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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1175 - Plucking Star Academy (Seeking Subscription)

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Heavenly Dao Academy Chen Changsheng and the others couldn't go there.

Then they could only go to another academy, the legendary Star-Picking Academy controlled by the military.

This academy did not value talent and cultivation as much as the Heavenly Dao Academy, and only needed an ordinary person with natural divine power to actually be able to enter the Star Picking Academy.

Year after year.

There were many powerful existences that had entered the Star Picking Academy in this way.

Eventually, they became a generation of military powerhouses.

These were all traceable, and there were countless powerful existences that could prove it.


Today, Chen Changsheng and the others were going to the Star-Picking Academy.

In comparison, the Star-Picking Academy was unaffected by many external factors.

For example, the Xu Family of the Divine General's Residence.

They wouldn't be able to influence the Star Picking Academy.


The way of the Star Picking Academy, although it was the simplest way to move a stone mill, was difficult for many people.

Even many young people who had already set their stars and had thick True Yuan in their bodies, yet they couldn't move those stone mills.

The basic ones would be eliminated.

Of course.

There were also some people who were born with divine power and could have relied on the simplest method to enter the Star Picking Academy.

So over the years, the Star Picking Academy had admitted many such people.


It was clear that neither Chen Changsheng nor Tang Thirty-Six was such a celestial divine power generation.

Chen Changsheng took the initiative to try to move it, but in the end, the stone mill, which was countless times larger than him, froze without moving a muscle.

Tang Thirty-Six didn't believe in it and went over to try as well, but the result was still the same as Chen Changsheng's.

It was brutal.

They ended up falling down.

That was tragic.

Jiang Mo was slightly stunned, "What a great way to move a stone mill up the stairs, this is the easiest and most direct method, right?

It seems that the Star Picking Academy should have some talents.

This gives both those with outstanding talent and those who are not outstandingly talented but have natural divine power a way out."

This was a two-pronged approach.


Quite good.

If he didn't find it boring, he'd actually want to go up and try it out.


Now he didn't think that way.

There was no advantage to trying out, he wasn't going to enter the Star Picking Academy.

He didn't have to take the so-called Grand Imperial Exam anyway, unlike Chen Changsheng.

At the moment.

Chen Changsheng probably couldn't have imagined that the Star Picking Academy was compared to the Heavenly Dao Academy.

He felt that the Star Picking Academy seemed a bit more difficult ah.

The rest.

Qing Yao Thirteen Divisions, he wouldn't have to go.


There would be no choice left, and he would have to go to the State Teaching Academy in the end ah.

Chen Changsheng walked down from above with a disappointed look on his face, "Failure, the Star Picking Academy is much more difficult than I imagined."

Wanting to go in.

There was only one word: Difficult!

Don 36 nodded similarly, "You're right, it's really hard."

If I had known, I shouldn't have come.

It's a waste of energy and a waste of mood ah.

Although the Plucking Star Academy's admission requirements were not comparable to the Heavenly Dao Academy, in reality, for the vast majority of people, they simply couldn't reach it.

Since the vast majority of them hadn't reached the marrow cleansing, it was even harder than reaching the heavens to lift a stone mill that was several laps larger than themselves.


Those who were born with natural divine power were only in the minority after all ah.

Only that small group of people had this innate divine power, otherwise the vast majority of people weren't strong.

This was embarrassing.

It made him so bitter.

In his heart, he was so helpless that even an existence like Chen Changsheng and Tang Thirty-Six would not be able to pass the examination.


They could only stare dryly now.

If they couldn't move the stone mill, they wouldn't be able to pass the assessment and would end up in a miserable situation.

That was for sure.

In the end, they wouldn't be able to enter the Star Picking Academy.

So what's the point of this?

It's useless.

Everything was off.

Jiang Mo's face was calm, perhaps neither the Heavenly Dao Academy nor the Star Picking Academy had anything to do with him.

He was just a passer-by.

People who passed through this world would leave sooner or later, and besides, there was no need for him to enter an academy with his strength.

There was no point.

As long as there were enough World Origin, he could break through.

