavenly Sea and went away.

Only the fourth Pope, Yin Xingdao, steadfastly supported her.

Only then did she come this far.


Another strong person had appeared in the Divine Capital, and it was actually from the outside continent, giving the Heavenly Sea Sacred Empress endless opportunities.


She still had a chance.

When that time comes, any of your Dao Zun's mighty tactics, she will be able to deal with Tian Hai.

The prerequisite was to get Jiang Jian over there.

Otherwise it would still be useless.

Right now.

"What else do you know?"

As a loyal supporter of the Holy Queen of Heavenly Sea, Toraṅkō was very discerning, and he had to seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ask for more information.

So that it would be more beneficial in the upcoming negotiations.

He knew this very well.

Godou couldn't live without the Holy Queen, and drawing Jiang lacking was also necessary.

"Big Brother Jiang is very powerful, you better not offend him or you will end up in a terrible situation." Tang Thirty-Six instructed.

The Holy Queen and the Pope: "...."

The corners of their mouths twitched, although they already knew that Jiang Lack was powerful, but these words coming out of Tang Thirty-Six's mouth, the feeling was different.

It really made them feel strange.

"Alright, you quickly take us to meet that friend from the Outer Continent." The Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen said indifferently.

It was said to Tang Thirty-Six, as well as to Yin Xingdao and Jiang Xiao in the shadows.

She was very clear.

Since Jiang Chi was from the Outer Continent and practiced a different cultivation system than the Destiny Star, that was enough to show how powerful he was.

At the same time.

It was also enough to show that Jiang Lack was worth rallying for her Tian Hai.

"If I can rally him to my side, no, even if he doesn't side with me and remains neutral, it's fine."

The Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress pondered so, looking somewhat bizarre to the extreme.

She really couldn't understand how Jiang Di came to be here, according to the original laws of this world, it was difficult for people from the outer continent to come to this Eastern Earth Continent.

Even that distant Great Western Continent.

It also couldn't pass.

Otherwise, it wouldn't be the turn of the Eastern Earth Continent for humans and demons to fight for supremacy, nor would it be the turn of humans, demons, and demons to exist.

Then the question arises.

How exactly did he get over here?

Of course.

These questions could only be asked after she became familiar with Jiang Lack's relationship with her.

Now well.

She only needed to make Jiang Lack her valued guest.

After all.

Even in the human race, she, the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen, scrupled many powerful existences.

In the Eastern Land.

There was a saying that there was a single husband, five saints, and a storm in eight directions.

It was the most powerful person existence other than the Demon Race, and back then, Zhou Difu was recognized as the number one strongest person in the Eastern Land.

From the peak saint cultivation.


Even that Zhou Difu, the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress did not think that he could compare to the Jiang Chi that she was about to meet today.

This one surnamed Jiang, she could sense the unique special aura about him.

"I don't know what kind of Immortal Dao he is practicing, but what kind of realm is it?"

The Heavenly Sea Holy Queen's heart pondered so.

In short.

She was looking forward to her meeting with Jiang Lack and was also worried that this meeting would collapse.

She was afraid.

After all, she, Tian Hai, had always been used to being high and mighty and wasn't very good at negotiating such things.

Therefore, she needed Pope Yin Xing Dao to help her.

Naturally, Yin Xing Dao knew what Empress Tian Hai was planning at the moment, and as a loyal supporter, he had no intention of abandoning Tian Hai.


This was also an opportunity for him to Toru to walk the path.

It had been many years since he had sat in the position of the Pope, and countless years since he had become a powerful person from the Saint realm.


There hadn't been much of a breakthrough.

The Fate Star's cultivation method seemed to have come to an end, to the end of the line.

He couldn't see any more powerful anyway.

Originally, Yin Xing Dao was about to give up, but now that Jiang Xiao's sudden appearance had given him hope, he also felt that there was a chance.


There was something he wanted in the Immortal Dao Dharma that Jiang lacked practiced.

"If, I can learn a thing or two from it, I might be able to make a breakthrough in my cultivation ah."

Yin Xing Dao thought so.


Those little nooks and crannies in his heart with the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress would coincide.

To be able to pull Jiang Xiao together was the best.

At the very least, it was quite good for both him and the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress.


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