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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1172 - Heavenly Dao Courtyard (Seeking Subscriptions)

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This time they had misjudged.

This person Chen Changsheng was by no means a genius, nor was he a powerful person.

He was only more calm than his ordinary peers because he did not know how to cultivate, and because he had read more Dao Treasures.

This indifference on his part was interpreted to mean that everything was under control.

It was misunderstood.

Causing many people to look on when he tested now.

Just to see how he really was.

This kind of scene.

For those people from the Heavenly Dao Academy, they were already used to it, they had long been used to it.

It was normal.

They thought it was all so normal.

Jiang Qiao did feel fresh.

"I'm just afraid that once that test comes out, Chen Changsheng will reveal his original form."

He secretly thought, "Those people won't be able to drop their jaws in shock by then?"

Surely there will be accusations and abuse.

This kid.

Has a piece of pride.

But it's also easy to cause discontent.

Heavenly Dao Courtyard.

It's not that easy to enter.

Of course.

This was only for Chen Changsheng.

If it was Jiang Chi.

He would have hundreds of ways to enter the Heavenly Dao Courtyard.


It was useless for him to go in.

The Heavenly Dao Courtyard wasn't beneficial to him in the slightest.

If the Heavenly Dao Ling was still barely able to go in and see what kind of magical power the divine stone that had fallen from the sky had.

He would also like to know.

It might be possible to obtain some World Origin as well.

At the thought of this.

Jiang Jiang was even more excited about the Heavenly Book Mausoleum.

With the strength of his cultivation, he, Jiang Someone, didn't even need to participate in that so-called Great Pilgrimage to enter.

Powerful strength could decide everything.

That must be true.

For example, if he went to the Heavenly Book Mausoleum, he could descend with power beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

Come to think of it.

Even if the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen knew about it, she wouldn't say anything.

Presumably, she wouldn't dare.

There was also that demonic nationalist.

When confronted by him, he would probably retreat as well.

Jiang Jiang thought so.

For a moment.

He only felt invincible.

This feeling allowed him to do whatever he wanted to do.

So good.

Chen Changsheng would never have thought of it.

In Jiang Xiao's eyes, he was just a playful and stubborn person.


Ultimately, the heart was not too mature.

It was also always too little experience and there were many things that he couldn't figure out.

It was because he felt that Chen Changsheng was not bad.

That's why Jiang Qian came along with him for fun, it wasn't a waste.

At the moment.

Chen Changsheng was testing.

He placed his palm on that testing stone, but nothing was happening on it.

True Yuan?

Chen Changsheng didn't even practice, so where did he get the true yuan.

There was no true essence at all.

There wasn't even a fixed star, let alone marrow cleansing and sitting illumination.

Examiner: "........"

They all stared blankly at Chen Changsheng.

Where was the promised genius.

Where was the promised dark horse?

That's it?

Mo wasn't teasing them.

Where is this like a genius.

Distinctly...distinctly an ordinary person ah.

They looked at each other for a few moments, and they could see the hint of embarrassment in each other's eyes.

Glumly, they shook their heads.

As field testers, they were naturally from the Heavenly Dao Academy.

But not at the top level.

Therefore, they had no idea about the fact that the Xu Family of the Divine General's Mansion had come to greet them.

In other words.

They didn't actually know Chen Changsheng.

Only treating him as an ordinary disciple, but the feeling Chen Changsheng gave them was a bit too ordinary.

No true essence.

There was nothing.


One of them couldn't help but stare straight in the eye and ask, "You...you didn't practice?"

"Yes, I did not cultivate."

Chen Changsheng nodded calmly, an outcome he seemed to have predicted long ago.

Therefore, he was not surprised.

No cultivation was just no cultivation.

He couldn't disguise it either.


The man in charge of the test had a mouthful, and he couldn't help but say, "There's no cultivation, so what are you testing for?"

"I want to join the Heavenly Dao Academy, I want to take the Grand Pilgrimage Exam, I want to take the top spot!"

