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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1179 - Pope's Sword Formation (Seeking Subscription)

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It was a bright and sunny day.

It was also a day filled with hope, as countless people continued to go to the major academies to take the assessment.


For Chen Changsheng, Tang Thirty-Six and the others, it was not so good.

It was because they simply didn't have a chance.

There was only the National Teaching Academy to go to.


The National Teaching Academy was another taboo.

The only ones who dared to go were probably Chen Changsheng and Bai Luoheng and the others.

The others wouldn't have the guts.

No matter what, they wouldn't dare to go.

It was because it was really too dangerous and the stakes were high.

Ordinary people would never think of going to the State Teaching Academy, and only Chen Changsheng and Tang Thirty-Six and the others could think of it.

Perhaps, it was because a newborn calf was not afraid of a tiger.

After all, in the eyes of Chen Changsheng and the others, the National Teaching Academy was just the National Teaching Academy.

As for what had happened to him and what kind of story was hidden behind it, it had nothing to do with him.

He didn't need to care either.

So he was going to the National Education Academy, and he wanted to obtain a place to go to the Great Pilgrimage Examination to take the top spot on the top list.

No one could stop him.

Even that Heavenly Sea Saint Queen in the divine Capital couldn't stop him.

For this matter, Chen Changsheng had his own plans in his heart.

He was very clear about what he wanted and how he needed to obtain it.

To live well and embark on the path of cultivation, this might be something that an ordinary young man could do.

But it couldn't be done for Chen Changsheng.

So he needed to enter the State Teaching Academy, so he needed to go to the Great Pilgrimage Examination and also need to go and get a first place back.

This was the only way to have a chance to enter the Ling Yan Pavilion.

He could even go to the Celestial Book Mausoleum to watch the Heavenly Book and look for a way to change his fate against the heavens.

As long as he could succeed in changing his fate against the heavens, he would be able to cultivate and gain a longer life span.

And if he could live, who wouldn't want to live a good life, and the same was true for Chen Changsheng.

And for Tang Thirty-Six, at first perhaps he had refused because the State Teaching Academy was so widely involved.

But now.

With the addition of Her Highness Bai Lefeiheng, the Demon Princess, and the clear statement of big brother Jiang Lack, he had a different idea in mind.

Perhaps he could try and make a go of it.

Didn't his own father always dislike him for being too dude and useless anyway?

Then let's give him a good look this time.

Maybe he'll be impressed.

As for Bai Yu Heng, this Demon Princess wasn't really that taboo.

Perhaps it was because of Chen Changsheng, or perhaps it was because of Jiang Xiao, or perhaps it was because of her own identity.

Therefore, she was not at all repelled by the matter of entering the State Teaching Academy.

She was even vaguely happy about it.

Even if the Holy Queen arranged for her to go to the Heavenly Dao Academy, or the Star Picking Academy, etc., she was not willing.

It was because in Chen Changsheng's body, she saw something that others did not.

It was also because Chen Changsheng could help her and solve the problem of the meridians, so she had no other choice.

It was estimated that that White Emperor of the White Emperor City had never dreamed that his daughter would be involved in this mess.

Of course.

Everyone had everyone's own agenda.

Jiang Xiao was naturally no exception.

His purpose was actually very simple: to go into the State Teaching Academy to find those books, thus gaining some World Origin Power.

After all, his cultivation was now stuck in the late stages of the Human Immortal Realm, and as long as he was searching for more World Origin Power, he would be able to break through to the Great Perfection of the Human Immortal Realm.

Although late Human Immortal Realm and already invincible in this side of the world.

But who would dislike the advanced cultivation?

And so.

From early in the morning.

The four of them then headed towards the State Teaching Academy in a grand manner.

No one knew that they were going to the National Teaching Academy, as they didn't know any of the people they met on the way.

Instead, there were many young people who ran off to the Heavenly Dao Academy or ran off to the Star Picking Academy to continue their examinations.

Perhaps if the heavens were still kind to them, they could pass the assessment and enter the academy.

Even if they had to grind out a future with a water mill.

But there weren't many such people.

