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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1185 - Tian Hai Comes to Visit (Seeking Subscriptions)

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The first rays of the morning sun poured in, and Jiang lacked the power to feel the warmth in a satisfied manner.

He calmly watched Chen Changsheng and the others frolicking around, and thought inwardly, "With the World Origin Power I've obtained now, it's not enough for me to break through to the Human Immortal Great Perfection, but just one or two more times might be enough."

It's exciting to think about.

The Human Immortal Great Perfection could already be expected.

And he hadn't obtained the next Departure Mountain Sword Sect's technique, and neither had that of the Departure Palace.

Even that Heavenly Sea Sacred Queen's formation he hadn't obtained, "Maybe I can continue to hit them."

In particular, that Heavenly Sea Saint Queen in the palace was in control of the Heavenly Book Mausoleum, as well as the Royal Treasure Treasury.

Even if he could only obtain a portion of it, it was still a huge fortune to him.

No one would dislike having more origin power.

"Previously, I had already exposed my identity, and now that I went to the Heavenly Dao and Star Picking Academy to make a scene, I'm sure that Heavenly Sea Saint Queen should know of my existence, Jiang."

That's right.

After making trouble in the Heavenly Dao, he deliberately made things worse when he went to the Star Picking Academy.

And thus, there was the current situation.

In the entire divine Capital, basically most of the people knew that the Heavenly Dao Academy and the Star-Picking Academy had encountered thieves.

Although there wasn't any evidence to suggest that it was done by him, the one in the Departure Palace, as well as the one in the palace, the Heavenly Sea Saint Queen, could definitely be associated with him.

After all.

In the entire Divine Capital, he was the only foreign stranger who was strong enough to be noticed.

It was inevitable.


Jiang Hou didn't know when the Heavenly Sea Sacred Queen would come.

It would be a bit awkward if she didn't come because the other party might scruple his strength.

Jiang mumbled to himself, "National Teaching Academy but it's good, it just doesn't make sense to stay all the time."


The Palace.

Yin Xing Dao bowed beside the Holy Queen.

And the Heavenly Sea Holy Queen was looking at the departing Lord Pope, "Do you know the purpose of my visit to you?"

"I didn't know, but I had a slight suspicion," Pope Toru said heavily.

He had naturally guessed some problems.

The Heavenly Dao Academy and Star Picking Academy had suffered a series of raids by thieves, and although there was no actual loss, the Heavenly Dao Academy and Star Picking Academy had lost their reputations.


In a sense, the damage to the reputation of the Heavenly Dao Academy and the Star Picking Academy led to the growing chaos in the God Capital.

It would also lead to the weakening of the Great Zhou Dynasty and even her Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen's power of control over the divine Capital.

Perhaps certain unpredictable and uncontrollable things would come about, and then....

It was a bit terrifying to think about.

"Holy Queen, I have secretly observed that person's strength."

The Pope continued, "Although he hides it well and is considered to be very deep, I can actually still feel his terror."

He was reminding the Heavenly Sea Holy Queen that the Jiang lacking in the State Teaching Academy was very strong, so strong that they didn't have the full strength to deal with it.


The Heavenly Sea Sacred Queen nodded slightly, she naturally knew what the Pope was talking about.

She also understood the danger of this trip.

But it was impossible not to go, because she simply had no choice.

Regardless of whether he was friend or foe, as the actual controller of the Great Continent Dynasty, and as the profound Heaven and Sea of the Civilian Ship Eastern Earth Continent, he had to go to the State Teaching Academy to meet Jiang Xiao for a while.

According to some of her self-judgment, Jiang Lack should not be very hostile to her and the entire Great Zhou Dynasty, and perhaps she could still bring him in.

After all.

She, Empress Heavenly Sea, wasn't a sinful person, much less a great demon, so it was impossible for her to be a public enemy.

Because that didn't exist.


