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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1174 - Qing Yun List (Seeking Subscriptions)

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The goal is hard to establish ah.

Tang Thirty-Six probably didn't know that Jiang lacked actually had no interest in the Grand Court Trial or the first place on the top of the list.

At the same time.

He couldn't bring up much interest in that day's Shu Ling either.

Instead, he was particularly interested in that Cyanide Ranking.

The existence of being able to create such a list was not simple.


This list still had changes, and Jiang Kou vaguely remembered that the list had changed after the Ayahuasca Banquet.

Without a doubt.

That God's General Xu Family's daughter, Xu You Rong, was on the list.

Xu You Rong, it wasn't just words, people were really capable.

It was said to be an old man of the heavens.

But this mysterious Heavenly Elder had never appeared.

And yet, he was able to accurately rank all the young people out of a list according to their level of strength.

That's awesome.

If you want to say dead, then how does the list change.


To say that without the Great Zhou Dynasty pushing behind it, this list wouldn't have been able to circulate in God's Capital, right?


Jiang Xiao felt that that mysterious old man of the heavens might be even more terrifying than that master of Chen Changsheng's.

It had to be hidden even deeper.

There were legends of him everywhere, but there was no sign of him anywhere.

Never appeared on the scene.

But think carefully ah.

Come to think of it, he wasn't present with a clear identity every time the youths competed.

At least there wasn't a guy named Old Man Tianji present.

Like at the Ayahuasca feast.

Then the question arises, how did that old man Tianji know the strength level of the youths.

And made a list out of it for that.

This part was like something an ordinary person could do.

Even that Heavenly Sea Sovereign Empress, even that Pope, and Chen Changsheng's wily master, Master Plan Daoist, couldn't do this.

So this person was definitely not simple.

Of course.

Jiang Qian's guess was more than that, "Maybe he really exists, but it's a bit fuzzy in Wei's memory, after all, how can I remember so clearly so many worlds of the heavens."

Thinking of this.

Jiang Chi then asked Chen Changsheng and Tang Thirty-Six together, "Do you know about the Green Cloud List?"


Both of them replied in unison.

It was normal for Tang Thirty-Six to know, with all these years of hearing and seeing, plus ranking 36th every time, they were naturally incomparably familiar with each other.

Chen Changsheng knew, for one thing, because there were some records on the Dao Collection about the Qing Yun Ranking, and others about the creation of the Qing Yun Ranking.


Chen Changsheng said, "It is said that the person who created the Green Cloud Ranking is called Old Man Tianji, and his initial purpose of creating the Green Cloud Ranking was to inspire the young people in the Great Zhou Dynasty to catch up with each other, but judging from the current situation, this initial purpose has gradually changed in taste."

"Is it really Old Man Tianji."

Jiang Mo secretly nodded his head up, "Then, do you know the specific circumstances of that Heavenly Old Man?"

"I don't know."

This time.

Whether it was Tang Thirty-Six or Chen Changsheng, they all shook their heads.

It was true that they did not know about Old Man Tianji.

There was no introduction in the Dao Collection, and they hadn't heard any rumors about it.

Jiang Xiao was a little disappointed.


He felt that this Heavenly Elder should not be simple, he should be friends with that Heavenly Sea Sacred Queen.

Otherwise, that Heavenly Sea Sacred Queen's cultivation from the Sacred Realm would never allow a strong person like Old Man Tianji to exist.

And it had even created a Cyanide Ranking.

Wouldn't that overshadow her Heavenly Sea Sage Empress's reputation.

Of course.

According to Jiang Kou's guess, that Heavenly Elder definitely couldn't be a person.

If he was a person, he would never be able to update the list so quickly.


It should be a team.

"Or rather, there should be a place like the Sky Machine Pavilion behind him."

Jiang Mo secretly pondered, "And that Heavenly Pavilion's power is spread throughout the entire Great Zhou Dynasty, otherwise the news wouldn't be so well informed."

It made sense in that way.

The existence of the Pavilion of Heavenly Wonders.

