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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1173 - Tang Thirty-Six (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Green-clothed teenager.

Chen Changsheng didn't know him and only felt that this person had clear eyes and was sincere, not as impure as the others.

So he had agreed.

He hadn't made any new friends for the first time since coming to the divine Capital.


Chen Changsheng was also very optimistic about this young man in green.

He felt that this person was quite good and worthy of a deep friendship and could be a friend.

Jiang lacked a calm face.

He knew.

The identity of this green-clothed young man should be the young master of the Wenshui Tang Family.


This product was obviously an unlucky person as well.

It was just that the Tang Family hadn't started to be unlucky yet, and it was still in its heyday right now.

This young master of his would be able to continue to get some glory along with it.

Of course.

When the Tang family was unlucky, he might have to be unlucky as well.

"However, this Tang Tong's heart is not bad."

If possible, it wasn't impossible to save him.

Jiang Qian's heart was somewhat pensive, "In comparison, the kind of confidence Chen Changsheng has comes from his understanding of the Three Thousand Dao Treasures, but at the same time, it's a difficult existence to change."

Tang Tong was different.

When this guy suffered a great change, he would be able to take advantage of it....


Not to say that it was an opportunity, after all, that carried a speculative undertone to it.

At the moment.

Neither Chen Changsheng nor Tang Tang Tong knew what Jiang was thinking.

Tang Tong.

The young master of the Wenshui Tang Family.

He thought that Jiang Chi and Chen Changsheng were both two young men who were not deeply involved in the world.

After all.

Jiang Lack looked like a young man in general.

Very ordinary.

And very simple.

Rather calm.

"Usually, when others see me, they are all respectful, or those existences with eyes above their heads, acting as if they are above their heads, not putting this young master in their eyes at all, but the two of them are different."

Tang Tong could tell from the eyes of Chen Changsheng and Chen Changsheng that the two of them treated people sincerely.

After all, eyes wouldn't lie.

"Let's go, the most expensive restaurant in God's Capital, my treat."

Tang Tong said with a smiling face, "I don't have much of anything, just money."

After hearing this, Jiang Qian didn't react much.

The Tang family was indeed rich.

But it shouldn't be as rich as his Jiang Someone, after all, he had collected a lot of good things.

Not to mention that inside that vajra bracelet, there were also quite a few good things that existed inside those Qiankun bags.

If it was really a competition, the Tang family definitely couldn't match him.


Tang Tong's words sounded a bit depressing to Chen Changsheng.

This person was so pretentious.

But then he had to admit this fact.

The Wenshui Tang Family, was indeed very rich.

After all.

He had seen information about the Wenshui Tang Family from Daozo.

This Tang family was also an unstoppable Tang family ah.

In the entire Great Zhou Dynasty, it was also one of the best in existence.

Having money.

One could have everything.

It was exactly in line with the saying: money can make the devil move.

The power of the Wenshui Tang Family was thus not to be underestimated.

The corner of Jiang Kang's mouth hung slightly with a smile, and for a moment was actually odd.

He muttered, "This time, it's going to be an advantage."


If he didn't have this time to eat and drink, how could he have the next shot.

The cause and effect would be there.

Chen Changsheng's heart was somewhat baffled as he ghostly followed Jiang Lack and Tang Tong into that most expensive restaurant.

It looked a little constrained.

"Brother Tang..."

Chen Changsheng was about to address and then say something as a courtesy.

But then.

Tang Tong stopped him and said, "Ah Changsheng, don't call me brother Tang, my name is Tang Tong, but I prefer to be called Tang Thirty-Six."


Chen Changsheng was stunned at the words, "Tang Thirty-Six? Is there anything to be said for that?"

He didn't understand.

"It's like this, because every time there's a change in the ranking on the Green Cloud Ranking, I'm the thirty-sixth, so over time I've become Tang Thirty-Six, and I also like to be called that."

Tang Tong slowly said, "You can also call me Tang Thirty-Six."

Chen Changsheng: "........"

He wasn't used to it at first, after all, the name Tang Tong was quite catchy.

As for the name Tang Thirty-Six, it was a bit....

