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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1181 - Regaining the Origin Power Again (Seeking Subscription)

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State Teaching Academy.

After Chen Changsheng's group entered, they looked around at the National Education Academy.

If there were no surprises, this would be the place they would be staying in the future.

So take a good look.

Try to get a full understanding of it, so that you don't lose track of everything.

Jiang Ji looked at it all indifferently, looking exceptionally different, "This place has all kinds of books that were once treasured by the State Teaching Academy, although the World Origin Power that can be obtained from one book probably won't be much, but it can't stand the quantity."

To know.

Once the number is large, then the meaning is different again.


He was looking forward to it.

If it was possible, he was going to be rich this time.

Going to be rich.

This was good.


Jiang Chi then said to Chen Changsheng and the others, "I'll go to the Hidden Scripture Pavilion to take a look, you must not touch the formations or boundaries here, lest something happen."

Anyway, he had already instructed, as for what these people would decide to do afterwards, that was not his concern.

Jiang Mo's gaze was somewhat excited, the State Teaching Academy's hidden scripture pavilion should have quite a few dictionary merits.

If they could all be obtained, then he would be rich.

That's great.

It was exciting to think about.

At this time.

Chen Changsheng and the others nodded in response, saying that they were just going to look around and wouldn't touch anything.

They had more or less guessed what Jiang Xiao's thoughts were, but that was all.

In reality.

Only Chen Changsheng knew that Jiang Chi was practicing the Immortal Dao Dharma, which was a different way from the Destiny Star cultivation.

Very special.

It was also very special up.


At most, he was reading those texts, taking the essence of the dross out of them.

Tang Thirty-Six and Bai Luoheng, however, did not understand, and as they walked, they also asked Chen Changsheng.

"Ah Changsheng, Brother Jiang is in such a hurry to go to the Hidden Scripture Pavilion, could it be that there is something good in the State Teaching Academy's Hidden Scripture Pavilion?"

Tang Thirty-Six inquired curiously, but he found Jiang's lack of appearance suspicious anyway.

At the same time.

Bai Luoheng also nodded, "That's right ah, I also absolutely feel like Brother Jiang is hiding something from us."

As for why he was hiding it, there was no telling.

After hearing that.

Chen Changsheng then laughed dumbly, "Ah, you guys, what are you all thinking about, one by one?

The National Teaching Academy's collection is nothing more than those canonical dao collections that were once collected by the National Teaching Academy, and perhaps some of them you've all seen.



They were both intrigued by the curiosity aroused in them, and asked after them, "Besides what?"

This ability felt that there should be a hidden secret behind this state of affairs.


The curiosity in the hearts of Tang Thirty-Six and Bai Luoheng was then completely activated.

How much was there about Jiang Lack that they didn't know?

Both of them were curious.

This time, they must make it clear to Chen Changsheng.

But Chen Changsheng deliberately sold out and continued walking.

"Master Changsheng, just say it straightforwardly, it's not good to whet people's appetites like this."


Not good at all.

At least Bai Luoheng found it difficult to wait and torturous, like ants on a hot pan.

If it wasn't for the fact that Chen Changsheng was her master, she would have wanted to just do it.

Tang Thirty-Six, on the other hand, seemed to have the same impulse.

Seeing this.

Chen Changsheng couldn't help but accost a smile, "Alright, I won't tease you, Big Brother Jiang does have a lot of untold secrets, of course, some of them can be talked about."

"Like what?"

Tang Thirty-Six continued to ask.

It seemed to be to match Chen Changsheng.

After thinking about it, Chen Changsheng said indifferently, "You may not know that Brother Jiang he is not from the Eastern Lands.

And the system he practices isn't the same as the one we practice, or rather, it isn't the Lifestar cultivation style we are familiar with.

Instead, it's a cultivation system called Immortal Dao, the specifics of which are unknown.

Because Big Brother Jiang he didn't tell me about it either, I only know that my master had asked Big Brother Jiang several times for advice about the Immortal Dao cultivation.


"Is there more?"

