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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1182 - Thieves Enter the Heavenly Dao Courtyard (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Jiang Xiao had already started hitting on the Heavenly Dao Courtyard, which Chen Changsheng and the others didn't know, and those old guys from the Heavenly Dao Courtyard also didn't know.

After all these years, the Heavenly Dao Courtyard was considered a benchmark in the Great Zhou Dynasty, and no one dared to violate it.

Even if it had once been, the grave grass should be three feet deep now.


Chen Changsheng and the three of them had already strolled around the State Teaching Academy and slowly assembled in the central hall.

And at this time, both Tang Thirty-Six and Bai Luoheng's hearts were actually somewhat worshipping Jiang Xiao.

After all, they had never seen a strong man like Jiang Liao before.

"Brother Jiang, I can follow you from now on, you mustn't abandon me."

Tang Thirty-Six hurriedly said to Jiang Ji, while his heart was incomparably looking forward to it.

Even Bai Luoheng nodded slightly and said to Jiang Yet, "Brother Jiang, it was all my fault in the past, you mustn't take it to heart ah."

Jiang Kou: "........"

The two of them's words were rather baffling, but Jiang Xiao was still thinking: these two people shouldn't have been seized by someone.

Of course this should not be the case.


He waved his hand and said, "It's not important, none of this is important, you guys will just cultivate well from now on."

The night came quickly.

After eating the meal Chen Changsheng had made himself, Jiang Ji flew up onto the eaves, gazing out over the entire Heavenly Dao Academy, which was not far away, and of course, there was something he wanted from Jiang Ji.

"The State Teaching Academy has a hidden scripture pavilion, then the Heavenly Dao Academy should also have a hidden scripture pavilion, and by the same token, the Star Picking Academy should also have a hidden scripture pavilion.

The contents inside should be different, though there are certain similarities.

So there should be quite a lot of World Origin Power that I can obtain, although all of these combined are not enough for me to break through to the Human Immortal Great Perfection.

But adhering to the principle that a mosquito is meat no matter how small it is, it's better not to give it up."

After thinking of this, Jiang Ji turned his eyes to look at Chen Changsheng and the others who were playing around.

Seeing that no one had spotted him, so he leapt and disappeared into the night sky.

By the time he appeared again, he had already entered the scope of the Heavenly Dao Courtyard.

As for those formations and boundaries and restrictions of the Heavenly Dao Courtyard, they were of no use to a person who knew Immortal Dao spells and couldn't stop him at all.

Relying on the terrifying nature of his own divine sense, Jiang Jiang quickly discovered the location of the Heavenly Dao Courtyard's Hidden Scripture Pavilion.

Only in the process of searching for it, he did find a few old men with powerful breaths.

Of course.

This so-called powerful was only relative; to an ordinary Destiny Star cultivator that was relatively powerful, while to an existence like him, Jiang Someone, it was just a bigger ant.

However, it was because he used his divine sense to search for it that the old undead had discovered that a thief had broken into the Heavenly Dao Courtyard.

And it was the silent kind.

For a while.

It was so creepy that they felt a sense of creepiness, and it had been many years since they had been in this situation.

Even the human race's old rival, the Demons, wouldn't dare to come and go with such ease.

After all, their Heavenly Dao Courtyard's defense was also extremely terrifying.

But the current situation was so unexpected that it made them feel a little bewildered, and things seemed to be a little beyond their imagination.

"Quickly go and inform all the elders and deacons of the Heavenly Dao Courtyard, someone has broken into the Heavenly Dao Courtyard and must be taken down, he absolutely cannot give up and walk away."

An old man gave orders and said.

Although he had given the order, he was actually still raging inside.

He felt that the thief who had broken in should be stronger than he thought, and if it wasn't for that inexplicable sweep of his consciousness thoughts, he wouldn't have noticed that a thief had already broken into the Heavenly Dao Courtyard.

And it was still the silent kind that no one had noticed.

"It seems that the divine Capital is about to stir up another storm, I'm afraid it's not a good thing for such a strong person to enter the divine Capital and sneak into my Heavenly Dao Courtyard."