Too that.

Before he finished speaking, Jiang Guiao nodded, "Tang Thirty-Six, rather a good name for you."

"Thank you for the compliment."

Tang Thirty-Six looked at Jiang Lack, but he didn't know what his name was, "What's your name, brother?"

"Jiang Lack."

He said indifferently, "If you don't mind, you can call me Big Brother Jiang instead, which is what Chen Changsheng also calls me."


At the news, Chen Changsheng's heart, however, was a little cryptic.

He thought to himself, "I don't know how old Brother Jiang is.

I only know that when I was a child, he had this face.

Now more than ten years have passed, he still has the same face, as if he has never changed.

It's really a bit numbing.

He had grown up under the watchful eye of Jiang Qian, and there was no lie in that.

But right now.

He could only nod his head, "That's right, Tang Thirty-Six, you can also call him Big Brother Jiang, he's very nice."

"Big Brother Jiang is good."

Tang Thirty-Six, on the other hand, was somewhat curious, "Evergreen, you can't enter the Heavenly Dao Courtyard if you want to because you're just an ordinary person, I can understand that.

But what about you, Big Brother Jiang?

Don't you want to enter the Heavenly Dao Academy to cultivate?

It's said that the teachers in the Heaven's Path Academy are the best teachers, and there are countless talents in there, so it would be good if we could cut through the ground."


Jiang lacked: "........"

He was slightly stunned, but he said, "Is it the Heavenly Dao Courtyard, I don't need to enter."


"Because there's no need ah, it's not like I'm going in there for anything, so there's no need, as for cultivation, I think it's better to cultivate on my own."

"Shouldn't it be better to be taught by someone?"

"I don't think that's the case."


All right.

Don Thirty-Six was compromised now.

And it dawned on him.

So it turned out.

Was this the so-called cultivation?


Is that out of this world?


He couldn't see how Jiang Liao was a worldly man.

There wasn't half a resemblance.

Chen Changsheng then said, "Thirty-Six, don't underestimate Big Brother Jiang, in this world, Big Brother Jiang is basically invincible."

Tang Thirty-Six: "........"


It was the first time he'd heard such words.


Is Tang Thirty-Six invincible?

He's better than the Queen? More powerful than the Pope?

Why does it sound a little weird.


And it's complicated.


Tang Thirty-Six didn't believe it, and he felt that Chen Changsheng's words must have bragging implications in them.

It was not surprising.

Chen Changsheng's words did not have the slightest hint of touting in them.

Everything was very simple.

He said it in a straightforward and objective and specific manner.

Jiang lacked.

This was truly an invincible and powerful existence, at least the Immortal Dao Dharma Chen Changsheng had never seen when he practiced it.

There was no record of it even inside the Dao Collection.

The master of his own, the one who could be called a reader of the Three Thousand Dao Caches, the Master Plan Daoist, also needed to ask Jiang Chi for advice about the Immortal Dao cultivation.

After all, he didn't understand it.

But now.

After all that he had experienced before, especially after what had happened that day at the inn.

He was clear.

Jiang Lack was invincible, it was a big leg, a big enough to change his life against the sky.


He, Chen Changsheng, did not cherish it.

To say that he didn't regret it would be a lie.

At this moment, Chen Changsheng still had some regret in his heart.

He even asked, "Big Brother Jiang, are you... are you really as invincible as Changsheng said you are?"

"You guess?"

Jiang Chi pretended to smile mysteriously, "And guess carefully."


Guess what the hell.

He thought to himself, "How am I supposed to guess this."

The mind was so complicated that it was really a bit depressing.

Of course.

For Tang Thirty-Six's current realm, he couldn't figure out what kind of realm Invincible was.

What's more, he couldn't understand why, in a place like God's Capital, with the suppression of the Heavenly Sea Sacred Queen, there would still be someone like Jiang Xiao.

He had never heard anything about Jiang Lack before.


That's a bit much.


Truly a bit frightened up, in the unbelievable kind of way.


The food and wine were also served.

The three of them began to eat and drink.

