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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1177 - The Problem Is Simple (Seeking Subscriptions)

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This world.

Demons were naturally entangled with problems with their meridians, causing cultivation to have all sorts of difficulties.

This seemed to be something that couldn't be avoided.

The demon race, far inferior to the human race, has always had inevitable problems with their meridians.

It had also been troubling Fallen, who had come to the Divine Capital with the demon minister Jin Yului, only to seek a divine doctor to solve his own meridian problems.


She did not find it.

Instead, she saw a little hope in Chen Changsheng.


He has a way to solve the problem with his meridians, Fallen thought so.

She felt that Chen Chang Sheng must be able to do it, "After all these years, no one but the Holy Queen can see through my identity as a demon at a glance."


She felt that Chen Changsheng must be able to do it.

Jiang Mo, on the other hand, was silent and secretly looked at Her Highness Falling, "Such a meridian problem might be a troublesome thing for people in this world.

But to me, it is not necessarily so, and a mere warp problem is the very first thing to be solved in the Immortal Dao."

It was quite simple for him though.


Jiang Chi didn't say it the first time, he didn't speak as if he was an ordinary person.

No one could pay attention.

It was as if he was just an insignificant little character.

Very ordinary.

So much so that even His Highness Falling Fell didn't notice anything special about him, as if this person had always been this simple.

Tang Thirty-Six didn't say anything either, and the demon warp problem wasn't something he could solve.

It seemed better to leave this problem to Chen Changsheng to solve.

"Master Changsheng, which academy are you from?"

Fallen sat very familiarly next to Chen Changsheng and began to ask questions.


Chen Changsheng looked a little embarrassed.

Because although he could see that Fallen was a demon and had problems with the meridians in his body.


He really didn't know through what means to deal with it.

After all, he, Chen Changsheng, had only read more books and memorized more Dao Treasures.

But that was all.

Other than that, he didn't have much experience to speak of, so he had nothing to impart to His Highness Fallen.

Jiang Mo actually knew this in his heart.

Chen Changsheng also understood it.

That's why he said that, but these words became humble in the eyes of His Highness Falling Down.

She said with a smile, "Master Changsheng, it's fine, just keep this matter in your mind, I'm not in a hurry."

After all, the demon's meridian problem wasn't just a day or two old.

It was useless for her to be anxious.


She didn't really hold out much hope, mainly because Chen Changsheng smelled good and was erudite.

Plus, she had to hide from Jin Yului's care, so naturally she felt that staying by Chen Changsheng's side would be beneficial to her in avoiding Jin Yului's discipline.

She was a person who couldn't stand loneliness anyway.

It was normal.

Therefore, she expressed her indifference.

It wouldn't be good to go back anyway, so it would be better to remain here.

There might be a better option.

Thinking of this.

Fallen continued, "Elder Master, what were you guys talking about just now?"

Chen Changsheng heard the words and slowly said, "It's nothing, that is to say, where to go next, none of us have been accepted by the Heavenly Dao Academy or the Star Picking Academy, so..."

Now it's still a hobo in general.

He said indifferently, "We're not currently students of a certain academy."

This was a bit appalled by the fallout.

After all, Chen Changsheng was erudite and versatile, and Tang Thirty-Six looked like he was very capable as well.

It shouldn't be unaccepted.

"I'm an ordinary person, I don't have a cultivation."

Chen Changsheng explained.


Her Highness Falling Down understood, and she curiously said, "Master Changsheng, then which academy are you planning to go to next?"

Since neither the Heavenly Dao Academy nor the Star Picking Academy can do it, there's no choice.

Unless you enter the Departure Palace.

Go and become Lord Pope's disciple.

There might be a chance.

Fallen was about to not rely on his status and do something for Chen Changsheng, but then he heard Chen Changsheng continue, "No, there is another option for us, the National Teaching Academy!"

Fallen didn't know what the National Teaching Academy was.

She said curiously, "Fine, then let's go to the National Teaching Academy, and I'll go with you, Master Everlasting."

She didn't join a certain academy anyway.

Nor did she know the story of the National Teaching Academy.

It was just right to go and have a look.

At this time.

Tang Thirty-Six curiously asked, "Falling, are you coming with us as well?"

"Naturally, I'll go wherever Master Eternal Life goes."

Fallen said rudely, "Although I hadn't heard of the National Teaching Academy when I was in God's Capital, Master Eternal Life will definitely not lie to me."

Tang Thirty-Six: "........"

If he wasn't very sure of the identity of this Fallen Highness, he really wondered if she had been brainwashed by Chen Changsheng.

Although it didn't look like Chen Changsheng was.

Falling Fell continued, "Master Changsheng, when are you going to the State Teaching Academy?"

She was very curious.

Chen Changsheng said, "Tomorrow morning, let's go over to the State Teaching Academy."

They didn't introduce Jiang Liao.

It was probably because they thought that Jiang Lack was too low-key and ordinary.

It was also because he was a big shot himself, so Chen Changsheng and Tang Thirty-Six didn't introduce them.

Jiang Lack frowned.

It was not unhappy about it.

Eating lightly and drinking a little wine, didn't he smell good?

It was precisely because of this that he would not be noticed by anyone.

This was probably something Chen Changsheng hadn't even thought of.

Of course.

Tang Thirty-Six actually didn't notice.

Full power Chen Changsheng and Bai Feiheng were talking, and they were talking to each other about going to the State Teaching Academy.

But there were no extra thoughts.

At this moment.

Jin Yului, however, had found him.

He saw Changsheng Chen and Bai Lahang and the others at first glance.


Just as he wanted to go over there, he had a vague feeling that a great terror was about to happen.

Jiang lacked a very flat feeling to him, but after he looked more often he would find that this person was dangerous and felt terrifying, as if he was about to be eaten at any moment.