"As the saying goes, the good ones don't come, that's the truth."

I don't know what the other party's purpose was.

In a word.

Those old and immortal ones of the Heavenly Dao Courtyard were currently concentrating together, sobbing, perhaps they would have to fight for their lives this time as well.

I don't know if they were facing the demons or other powerful people.

After all, the entire Eastern Earth Continent was too big, so big that they didn't know how many strong people still existed in the world.

Maybe a lot, or maybe very few.

They felt that there should be a storm about to start in the divine Capital, but they would need to go to the palace to report this matter to the Heavenly Sea Sage. 

For a while, the Heavenly Dao Courtyard was brightly lit, and countless people began to travel between the buildings of the Heavenly Dao Courtyard in search of the possible thief.

However, they didn't find half a trace or trace of the thief.

However, this was inevitably a bit alarming.

In particular, the students who had entered the Heavenly Dao Courtyard were now looking at the chaotic mess in panic.

In their hearts, they couldn't help but think, has the Demon Race started attacking again?

Are the demons ready for Armageddon this time, ready for the total destruction of Godou?

When you think about these situations, you can't help but feel a creeping sense of horror.

After enjoying peace for a long time, they were truly afraid of war and death.

Although they had already cultivated, human cultivation was actually just child's play compared to that of the demons.

Only the strong ones who had truly succeeded in washing their marrow and entered the Sitting Illumination Realm could be considered somewhat capable cultivators.

However, the current situation actually made them feel a sense of unreality.

The situation that was happening in the Heavenly Dao Courtyard was naturally right under Jiang Xiao's nose, and he was well aware of it, but he didn't do anything, nor did he stop it.

It was because his purpose was just those books of the Heavenly Dao Courtyard and also just to obtain the origin power.

Of course.

If someone really discovered his existence and wanted to take action against him, then he, Jiang Someone, would not hesitate to fight back.

After all, he, Jiang Xiao, was not a good person and was also someone who liked to be clean.

Although the Heavenly Dao Courtyard's hideout was also fortified, with quite a few formations and boundaries and restrictions covering it, but for Jiang Hou, a man who knew how to escape, he could do so quietly and quietly enter the Heavenly Dao Courtyard's hideout.

Whether it was the elders, deacons, or ordinary students of the Heavenly Dao Courtyard who were searching for the thieves outside, they had no idea of such a powerful existence as Jiang lacked.

After they reported these matters to the one in the palace, the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress reminded her of what Jin Yului had said earlier.

It was very likely that it was that powerful existence that had made the move.

Of course.

These were all just speculations, and she didn't have full proof to show that it was Jiang Xiao who did it.

Only for the Heavenly Sea Saint to later say that she didn't need evidence.

But it was certain that a powerful person like Jiang Lack would pay a visit, but now she was a bit unable to leave, so she had no choice but to send her imperial female officer to investigate.

As for whether or not the investigation would yield results, that wasn't something he could care about, as she didn't expect anything to come out of the investigation either.

According to Empress Heavenly Sea's thoughts, there should be nothing to investigate this time.

"It seems that Godou you did appear a strong man, but I just don't know if his intentions are good or evil.

However, judging from tonight's situation, it should be mostly the latter."

The Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress secretly thought to herself.

In the Heavenly Dao Courtyard.

Jiang Ji looked at the room full of books and was actually excited inside, because in the Heavenly Dao Courtyard, they had slightly more books than the State Teaching Academy.

This meant that he had to obtain more origin power as well, so how could he not be happy?

Of course.

Jiang Mo had no intention of destroying those books of the Heavenly Dao Academy, after all, every book was hard-won and had its own meaning and purpose of existence.

And having contributed origin power to him, there was no need for him to destroy them.

Not many people originally knew about the thieves entering the Heavenly Dao Courtyard, but with the entire Heavenly Dao Courtyard in chaos, it was natural for those outside to know.


It was speculated that the Heavenly Dao Courtyard should have offended some unstoppable existence and then it was going to be avenged.

But behind the Heavenly Dao Courtyard stood the Heavenly Sea Saint Queen and were all powerful cultivators in the entire divine Capital.

