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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1176 - Falling (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Next, they would have to leave the entrance of the Star Picking Academy.

The Heavenly Dao Academy was soaked, and now the Star Picking Academy was also soaked, according to Chen Changsheng's thoughts, there was only one goal for them next.

That was the State Teaching Academy.

A legendary academy that also had an extremely frightening and forbidden name.

If it was possible, Tang Thirty-Six would definitely not want to go there.


Just as Chen Changsheng had said, he had no choice now.

"Big Brother Jiang, are you also coming with us to take a look?"

Chen Changsheng asked.

In his mind, he was thinking that it would be even better if Jiang lacked the ability to go with him.

They would also have a point of protection then.

Not to be bullied.

There was no one at the State Teaching Academy, so they would naturally need to face many things if they went there.

If Jiang Liao, the god, was there, it would be solid as gold, and who would dare to go on a rampage and look for trouble?

"It wouldn't hurt to look around, but the most important thing right now is to get something to eat."

He was hungry again.

When Chen Changsheng and Tang Thirty-Six were assessed in the Star-Picking Academy, it would be from morning until afternoon.

Even if they were to go to the State Teaching Academy, it was not now.

After all, it was already late in the day.

It was only when the breeze poured down and brushed the beads of sweat by his ear temples that Chen Changsheng suddenly realized, "It's already afternoon, so let's go have something to eat and recuperate, and go to the State Teaching Academy tomorrow."

Tang Thirty-Six secretly let out a sigh of relief.

He was afraid of Chen Changsheng's head iron.

It was fortunate that Brother Jiang had offered to eat, otherwise he was afraid that he would really have to go today.

But there was no benefit to going.


It was possible that there was a quota to participate in the Grand Court Exam, but it was still dangerous ah.

After all.

That State Teaching Academy had a great relationship with the Holy Queen of the Heavenly Sea, and if she angered her old man, everyone would be out of luck.

That would be tragic.

It can't be like this, Tang Thirty-Six secretly mused, "At the worst, let the family move around and go to the Heavenly Dao Academy to intercede."

It was assumed that the Heavenly Dao Courtyard would sell some face.


He probably couldn't have imagined that Chen Changsheng was registered with the Heavenly Dao Courtyard.

At the same time, he was also greeted by that God's General House.

Even if he were to ask someone from his home to greet him at the Heavenly Dao Courtyard again, he would at most be allowed to go in by himself.

Chen Changsheng, on the other hand.

There was no way he would have the chance to enter the Heavenly Dao Courtyard.

Jiang Chi knew this very well, but Tang Thirty-Six was still unclear.

After returning to the restaurant.

Tang Thirty-Six greeted Chen Changsheng and Jiang Ji to order some food and wine together, and he paid for it anyway.

Jiang Ji was not polite at all.

On the contrary, Chen Changsheng was full of embarrassment.

He felt embarrassed to have made Tang Thirty-Six pay for it again.


I'm poor.

No way.

"Thirty-Six, thank you."

Chen Changsheng was very serious, "If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't know what to do."

After all.

When he descended from the mountain, his master, Ji Daoist, didn't give him much silver money.

This led to a problem.

Chen Changsheng was shy in his bag.

Unlike Jiang Chi.

He was truly poor.

Chen Changsheng probably did not expect that he would need to rely on receiving aid one day.

This friendship of Tang Thirty-Six was something he deeply remembered in his heart and did not dare to forget.

"Changsheng, you're too polite."

Tang Thirty-Six hurriedly said, "You're but my friend, we're good brothers, some money is just a little bit of money, it's all outside the body, you don't need to be concerned, let alone put it on your heart."


"There's nothing to but, the bond between us brothers is higher than heaven and thicker than earth."



Chen Changsheng reluctantly accepted this reality.

He suddenly felt a bit different, Tang Thirty-Six was quite a nice person even though he was a young master.

At least the personality was good.

This was something Chen Changsheng felt very satisfied with.

This life.

It was not bad to have such a friend.

