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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1178 - National Teaching Academy (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Jin Yului gave up.

He couldn't argue with it, so he had to go with White Fallen Balance.

Of course.

The main thing was that he was afraid of Jiang Liao.

Because Jiang Lack was really too dangerous, and he had spoken out, he couldn't possibly say anything else.

It was really afraid.

Furthermore, since a strong person like Jiang Lack existed, it seemed reasonable to go to the State Teaching Academy.

Thinking that with such a strong person standing up for him, that Heavenly Sea Sacred Queen should not be embarrassed anymore.

After all.

Such a strong man was not simple.

If he opened his mouth, he should be able to do so without any hindrance, right?

That was all he could think about now, or else he would have to die to thank her.

After all, that National Teaching Academy was already forbidden, and if he didn't want to involve Bai Yu Heng, the best way was to pull her away.

But it was obvious.

The current situation wouldn't allow it.

With Jiang Xiao, the big man, having spoken, he would have no other ideas to speak of, no longer daring to do so.

The mood was really a bit complicated ah.

Jin Yurui thought so, "Originally, I only wanted to watch over Her Highness, who knew that something like this would happen ah."

This was something he hadn't expected either.

Bai Yu Heng would actually get mixed up with Chen Changsheng.

It would have been nothing.

Let's just stir things up.

Anyway, as a princess of the demon race and even more so the daughter of the White Emperor, Bai Yu Heng thought it would be fine.

What's more, there was still him, Jin Yului, watching.

But the problem was.

Now she had to follow Chen Changsheng into the State Teaching Academy.

And Jiang Xiao had given his word.


Jin Yurui could only leave first, preparing to go and report this matter properly to the White Emperor.

At the very least, it would be necessary to report to the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen and explain that their demon princess, Bai Luoheng, was actually compelled by Chen Changsheng.

Of course.

Whether or not he was actually compelled wasn't clear.

Right now.

He wanted to let the Heavenly Sea Saint Empress know about the situation, which was an alternative way of reporting.

Lest he be at a loss when the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress cleared up the situation.

"At the very least, I'll have something to say when the time comes."

Jin Yurui thought so, "Although that person just now might be a strong and terrifying person, this is the divine Capital, the Heavenly Sea Sacred Queen's territory, and that woman is even more terrifying."

He understood deeply.

An existence that could sit in that position, and one of the five great saints of the Eastern Lands, the Heavenly Sea Saint Queen with a Sage from the Sage Realm cultivation, was definitely not simple.

That was not a benign generation.

Since ancient times, the Heavenly Family had no family ties.

Not to mention someone like the Heavenly Sea Sage Queen.

She wasn't a benevolent person herself, and she might break out into a war with Jiang Lack.

There was no way he could stop Bai Feiheng from entering the State Teaching Academy, but he could give the Heavenly Sea Sacred Empress a word in advance.

There would definitely be a war between the two then, and the victor of the battle, Jin Yului felt that it was the Heavenly Sea Sacred Queen who might have a better chance of winning.

After all....

This woman was a one-shot kill.

Relying on an astral disk formation, she was forcefully tearing an opening from the demons.

Humans were able to survive.

Gods were able to exist.

Jiang Jiang naturally guessed the purpose of Jin Yului's departure, but he didn't mind.

Even if he exposed himself, it didn't matter.

He was strong enough anyway.

Granted, the Saint Queen of the Sea wouldn't dare to provoke him, and even if she dared at first, she definitely wouldn't dare to follow up.

"Moreover, she might even change her ways to pull me in."

Jiang Xiao secretly thought, "Because I'm strong, and because I'm also human, she's going to pull me in to deal with the demons."

That was in fact a certainty.

The logic was also correct, and he was sure that the Heavenly Sea Holy Queen would definitely do so if she knew his identity.


Whether he agreed or not was his business.

Now well.

He needed to enter the National Teaching Academy, after all, the National Teaching Academy had countless techniques and books, and those things should be enough for him to gain some origin power as well.


