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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1171 - Go Have Fun Together (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Great Zhou Dynasty.

Within the divine Capital.

Today was the time for all the major academies in the divine Capital to recruit new disciples, but all the young people within the divine Capital were here.

Just to seek that bit of possibility of entering the academy.

If they could get it.

They would be able to enter the academy to cultivate, wash their marrow and sit in illumination, and pass through to gather stars.

It's not impossible.

By then, you'll be able to become strong, and you'll be able to enjoy a limitless life.

The first to have it is the Heavenly Dao Academy.

The Heavenly Dao Academy.

This was the most popular academy over the years, pursuing the Heavenly Dao and seeking the most powerful strength in the world.

Many people were excited.

After all.

This was their only chance.

For many people, this was like a chance to change their fate, just like the entrance exam that Jiang lacked encountered in his previous life.

It was likewise an opportunity for many people to change their fate for the rest of their lives.

The same was true for the Heavenly Dao Academy.


It was the cradle of many young people's dreams, and the place where countless geniuses and bigwigs gathered.

The Heavenly Dao Academy.

It had become a wonderful place, where the splendor was still there.

Of course.

The place was still packed with people.

Basically all the young people had come here just to strive to become students of this Heavenly Dao Courtyard.

They would then be able to systematically learn things related to cultivation, which would be a good thing.

Early in the morning.

The entrance to the Heavenly Dao Courtyard was overflowing with people.

Numerous people of immortal cultivation, you and I were talking and discussing everything that was going on here.

The Heavenly Dao Courtyard, on the other hand, looked a bit shocked to many of them.

Of course.

Chen Changsheng and Jiang Xiao also came.

They had come together.

Although Jiang Chi was somewhat dissatisfied with Chen Changsheng's rejection of him before, he was not familiar with the Heavenly Dao Courtyard, and he just happened to have Chen Changsheng leading the way.

Chen Changsheng slowly said, "According to the records of the Dao Collection, the Heavenly Dao Courtyard has many students on the Green Cloud List, and now that I've seen it, it is truly worthy of being the largest courtyard in the world."

"Do you think you can go in?"

Jiang Qiao curiously asked, It's not simple for this Heavenly Dao Academy to accept disciples.

It was quite extraordinary.

He would like to see if Chen Changsheng was sure of it or not.

After all, he hadn't successfully cleansed his marrow.


It should be said that Chen Changsheng simply hadn't cultivated yet.

It would be difficult to enter the Heavenly Dao Courtyard, after all, people valued cultivation talent the most.

And without Chen Changsheng's cultivation, no one knew how talented he was.


Things would be different.

"According to the rules of the Heavenly Dao Courtyard, people without cultivation can actually enter the Heavenly Dao Courtyard through the written exam."

Chen Changsheng said, "According to the records on the Dao Collection, it is true that there were once people in the Heavenly Dao Courtyard who once entered in this manner and then got out of control."


That kind of person must be one in a million.


What was a bit strange to Jiang Xiao was that Chen Changsheng actually had the confidence to break into the literary test, which was much harder than a simple test of talent.

But according to the original circumstances, Chen Changsheng had succeeded.

After thinking of these circumstances, Jiang Xiao said, "I wish you success, but I think you probably don't have much of a chance."

Chen Changsheng: "........"

Is there no chance.

Chen Changsheng muttered to himself, feeling a little strange.

Although the chances were slim, there were likewise few options for Chen Changsheng now.

Although shamelessly pleading with Jiang Lack might yield results, such results were not necessarily good ones.

In case....


Chen Changsheng laughed bitterly, his face looking confused, "Even if you can't enter the Heavenly Dao Academy, isn't there still a Star Picking Academy?"

It would be nice if he went to the Star Picker Academy.

After thinking of this.

Chen Changsheng's heart felt a lot better again, at least there was still a State Teaching Academy for him to choose from.

It wasn't like there were half a dozen options.

"Brother Jiang, the Heavenly Dao Academy is very strict in recruiting disciples, what kind of people do you think will be able to get in?"