"So that's why you're not practicing?"

"That's not a reason, no one has stipulated that one must have cultivation to participate in the Great Pilgrimage Examination, right?"

"It's true that there wasn't one before, but now there is and an ordinary person can't enter the Heavenly Dao Courtyard."

"I think there is a rule in the Heavenly Dao Courtyard that if you pass the literary examination, you can enter the Heavenly Dao Courtyard as an ordinary person, I don't know if I'm correct?"


In the end.

Those in the Heavenly Dao Academy still agreed.

I don't know if it was to see if Chen Changsheng could pass, or if it was because of something else.

In any case.

They did not refuse.

Or perhaps.

They were feeling that even if Chen Changsheng passed the literary examination, he would not be able to enter the Heavenly Dao Courtyard.

So well.

There was no harm in taking a look.

It was new after all these years anyway.

So why not take a look?

They felt that Chen Changsheng was no more than that, a weak fourteen year old boy, where would he be able to challenge for the Cultural Examination?

It was just the young man's rash words.

Not important.

They would just treat it as a good show.

There was nothing to lose anyway.

Chen Changsheng probably could not have imagined that he had done all that.

If he knew.

I'm afraid he would regret it to death.

Going to the literary examination was merely a way to enter the Heavenly Dao Academy.


A place like the Heavenly Dao Courtyard, how could he, a mere fourteen year old boy, enter it casually.

No way.

The Heavenly Dao Courtyard naturally had its own rules.

Even if it was some unwritten rules, that was still part of the Heavenly Dao Courtyard's rules.

This next literary examination.

Rather, it was an eye-opener for all of Jiang Ji, and he and the other teenager were able to go in and observe it.

This person, Chen Changsheng, did have a few skills, no wonder he was so young and reckless, it seemed not unreasonable.

There was this kind of strength.

It was normal for him to be a bit young and light-hearted.

The litmus test was successful.

Without a doubt, Chen Changsheng had the strength to dare to challenge, so naturally, he was sure of success.


Those from the Heavenly Dao Courtyard shook their heads slightly and said to him, "Chen Changsheng, although you have Chen Gong passed the literary examination, the Heavenly Dao Courtyard has decided that you cannot enter the Heavenly Dao Courtyard."


Chen Changsheng looked puzzled and asked.

"There's no such thing as why, if we don't think you're suitable, you're not suitable."

"Is that all?"

"Or what?"


This brutal reality slapped Chen Changsheng hard in the face.

It made him almost stumble and fall.

The blow was a bit big.


He quickly adjusted, "Heavenly Dao Courtyard, this is like the real Heavenly Dao Courtyard ah, whether it's because of the Xu Family of the Divine General's Residence or whether it's really because my talent is not good enough, you still refused."

There was nothing to say.

Being rejected wasn't a good thing.

At least.

He felt annoyed.

In his heart, he couldn't help but sigh softly.

A million frustrations.

Of course.

Jiang was in a calm mood, he felt indifferent ah.

The Heavenly Dao Courtyard was just that.

Even if it was as strong and powerful as it was, the people in it weren't even from the Saint Realm.

Not to mention the even more powerful Divine Concealment Realm and Great Freedom Realm.


To Jiang Xiao, the Heavenly Dao Courtyard was not half as attractive.

On the contrary.

He felt that the Heavenly Dao Courtyard was nothing more than that.

If this trend continued, it was only a matter of time before the Heavenly Dao Courtyard would decline.

A mere Heavenly Dao Courtyard.

Compared to his Heavenly Dao Courtyard of Jiang Someone, it was nothing.

After following Chen Changsheng to see it once, he was disappointed, "Had I known that the Heavenly Dao Courtyard was like this, I might as well not have come."

Jiang sighed.

Next to him.

A blue-clothed man also nodded his head in great agreement, "Brother, the Heavenly Dao Courtyard is all of this temperament, and this benevolent brother is actually already very impressive for passing the Heavenly Dao Courtyard's literary examination, but..."

"Only what?"