At this time.

But then, I heard Chen Changsheng continue, "Tomorrow, let's go to the State Teaching Academy and take a look."


Jiang Jiang nodded his head and agreed.

He suddenly thought of one thing, there were quite a few cultivation methods in the National Teaching Academy as well.

If he could obtain them, he would also be able to harvest quite a bit of World Origin Power, and although it wouldn't be enough for him to break through to the Human Immortal Great Perfection, he would definitely be able to get further away from that position.


He was not going to let it go.

It was just as well to sell Chen Changsheng a favor.

Tang Thirty-Six: "........"

He originally wanted to say no.

But once he saw that a big man like Jiang Chi had agreed, he was not overbearing.

He was also busy stating his position, "Okay, okay, since you're all absolutely fine, what else do I have to say, let's go together."

It was just as well that he had never been to the State Teaching Academy.

It was also a passing glimpse of what this academy used to be like, this unstoppable academy might have an unexpected side to it.

If it's possible....

Of course.

The premise was that they wouldn't be executed by the Holy Queen if they went to the National Teaching Academy tomorrow, otherwise it would be in vain.

Chen Changsheng wasn't aware of the past of the National Teaching Academy.

But only wanting to participate in the Grand Pilgrimage Exam, only wanting to get the first place on the top of the list, enter the Overgrown Smoke Pavilion, and go to the Mausoleum of Heavenly Books.

And Tang Thirty-Six.

On the other hand, he came with the intention of having fun.

It was different from Jiang Qian, Chen Changsheng and the others who had an extremely strong purpose.

Tang Thirty-Six's original intention was just to casually join an academy and go to a great court examination.


He was only going to participate in the Grand Court Exam to earn some face for his family.


Even if he, Tang Thirty-Six, didn't cultivate for the rest of his life, he could still muddle through.

Don't even have to worry about eating the last meal without the next one.

Just when they were extinct.

A twelve or thirteen year old girl, however, bounced over and landed directly beside Chen Changsheng.


She looked entranced, then said, "You smell so good."


Chen Changsheng and Tang Thirty-Six were both confused.

Where did this little girl come from?

You smell good?

It was fine if a person didn't smell of sweat.

What's more, Chen Changsheng was just an ordinary person, where was the specialness to speak of ah.


Jiang Xiao suddenly slapped his head and secretly remembered, "Chen Changsheng smells good, probably because of the star power in his body.


This girl should be that demon White Emperor's daughter, Bai Falling Balance."

In other words, the fallout that Chen Changsheng, Tang Thirty-Six and the others were talking about.

It was.

It must be her.

In the entire Divine Capital, only she would dare to appear so righteously and so openly.

It was probably because of the fact that it was accompanied by a Golden Jade Law.

Jiang Xiao thought.

At this time, Chen Changsheng also reacted, "Girl, you... what are you doing?"

The whole thing came up to him and sniffed.

This posture and attitude confused him a bit, after all he had never even touched a girl before, so he was a bit introverted.

Bashful as hell.

Feeling that men and women were incompatible.

It was better not to get so close.


This Fallen Highness didn't seem to care that much, she was originally a princess of the demon race.

It was only because the human race and the demon race had been friends for generations that she had come to the divine capital, looking for a divine doctor to solve her meridian problem.

The demon race's meridian problem, however, had a long history.

She had searched the entire Divine Capital, but she hadn't found anyone who could solve his meridian problem.

But today.

It was different.

She had met Chen Changsheng.

Then she felt that the smell of Chen Changsheng's body smelled good.

It seemed to make her feel comfortable.

"With the addition of this demon princess, Chen Changsheng's entry into the State Teaching Academy will be more secure."

Jiang Mo muttered to himself, "In that case, coupled with the Holy Queen's own attitude towards the State Teaching Academy changing, it will be much easier for Chen Changsheng to enter the State Teaching Academy."

Of course.

Even without the addition of Bai Feiheng, the demon princess, Jiang Qian felt that no one would dare say anything more.

