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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1183 - Plucking Star Academy Is Also a Moldy Lump (Seeking Subscriptions)

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The night sky.

After coming out of the Heavenly Dao Courtyard, Jiang Kang became even happier, "Since there are good things in the Heavenly Dao Courtyard, then the Star-Picking Academy over there..."

And there should be.

Perhaps it couldn't be said that there should be, but there absolutely was.

After all, the Star Picking Academy was also an academy on par with the Heavenly Dao Courtyard.

In such an academy, there must exist pavilions that were like the Heavenly Dao Courtyard.

Presumably, there should be quite a few good things in there as well.

It was just that no one could normally enter it, so naturally, no one would be able to read all of the books inside.

However, to Jiang Ji, the most important thing was not to finish reading the books inside, but to use the books inside and use them as a medium to draw on the origin power of this world.

Only that primordial and ancient power could allow his cultivation to rub off on him.

It was like that pig on the cusp of the wind and waves, which would become immortal after a long time.

Otherwise, with his Jiang Chi's natural aptitude, there was no way for this to achieve immortal prominence.

So for Jiang Lack, the origin power was a good thing, it represented the most fundamental power of the world.

And this most fundamental power, in this side of the world, no one knew about it until now.

Originally, those books in this side of the world did not improve Jiang Chi's Ninth Daoist Skill much, so they could only be used to draw on the origin power.

This was also considered waste use.

The high altitude of the Heavenly Dao Courtyard. Jiang Chi concealed his body and breath, and in the pitch-black night sky, he instantly appeared in the sky above the Star Picking Academy with a single thought.

Those old immortals of the Heavenly Dao Academy, as well as those of the Star Picking Academy, probably didn't expect Jiang Giao to play this trick.

In the blink of an eye, between the movement of his thoughts, his entire body was lost within the Star Picking Academy.

Even though that Star Plucking Academy was just like the Heavenly Dao Academy, it had countless great formations, as well as boundaries and prohibitions.

But none of these means were able to prevent Jiang Ji from quietly entering.

Originally, the Star-Picking Academy should have been impossible for a mosquito to fly into, but now Jiang Ji was able to avoid all kinds of dangers and directly enter the Academy.

This time, he didn't disturb anyone in the Star Picking Academy, he directly used his divine time to find the location of the scripture pavilion, and then used his escape technique to enter it.

When he saw the rows of bookshelves once again, he was actually happy for a moment.

"Is this the Hidden Scripture Pavilion of the Star Picking Academy? It actually has such a large collection of books inside."

This was somewhat unexpected, but he had never expected that the number of books in the Star Picking Academy would probably be more than the Heavenly Dao Academy.

Of course.

The types of them were also mainly focused on killing enemies on the battlefield, as well as methods of lining up troops and so on.

It should be true to think that this matter of the Star Picking Academy being subordinate to the military.

"But it's best this way, because the unobtained books are more helpful for me to lift up the original power of this world."

Although the origin force obtained within the two academies of the Heavenly Dao Academy and the Star Picking Academy were not enough to support him to continue to break through to the Human Immortal Great Perfection.


This method of accumulating little and stepping up to a thousand miles was the most practical method.

In the Star Picking Academy.

Those old immortals could never have imagined that just as the Heavenly Dao Academy was in fear, their Star Picking Academy had actually been unlucky as well.

In comparison, the Star Picking Academy was also a moldy lump.

The various techniques, various books, and endless Dao treasures within their Hidden Scripture Pavilion had all been inducted into the inner space of the Vajra Bracelets by Jiang Zhiyi.

The best parts of them would naturally be absorbed and replenished by the Ninth Grade Dao Technique and become brand new and most suitable for his own cultivation.

No one had expected Jiang Jiang to play this trick.

Even if it was as strong as the Star Picking Academy, it would still be unlucky in the end.

They were nothing in front of Jiang Liao, a strong man with endless magical means.

Still thinking that the wind was calm.

