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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1184 - Which Big Brother is it? (subscription sought)

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The warm sunlight poured down from the sky, scattering a patch of life-like energy that nourished the entire earth.

It also caused the entire world to become vibrantly alive**.

In the divine Capital.

It began to liven up.

But the ones who were talking about it the most would have to belong to the Heavenly Dao Academy and the Star Picking Academy, as well as the Thirteen Divisions of that Green Shine.

"Did you hear, last night, the Heavenly Dao Academy, the Star Picking Academy, and the Thirteen Divisions of Cyangyao were all visited by thieves."

"Really? I did hear about it, and they didn't even see the thieves."

"Hahaha... what a laugh."

"It's ridiculous that the Heavenly Dao Academy and the Star Picking Academy are also here today... is it the Demon Nation's State Master who has come?"

"I don't think so, it's strange to hear that all three academies only entered the thieves, but they don't seem to have caused any damage."

"I guess these academies deserve to be unlucky."


All the time.

There are all kinds of people saying all kinds of things.

In the Divine Capital.

Many people had begun to talk about it, and in their eyes, perhaps the Heavenly Dao Academy and Star Picking Academy should be unlucky.

After all, they were used to being high and mighty in normal times, so it was hard to get a chance to see their jokes, so naturally, they had to take a good look.

Otherwise, they would all be sorry to hear such news.

After all, there weren't many opportunities in the past.

Instead, they were incomparably bitter.


The Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress didn't say anything.

Perhaps it was just the calm before the storm.


Both the Heavenly Dao Academy and the Star Picking Academy had been unlucky this time.

For them, it was a new thing that they could bring out and talk about properly.

This time.

In particular, the Heavenly Dao Academy and Star Picking Academy had fallen on bad luck, they had been missed by thieves one after another.

There was no longer any prestige to speak of.

Many people felt that the Heavenly Dao Academy and Star Picking Academy must have provoked some existence that shouldn't be provoked.

That was why they had attracted such a result.

But it was clear that such an argument was actually untenable.

Because the Heavenly Dao Academy and Star Picking Academy had offended so many people, it hadn't seen these two academies being missed for many years.

Or maybe they had been missed once, but no one dared to actually offend them.

Because whether it was the Heavenly Dao Academy or the Star Picking Academy, they were all actually just pawns of the Heavenly Sea Holy Queen.

Offending them would be the same as offending the Heavenly Sea Sacred Queen.

The reasoning was the same.

But now, someone really dared to risk the world to offend the Heavenly Dao Academy and the Star Picking Academy.

Not even leaving half a trace, this was definitely not something ordinary people could do.

Moreover, this was more like slapping the old face of the Heavenly Sea Sacred Empress.

It should be a raw pain.

Anyway, Godou was already making a fuss.

The original enrollment drive has been cancelled, and I guess the old undead from both academies are treating their wounds separately.

Anyway, since last night's incident, the reputation of both the Heavenly Dao Academy and the Star Picking Academy had plummeted.


Countless people despised the Heavenly Dao Academy and Star-Collecting Academy, but they couldn't even catch a single thief.


Rather, there was little mention of the Thirteen Divisions of Green Dazzle.

And right now.

Jiang Chi had already returned to the State Teaching Academy, allowing the storm outside to rage, and he was sitting in the State Teaching Academy, calmly basking in the sun.

It was as if the storms outside had nothing to do with him.

He lived his own little life, as if the sky and the earth had nothing to do with him.

And inside the National Education Institute, it was as if it was already isolated, because of the means he had arranged, so not even an ant could escape in, let alone a human being.

Such a situation was normal for those who were unaware of the situation.


For those who were vaguely guessing, it was even more bizarre.

And right now.

In the palace.

A few old undeads from the Heavenly Dao Academy and Star Picking Academy were saying something in front of that Heavenly Sea Holy Queen.

Probably reporting on what had happened in their respective academies and were ready to be reprimanded by the Heavenly Sea Holy Queen.

Because this matter they really did not do a good job, up to now that thief has not been able to catch.

In other words, the reputation of their Heavenly Dao Academy and Star Picking Academy had been ruined, but that murderer behind the scenes had not been found.

Even if they had anger in their hearts, they couldn't vent it out.

And this time, coming to meet with the Heavenly Sea Holy Queen was a last resort.

After all, the Holy Queen was the master of this Great Zhou Dynasty and the true controller behind these academies.

And so.

An old immortal took a step forward, and bowed and bent to the Heavenly Sea Holy Queen, "Holy Queen, it's all because we can't do anything about it, if we had been alerted earlier, this wouldn't have happened."


That was all that could be said right now.

Sort of like admitting their mistakes and faults in front of the Holy Queen of the Heavenly Sea and being good.

Otherwise, all of them old immortals would be disgraced, I suppose.

"I second the motion."

The other old undeads also followed suit and seconded it with a bow and a curtsy.

It was already disgraceful anyway, having been slapped.

Simply one thing or the other.


In front of the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress, it wasn't a loss of face for them to do so, after all, the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress was also a strong person from the Saint Realm.

Heavenly Sea Saint Empress: "...."

At this moment.

This unstoppable Saint Empress of the Great Zhou Dynasty was looking at these old immortals from the Heavenly Dao Academy and the Star Picking Academy with a speechless face.

Her heart was so depressed.


What happened in the two academies was not something she was going to meddle with, after all, it was the academy's own problem.

It would be fine to leave it to the academy itself to deal with, why would she need to go and invite it over to cause a whole bunch of trouble.

And so.

She didn't go to ask about it.