This feeling made him a little hesitant and hesitant.


"Who the hell is this person, he looks like an ordinary person, but the feeling he gives is not ordinary at all."

Jin Yului frowned, "It's a good thing that although His Highness Falling Down was with them, nothing happened, otherwise I'd be a hundred times more to blame."


Probably out of an instinct.

Jin Yurui felt that there was a feeling in Jiang Liao that terrified him.

That was a very ordinary feeling.


That feeling made him afraid.

So he was scared.

Terrified a lot.

Afraid of an accident, in case there was an accident, in case His Highness Falling....

Though he was a little scared and bitter, and even a little shocked.

But he still continued to walk over.

Not daring to delay.

His main duty was to protect White Fallen Balance.


Now he absolutely couldn't let anything happen to Bai Luoheng, even if something happened to him, he couldn't let anything happen to the other party.

No matter how creepy Jiang lacked a feeling about him, he couldn't say much else.

The rest....

"I hope I didn't punch that one in the face with my approach, otherwise..."

Jin Yului could sense Jiang Liao's terror, and naturally guessed that he was not simple.


That was, he hadn't seen Jiang Lack, nor had he heard of this person's existence.

It was because of the lack of clarity that he was scrupulous, probably because he didn't come to solve it.

But right now.

Jin Yurui secretly thought, "Absolutely can't let anything happen to the princess."

Got to.

He hurried over.

Saying to White Fallen Balance, "Oh my, my Fallen Highness, why did you come here?"

This Your Highness.

Also really, just likes to run around.

He had nothing to do with it and it hurt his brain, so he had to say it like this.

"Uncle Jin, it's you."

Bai Luoheng wasn't surprised as she said, "How did you find your way here again?"

The fact that Bai Luoheng was a demon princess could not be hidden from those who had other ideas, so Jin Yului didn't intend to hide it either.

On the contrary, it was able to use the power of the demon race to keep those who had other ideas from moving.

At this time.

Bai Yu Heng continued, "Uncle Jin, I've decided that I'm going to worship Chen Changsheng as my master, and I'm also going to enter the National Teaching Academy."

Jin Yului: "........"

He didn't speak.

Rather, he was already scared silly.

Gloom down.


Can't understand a thing yourself.

For a moment.

He frowned.


At that moment, Bai Yu Heng said, "Uncle Jin, Uncle Jin..."


Jin Yurui reacted and responded, "Oh my, my fallen Highness, just hurry up and go back with me before we talk, so don't make a scene here."


Bai Luoheng's face changed.

But he got a little depressed and said, "No, I'm not going back, I won't go back with you even if I say anything, I'm going to go to the State Teaching Academy with Master Chang Sheng."


Upon hearing the words National Teaching Academy, Jin Yului's face changed.

The National Teaching Academy.

It was really impossible to go there.

There was a great deal at stake there, and it affected the Heavenly Sea Holy Queen, so something would definitely happen if you went.

It was a taboo subject.

At the same time, it was also a topic that could not be spoken about.

After all, it concerned the Heavenly Sea Sacred Queen, and he didn't want White Fallen Hen to get involved in it.

Although White Fallen Balance was a demon and the human race had been friends with the demon race for generations, the relationship between the State Teaching Academy was too significant.

He didn't dare to gamble.

Nor did he dare to say too much about the National Teaching Academy.

He just said with a strong voice, "Your Highness, just go back with me, I'll definitely find the best doctor in God's Capital for you, and I'll definitely cure your illness."

"Uncle Jin, you've searched for all the doctors in Divine Capital to come for me, but none of them have been able to solve the problem with my meridians."

Bai Luoheng said, "But Master Chang Sheng already knows about my problem and he's working on it, geez, Uncle Jin, don't worry about me."


Jin Yului felt a little tired.

He was helpless.

Really helpless.

It was out of his hands whether or not Bai Luoheng wanted to worship Chen Changsheng as his master, and he didn't want to care.

And from what he understood, Chen Changsheng's skills seemed to be pretty good.

So, he wasn't opposed to Bai Luoheng's worship.


None of this was important.

What was important was that the National Teaching Academy absolutely couldn't be touched ah.

That was forbidden by the Sovereign Empress of the Heavenly Sea, and back then, just because the State Teaching Academy wanted to protect Chen's royal family, it caused the entire State Teaching Academy to be destroyed by the Sovereign Empress of the Heavenly Sea.

It had been stored and sealed until now.

And there was no possibility of it being unsealed yet.

It looked like he was in a daze.

Inevitably nervous, Jin Yului knew that he absolutely couldn't let Bai Luoheng enter the State Teaching Academy.


God knows what could happen.

That was definitely not a good deal.

It couldn't be done that way, even though White Fallen Balance was a demon princess, something would happen if she didn't.

"I'm not going back."

Bai Yu Heng let her temperament run wild, "I'm going to the State Teaching Academy tomorrow, I'm not going back with you, and you should go and speak to the Holy Queen, and tell her that Master Eternal and I are going to the State Teaching Academy."

Jin Yului: "........"

I'll tell you?

He almost didn't carry his breath.

Because he really didn't know what to say, firstly, he wasn't familiar with the Heavenly Sea Holy Queen, and secondly, he didn't have the strength or the courage to go and talk to the Heavenly Sea Holy Queen about the National Education Academy.

That was a taboo subject.

It couldn't be said.

At this time, Jiang Xiao also said indifferently, "Alright, since your Highness is not willing to go out, then why are you still bothering about it?"


Bai Yu Heng also nodded his head, "I want to stay here, I want to become a student of the National Education Academy, besides, my eldest master is also going to the National Education Academy, I can't be separated from him."

Jin Yului: "........"

He felt so tired.

Her Highness, His Highness, was so hard to serve!


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