This time over, it was only because of curiosity in his heart, and not going to see it all would be a disservice to his purpose.

At any rate, he had come to this side of the world.

It would be too meaningless if he didn't even see it with his own eyes.

He only came to see the show.

Only because of curiosity.

Right now.

Looking at Chen Changsheng and Tang Thirty-Six's appearance, he was instead a bit stunned.

I thought to myself, "I could have predicted that this would be the end, and I had persuaded that boy Chen Changsheng, but he didn't listen to me."


Chen Changsheng was only one person after all.

And he didn't have much experience, which was why the current situation was extremely unfavorable to him.

It resulted in an awkward ending now.

"What should we do?"

Tang Thirty-Six bitterly asked, "This is a stone mill I can't move anyway, it seems I'm destined to have no fate with the Star-Picking Academy."

No destiny is no destiny.

Forcing it is not possible.

This was something Tang Thirty-Six knew all too well.


He shouldn't have come here at all.

Chen Changsheng: "........"

He was equally cryptic.

The mood was depressed.

Even worse than Tang Thirty-Six, this Star-Picking Academy probably had no chance of getting in.

Although the Star Picking Academy was under the military.

But it still had some specific requirements after all, and without a heart to sacrifice life and death, it was impossible to stay for long.


Chen Changsheng shook his head slightly and said, "We don't even have a chance to enter the Star Picking Academy, so let's just give up."


Although Tang Thirty-Six was also extremely reluctant, but right now, hearing Chen Changsheng say so, coupled with the fact that reality was cruel, he had no other way out.

He could only follow what Chen Changsheng said.

Give up.

He, Tang Thirty-Six, would not go into the army anyway.

Not even if he said anything.

And so.

After looking around for a while, Jiang Xiao said to the two of them, "The Star-Picking Academy is really not suitable for you."

"I know."

Chen Changsheng nodded his head, not feeling that Jiang Lack's words were wrong, but rather that he was right.

The Star Picking Academy was indeed very unsuitable for him and Tang Thirty-Six, it was under the military, but the requirements were even more brutal.

From time to time, they would go on the battlefield to train.

To fight against the demons.

Once it was dead, then it was dead.

There would be no possibility of follow-up.


Star Picking Academy was the least desirable academy.

It was definitely not greedy and afraid of death, but rather, life only came once, and it would be too much of a pity if they died that unknowingly.

That's why Jiang Jiang would say that the Star Picking Academy was not suitable for them.


Only the State Teaching Academy could accommodate them.

Jiang Xiao had thought that he would be able to change his name to Chen Changsheng's fate, but now it seemed that nothing had changed.

Chen Changsheng was still the same Chen Changsheng.

He still had to enter the National Education Academy.

"But then, he's still in the Bureau and will set off a tumultuous affair."

Being in the Bureau.

Even if you can only let the world turn upside down, you can't escape this fate lock ah.

It's ultimately miserable.

You want to break the bureau, but it's not that easy to break.

It's just there, untouched, and you can't break it even if you try.

At least.

With Chen Changsheng's strength, it would be difficult to break it.


The current Chen Changsheng probably still didn't know that his cheap master, Ji Daoist, was actually the former head of the State Teaching Academy, Shang Xingzhou.

A man who should have died.

But because of some obsession, he continued to exist, calculating.


He was also plotting a huge conspiracy.

This plot was unknown to Chen Changsheng now, and would be known in the future, but wouldn't that time be too late.

"Brother Jiang, what should we do next?"

Tang Thirty-Six asked, "The Heavenly Dao Academy already has no chance, and now even the Star-Picking Academy has no chance, so are we completely out of luck?"

If he couldn't enter the academy, he was afraid that he would be killed by his own father.

He came to Kamito to get into one of the colleges, but now it's all yellow.

He might have to be killed by his own father.

Although he was the only one in the family, he still didn't dare in front of this kind of right and wrong.

Now playing himself into it.

Tang Thirty-Six's heart became a bit depressed.

Because if he continued like this, he didn't know how to face it, God Capital was hard to get around after all.