The Heavenly Dao Academy and the Star Picking Academy might have them as well.

"So, it's not just the National Teaching Academy that I'm targeting either, it's still the Heavenly Dao Academy, it's still the Star Picking Academy, it's even that Departure Palace, and the Heavenly Sea Sacred Queen."

Jiang Mo secretly pondered, "Of course, places like the Heavenly Dao Academy and the Star Picking Academy, but I can sneak in and take a look, perhaps through a deal with the Heavenly Sea Sacred Queen.

That woman is cold and ruthless, but aren't the Heavens all like that.

What's more.

Her purpose is really just to protect the humans in the Eastern Lands, which is still a great purpose and I have to admire it.

If she can come up with some conditions that satisfy me, it wouldn't be a bad idea to agree to work with her."

Of course.

These were all later words.

Now Jiang Lack's goal had changed.

He had more pursuits, such as finding more world origin power.

And the National Teaching Academy was without a doubt a breakthrough.

Jin Yu Lu wanted to have already told the Heavenly Sea Holy Queen about his existence.

With that woman's heart, she would definitely investigate a bit, and then she would have exposed herself.

At the moment.

Chen Changsheng and Bai Luoheng were still talking to each other, and Tang Thirty-Six was also talking from time to time.

Only Jiang Lack had turned transparent.

He was low-key.

Unlike Chen Changsheng who said a few words on the Dao Tibet from time to time, causing both Bai Luoheng and Tang Thirty-Six to marvel.

So it turned out.

This companion of theirs was so powerful.

It was also the first time that they had only discovered it, it was really impressive.

"Master Changsheng, have you finished reading all three thousand Dao Tibetans?" White Drop Hen asked curiously.

"Pretty much."

He nodded, "But my master said that the various academies also have some Dao collections, which are in addition to the three thousand Dao collections, as well as some rare solitudes of the things Dao collections."

"Chang Sheng, are you that powerful?"

Tang Thirty-Six was amazed, and even said, "Then why haven't you cultivated yet, it's reasonable to say that you're so powerful, if you were to cultivate, you would definitely enter the Marrow Washing Realm as fast as possible, right?"

He was really curious.

"Because, I have a disease."

Chen Chang Sheng said faintly, but then he also shook his head, "No, that shouldn't be a disease, because it can be cured, but I can't cure that disease, so that should be fate."

It was destined that he couldn't practice.

Otherwise he would lose his life.

It would damage the body's longevity, and it would leave him without years to live.

That is destiny.


He hadn't dared to cultivate all this time.

Because of fear.

If he accidentally tossed out the remaining years of his life span, then he, Chen Changsheng, would be completely finished.

At that time, he would get nothing.

It would be meaningless.

At the moment.

Tang Thirty-Six's mood was somewhat helpless, so this Chen Changsheng was so powerful.

Compared to him, he was inferior.

He was probably just a guy who was waiting to die.

He was suddenly a bit inferior.

A face of helplessness.

After discussing tomorrow's itinerary, Bai Luoheng also settled down and began to eat and drink with Chen Changsheng and the others.

At this time.

Jin Yului was entering the palace, and with his status as a demon minister, it was naturally not difficult for him to meet with the Heavenly Sea Holy Queen.


The Sovereign Empress of the Heavenly Sea received him.

"Foreign Minister Jin Yului has met the Holy Empress, may the Holy Empress' holy life be boundless."

Facing this Heavenly Sea Holy Queen, he also had to be respectful and didn't dare to have the slightest dissatisfaction.

At this moment.

The Heavenly Sea Saint Empress slowly sat up, she was graceful and magnificent, dressed in a phoenix cape, and her breath from the Saint Realm slowly revealed itself.

It was incomparably terrifying.

The From Saint realm, after all, was an incomparably powerful realm ah.

It was crazy to think about it.


At this time, Jin Yului couldn't care less, "Holy Empress, there is a matter that the foreign minister had to report to you first."