It laid the foundation of the Green Cloud Ranking.

It was because of this that the Green Cloud Ranking appeared in the capital without anyone noticing.

And everyone knew about it.

The names were announced straight away.


They were all Jiang Xiao's guesses.

Neither Chen Changsheng nor Tang Thirty-Six's hearts were clear on these specifics.

They were all a little confused about this matter.

When they heard that Jiang Lack had spoken about the matter of Old Man Tianji and the Heavenly Pavilion.

Whether it was Tang Thirty-Six or Chen Changsheng, they were actually confused in their hearts.


Dumbfounded as well.

Only after a while did Tang Thirty-Six say, "Brother Jiang, do you think that somewhere in this God's Capital, such a Heavenly Pavilion really exists?"

"And that old man Sky, is he really hiding that deep?"

Chen Changsheng also inquired curiously, "If that's the case, then it's very likely that everything we say will be used as a clue or information by them."


Thinking about it carefully.

This thing, if you think about it carefully, is terrifying.

The situation seemed a bit bad.

"If such a Heavenly Pavilion really exists, then we their intelligence network is absolutely terrifying."

"In other words, it's actually very likely that they're all being monitored by this so-called Heavenly Pavilion underneath God's Capital."

"If you guys are going to say that, then I think that this Heavenly Pavilion actually has a good position in it, otherwise it couldn't exist."

"Ran also."


Soon, the crowd began to think.

This matter was much more terrifying than they had imagined.

It was simply unimaginable.

Terrifying to the extreme.

Thus also calling Chen Changsheng and Tang Thirty-Six to be a little inexplicably frightened and trembling.

They simply couldn't think of so many unbelievable things that could be pulled out of a mere Cyan Cloud Ranking.

It was hard to think about it now as their scalp was numb for a while.

Was there a hidden secret behind the Green Cloud Ranking?

Tang Thirty-Six was a little afraid to think about it.

As for Chen Changsheng.

He also felt that this matter was complicated, but complicated was complicated, and no matter what, it had little to do with him.

It was because Chen Changsheng knew exactly what he was doing.

He was going for the Grand Dynasty Examination, and also for the top spot on the first list.

Because only if he got the top spot on the first list could he enter the Ling Yan Pavilion and go to the Celestial Book Mausoleum.


Only then could he find a way to change his life against the heavens.

Otherwise, he, Chen Changsheng, would have to obediently suck up to Jiang Chi.


None of these things had anything to do with the Green Cloud Ranking.

He himself didn't value those either.

Whether the Qing Yun Ranking was strong or not, whether the Heavenly Pavilion and the Holy Queen stood behind it or not, none of that mattered.

At least for him, Chen Changsheng, it didn't matter.

Therefore, he was only slightly surprised and then not too interested.

Although he also felt that this matter that Jiang Xiao said was terrifying and unbelievable.

But far from being as shocked as Tang Thirty-Six was, Chen Changsheng was quick to calm down.

Even Jiang Qiao was appalled by this.

I thought to myself: worthy of being the main character.

It really is different.

The kind that was shocked himself, thoughtfully.

But Chen Changsheng recovered quickly, and this kind of speed was definitely not something he could compare to.

It was much more powerful than what he had imagined.


Even so.

The back of that Green Cloud Ranking was still terrifying.

Jiang Jiang continued to speculate, "According to this, that Heavenly Old Man's strength should not be simple, not something ordinary people can compare to."

To be able to become an old man of the sky, one would be able to calculate everything in the world.

This kind of person was not simple.


Jiang Chi wasn't afraid, "Even if he is powerful, this seat is a powerful late Human Immortal realm immortal, and my strength and means are even more terrifying, so what is a mere Heavenly Elder."


If he, Jiang Sheng, were to make a move, not to mention the God Capital, even the entire Demon Clan could be reduced to ashes and gone in a moment.

As for those strong men of the God Capital, that was all he saw.


He didn't put any thought into the possible appearance of a certain big man.

Although it was shocking.

But it was limited to just shock.