What's more.

He still had to go to the Grand Pilgrimage.

Although he didn't have as ambitious an ideal as Chen Changsheng, and although he didn't have the idea of being first on the list, he wanted to be in the top thirty.

That way.

It would also be a way to bring glory to his own father's face.

At the same time, it would also bring honor to the Tang family.


This kind of opportunity to win glory was gone.

At this time, Chen Changsheng patted Tang Thirty-Six's shoulder and said, "Thirty-Six, don't worry, with me here, I'll make sure that you'll be able to participate in the Grand Imperial Examinations smoothly."

"How do you guarantee it?"

Tang Thirty-Six was stunned, "Nowadays, only students of the academy are allowed to participate in the Great Pilgrimage Exam, and it's been like this for so many years, there weren't many quotas to begin with, even if people outside are talented, they aren't qualified to participate in the Great Pilgrimage Exam."

"I'll find a way."

Chen Changsheng hurriedly said, "You might not be aware that in addition to the Heavenly Dao Academy and Star Picking Academy, there is also a State Teaching Academy."

Tang Thirty-Six: "........"


State Teaching College.

He hadn't heard of it, though.

Nor had he read any books about the National Academy, everything about the National Academy had been sealed up over the years.

Naturally, no one was clear about it.

The same was true for Tang Thirty-Six.

He didn't know what this National Academy of Education was.

"How come I've never heard of it?"

Tang Thirty-Six frowned and said, "What is this so-called State Teaching Academy all about?"

He didn't understand half of it.

Could it be that this National Education Academy was....


Tang Thirty-Six vaguely remembered that his own father had once told him that once upon a time, there were not just one or two colleges in God's Capital, but many colleges co-existed.

One of the largest of them seemed to be called the National Education Academy, but later on, since the Empress of the Heavenly Sea had come to power, the National Education Academy seemed to have been executed for rebellion.

Now that I think about it.

What Chen Changsheng said was eighty-nine percent this academy.


This academy had long since become history and had long since fallen into the past.

There was simply no one now who remembered that there had ever existed this State Teaching Academy ah, and no one would dare to remember it either.

After all, the matter of the Dauphin was at stake.

There was no love to speak of, and no one dared to touch the majesty of the Empress of the Heavenly Sea over this matter.

Once they did, with the strength and mentality of that woman, the Empress of the Heavenly Sea, she would never forgive, including anyone, right?

Of course.

Whether or not the mindset of the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress had undergone certain changes over the years, Tang Thirty-Six did not know.


He secretly revealed his deep concern.

After all, the National Teaching Academy was not an ordinary academy, and if he really wanted to go to the National Teaching Academy, he was only afraid that it would be even more troublesome, right?

"Thirty-Six, don't worry."

Chen Changsheng said, "I've asked around, the National Teaching Academy is also an academy in the divine Capital, so we can go there as well."


Tang Thirty-Six only felt that Chen Changsheng was probably new to God's Capital and didn't know anything yet.


He said, "O Chang Sheng, do you know what that State Teaching Academy means?"

"I don't know, but I know it's an academy."

"The National Academy of Education has long been closed, has not admitted students for many years, and has become a taboo subject."

"But that's the only chance we have."

"We can't go there either, once we go to the National Teaching Academy, I'm afraid we'll offend a lot of people."

"I'm not even afraid of a country boy, but are you, the young master of the Wenshui Tang family, still afraid?"


The two spoke indifferently.


To Chen Changsheng's ears, his words were somewhat cryptic and called for quite a bit of frustration.


It seemed difficult.

Do you really want to go to the State Teaching Academy?

Tang Thirty-Six looked at Chen Changsheng and asked, "Changsheng, is there any other choice?"

If he had, he definitely wouldn't have chosen the State Teaching Academy.

"No more."

Chen Changsheng shook his head, "The National Teaching Academy is the last target, even if it has been sealed, it can still be opened again, even if that is a taboo topic, but we haven't offended anyone."

The rest of them: "......."


There seemed to be bars.

Anyway, Jiang Qian remembered some of them, like that god's house!


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