The food made by the most expensive restaurant in this divine Capital City was naturally very tasty.

It was interesting.

It really was worth every penny, Jiang Qian exclaimed.

And Tang Thirty-Six, who heard him exclaim, smiled slightly, "It's good that you're satisfied, Brother Jiang, because I'm afraid you're not."

After all, he was the one treating the guests.

If the guests weren't satisfied, then it would be a failure for him as the host.

After three rounds of wine, the food had gone through five flavors.

Jiang Jiang said, "Tang Thirty-Six, if you need anything in the future, you can ask me for a condition and I will try my best to fulfill it."

He spoke grudgingly, looking calm and unruffled.

This could be considered an expectation for Tang Thirty-Six.


Tang Thirty-Six's eyes were instinctively happy, "Brother Jiang, thank you."

Although he didn't know when he would be able to use it, it was actually quite nice to be able to befriend someone like Jiang Lack.

Very good.

It would save himself a lot of trouble in the future.


The most important thing right now was to enter an academy and then take the Grand Pilgrimage Exam.

After all.

The Great Pilgrimage Exam was the most influential event in God's Capital, and you could also enter the Celestial Mausoleum to view the celestial books.

So Tang Thirty-Six didn't want to miss it either.

But before that.

Because of Chen Changsheng, he didn't enter the Heavenly Dao Academy.

This left him a bit confused, if he didn't go to the Heavenly Dao Courtyard, did he have to go to the Star Picking Academy?


The mortality rate at Picking Star Academy was high.

He was afraid.

You know, he was the young master of the Wenshui Tang family.

He was delicate on a normal day, but he didn't want to go to the battlefield as a big-headed soldier.

"Chang Sheng, the Heavenly Dao Academy has rejected you, what should you do next?"

He inquired curiously, what choice would Chen Chang Sheng have?

The Tendo Institute doesn't stand a chance.


There was still the Star-Picking Academy left.


He felt that Chen Changsheng could give it a go.

What if there was a chance of success, it was possible.

Chen Changsheng sniffed and said calmly and indifferently, "Go to the Star Picking Academy again, it doesn't matter to me which academy I enter, all I want is a place in the Great Pilgrimage Exam."

"You want to participate in the Great Pilgrimage Examination as well?"



"Because I have to go to it, and I have to get the top spot on the list."


"Does it feel like I'm talking about the sky?"

"It does feel that way, after all, it's already surprising that you've gone to the Great Pilgrimage Exam without having practiced, but if you're going to get the top spot on the first list, that might be a bit..."


Anyway, Tang Thirty-Six felt that no matter what, it was impossible for Chen Changsheng to take the top spot in the Grand Court Exam.

After all, it was the Grand Court Exam.

It was something that the younger generation of the entire Great Zhou Dynasty would be fighting for.

Not to mention the genius generations that existed in the divine Capital right now, let's talk about the Xu Family's Xu You Rong, who had long been famous throughout the world, as well as the Qiushan Jun of the Departure Mountain Sword Sect.

These wouldn't be able to be compared to him, Chen Changsheng.

At least.

At the moment, Tang Thirty-Six felt that Chen Changsheng couldn't compare.

"An ordinary person, how could he possibly compare."

Tang Thirty-Six's heart secretly shook his head up, "It doesn't exist, it must not exist."

This matter was unlikely he felt.

Chen Changsheng.

The name was common, but the heart was also big.

Tang Thirty-Six thought so, and for a moment, he felt that this person was even more arrogant than Jiang lacked.

"Brother Jiang, what about you?"


Tang Thirty-Six inquired again curiously, "Do you want to take part in the Grand Court Exam as well?"

"Not planning to."

Jiang Xiao shook his head, "If I were to participate, there would be nothing for you to do, besides, there's no benefit to participating."

"Don't you want to go to the Mausoleum of Heavenly Books?"

"If I wanted to see it, who could stop me?"


A moment.

Tang Thirty-Six felt himself choking, unable to speak for half a day.

These people, one and all of them were special ah.

Just himself was the worst, not even a target.

Could it be that.

Should I have to set a small goal as well, should I also impress this world?


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