However, when she didn't ask about it, someone took the initiative to come and report.

And they explained everything that had happened at the Heavenly Dao Academy and the Star Picking Academy.

Even the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress had to meddle with it, because what was happening was just too weird and too frightening.

She had to meddle with it.


There's a lot at stake here.

For a while.

This Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen's mind was thinking a bit too much, and it was extremely complicated.

What horrors could there be in this?

After thinking about it.

The Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen said, "Since the thief was able to enter and leave the Heavenly Dao Academy and the Star Picking Academy at will, that means that the formations and boundaries of both of your academies are flawed or defective.

And the fact that you have not detected any traces of the thief shows that you are incompetent.

Why are you still here if you're not going to track down the whereabouts of the thieves?"

She didn't know who the thief was either.

For a moment, Empress Tian Hai's psyche was incomparably angry, these old immortals all liked to shirk their responsibilities and instead of finding out where the real thief was, they came to her to mess around.

Who exactly was that divine big man?

She didn't really think about it.

There was just some inexplicable feeling that she thought there should be some relationship with the guy named Jiang from the National Education Academy.

It was just that she wasn't completely sure yet.

All the old undead: "......."

They all looked at the Heavenly Sea Saint Queen in unison and then at each other, all of them somewhat inexplicably bitter.

As expected.

They had still been reprimanded by the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress, and their mental preparations were not prepared wrong.

Got to.

Not catching the thief was a big mistake, and how the Heavenly Sea Saint Queen had something to say, they had only come over to play a reporting role.

There was no other way.


After they looked at each other, they could only prepare to return.

Each of them went forward and bowed respectfully towards the Heavenly Sea Holy Empress, "Holy Empress, we take our leave, hoping that the Holy Empress will be able to inspect the events of last night."


They were already old and couldn't care less, last night's incident was so bizarre that although there was a sense of immediacy of the Demon Race's methods, the Demon Race's methods weren't actually that powerful.

So, it shouldn't be the methods of someone like the Demon Race.

Then the question arises.

Which big brother was it exactly?

The old and immortal ones from the Heavenly Dao Academy and the Star-Picking Academy hadn't come up with it, they had gone through countless books and found no one who could connect it to last night's events.

It seemed as if this was a headless case.

Got to.

Each to go back to their old age.

That's what was going through the minds of these old immortals now.

Not without some weirdness.

It was only after they left that the Heavenly Sea Sage sighed deeply, "Things aren't permanent after all."

She could feel physically and mentally exhausted, and could also imagine how strange what happened last night was.

But, which big brother was responsible for that, she didn't have a completely conclusive answer.

It was a bit clueless.

The Heavenly Sea Saint Queen suddenly asked, "Mo Yu, what do you think?"

Mo Yu was her imperial female official, and was also a trusted confidant of her Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress, deeply trusted by her.

Mo Yu shook her head and said, "Back to the Holy Queen, regarding the matter between the Heavenly Dao Academy and the Star Picking Academy last night, I have tracked it down many times, but there was no news either, and I got the same result as what those people just got, but..."


The Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen was stunned and continued to ask, "But what?"

Mo Yu hesitated and finally said respectfully, "Your Holiness, I do have an immature idea in my heart, I wonder if I should say it or not?"

"Go ahead."

The Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen waved her hand indifferently, "There's no other choice in the matter now, so tell me first, even if it's wrong."

She really wanted to know who that bizarre big brother was, and how capable he was.

It shouldn't be simple.

After all, such an existence was rare, "Not to mention the entire world, in this entire divine Capital, it's impossible for her to have complete control."

Therefore, the Heavenly Sea Sacred Queen's heart was somewhat looking forward to Mo Yu's words, "Perhaps, from Mo Yu's words, I should be able to get some unusual revelations."

After all, the perspective occupied was different, and the way one looked at things was different, so perhaps Mo Yu would have a different view.

Based on such a situation, the Heavenly Sea Sage Empress did have some expectations, "Mo Yu, speak out boldly and don't be afraid."

Mo Yu nodded her head and said, "Holy Queen, recently, there is no one else in the divine Capital other than the strange strong man named Jiang from the State Teaching Academy.

At least, there is none in plain sight.

And whether that existence is a friend or foe is still unclear, and what kind of strength he has is even less clear, but the sword formation left behind by the Pope of the State Teaching Academy was broken by him.

In addition, all these signs also indicated that what happened last night was not actually the Demon Clan's style.

Rather, it's like the style of a strong man who plays the game on earth, so..."

At this time.

Before Mo Yu finished speaking, the Heavenly Sea Saint Queen took over and said, "So you're thinking of the one in the State Teaching Academy?"


Mo Yu continued, "But even more so, I would like to suggest to the Holy Queen that you pay a visit to the State Teaching Academy, after all, that powerful existence is terrifying, even if I were to take a glance at him from afar, I would still feel that he is terrifying and at the same time, there is also a feeling of trepidation, as if he is going to die at any moment."

The Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress knew that Mo Yu shouldn't lie about this.


Things are probably mostly like what Mo Yu said, "So it seems that what happened last night should have something to do with the one from the National Education Academy.

I just don't know yet where exactly he comes from, and what is he doing here in my God Capital?"

These circumstances were not at all known to the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen, which was why she had not gone to see Jiang Xiao.

It was mainly because she was unprepared, so she felt unsure of what to do, and that was why she had been delayed until now.

In the State Teaching Academy.

Jiang Hou inexplicably sneezed a few times, "With my cultivation it shouldn't be a cold, so it should be someone thinking of me Jiang someone ah."

It was quite nice to be missed, especially by someone....


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