It was because he was there.

Therefore, no one dared to say anything more.

Although Bai Feiheng was a demon princess, her cultivation was not going well because of the problems with her meridians that had been plaguing her.

It was just as well that he had met Chen Changsheng.


Her meridian problem was a breeze for Jiang Guiao, but at the moment, he didn't take the initiative to pick up on it.

When the time was right, it would be possible to think of everything.

It wouldn't be a problem to help Bai Luoheng resolve the meridian problem, and Jiang could still guarantee that.

But for now.

He didn't take the initiative.

Bai Feiheng slowly sat beside Chen Changsheng and said, "My name is Bai Feiheng, you can call me Fei, what's your name?"

Chen Changsheng was also confused, he replied, "My name is Chen Changsheng, I've met the girl, by the way, are you a demon?"

He could tell at a glance.

White Fallen Hen was not a human, but a demon.

Specifically not seeing it.

"You can actually tell that I'm a demon race?"

Fallen was shocked, but then he was busy saying, "You're amazing."


Chen Changsheng was stunned, "I can also see that you have a problem with your meridians."


His Highness Falling Down came even more wide-eyed.

He even said to Chen Changsheng, "You're amazing, you can see this, I want to worship you as my master, will you be my teacher?"


Where did Chen Changsheng go through all this ah.

He even shook his head in denial, "No need, I... I can't do it, I haven't practiced it yet either."

"It doesn't matter, as long as you're good, as long as you can solve my meridian problem."



Chen Changsheng felt like he was being pulled into a boat of thieves.

The demon meridian problem was innate, which was also recorded in the Dao Store, and with his expansive experience, it would take a long way to completely solve the demon meridian problem.


Even if Bai Yu Heng wanted to worship him as her master, he couldn't help her with the meridian problem.

It was really because he didn't want to mislead anyone.

That was why Chen Changsheng refused.

He didn't want to disappoint Bai Luoheng, nor did he want to lie.

After all.

He really didn't know how to cultivate.

Or rather.

It couldn't be considered that he wouldn't be able to practice, just hadn't practiced, so he couldn't instruct Her Highness Fallen Balance much regarding matters of cultivation.

Everything still had to depend on her.

"Why ah?"

His Highness Sunset was a little disappointed.

Chen Changsheng, on the other hand, explained, "Because I don't want to harm anyone, and although I can see the problem with your meridians, I can't solve the problem with your meridians, so..."

He had thought that this would be how Bai Falling Balance would give up, but it was clear that this demon's Highness Falling would not give up.

She hurriedly said, "It's okay, you're erudite and versatile, you can definitely find a solution, I trust your Elder Master."


Chen Changsheng was a bit cryptic, "Falling, can you please not call me master ah, I'm really..."

Some were helpless.

He hadn't even come back to his senses ah, he had actually somehow become the being's master.

Tang Thirty-Six secretly gave a thumbs up for Chen Changsheng, "Ah Changsheng, since Fallout has pleaded so much, just agree to it, at the worst, you'll read more books in the future and look for ways to solve her meridian problems, won't you?"



Chen Changsheng originally wanted to refuse.

But when the words came to his lips, he did not know how to say them.

After all.

The fallout was a bit cute, and he couldn't bear to reject her.

In the end.

This demon princess, His Highness Bai Feiheng, was actually just a pitiful person.

Demons, by nature, were born with bad meridians.

This was something that everyone knew, and if he left it alone, then it really might not be solved.

Thinking of this.

Chen Changsheng was busy saying, "Fallow, your meridian problem might not be solved in a day or two, so..."

"So I'll just follow you, Master Everlasting."

Fallen smiled and said, "I'll go wherever you go from now on, and I'll never delay Master Eternal Life."



Since Fallout had said that, if he still didn't agree, then he could hit the wall.

He had to nod his head, "Then you can't do anything out of the ordinary, and you can always leave if you want to."

Think of it as a good deed.

White Fallen Hen was only one person anyway.


It was a demon!


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