The Heavenly Sea Sacred Queen intoned her gaze, "Pope, you should accompany me, he's gone to the National Teaching Academy for a few days, so we'd better go take a look."

Otherwise, how could we do that landlord.

Her thoughts were simple, regardless of whether Jiang Xiao was friend or foe, she had to go and take a look for certain.

Yin Xing Dao: "........"

As a strong man by the side of the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen, and as the Pope Lord in the Great Zhou Dynasty, his strength was no small feat.

But it was because of this that he was even more aware of how powerful Jiang Liao was.

It should be an existence that could not be offended.

Was it really good for them to take a chance on the past like this?

How could the two of them deal with it if something out of their control came up.

It's a hard thing to do.


Yin Xing Dao advanced and said, "Holy Empress, why don't we just let it go and let him be, judging from what he did to the Heavenly Dao Academy and the Star Picking Academy, he should have no objections or thoughts about the Great Zhou Dynasty and you, Holy Empress, why don't we...?"


This time, before he could finish his sentence, he heard the Heavenly Sea Holy Queen faintly say, "No, no matter if it's friend or foe, we must be clear about it, we must not let it go."

Lord Pope: "........"

He was slightly stunned, not expecting the attitude of the Heavenly Sea Holy Queen to be so resolute.

It seemed that it was imperative to go to the National Teaching Academy, "It's just that it may not be beneficial this way."

He was a bit unable to understand what the Heavenly Sea Holy Queen was thinking, "What's the reason for this stubbornness?"

That person in the National Education Academy was really strong, so His Holiness didn't want to offend him.

Because once he was offended, there was a high possibility that something would happen that even he couldn't imagine.

So His Holiness the Pope became a little worried.

He didn't know about the National Teaching Academy, but that one surnamed Jiang, he did know about it.

Even if he and the Holy Queen went together, and even if they had the Great Town of Star Pan to rely on, the Pope didn't think that the two of them would be able to defeat Jiang.


He continued to say to the Holy Queen, "Holy Queen, I don't think we can deal with him, that person is really too strong."

This Lord Pope, probably didn't realize what the Heavenly Sea Sacred Queen was thinking.

So the Heavenly Sea Holy Queen shook her head and said to him, "We're not going there to suppress the man, but to see how strong he is, or to see the details of his background, it's still unknown whether he's friend or foe ah." 


The Pope was a bit puzzled by the news.

Wasn't it to look for trouble?

If that was the case, he didn't ask, for fear of incurring the displeasure of the Heavenly Sea Holy Queen.

Then, the question arises?

If the one in the State Teaching Academy was truly a friend and not an enemy, then it definitely had unexpected benefits for their Great Zhou Dynasty ah.

"Holy Empress, it's still you who is more wise."

Pope Yin Xing Dao said slowly, actually having the intention of flattering him as well.


The Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress said indifferently.

After all.

This was also her trust in Yin Xing Dao.

See this.

It was just as well that he wanted to go to the State Teaching Academy as well.

Not that he wanted to see Jiang Xiao.

That senior brother from his own family might still be alive.


It was definitely still alive.

For so many years, he had been searching for his whereabouts.

But he hadn't been able to find him.

This time, he would like to ask a good question.

What was the meaning of that senior brother of his own.

Of course.

And also go along to meet Jiang Xiao.

This unstoppable powerhouse felt powerless even from the Saint realm.


Only a strong man from the Divine Hidden Realm wouldn't feel anything.

Not long after.

A group of two people arrived at the State Teaching Academy surrounded by their attendants.

After so many years, it was the first time they had come over since this National Teaching Academy was closed.

By the way, they also took a look at the once glorious and domineering National Teaching Academy.

But now.

It's all in the past.

Everything is dust.

Of course.

Or perhaps a new beginning.

After all, the reopening of the State Teaching Academy had actually been tacitly approved by the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen.

Perhaps this tacit approval was of little use, especially to Jiang Xiao.