In front of the entrance of the State Teaching Academy.

Chen Changsheng and his group of four stood side by side.

Their eyes looked somewhat expectantly at the State Teaching Academy, which had been sealed for many years and was now overgrown with weeds and had not been tended to for a long time.

The place had been sealed for countless years.

The group of State Teaching Academy cultivators who once supported the Chen Clan's royal family were now half of what remained.

Perhaps only Chen Changsheng's master, Ji Dao, who was not willing to reveal his roots, was aware of this.

Even the renowned Pope of the Great Zhou Dynasty might not be clear about the situation.

Back then, after the State Teaching Academy was infiltrated in the crime of rebellion, he had already sealed the place with a sword formation.

To this day not a single person could enter, let alone dare to enter.

The prestige of the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen had also spread throughout the Eastern Lands, and for many people, the National Teaching Academy had become a thing of the past and was already a taboo academy.

There were no teachers, and no students.

Aside from some of the books that were once treasured inside, there was nothing worthy of outsiders' expectations.

Of course.

Those things were also what Jiang Xiao was looking forward to now.

He faintly looked at this sword formation that the Pope had once personally laid out and said, "This is the sword formation, which is said to have been laid out by the current Pope himself, and that Pope is now leaving the palace."

At this time.

Tang Thirty-Six also frowned and said, "In that case, if we want to enter the National Teaching Academy, we must break this sword formation, right?"


Jiang nodded his head slightly.

The logical relationship was indeed like this.

On the side, Bai Luoheng got a little worried, "But how else can we break this sword formation when we don't even know how to do it?"

Upon hearing that, Chen Changsheng smiled slightly, "There is no harm, it is just a made sword formation, but it is a dead object.

Even if it was laid out by the Pope's own hands back then, its power has diminished considerably now.

What's more, there is actually no need for us to break the formation, as we are only going in.

And with the existence of this sword formation, it happens to be a gateway for us, which can block out many unnecessary troubles for us."

According to Chen Changsheng's thoughts, it would only be necessary to use a fetching method to enter the National Teaching Academy.

It so happened that he was however aware of this method.

It would naturally be best if they could enter the National Teaching Academy in this way, as the sword formation could also protect them.

"It would be great if it could be like this."

Tang Thirty-Six said excitedly, "You're really good at it, Eternal Life."

Even Bai Luoheng smiled slightly, this master he worshipped seemed to be very strong, and he didn't disappoint himself.

So for the problem with his meridians, was it possible to solve it as well?

It was the kind that was completely resolved.

So Bai Luoheng's heart began to secretly look forward to it.

Even Jiang Xiao was slightly surprised.

Chen Changsheng's mind was indeed quick to turn, and even he hadn't thought of that.

But for Jiang Hou, this sword formation still had to be broken, and the worst that could happen was that he would set up another one after it was broken.

Although he didn't know much about formation one, he could set up things like boundaries and prohibitions.

It would then be possible to reveal the power of him, Jiang Someone.

It couldn't be helped, he had to take something out to deter the bystanders, or else anyone could peek into his secrets.

Jiang lacked a faint smile that emerged slightly, and he looked excited.

Thus, he said to Chen Changsheng and the others, "Don't worry, you all, it's just a sword formation, I can break it.

Although what you said, Changsheng, is all very reasonable, this kind of sword formation was, after all, set up by the Pope himself back then, and for us to break it again would mean a new birth for the State Teaching Academy."

After fiddling around like this for a while.

He felt that Chen Changsheng's expression had all changed a lot, as if he was gradually starting to agree with him.

After all, the National Teaching Academy had a not-so-friendly and not-so-glorious past.

And now they were going to re-enter the National Teaching Academy, it was to relaunch the National Teaching Academy, it was to make the National Teaching Academy's presence once again appear in the divine Capital.

Then it was necessary to allow the National Education Academy to be reborn.

And under words.

Breaking the Pope's sword formation was undoubtedly the best way to proclaim it.


Chen Changsheng nodded slightly and said, "Brother Jiang, are you sure you can break this formation then?"