Still thought that nothing had happened, and even thought that it had nothing to do with Star Picking Academy.

But they could never have imagined that Star Picking Academy's Scripture Pavilion had already been patronized by Jiang Qiao.

And it was the righteous kind.

The heavily guarded Star Picking Academy, which was originally owned by the military, was already special, but now they still couldn't escape Jiang Qiao's grasp.

This was the benefit that came with great strength.

After all, Jiang Gou was Jiang Gou, he was different, and he was originally invincible in this world.

No one could compare to him.

Even the divine Hidden Realm powerhouses that Tang Thirty-Six, Chen Changsheng and the others were talking about were no match for him.

This was Jiang Qian.

He was thoroughly powerful, with an infinite number of hands and eyes.

A monstrous cultivation.

Can look down upon the tyrannical world.

No one dared to underestimate him.

This was him, Jiang Da Immortal, a supreme existence in the late Human Immortal realm.

The only supreme person in the heavens and earth.

At least.

In this side of the world it was like this.

He was invincible.

And with great strength, the entire gods had no secrets to speak of.

At least.

There were none in his eyes of Jiang Xiao.

There were also no so-called forbidden places to speak of, so he could go wherever he wanted.

Even that legendary Heavenly Sea Sacred Queen couldn't be restrictive to him, Jiang.

This was his great strength.

As expected.

Having great strength was good.

No one could compete with him.

Not in the Heavenly Dao Academy, not in the Star Picking Academy, not even in the entire Divine Capital, or the entire Great Zhou Dynasty.

The Daoist Ji Daoist was no good, the Pope in the Palace was no good, and even the Holy Queen of the Heavenly Sea, and the State Master of the Demon Tribe, they were all no good.

Not everyone could speculate on Jiang Ji's great strength.

The Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress knew this very well.

In fact, she didn't know how strong Jiang Liao was.

Even that legendary divine Shadow Realm, the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen had vaguely heard of it.

But a strong person of that realm, he was certain that there should not be many of them in the entire Eastern Earth Continent, and would definitely not interfere with the various forces in the human world.

Then the question arises.

What kind of an existence was this person Jiang Xiao?

The Holy Queen of the Heavenly Sea didn't know about it anyway, and all the information about Jiang Liao was just words, as well as some guesses and speculations limited to it.

And those old undead in the Heavenly Dao Academy had never even guessed that this matter was related to Jiang Lack.

Likewise, it was naturally impossible for the Star Picking Academy to know about Jiang Lack's existence.

Even if their Hidden Scripture Pavilion had been patronized by Jiang Qiao, they had heard nothing about it, as if nothing had happened.


To the old immortals of the Star Picking Academy, nothing happened was equivalent to being safe and sound, that is, it was peaceful.


They would never have thought that the Star Picking Academy was no different from the Heavenly Dao Academy, also unlucky people.

If they really wanted to say it, it was probably because Jiang Xiao was doing something more secretive, so no one in the new academy would be able to discover his existence.

This led to a problem coming up.

Those old immortals of Star Picking Academy felt that their own academy was better than the Heavenly Dao Academy next door, and probably from tomorrow morning onwards, they would be able to use this as propaganda.

Presumably, this time Star Picking Academy should be able to recruit quite a few students with extraordinary talent.


Half an hour later.

Jiang Jiang stood in the sky above the Star Picking Academy in satisfaction, this time he had not only patronized the Star Picking Academy's hidden scripture pavilion, he had also incidentally obtained some gold and silver money and other things.

To him, this was considered a passing thing.


The people in the Star Picking Academy then felt that something was wrong and also started to howl, Star Picking Academy also entered the thief.

Now it was also considered to be in the same situation as the Heavenly Dao Academy in general.

Before they were laughing at others, the next moment they became the kind of jokes, and I don't know how complicated their inner world is.

Jiang Chi didn't know anymore anyway, and he didn't want to know either.

A strong existence like him is invincible and looks down upon all.