"What is it?"

The Holy Queen was quite curious though.

Although the demons had been a bit different recently, they could actually be controlled again.

So for them, it was no different.


The Heavenly Sea Saint Empress had a rare few days of peace, but she had the leisure to practice a good amount of training.

She was in a good mood.

Jin Yului continued, "Holy Empress, it's like this... I recently brought my clan's Princess Falling Hall down to the Divine Capital, only to find the Divine Capital's divine doctor to treat her meridian problem.

However, there has been no success."

The Holy Queen nodded and said, "I am aware of this, but my imperial physician went and also said that there was nothing that could be done, so I am a little helpless."

The divine physician of the divine Capital had looked at everything she could find.

For the sake of the alliance between the demon and human races, she had to do this.


That White Emperor's daughter, White Fallen Hen, was actually quite nice, quite cute.

So she tried to help as much as she could.

It would naturally be best if she could solve the demon warp problem, but obviously there wasn't that kind of possibility.

She could only sigh helplessly.

At this time.

Jin Yurui continued, "I originally planned to look around to see what was going on, but in fact, I didn't find any.

Instead, His Highness Falling Fallen found a young man named Chen Changsheng and said that he could solve the problem of the demon meridians.

As you know, what Her Highness Falling Fallen has always believed will never change, so she has worshipped that young man called Chen Changsheng as her teacher."

That was nothing.

The Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress was more understanding.

She even said, "Since she has already paid homage to her master, why are you still talking to me about this, it's not my turn to interfere with your Highness's worship, is it?"

Jin Yului: "........"


He had to harden his heart and say, "It's true by all means, but it's proof that something is different."

"How is it different?"

The Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen asked, "If that Chen Changsheng is truly capable, it wouldn't be impossible for Fallout to worship him, but if he's not capable, then worshiping him doesn't count."

For strong people like them, that so-called worship by White Fallen Hen should just be a simple pretense.

So it didn't count.

It also didn't matter.

Jin Yurui was helpless inside, thinking, "If only things were really that simple, it's a pity it can't be."

This left him somewhat helpless.



Could only continue, "Right now they are discussing about entering the National Teaching Academy."

Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress: "......."


National Education Academy?

A moment.

The Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress's heart tumbled over a memory that seemed to have happened many years ago.

It was a dusty academy, and a memory that she had actively dusted off.

It had been many years ago.

"What exactly happened?"

The Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen frowned and asked, "You should know very well what the National Teaching Academy is, it's been sealed for many years, why would they still go there?"

Everyone in the world knew that the State Teaching Academy had long ceased to exist.

And there was still a sword formation set up by the Pope at the entrance, so who could enter?

These youngsters actually thought about entering the National Teaching Academy, what did they want to do?

The Heavenly Sea Sacred Queen's heart could not help but speculate.

Jin Yului hurriedly said, "Back to the Holy Queen, the thing is, because none of them could get into the Heavenly Dao Academy or the Star Picking Academy, so it's like going into the National Education Academy, I heard that Chen Changsheng said it was for a place in the Great Pilgrimage Examination, so they had to go into an academy, and now the National Education Academy is their only option."


The Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress said indifferently, "To me, the National Teaching Academy has long been a thing of the past, and now it doesn't need to be so scrupulous, although it has been dusted off for many years, and now I think it's time for it to see the light of day again, there's just an opportunity for them to go, but..."

She paused slightly as she said this, "And they cannot be allowed to go so smoothly."

Jin Yului could only smile bitterly at this point, "Holy Queen, there is one other matter other than this that I need to report to you, there may be a powerful person existing beside that Chen Changsheng, he looks just like an ordinary person, but I feel great terror from him, it's the breath of death, he..."

Immediately after.

He said his suspicions, mostly about Jiang Lack.


And after listening to the golden jade meeting, the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen did not speak for a long time.

She was silent.

And also pondered deeply, who was that person?

Why have you never seen or heard of it before?


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