One must know that this was a sword formation laid out by the Pope himself ah, and Chen Changsheng did not know if Jiang lacked any knowledge of formation.

In his impression, this big brother Jiang from his own family didn't seem to know formation.

Then wouldn't it be awkward if he couldn't break the formation later.

And if he broke the formation, would it cause the Pope's displeasure?

This was something that Chen Changsheng was worried about as well.

But Jiang Jiang went to pat him on the shoulder and said, "Don't worry about the other things, I've already found a way to break the formation.

As for the subsequent effects, what does that have to do with us?"

And the method he used to break the formation was actually quite simple as well.

It was nothing more than pushing straight across with a strong force, destroying and crushing everything with a great tendency to break.

That would be enough.

As for anything like looking for a formation eye to find a base or something like that, that was not necessary.

He, Jiang Sheng, was already powerful, and who would be able to withstand it if he crushed over with supreme greatness.

Even a sword formation couldn't stop the might of his Jiang Hou's late stage Immortal Realm.

This was the benefit of great strength.

To manage anything, one only needed to keep pushing across and pushing all the way through.

It could be crushed to the end.

How nice.

Thinking about Jiang Xiao's heart became excited.

There must be spies from the Heavenly Sea Sacred Queen and that pontiff lord around here, then the way he broke the formation with a strong force would definitely reach their ears, and then all these people would be surprised.

So Jiang Xiao who thought of this, could not help but smile slightly. "Those people will just end up screaming their jaws off in shock."

Seeing how insistent and persistent Jiang Lack was, Chen Changsheng couldn't refuse to be powerful.

At the same time, he couldn't offend Jiang Lack too much.

This was because once he couldn't find a way to change his life in the Lie Tian, if he didn't succeed in changing his life that day, then he would still need to go to help.

Otherwise, he, Chen Changsheng, would only end up dying.

Right now this was the best method.

Bai Luoheng was all a bit surprised as she looked at Jiang Chi, she didn't seem to understand where this person who didn't talk much was getting his strength from.

Tang Thirty-Six did know, though.

Jiang Lack was a big man himself, he knew this very well.

Tang Thirty-Six's heart was also looking forward to seeing Jiang lack's style soon.

This invincible big brother Jiang in Chen Changsheng's words, what kind of an existence was he?

Maybe we'll see the truth later.

If this was indeed a big brother, then it didn't seem like it would be a shame to hold his thigh.

After all, this world was still a world of cultivators, and the strongest still reigned supreme.

This was something that Tang Thirty-Six couldn't refute.

Even Bai Luoheng's heart was faintly expectant at the moment as Chen Chang Sheng carefully muttered a few words in her ear, and she understood.

It was just that the suspicious eyes still carried a certain look of uncertainty, and she actually thought that what Chen Changsheng said was false and deceitful.

But when she thought of this cheap master of hers, it didn't seem like he was a liar either, so she ended up being a bit torn.

Did this guy surnamed Jiang before her have that kind of skill or not?

Crushing the Pope's sword formation was not something that just any ordinary person could do.

Perhaps that Heavenly Sea Sacred Queen could do it, or perhaps that mysterious old man of the sky could do it as well.

But such people were only a few after all.

"He's not lying, is he?"

Bai Luoheng's heart secretly thought.

She probably never dreamed that Jiang Liao's strength was already invincible in this world.

And the demon meridian problem that he was so worried about was actually nothing in Jiang Liao's eyes.

What could a mere demon meridian problem be?

For those who cultivated the path of immortality, it was merely the first calamity on the path of cultivation.

And for people like Jiang Ji who had become immortal, the meridian problem was really nothing.

It was just that the people of this world still took it seriously, and because they couldn't find a solution, they felt that this matter was inscrutable.

There are actually quite a few solutions.

It's just that many people don't think about it, just because the cultivation system is different, so the perception of cultivation is different as well.

And the sword formation laid out by that prestigious pontiff in the Departure Palace was really nothing in Jiang Di's eyes.


What many people are afraid of is not the Pope's sword formation, but the reputation of that Heavenly Sea Holy Queen.


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