But for the Pope and the Holy Queen, the reopening of the State Teaching Academy was of great significance and involved a lot.

That was why they had come over.

In fact.

As early as the Golden Jade Law report, the Heavenly Sea Holy Queen had wanted to come over to meet Jiang Xiao for a while.

But there had been no opportunity.

It was mainly because she didn't have the time, after all, as the helmsman of a dynasty, the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress was booked to the brim with time every day.

"Sacred Queen, do you think he will meet us?"

Yin Xing Dao was a little worried, he was afraid that Jiang Xiao would not see them.

After all, they had come with a huge entourage and were seen by countless cultivators in the divine Capital.

Having already set up a row, what if Jiang Lack didn't want to see them, or blocked them at the door.

Then what would happen, wouldn't they lose face. 

This would not do.

Just thinking.

But then he saw that the gate of that State Teaching Academy had actually been opened sometime ago.

Toru Xing said, "......."

Seeing this situation, this pontiff's mood couldn't help but be a little complicated.

It was promised that he would not see.

It turned out to be meeting in the next moment.


Tell him what to say.

A face of helplessness.

Suddenly, Yin Xing Dao had the feeling of being hit in the face.

It was fortunate that Empress Heavenly Sea didn't look over, otherwise he would have lost a lot of face, it was very humiliating.

Let's go.

The Heavenly Sea Holy Queen said faintly, "Since the doors of the National Teaching Academy have been opened, it means that he already knows that we're here."

So it turns out.

As soon as Yin Xingdao and the Holy Empress left the palace gates, Jiang Xiao sensed it.

He then said to Tang Thirty-Six, "Thirty-Six, it's time for you to behave, go to the gate and guard it, and if anyone comes, open the gate to welcome them, but can you do it?"

As soon as he heard Jiang Jian's words, Tang Thirty-Six became happy, "Brother Jiang, don't worry, with me, Tang Thirty-Six, I will keep the water safe."

He had the great intention of guaranteeing something.

Anyway, looking at that appearance, it shouldn't be a fake.


Jiang Chi probably didn't expect that for Tang Thirty-Six, he would finally have the chance to do something for Jiang Chi.

It made him feel good.

At least Jiang Lack had let the initiative him to do something, which meant that he was actually still somewhat useful and not useless.

That was enough.

When time went on, Jiang Mo would naturally be able to see his hard work.

At that time, he, Tang Thirty-Six, would be well-developed and would have all sorts of unexpected benefits from being valued by Jiang Chi.

Thinking about this, Tang Thirty-Six's mood was excited.

If there really was such a day, then he, Tang Thirty-Six, would definitely be a man of the people.


What Tang Thirty-Six had never expected was that it was actually the Pope and the Holy Queen who were slowly walking towards the State Teaching Academy.


"What are the two of them doing here?"

As the young master of the Tang family, Tang Thirty-Six was actually well aware of the Holy Queen and the Pope, these were definitely a few of the most terrifying falls in the world ah.

From the Sacred Realm.

That is the saints.

Living saints, that was the legend.


Tang Thirty-Six was a bit dumbfounded, "Did I do something wrong, this is a big deal..."


The gate was already open, and he was too embarrassed to close it again.

Besides, Jiang Jiankou probably meant to welcome this Pope and the Holy Queen.

"Just how did he know about it?"

This point, Tang Thirty-Six could be puzzled.

Was that Big Brother Jiang he could really pinch and count, was he really that magical?

In the past, when Chen Chang Sheng told him that Jiang lacked power, he just laughed it off, thinking that Chen Chang Sheng should be the one bragging.

Now well.

Whether Chen Changsheng was bragging or not Tang Thirty-Six didn't know, but Jiang Lack had already budgeted for the arrival of Pope Yin Xingdao and the Heavenly Sea Holy Queen, Tang Thirty-Six was still certain of this.

So, which of them was stronger?


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