Chen Changsheng was curious, that kind of person who could enter the Heavenly Dao Academy's eyes was only that type of existence with an unparalleled talent, right?


He thought firmly, looking somewhat inexplicably nervous.

If he hadn't been evil before, perhaps Chen Changsheng wouldn't have been like this.

Because he still had other options to choose from, but now there was much less to choose from.


This look on Chen Changsheng's face didn't seem that important to Jiang Lack.

He was calm.

The Heavenly Dao Academy might have recruited disciples really high, but in reality, this high was only relative.

Those with strength and talent would be able to stay well in the Heavenly Dao Courtyard and might even become strong in a short period of time.

The process of recruiting disciples for the Heavenly Dao Courtyard was simple, and just as Jiang Mo remembered.

A person's cultivation needed to be tested, and the method of testing was based on the true essence.

There had never been a mistake in all these years.


This method was relatively simple.

It was also applicable for all these years.


Even so still, it was just a few joys and a few sorrows.

Some people rejoiced when they managed to pass the test because it meant that they could enter the Heavenly Dao Academy and become a student of it.

That is, disciples.

And that was fine.

To this.

They were looking forward to it in their hearts.

The future was infinitely promising.

Those who hadn't been chosen were crying tears, because they wouldn't have half the benefits next.

Failure was defeat.

And defeat meant that there were no other possibilities.

Their path of wanting to enter the Heavenly Dao Academy for cultivation was considered broken.

Those from better families could still practice on their own, or at worst go buy some merit methods to do so.

But those from poor, even very poor, families would only be reduced to ordinary people.

They were ordinary people themselves.

There was no need to be reduced to, at most, continue to be ordinary people.

There were also some people who succeeded in condensing and set their fate stars, but rarely did they succeed in washing their marrow.

Those who were able to successfully wash their marrow could enter the Heavenly Dao Academy.

You can't need a Sitting Illumination Realm talent to go.

And for a super-duper like Jiang Chi, this trip was just following Chen Changsheng along to see it.

To see rare.

It was also a good game to see how the young people of this world struggled.

At least many of them were trying.

But effort doesn't always lead to results.

Because some results are not the result of your efforts, right now there are many people who come to register for the test.

But only a small percentage of people are able to pass the test.

The ones who succeeded in cleansing the marrow.

Or those who were young and would themselves be accepted into the Heavenly Dao Academy because of their outstanding talent.


There was still a large portion of people who could not enter the Heavenly Dao Academy.

This way.

There were even more voices complaining.


They all only dared to grumble quietly instead of making loud noises.

Because something would happen.

Those guys from the Heavenly Dao Courtyard were all arrogant, the kind that absolutely did not forgive people.


No one dared to offend them.

Chen Changsheng also just watched all of this quietly, then lined up in the crowd, waiting for his test.


This was the most important test of his life.

Chen Changsheng thought so.

In the crowd.

In an inconspicuous position, Jiang Chi was faintly surveying the entire Heavenly Dao Courtyard.

The tests of those young people were not yet attractive to him, or to him, the ugly people in those tests were something he was already used to seeing.

To cultivate.

To be able to live forever.

Anything was possible.

That was for sure.


What did all this have to do with him, Jiang Xiao.

He only came out to see the good show, just because he was curious.


He was only out of curiosity.

Nothing else.

The Heavenly Dao Courtyard.

It didn't look special either, there were no so-called three-headed, six-armed, or man-eating monsters in general.

It was nothing more than snobbery.

It was nothing more than a higher requirement for recruiting disciples with talent.

That was all.


These were nothing, and Jiang Xiao felt normal.

"Brother Jiang, it will be me soon."

Chen Changsheng whispered.

There were two more ahead of him, but neither of them wanted to end without much effort.

Chen Changsheng knew.

These two did not wash their marrow, so they would definitely fail.

The Heavenly Dao Academy recruited people who were not gifted but not taken.