And how could the thief dare?

This is the capital of God!

Even the Demon Race didn't dare to come righteously, after all, it was not the same now as it was in the past.

The current Great Zhou Dynasty had the existence of the Astrolabe Formation, not at all afraid of that Demon Race's attack.

Based on this situation.

Those powerful people in the divine Capital were speculating that perhaps an unknowing person had broken into the Heavenly Dao Courtyard, causing all of this chaos to occur.

But this chaos was definitely temporary, and with the strength of the Heavenly Dao Courtyard, as well as its identity and status, it would definitely be able to catch the thief with ease.

Of course.

The situation of not being able to catch them didn't cross their minds, after all, that kind of situation shouldn't exist.

The old undead in the Heavenly Dao Courtyard were staring at each other with wide eyes, somewhat bewildered and angry.

This was because they had joined forces to search every corner of the entire Heavenly Dao Courtyard, but they hadn't even found the slightest trace of the thief.

"What should we do?"

"Has the thief escaped?"

"It shouldn't have escaped yet, I can sense his presence somehow, he might still be in the Tendo Courtyard."

"But it's also very possible that your feeling is wrong."

"Even if it's wrong, you still have to find it, because the reputation of the Heavenly Dao Courtyard is at stake."

"Yes. If we don't catch the thief today, then tomorrow the Heavenly Dao Courtyard will become a joke to you and me in the entire God Capital."

No one even dared to retort for a moment.

"Wait, there should be one more place we haven't gone to."

"What place you quickly tell us."

For a moment, everyone looked at the person who spoke.

Their hearts were actually looking forward to something, maybe the place this person was talking about could really find the thief.

It was better than having no way.

"It's the Hidden Scripture Pavilion."

That person hurriedly said, "We've searched every corner of the entire Heavenly Dao Courtyard, but the only place we haven't searched is the Hidden Scripture Pavilion, because that place holds the countless books that the Heavenly Dao Courtyard has collected over the years, so we haven't searched there because of its peculiarity."

"So you then think that person is hidden in the Hidden Scripture Pavilion?"

"But the Hidden Scripture Pavilion has countless formations, boundaries, and restrictions, so how did he manage to go in quietly?"

"That's not right, isn't our Heavenly Dao Courtyard also filled with countless formations, boundaries, and restrictions?"

"And how did the thief manage to get in quietly."

"So it's very likely that he entered the Hidden Scripture Pavilion quietly."

"If that's the case, then let's go look for it and we'll know at a glance if there is a thief or not."

"Actually, I do hope that there really is a thief in the Hidden Scripture Pavilion, because then we can announce to the public that we've caught the thief tomorrow."

If there weren't then....

Yes, if they couldn't catch Jiang Xiao and the others, what would they have to explain to those people outside of God's Capital tomorrow.

Maybe they won't take the initiative to ask for an explanation, but they must demonstrate the majesty of the Heavenly Dao Courtyard.

Otherwise, the people outside would think that anyone could enter or leave the Heavenly Dao Courtyard, and in the future, after such a thing formed a trend, it would still be a problem.

But how could it be so simple for them to capture Jiang Liao.

How could Jiang Lack be so easy for them to capture?

Not to mention, at the moment, Jiang Xiao had already drawn a certain amount of origin power through those books of the Heavenly Dao Courtyard using the Vajra Bracelets, a super artifact.

In other words, in just a few minutes, all of his things had been done and it was time for him to leave, and there was no use in staying in this Heavenly Dao Courtyard anyway.

He didn't come here to preach force, nor to cause a panic in the Heavenly Dao Courtyard, nor to avenge Chen Changsheng and the others, so there was no need to have that unbreakable deadly feud with the Heavenly Dao Courtyard.


When the old rascals of the Heavenly Dao Courtyard pounced on the Hidden Scripture Pavilion, they were suddenly dumbfounded.

The Hidden Scripture Pavilion actually hadn't touched anything, there wasn't even a trace of it, where did it look like there were thieves.

And so.

The next, the entire night they were unable to close their eyes.


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