It turned out that the water in this world was so deep, but such depth was only relative to Chen Changsheng, or Tang Thirty-Six and the others.

For him, Jiang Xiao.

It really wasn't much, so he was only slightly shocked in his heart.

Other than shock.

There was nothing else, as long as the other party didn't actively provoke him, then the other party should be safe.

Jiang Qiao thought so.

Of course.

If the other party was hard pressed to make a move against him, then he wasn't a vegetarian.

After thinking clearly about these issues, Jiang Chi's heart became natural.

He calmly said, "Alright, regardless of what remarkable secrets are behind that Green Cloud Ranking, and regardless of whether or not that old man's secrets are those of the Heavenly Pavilion and the Sacred Queen, none of this has anything to do with us."

"Brother Jiang is right." Chen Changsheng was the first to agree, "These things really have nothing to do with us, they are the concerns of those who want to explore the secrets of it, and we don't explore the secrets of it, so naturally they have nothing to do with us."

Most of all, he didn't want to be associated with these things either.

On the contrary, it was useless.

It was useless to worry about it all.

And so.

Only Tang Thirty-Six was somewhat lamented, but it was also quickly rendered by Chen Changsheng's words.


What kind of existence was behind the Qing Yun Ranking, with what kind of terrifying powers and secrets.

It did not.

He was just the young master of the Wenshui Tang Family, just a dude.


What does it have to do with him when it comes to matters of the world and such.

Not at all.

"Brother Jiang, are you and Changsheng from out of town?"

Tang Thirty-Six continued to ask curiously, "You guys don't look like locals from God's Capital."

Although he wasn't a Divine Capital local either, he still had this bit of eyesight.

Jiang Jian didn't open his mouth.

Chen Changsheng then replied, "That's right, we're all from Xining Town, a very isolated place.

I don't think you've heard of it, right?"


Tang Thirty-Six directly shook his head up, he really hadn't heard of any Xining Town.

Come to think of it, it should be an extremely remote place.

It really was the countryside.


He felt that Chen Changsheng was quite a nice person, so he was willing to befriend him.

As for Jiang Xiao.

On the other hand, it gave him a very mysterious and unpredictable feeling, so he was even more willing to befriend it.

If it was really like what Chen Changsheng said, then Jiang Lack's skills were unusual.

If he didn't even hug such a thigh, he would be a complete fool of a car, Tang Thirty-Six.

Because, probably only a fool wouldn't embrace a thigh.


Chen Changsheng was a fool, but he, Tang Thirty-Six, was not.

Jiang Jian was also satisfied with Tang Thirty-Six's attitude, so that he could feel the dignity of the strong.

To be respected, sought after and admired.

That's the attitude a strong man should have ah.

Very good.

That's the right way to open it.

All other times it must have been fake.

They ate and drank for a large part of the meal, which ended with Chen Changsheng and Tang Thirty-Six both getting drunk.

Jiang Qiao wasn't drunk though, his drinking capacity wasn't something he could handle with this little amount of wine.

So those two were drunk, but he wasn't even drunk and he was still sober.

Godou was big.

But also very prosperous.

After a large amount of silver money was scattered down, Chen Changsheng and Tang Thirty-Six were made comfortable.

And Jiang lacked likewise found an elegant room to stay in, and the money was credited to Tang Thirty-Six's account.

He had the money anyway.

Jiang Chi was too embarrassed to pay for it himself anymore, so he went with Tang Thirty-Six.

It definitely wasn't because he was stingy, how could he Jiang someone be stingy.

It didn't exist.

He just didn't want to be that troublesome, after all, paying out money was also a troublesome thing to do.

Especially in ancient times.

The situation was even more different, and he felt that he couldn't pay out money no matter what.

What about the promised treat from Tang Thirty-Six.

--Although he had gotten drunk, the bill still had to be put on his head for him to pay.

And Tang Thirty-Six didn't know all this; he was already asleep.

The next day.

The entire Divine Capital was still overcrowded for the day, and still had to continue enrolling students today.



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