Chen Changsheng asked curiously.

Was he too bad?

Or for other reasons.

He secretly pondered.

But the man in blue said, "It's just that the Heavenly Dao Courtyard has always been very strict in recruiting disciples, and although you've passed the literary exam, they don't dare to gamble ah."

After all.

The responsibility that the Heavenly Dao Courtyard shouldered was still very great.

Chen Changsheng: "........"

He felt that the man in blue was saying that on purpose, in order to say that he was not gifted.


He did not deny this.

Chen Changsheng shook his head and sighed, "Talent is not something you can decide on your own, it's something that's innate."

The man added, "But then again, before you even started cultivating, you could pass that literary test just now as an ordinary person, that's actually quite impressive."


Chen Changsheng said indifferently.


It was just very ordinary in his eyes.

Ordinary as hell.

If you read more, you naturally know more.

Then one can achieve this.

Of course.

It required a very strong divine mind to do so.

"By the way, why haven't you practiced ah, if you did, it shouldn't be weak."

The man in blue was curious, "You know so much, you can definitely become strong."

He was convinced.

Chen Changsheng, on the other hand, explained, "How can it be so simple to practice, the reason why I can't practice is because of my body, it's my life."

If you fix it, something will happen.

That is certain.

So he couldn't practice no matter what.

Young man in blue: "...."


Chen Changsheng's words made him a bit confused and uncomprehending, what was life.

Very quickly.

The young man in blue skipped this part and said to Chen Changsheng and Jiang Lack, "It's still pleasing to the eyes of you two, let's go, I'll treat you to a delicious meal."

He was brightly dressed and didn't look like a poor master.

He should be very rich.

Jiang Xiao nodded, "That's fine, but you can't go to an ordinary place."

If you want to go, go to the most expensive place in God's Capital.

It didn't matter to Chen Changsheng, he naturally wouldn't refuse as Jiang Chiang had gone anyway.

The green-clothed boy was happy to see this, "No problem, just go to the expensive place, I'm anything but bad at money."


Listen to this.

How much to beat up.

Jiang Jiankou was feeling very beaten up anyway.

This kid.

What an abomination.

The corner of Jiang Xiao's mouth secretly twitched, "This person should be the young master of that Wen Shui Tang Family, except that he doesn't seem to know that the Wen Shui Tang Family has actually long since colluded with the Demon Clan and has long since run out of money."



However, this person seemed fine, so it wouldn't hurt to help him out if you could.

It was just a hand up to him, Jiang Person anyway.

Chen Changsheng didn't know him.


It would be quite nice to make a new friend in a place like God's Capital.

When the young man in blue saw that both Jiang Lack and Chen Changsheng had agreed, he immediately greeted them and walked towards the largest and most expensive restaurant in the divine Capital.

It seemed that only a place like that could reveal their identity.

As for the previous matter of the Heavenly Dao Courtyard, it was completely left behind by them.

The best way to make friends was to go for a meal, and that seemed to be something that the young man in blue had learned long ago.

Especially Jiang Xiao.

Although he didn't talk much and didn't look as capable as Chen Changsheng.


The youth in blue intuitively sensed that Jiang Lack was unusual, this was definitely not a normal person.

Or rather.

The feeling that Jiang lacked gave him was unfathomable, dangerous and terrifying.

If it wasn't for the fact that Jiang Liao didn't have any malicious intent, he would have wanted to ask someone to try Jiang Liao's skills.

At this moment.

Jiang Mo's face was calm.

It was indifferent.

He slowly said, "Since the gentleman is so generous with his hospitality, we cannot be absent, let's go."

Not polite at all.

There was a cause to have an effect.

If there was no cause for a meal, how was he going to help this person.

Wenshui Tang Family Tang Tong.

Jiang Kou had already heard of this person, a young master of the Tang family who was not learned, but not bad at heart.

According to the original plot, he should be considered one of those friends of Chen Changsheng.

Of course.

How could someone who could be on the Cyanobacteria Ranking be a simple person!


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