Both Bai Yu Heng and Tang Thirty-Six became curious, thinking, "This seemingly insignificant-looking Big Brother Jiang actually has such a big origin, truly incredible."

Not from the Eastern Land, but were there other continents in this world?

They were curious, and Chen Changsheng continued, "Yes, you are all right in thinking that there is indeed not only one continent in this world, the Eastern Earth Continent, according to the records of the Dao Collection left by my master, it also includes the Great Western Continent and so on.

Of course, whether Brother Jiang is from a continent like the Great Western Continent is still unknown.

Because he hasn't said so either.

It's just that he's very strong, so strong that no one is able to deal with it.

That includes my master as well."

"What's the matter Xian Dao?"

Tang Thirty-Six asked, he was incomparably surprised, for he had never heard of the word Immortal Dao before.

What was that system of cultivation that was different from another method of cultivation?

Even Chen Changsheng's master, whom he had never met before, was actually seeking advice, so that was enough to show the profoundness of the Immortal Dao cultivation method.


If he could practice the Immortal Dao with Jiang Chi, could he become a great expert in a short period of time?

In fact, it wasn't just Tang Thirty-Six who had such thoughts, there was also Bai Yu Heng.

Her Highness the Demon Princess had now suddenly understood that Jiang Jian, an extremely low-key existence, actually had such a big origin.

The mere fact that it was different from the Destiny Star's cultivation method was enough to shock her.

And upon hearing the inquiry Chen Changsheng shook his head indifferently and said, "I don't know what the Immortal Dao is, because I have never practiced it either, much less practiced it with Brother Jiang.

The Immortal Dao System, perhaps my master he knows what the Immortal Dao is.

Another point, I told you before, Thirty-Six, that Big Brother Jiang is all-powerful and thorough, with strength that no one in the world can compare with.

And all of this is because of the power of his Immortal Dao."

After hearing that.

Tang Thirty-Six also couldn't help but suddenly come to a realization and said, "So then, what Brother Jiang said just now at the entrance of the State Teaching Academy is also true."

Then, why would one still need to painstakingly cultivate the Destiny Star?

It would be better to follow this Big Brother Jiang to cultivate the Dao of Immortality.

There was really no way for Chen Changsheng to refute this point.

Because Tang Thirty-Six was right.

At this time, Bai Yu Heng also hurriedly asked, "Master Changsheng, then can Brother Jiang he solve the problem of our demon meridians?"


Chen Changsheng was first stunned, and then he also began to think, "I don't know about that, but with Brother Jiang's strength and his various divine and unpredictable methods, I guess the issue regarding your demon meridians shouldn't be a big problem for him."

Suddenly hearing this.

Chen Changsheng's introduction of the various wonders and origins of Jiang Lack, Tang Thirty-Six and Bai Luoheng's hearts were shocked.

Perhaps in the following time, the entire divine Capital, no, it should be the entire Great Zhou Dynasty, or the entire Eastern Land would be shaken up.

The Immortal Dao cultivation system was about to spread, and if they could cling to Jiang Lack's thigh, they might be able to be that second crab eater.

So, it was still quite exciting to think about.


Tang Thirty-Six said to Chen Changsheng, "Changsheng, I think you seem to have missed something, you said that you came to God's Capital to look for a way to change your life that day, but now that I hear you say that, is Brother Jiang's strength enough to help you go against the heavens to change your life?"

Hearing this.

Chen Changsheng faintly shook his head and sighed, "It's my fate, and I don't want to trouble Big Brother Jiang, plus I want to fight on my own to see if I can go against the world with my own power."


From Tang Thirty-Six's point of view, this idea of Chen Changsheng's should be the so-called preposterousness.

Even Bai Luoheng involuntarily nodded her head up as she felt that there was nothing wrong with what Tang Thirty-Six had said at all.

Since there was such a strong big brother as Jiang Lack, why not hug his thighs, why would she have to go through the pain of finding the method to change her life that day?

It is a bit of a downward spiral.

Although courage is commendable, and although this spirit is also worth promoting, it is not desirable.

Seeing that Chen Changsheng was silent, Tang Thirty-Six continued to ask, "Changsheng, go ahead and tell us the rest of Big Brother Jiang's situation.