Jiang Chi secretly shook his head, "Chen Changsheng, Chen Changsheng, why do you have to hit the south wall?"

He couldn't understand it.

Nor did he understand the reasoning behind it.

Not to mention that the condition for taking birth in the Heavenly Dao Academy itself was for those with extremely strong talent, and only those who succeeded in cleansing the marrow could prove that their talent was strong.


Chen Changsheng hadn't even cultivated ah.

How could he wash the marrow.

So Chen Changsheng wouldn't be able to pass the hurdle of testing his talent, this was clear to Jiang Mo.

So there was nothing to say.

Chen Changsheng was not destined to enter the Heavenly Dao Courtyard.

For one, it was because the admission conditions of the Heavenly Dao Courtyard itself were difficult, or at least most people found it difficult.

Secondly, it was that the Xu Family of the Divine General Mansion had actually greeted the Heavenly Dao Courtyard.

Don't tell me that Chen Changsheng was just an ordinary person who hadn't cultivated, even if he was a genius who had successfully cleansed his marrow, the Heavenly Dao Courtyard would never admit Chen Changsheng for the sake of the Divine General House Xu family.


Chen Changsheng's wishful plans were afraid that they would be foiled.

He had no chance at all.

Although the Divine General House Xu Family was not considered the top family in the Divine Capital, it was not even comparable to the likes of the Heavenly Sea Family.


It was because of the Xu Family's situation with a Xu You Rong and the fact that Xu You Rong was favored by the Heavenly Sea Sacred Empress, that the Xu Family had risen.

Now they had to sell one of their faces to the Heavenly Dao Academy.

After all.

Compared to them, Chen Changsheng was nothing.

To have talent had no talent.

There was no identity to be had.

To have a background there was even less of a good background to speak of.

This series of circumstances led to the fact that Chen Changsheng had to fail this trip.

"Even if he makes it through the literary test, he still won't make it."

Jiang Mo secretly thought.

He actually quite admired Chen Changsheng's courage, and would never have thought like this if it were himself.

Can't reach the goal.

Then proceed in a different way.

For example, a different place.

The Heavenly Dao Courtyard wouldn't work anyway, this was the God's Capital, and the Xu Family of that God's General's residence had some sort of friendship with it anyway.

What's more.

Other people's Xu Family had also operated in the Divine Capital for so many years, and now that Xu You Rong was even more pleased with the Divine Queen of the Heavenly Sea, as long as Xu You Rong was there, the Xu Family would be fine.

And based on this fact.

Where is Chen Changsheng's chance to break the game ah.

"Perhaps, the State Teaching Academy is his ultimate, and best, choice,"

Jiang Xiao muttered to himself, "Although the National Teaching Academy is somewhat special, although it has been closed for many years, the National Teaching Academy is only closed, but it is still there."

Chen Changsheng going would be just the thing to break it.

It was also a way to break the situation.


This method was to integrate oneself into the bureau, and Jiang Xiao did not recommend this method anyway.

It was a bit too terrifying.

Being in the bureau.

There were a lot of things that were then variable.

As the saying goes, people in the rivers and lakes have no choice but to be themselves, the reasoning is actually the same.

And there's no one to blame.

As expected.

Soon it was Chen Changsheng.

Originally, he was incomparably beautiful and soft, looking somewhat ordinary to the extreme.

Now it was his turn.

Then naturally, he drew the attention of most people.

It seemed.

All had supreme expectations for this teenager.

Maybe this teenager would surprise them, and then they would be betting on the right one.


It was obvious that Chen Changsheng was not that kind of dark horse.

He looked soft and weak, but he was actually a very soft and weak kind of person.

After all, he was just a fourteen year old boy who hadn't practiced.

"Look, that teenager is about to start, I don't know if he'll succeed."

"I really hope he'll succeed, I'm very optimistic about him."


"Because he's handsome."


Around you, many cultivators were speaking one word at a time.

There was also a great intention to cheer for Chen Changsheng.

It was just that....


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