Suddenly there was a feeling of expert loneliness.

He, Jiang Hou, felt it anyway.

Very helpless.

He didn't want to be invincible either, but this world's cultivation system wasn't very good, so he had to be reluctantly invincible.

The incidental thing in the Star Picking Academy was just to make the Star Picking Academy and the Heavenly Dao Academy in general a moldy lump.

After all.

The several colleges that belonged to the same divine Capital, since they were going to be unlucky, they had to be neat and tidy and couldn't leave one particular one behind.

Lest it be a bad influence.

And so.

Just like the Heavenly Dao Academy, the Plucking Star Academy also began to become frightened, and the entire academy struggled to start looking for the thief.

There was a great intention to catch him, Jiang someone, and then brutally beat him up.


How could Jiang Jian be caught by them?

Don't tell me they saw it, they didn't even see Jiang's figure, let alone a little trace of it.

It didn't exist.

If it weren't for the fact that the things that had been carried away by the way had indeed disappeared, they probably wouldn't even know that the thieves had come.

Perhaps even less aware that Jiang Lack existed like this.

For a while.

Those old and powerful existences in the Star Picking Academy were a bit gloomy.

"Everyone, tell us why our Star Picking Academy has followed the general bad luck of the Heavenly Dao Academy?"

"Recently, our Star-Picking Academy has not offended anyone."

"Yes, recently our Star Picking Academy has been honestly recruiting students, so how could we offend such powerful thieves."

"How can this be, if the Holy Queen inquires, our Star Picking Academy..."

"Isn't there still a Heavenly Court to hold back?"



That's all they can do to put people off.

But that's no longer a reason to justify it.

They're really bitter.

And also really overwhelmed.

Originally, they were sitting on the viewing wall like a wall, ready to watch the show and see the jokes.

Who knows.

Before even sitting in the heat, they found out that their own academy had been visited by thieves as well.

This was simply a blow to the face.

They only felt a pain in their wrinkled old faces.

It was a beating by Jiang Xiao.

It was even more painful than the actual beating, and for a moment it was called bitterness ah.


They were also unstoppable once.

Awe-inspiring and domineering, selling no one's face in the entire divine Capital and only obeying the Heavenly Sea Sacred Queen.

But now they were being slapped in the face.

The Plucking Star Academy was also heavily guarded and also had countless soldiers and generals, but it was still patronized.

When had the thieves been so bold.

They couldn't figure it out anyway.

Who was it that had been here?

In a hall.

The old immortals of the Plucking Star Academy looked at me, I looked at you, but they were speechless at each other.


They were aware that it was useless to talk.

The only surest way was to capture the thief, but it was just that the thief was already nowhere to be seen or heard from.

They weren't even sure if it was a man or a woman.

The impression of the thief seemed to be that he didn't understand anything.

So this breath should be endured in vain?

But who was willing to bear it.

All in all, those old immortals in the new academy were in a really complicated mood at the moment, just like the magnificent sea, not at all peaceful.

Because now they had to face the same problem as the Heavenly Dao Academy, if they couldn't find the thieves, what were they going to tell those people outside, what were they going to tell the Heavenly Sea Sacred Queen?

"Everyone, tell me, what should we do in the New Academy now?"

A pale old immortal with white hair began to ask questions.

His eyes were filled with flames of anger.

But the anger in his heart didn't find a place to vent.

Spreading anger around?

Or do you want to report honestly to the Empress of the Heavens and the Sea?

Neither seemed to be a good idea.

"Let's just tell it like it is."

Someone suggested this.

Because they didn't have a good choice.

The Heavenly Dao Courtyard was out of luck.


They, the Star Picking Academy, were equally unlucky.

The same as well.

They were all just moldy lumps.

They were also all miserable.

This was probably what was called the same fate.

Of course.

Those old immortals from the Heavenly Dao Academy and Star Picking Academy probably didn't know that it wasn't just their two academies that were equally unlucky.

Because there was also.....


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