How strong is he?

You just said before that he was invincible in the world, how invincible is that?

How was it compared to the Heavenly Sea Holy Queen, how was it compared to that legendary powerhouse of the Hidden Realm?

Or the Stronger One Greater Freedom?"

These were questions that Chen Chang Sheng actually wanted to know, but he didn't actually know.


Then he said honestly to Tang Thirty-Six and Bai Luoheng and the others, "I've told you all I know about Big Brother Jiang's situation, but I don't know about the rest, and he hasn't told me anything about it."

After all, Jiang Lack's strength was not something he could influence.

And so.

After Chen Changsheng's introduction, Tang Thirty-Six and Bai Luoheng both had their own plans in mind.

Perhaps, the next action of hugging their thighs would then all be tacit.

Although Chen Changsheng was powerful, he was just an ordinary person after all.

And it was incredibly difficult for an ordinary person to go against the world and change his fate, even to take part in the Grand Imperial Exam, or even to take that so-called first place on the top of the list.

At least that was how it was in the hearts of Tangshan XVI and Bai Luoheng.

It was actually very difficult.

At this moment, however, Jiang Chi, who had already entered the Hidden Scripture Pavilion, never expected that Chen Changsheng would have already revealed each and every one of his secrets.

Of course.

Those were only a small portion, and he didn't care.

He was someone who was about to be exposed anyway, and I'm sure that the Heavenly Sea Saint Queen, or the major powerhouses hidden in the divine Capital, would have already known of his existence as Jiang Lack Jiang Someone.

Perhaps, they were pondering what way to meet him, or thinking about how to enter the State Teaching Academy again, or contemplating the purpose and meaning of Jiang Lack's entry into the State Teaching Academy.

At this moment.

Jiang lacked the excitement of standing at the entrance of the Hidden Scripture Pavilion, looking at the rows of bookshelves.

He secretly thought, "So many shelves, so many books, if I were to look at them at Jiang someone's speed, I don't know how long I would have to see them, it's a good thing I have such an ungodly artifact like the Vajra Bracelets in existence.

Then the World Origin Power that I will obtain next should not be difficult."

Although the origin power obtained from the books of this State Teaching Academy should not be enough for him to continue to break through to the Human Immortal Great Perfection, it would allow him to accumulate some energy in advance.

In this way, he would be able to make a breakthrough at the best possible time.

And in this side of the world, he should be able to break through soon, and that was what Jiang Xiao was looking forward to.

After cultivating for so many years, wasn't it just to one day become a strong person who could turn his hand over to the clouds and turn his hand over to rain?

At the same time.

While he was using the Vajra Bracelet to absorb the origin of this world, in addition, he was still quietly waiting for those strong people to come to his door.

Perhaps, from them he could also scavenge a wave of the world's origin.

Especially that Heavenly Sea Sage Queen in the divine Capital.

There were a lot of books in the State Teaching Academy, so much so that it would make Jiang Gao overjoyed.

Of course.

The origin power obtained from these books wasn't really too much, but it wasn't too little either, so when you combined it all together, it was still not too bad.

"As expected, my guess was correct, with these books treasured in the National Education Academy, it really allows me to draw the World Origin Force from this world.

Then so on and so forth, the next Heavenly Dao Academy or the Star Picking Academy, or that Qing Yao Thirteen Divisions, as well as the Li Li Mountain Sword Sect and so on, should be able to allow me to obtain enough World Origin Power, right?

Then with such a look, wouldn't it be that a breakthrough to the Human Immortal Great Perfection Realm is about to be in sight, and even a breakthrough to the next great realm should be in sight as well."

Jiang Jiang's heart was excited when he thought about it, this was a great good thing for him, Jiang someone.

So this trip to the State Teaching Academy was definitely quite worth it.

After receiving the origin power obtained from those books in the Tibetan Scripture Pavilion, Jiang lack's mind came alive.

And began to quietly hit on the idea of the Heavenly Dao Academy and the Star Picking Academy.


He has a chance next, because he is invincible!


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